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Volume 1, Page 366

b. bef. 1656, and Abraham; and d. 27 Feb. 1685. All the descend. now
on Cape Cod, it is thot. are deriv. from sec. s. John. Seventeen of this
name had been gr. at Dart. in 1834, as Farmer found, eight at Harv.
four at Yale, and four at other N. E. coll.

    CHASMORE or CHASMER, RICHARD, Pawtuxet 1656, has much claim
to distinct. only from the arrest by warrant to the marshal-gen. or high
sheriff of Mass. in that region usurp. jurisdict. His crime prob. was
some crookedness in relig. or concur. with the Gortonists, his neighb. on
the opposite side of the riv. but the officer took his prison. to lodge at
Providence, on his way to Boston, thus furnish. opportun. for rescue by
form of law under civil governm. of Providence. Perhaps this was
concerted plan of Gov. Endicott, to affront the adjoin. humble Col. by
exercise of this claim, and to render nugatory, at the same time, the
effect of his own precept. See perfect statem. of the case in Geneal.
Reg. VIII. 293 and 362.

    CHATFIELD, FRANCIS, Guilford, one of the first sett. 1639, wh. d. a.
1647, prob. unm. GEORGE, Guilford 1640, br. of the preced. m. Sarah,
d. of John Bishop, wh. d. without ch. 20 Sept. 1657; and he next m.
29 Mar. 1659, Isabel, d. of Samuel Nettleton, had John, b. 8 Apr. 1661;
George, 18 Aug. 1668; and Mercy. 26 Apr. 1671. He d. on 9 June
foll. at Killingworth, whither he had rem. 1663. John, his eldest s. had
large fam. at Derby; but I have no details. GEORGE, Killingworth, s.
of the preced. m. 10 Feb. 1692, Esther Hall, had Esther, b. 20 Nov.
foll. George, 25 Dec. 1693; John, 5 Mar. 1696; Abigail, 9 Aug. 1698;
Josiah, 7 Jan. 1700; Alister, 23 Oct. 1703; Cornelius, 3 June 1706;
Naomi, 28 July 1709; Philip, 8 Oct. 1711; Mary, 14 Jan. 1716; and
his w. d. in few days. He d. a. 1720. THOMAS, Guilford, rem. to New
Haven, there m. Ann, d. of Rev. Francis Higginson, rem. to Easthampton,
L. I. where he was long a magistr. of Conn. jurisdict. He
was br. of Francis and George, and is suppos. to have left no ch.

    CHATTERTON, JOHN, New Haven, s. of William m. 30 Apr.
1690, Mary Clemence, had three ch. and d. 1701. His wid. m. 17
Apr. 1709, John Brownson. MICHAEL, Portsmouth 1640. Belkn. I.
28. THOMAS, Portsmouth 1631, sent by Mason, the patentee, in Adams's
Ann. call. Chatherton. WILLIAM, New Haven 1656, took o. of fidel. 7
Apr. 1657, had w. Mary, d. of John Clark or of James C. of the same and
was a propr. 1685. His ch. were, Sarah, b. 19 July 1661; Hannah, 4 Aug.
1663, d. at 3 mos.; Mercy, 22 Nov. 1664; Mary, 12 Dec. 1666, d. soon;
John, 21 Feb. 1669; Samuel, 10 June 1671; Mary, again, 29 Nov. 1673;
Joseph, 1 June 1676; Susanna, 17 Sept. 1678; and Hannah, 23 Jan. 1681.

    CHATWELL, NICHOLAS, Salem, m. 15 Feb. 1672, wid. Sarah March,
had Mary, b. 24 Dec. 1673; Hannah, 22 June 1676; and Priscilla, 22 Apr.

    CHAUNCY, BARNABAS, Cambridge, s. of Presid. C. b. in Eng. short.
bef. the migrat. of his f. unit. with ch. 1656, and took his degr. of 1657
and 60, when his name stands last in the class. He was too infirm in
body to obt. a livelihood, and depend. after d. of his f. on support of his
brs. He d. unm. at mid. age; but the Coll. catal. does not ment. the yr.
CHARLES, Scituate, a gr. scholar, the ninth ch. fifth s. of George, b. at
Yardley, in Co. Herts, a. 30 miles from London, bapt. on Sunday, 5 Nov.
1592, was bred at Westminister sch. and saved on 5 Nov. 1605 by the
discov. of Gunpowder plot; at Trinity Coll. Camb. took his degr. A. B.