Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p351

Volume 1, Page 351

Margaret, 30 Sept. 1676; and Ann, 17 June 1679. RICHARD, Lynn
1636, rem. next yr. to Sandwich, there m. 22 July 1649, Catharine
Presbury, perhaps wid. of John, may have rem next to Dover. THOMAS,
Lynn 1630, had w. Margaret, wh. d. 29 Sept. 1658, had Moses, b.
10 Apr. 1637; Benjamin and Thomas. He rem. to Boston, m. Barbara,
wid. of John Brimblecom, wh. had been wid. of George Davis,
and, after unit. with ch. of Charlestown, was made freem. 1670. The
sec. w. d. 1665, and he m. Abigail, wid. of Thomas Jones of C. and
d. Feb. 1683. THOMAS, Lynn, s. of the preced. was adm. freem. 1691.

    CHADWICK, CHARLES, Watertown, prob. came in Gov. Winthrop's
fleet, req. adm. 19 Oct. 1630, and 18 May, foll. was sw. freem. of the
Col. was selectm. 1637, and after, rep. 1657 and 9, and d. 10 Apr.
1682, aged 85. In his will of 30 June 1681, the w. Elizabeth is ment. wh.
m. Thomas Fox, and d. 22 Feb. 1685. He had John, Thomas, and
prob. more ch. some brot. from Eng. They prob. all d. bef. him, and he
gave his prop. to kinsm. JAMES, Malden, a soldier of Moseley's comp.
wound. in the gr. swamp fight, 19 Dec. 1675 m. Feb. 1677, Hannah
Butler, had Jemima, b. 13 Mar. 1687; Benjamin, 9 Apr. 1689; and
Abigail, 4 Apr. 1692, perhaps others, and was freem. 1690. JOHN,
Watertown, prob. br. of Charles, b. in Eng. call. serg. by w. Joan, wh. d.
11 July 1674, had Elizabeth b. 1 Apr. 1618; Sarah, 1 June 1650; and
James, 15 Apr. 1653; beside John, earlier, perhaps, than either, wh. d.
17 Mar. 1651. He was freem. 1656, rem. early to Malden, and d. soon
after 1680, when he was a witness, aged 79. JOHN, Watertown, prob.
neph. of Charles the first, but wh. was his f. is not seen, yet prob. he
was b. in Mass. by w. Sarah had Hannah; Elizabeth b. 8 May 1673; Charles,
19 Nov. 1674; Sarah, 28 Nov. 1676; Mary; John, 9 Apr. 1681;
Ebenezer, 3 May 1683; Joseph, 28 Nov. 1685; and Benjamin, 6 Mar.
1689. His will of Jan. 31, pro. 15 Mar. 1711 ment. w. and the nine ch.
His d. Elizabeth m. 11 Nov. 1667, Gershom Hills; and Sarah m. 23 May
1668, the sec. Thomas Grover; both of Malden. SAMUEL, Reading, m.
22 Jan. 1685, Mary Stocker, had Mary, b. 2 Nov. foll.; Martha, 1687, d.
soon; Martha, again, 5 June 1689; all b. at Woburn, but he was k. at R.
by the fall. of a tree, 27 Feb. 1690. THOMAS, Newbury, br. of John, m.
6 Apr. 1674, Sarah Woolcot, had Sarah, b. 3 Oct. 1675; Thomas, 1677;
rem. to Watertown, there had John, 20 Nov. 1680; Elizabeth 31 Oct. 1682,
d. at 12 yrs.; Lydia, 22 Mar. 1685, d. at 9 yrs.; Richard, 20 Apr.
1687; Daniel, 20 Jan. 1689; Jonathan, 4 Apr. 1691, and Elizabeth again,
14 Oct. 1695.

    CHAFFEE, CHAFFY or CHAFFIN, EBENEZER, Boston, m. bef. 1690,
Elizabeth d. of Nathaniel Adams. JOSEPH, Swanzey, s. perhaps, of Thomas,
had Mary, wh. d. 7 May 1674; John, b. 16 Sept. 1673; and Dorothy,