Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p323


Volume 1, Page 323

the preced. d. 3 Apr. 1673. NATHANIEL, Chelmsford, s. perhaps
eldest, of Benjamin, freem. 1682. SAMUEL, Springfield 1636, was k. at
Saybrook next yr. prob. by the Pequots, as minute. relat. in Winthrop I.
198. Very curious is the coincid. seen in Niles, Ind. but Fr. Wars, as
print. 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. VI. 279, that ano. Samuel B. of Groton, a.
seventy yrs. later, fell in the hds. of the Ind. but far more strange is
the mistake, in the large Hist. of Boston, 203, of the author's note, mak.
Niles, with wild anachronism, give "the godly young man" k. by the
Pequot, 1636, the name of him, wh. two or three generat. later, was tak.
not k. by a differ. tribe. Mr. Drake's devotion to Ind. hist. might excite
wonder at such an error, that can mislead no careful reader, wh. will
instant. perceive the cause of the hallucinat.

    BUTTERWORTH, JOHN, Rehoboth 1643, was one of the found. of first
Bapt. ch. 1663; in Swanzey. JOHN, Rehoboth, s. perhaps, of the preced.
m. 4 Sept. 1674, Hannah Wheaton, whose f. is not told, had Mary, b. 20
Oct. 1677; John, 7 May 1679; and Elizabeth 15 Jan. 1683; perhaps others.
NATHANIEL, Groton, perhaps only trans. d. 1682, as Farmer tells.
SAMUEL, perhaps of Weymouth, was adm. freem. 13 May 1640, more
certain. liv. 1645 at Rehoboth. SAMUEL, Rehoboth, wh. may have
been s. of the preced. or of John. of the same, was soldier of Gallop's
comp. in the sad exped. of Sir William Phips against Quebec, 1690;
but it is not kn. whether he outliv. it.

    BUTTOLPH, JOHN, Salem, s. of Thomas, a glover, m. 16 Oct. 1663,
Ann, or Hannah, d. of George Gardner, had John, b. 11 Sept. 1664, d.
next spring; Jonathan, 2 Nov. 1665, or (by any. version of the numerals
in rec.) 9 Apr. 1666; George, 15 Oct. 1667; rem. to Boston, there was
freem. 1673; rem. to Wethersfield, and m. after 1687, Susanna, wid. of
Nathaniel Sandford of Hartford (unless this was ano. man), and d. 14
Jan. 1693. Other ch. he had, by w. Sarah, at Salem, as John, again, 1 July
1688; Hannah, 9 Dec. 1689; Abigail, James, perhaps more, and left large est. at
W. and Boston. THOMAS, Boston, leather-dresser, or glover, came in
the Abigail, from London, 1635, aged 32, with w. Ann, 24, had Thomas,
b. 12 Aug. 1637, bapt. 29 Sept. 1639, as he and w.had that mo. unit.
with our ch.; John, 28, bapt. 29 Feb. 1640; Abigail, 18, bapt. 19 Feb.
1643; and Mehitable, b. 26 Oct. 1651. He was freem. 2 June 1641,
constable 1647, and d. 1667. His will of 25 May, pro. 18 June of that
yr. is seen in Geneal Reg. XVI. 159, and the wid. liv. to 10 Oct. 1680.
Abigail m. 15 Aug. 1660, David Saywell, and, next m. 1673, Thomas Bingley.
This name in ch. rec. is Buttall, wh. misled Farmer to count two for one,
and is print. Buttels in 2 Mass. Hist. Coll. VIII. 106. THOMAS, Boston,
s. of the preced. m. 5 Sept. 1660, Mary, d. of Nicholas Baxter, had
Thomas, b. 5 Oct. 1661, d. young; Thomas, again, 5 Feb. 1663; Mary,
21 Jan. 1665; Abigail, Jan. 1667; and Nicholas, 3 Mar. 1668; and d.
Jan. 1669. His wid. m. Joseph Swett.