Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p324


Volume 1, Page 324

    BUTTON, DANIEL, perhaps of Haverhill, s. of Matthias, may have had
s. Matthias, and was in Lothrop's comp. k. at Bloody brook battle, 18
Sept. 1675. JOHN, Boston 1633, a miller, freem. 14 May 1634,
ar. co. 1643, was a miller in Eng. b. a. 1594, disarm. in 1637, as a
favor. of Wheelwright, yet made constable 1640, had w. Grace, wh. d. 9
Mar. 1639. Next yr. he had sec. w. Joan, and a third, in his will of 5
Nov. 1681, is nam. Mary, to wh. he gave most of his prop. exc. �20. to
the first ch. "to buy two silver cups." Near 48 yrs. he had been a
mem. and his resid. was on Copp's hill, of course near his mill. MATTHAIS,
Boston, a Dutchman, by w. Lettice had Mary, bapt. 23 Feb.
1634; and Daniel, 22 Feb. 1635; was of Ipswich 1639, and after at
Haverhill, where at gr. age. he d. 1672. Rev. Thomas Cobbet says, he
came in 1628, of course with Endicott to Salem. But Mr. Felt perhaps
confus. him with Robert. Perhaps his d. Sarah m. 6 Jan. 1674, James
Kingsbury. MATTHIAS, Haverhill, perhaps gr.s. of the preced.
took o. of alleg. 28 Nov. 1677. PETER, New London, had
Peter, b. 1688; Mary, 1689; Matthias, 1692; and d. Eliphal, 1694.
ROBERT, Salem, freem. 1642, m. Abigail, d. of wid. Alice Vermaes, had
Samuel, bapt. 27 May of that yr.; Abigail, 7 Jan. 1644; Hannah, 21
Dec. 1645, a. five days old; Sarah, 16 Jan. 1648, a. six days old; and
Samuel, again, 24 Feb. 1650, a. nine days old. But the three last were
b. and bapt. at Boston, where he was a merch. in large business, constable
1650, and d. next yr. in early manhood. His will of 9 Jan. was
pro. 3 weeks after, and his wid. m. in Apr. foll. Edward Hutchinson, jr.
Abigail m. Joseph Dudson.

    BUTTERICK, SAMUEL, Concord, s. of William, was freem. 1679, and
perhaps the same wh. serv. in Appleton's comp. as from Cambridge, was
wound. in the gr. swamp fight, 19 Dec. 1675, and on the roll wrote his
name Bouterick. WILLIAM, Concord, came, prob. in the Susan and
Ellen 1635, aged 18, and he may have come, as Shattuck thot. with
Flint, the chief planter of C. as we kn. not what sh. F. came in; yet
the est. of F. was so large, that he must have been liable as a subsidy
man, so under the Privy council's order not permit. to emb. without
special license for the purpose, and to him, as a favorer of puritans, such
license might have ben refus. B. m. 1646, Sarah Bateman, wh. d.
1664, perhaps mo. of all his ch. Mary; William; John, b. 21 Sept.
1653, wh. was inhab. of Stow; Samuel, 12 Jan. 1655; Edward, 6 Jan.
1657, wh. d. in few days; Joseph, 29 Dec. 1657; and Sarah. I suppose
that in Concord rec. when it tells the b. of Mary, 19 Sept. 1648, and d.
1 Nov. foll. and calls her d. of William and Mary it is a blunder. He
was freem. 1647, took sec. w. 1667, Jane Goodenow, possib. wid. of
Thomas, wrote his name in three syllab. Butterick, and d. 30 June 1698.
WILLIAM, Cambridge, came in the Planter 1635, aged 20, said to be