Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p303


Volume 1, Page 303

William King, d. of George Griggs, wh. d. 24 Nov. 1664; but bore him James,
b. 4 Apr. 1659. ROGER, Haverhill, old eno. 28 Nov. 1677, to take o. of
alleg. on enrolm. in the milit. THOMAS, Duxbury 1637, next yr. rem. to
Sandwich, was rep. 1646, and one or two yrs. more,was f. of Thomas,
&c. as under Burge is told. THOMAS, Concord, 1660, had liv. at
Charlestown. His will, of 9 Aug. 1662, was not brot. to pro. by his
w. for near twenty yrs. Of this name, in 1834, gr. at Brown and Yale
have been five, and none at Harv. or Dart. yet two at H. and one at D.
as monosyl. Burge, and no such at Yale. Hon. Tristram, Brown 1796,
may desc. from Joseph, at least, was b. at Rochester. Very num. are
the cases of modern turn. of one syl. to two.

    BURKBY, THOMAS, Rowley 1643.

    BURKE, JAMES, Hingham. See Buck. RICHARD, Concord, had gr.
of ld. 1686, at Stow, m. at Northampton, 1 Sept. 1687, perhaps as sec.
w. Sarah, wid. of Nehemiah Allen, d. of Thomas Woodford, had John,
b 19 July 1689; but he had s. Richard and Jonathan long bef.

    BURLEIGH, RICHARD, Ipswich, a 1690. Felt. Possib. he was s. of
Giles Budley, wh. see.

    BURLINGHAM or BURLINGAME, JOHN, Kingstown, R. I. s. of Roger,
m. Mary, d. of Moses Lippit, and of him no more is kn. ROGER,
Stonington 1654, Warwick 1660, by w. Mary had John, b. 1 Aug. 1664;
and Thomas, 6 Feb. 1667, but nothing more is found of him, or w.
or ch. exc. that his d. Mary m. 19 Dec. 1689, Amos Stafford, liv. 72 yrs.
with him, had thirteen ch. as is said, was b. six days aft. him, and d.
at equal distance, aged 97, some part of wh. may be true, but the newspaper
that ment. his (Stafford's) d. at 97, makes the wid. 92. Five
yrs. discrepency in a tradit. is not of high import. See Geneal. Reg.
VIII. 368. THOMAS, Warwick, or Kingstown, s. of Roger, m. Martha,
d. of Moses Lippit, as from wills of her f. and h. is gain. but I profit no

    BURLISSON, EDWARD, Suffield 1677, had John, Fearnot, b. 18 Dec.
1679, Return Mary, and Edward, and d. 1698. FEARNOT, Windsor, s. of
the preced. m. 8 Feb. 1705, Elizabeth Buckland, perhaps d. of Timothy, had Esther,
b. 15 Feb. 1706; Daniel, 30 Dec. 1707; Elizabeth 2 July 1709; Ebenezer, 8 May
1711; Job, 7 Aug. 1714; Daniel, again, 7 Mar. 1718; and Mary, 3 Mar. 1721.
The name appears with varied spell. sometimes losing the last syl.

    BURMAN, THOMAS, Barnstable, in his will of 9 May 1663, makes his
w. Hannah extrix. names s. Thomas, Tristram, Samuel; ds. Hannah
Desire, Mary and Mehitable.

    BURN, JOHN, Plymouth 1651. RICHARD, Lynn, rem. 1637 to
Sandwich. THOMAS, Marshfield 1648. WILLIAM, Duxbury 1638.

    BURNAP, ISAAC, Reading, s. of Robert, m. 8 Nov. 1658, Hannah
Antram, perhaps d. of Thomas, had Isaac, wh. is ment. in the will
of his gr.f. A; d. 18 Sept. 1667, in his will of two days preced. names
no w. or ch. but ment. f. Robert, brs. Robert, and Thomas, sis. Ann,
and Sarah, and cous. Thomas B. JOHN, Reading, freem. 1691, as
were JOSEPH, ROBERT, and THOMAS, all at the same time, of the
same town. ROBERT, Reading, had, I think, been of Roxbury, whither
he brot. from Eng. Thomas, b. a. 1624, and Richard, 1627,