Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p302


Volume 1, Page 302

Joanna, Nov. 1642. So it is clear, that he rem. from Milford to S. earlier by
some yrs. than Trumbull, in his Hist. suppos. Joanna m. 28 Dec. 1664,
Timothy Wilcockson. JOHN, Stratford, s. of the preced. m. 11 Dec.
1669, d. prob. youngest, of William Wilcockson, had Hannah, b. Feb.
1671; Mary, Nov. 1675; Mary, May 1678, d. next yr.; Abel, Nov.
1679; Joseph, Feb. 1682; and Dinah, 1688. He d. 1697, and his wid.
d. 20 Sept. 1743, aged 92. Joseph was f. of Rev. Nathan, wh. was b. 8
Aug. 1714, so that the venerable man was a little older than was said in
my acco. of Birdseye.

    BURFEE, EDMUND, Boston, had w. Mary, wh. d. 15 Aug. 1658.

    BURGES, GILES, Dorchester 1682. JACOB, Sandwich, s. of Thomas
the first, m. 1 June 1660, Mary Nye, d. prob. of Benjamin of the same,
had Samuel, b. 8 Mar. 1671; Ebenezer, 2 Oct. 1673; and Jacob, 18
Oct. 1676. JOHN, Chelmsford, m. 9 June 1662, Mary, wid. of Isaac
Larned, eldest d. of Isaac Stearns, as Allen, Hist. of C. 169, tells; and
in June 1676, m. Jane, wid. of John Gornell, wh. d. 4 Apr. 1678; and
he d. 22 Oct. foll. JOHN, Yarmouth, s. of the first Thomas, m. 8 Sept.
1657, Mary Worden, prob. d. of Peter the sec. of the same, had John,
Thomas, Joseph, Samuel, Jacob, Martha and four other ds. JOSEPH,
Sandwich, br. prob. youngest, of the preced. had Rebecca, b. 17 Jan.
1667; Dorothy, 12 Nov. 1670, wh. d. prob. at 16 yrs.; Joseph, 18 Nov.
1673; and Benjamin, 5 May 1681. * THOMAS, Lynn, rem. 1637, to
Sandwich, with fam. there may have add. to the ch. carr. with him only
Joseph, and perhaps Jacob. He was of the chief men, rep. 1646 and
after; d. 27 Feb. 1685, presum. to be 82 yrs. old. His d. Elizabeth m. 12
Feb. 1652, Ezra Perry. THOMAS, Sandwich, s. prob. eldest, of the
perhaps b. in Eng. m. 8 Nov. 1648, Elizabeth Basset, d. of William,
one of the first comers, was divorc. 10 June 1661, and rem. to R. I. and
at Newport was resid. 1671, hav. w. Lydia.

    BURGESS or BURGISS, sometimes BURGES, ABRAHAM, took pass.
11 Apr. 1679 in the William and John, from London for N. E. but whether
he ever reach. our shore, or what bec. of him, is unkn. FRANCIS, Boston,
by w. Joyce and Benjamin, b. 11 Oct. 1654. One FRANCIS, possib.
his s. was of Moselye's comp. in the campaign of Dec. 1675. James
Boston, came prob. in the Hopewell, capt. Bundocke, from London
1635, aged 14, m. 19 Oct. 1652, Lydia Mead, d. of Gabriel, had John, b.
1654; Benjamin, 1655; John again, 21 Feb. 1657; and d. 27 Nov.
1690. JOHN, Yarmouth 1678, is prob. mistak. for Burge. JOSEPH,
Rochester, possib. misspel. for Burge, was first rep. for that town in one
of the last Gen. Cts. of Plymouth, i. e. 1689. RICHARD, Sandwich
1643, as Coffin thinks, rem. to York 1660. RICHARD, Stratford, m.
Phebe, d. of John Peacock, bef. 1679. ROBERT, Lynn 1655, m. 12
Apr. 1671, Sarah Hall. ROGER, Boston, had w. Sarah, wid. of