Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p304


Volume 1, Page 304

both, perhaps, liv. 1682. But the name in rec. of Roxbury, when he lost
an inf. ch. 18 Nov. 1642, is Burnet, tho. it appears not again. The w.
was there Margaret Davis; But by w. Ann at Reading he had Sarah, b.
5 Nov. 1653; Robert, 28 Feb. 1658; and Mary, 17 June 1661; and
this w. d. eight days after, and he took ano. w. 28 May 1662, Sarah.
THOMAS, Reading, m. 3 Dec. 1663, Mary, d. of John Pearson.

    BURNELL, JOHN, Salem 1665. ROBERT, Lynn 1690. SAMUEL,
Boston 1676, s. of William of the same, m. 9 Oct. 1674, Ann Moore.
TOBIAS, Portsmouth, came from Alphington, Co. Devon, went in Sept.
1673, to Barbados, and d. soon. WILLIAM, Boston, had John, Samuel,
and Sarah, and the dispos. of his est. at Pulling Point, appears in his will
of 16 Apr. 1660, abstr. in Geneal. Reg. IX. 230, and it is curious to collate
this with an earlier will of 5 Mar. of the same yr. in Geneal. Reg. X. 270,
brot. our by the exampl. dilig. of Mr. Trask. Both have refresh. evid. of his
dread of Quakers. Yet a scruple is felt whether that will of Mar. were not a
later draft; if the legal reckon. of the yr. be foll. it must be so thot. and it was
incomplete for want of witness. Hard is it, often to disting. this name from

    BURNETT or BURNIT, JOHN, Charlestown, m. 7 Apr. 1684, Mary
Rice of Reading. ROBERT, Roxbury, may be Burnap, wh. see. THOMAS,
Lynn, m. 3 Dec. 1663, Mary, d. of John Pearson, as Felt gives it in
Geneal. Reg. V. 94.

    BURNHAM, BURNAM or BURNUM, JEREMIAH, Dover 1680, s. of
Robert, desir. 1690, protect. of Mass. jurisdict. to be extend. to the Prov. of
N. H. JOHN, Ipswich, was 22 yrs. of age there in 1638. RICHARD,
Hartford, s. of Thomas, m. 11 June 1680, Sarah, d. of Michael Humfrey
of Windsor, had Hannah, b. 11 July 1683; Rebecca, 20 Sept. 1685; Mercy,
14 Apr. bapt. 22 Apr. 1688; Mary, 18 May 1690; Richard, b. 6 July 1692; Martha,
28 Oct. 1694; Esther, 28 Mar. 1697; Charles, b. 23, bapt. 30 July 1699; Susanna,
and Michael, b. 30 May 1705. ROBERT, Boston, by w. Francis had Robert,
b. 25 Sept. 1647; Elizabeth 27 Oct. 1651; and he rem. to Dover in 1657, or
earlier, there had Robert, 21 Aug. 1664, the former s. Robert hav. d. 25
Feb. preced. In 1671 he was adm. freem. and in 1690 he desir.
jurisdict. of Mass. again. His s. Samuel and Jeremiah are provid. for in
his will of 12 June 1691, pro. 29 Sept. foll. of wh. w. Frances was extrix.
A slight error is seen in the name of resid. of this man, and ano. in the list
of freem. 1671, Geneal. Reg. III. 241, Mr. Paige, reading the orig. MS.
as abridgm. for Dorchester, wh. real. is Dover. SAMUEL, Dover, 1686,
s. of the preced. THOMAS, Ipswich 1647, prob. br. of John, m. Mary,
d. of John Tuttle, had Ruth, b. 1 July 1657, d. same mo.; Ruth, again,
23 Aug. 1658; Joseph, 26 Sept. 1660; Nathaniel, 4 Sept. 1662; Sarah,
28 June 1664; Esther, 19 Mar. 1666; beside Thomas, John, James,
Mary, Joanna, and Abigail; and he d. 19 May 1694. He had serv. in