Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p263


Volume 1, Page 263

TIMOTHY, was of Billerica 1679. WILLIAM, Scituate, came in the
Blessing, 1635, aged 20, perhaps be. of Gilbert, was of Marchfield 1643,
m. wid. Susanna Dunham of Plymouth, had Hannah, b. 1645; Nathaniel,
1646, bef. ment.; Mary, 1647; Sarah, 1650, m. Joseph Studley;
Miriam, 1652, m. John Curtis; Deborah, 1654, m. Robert Stetson, jr.;
Thomas, 1657, bef. ment.; and Joanna, 1659, wh. m. 13 Sept. 1687,
John Bisby of Duxbury. Deane. WILLIAM, Springfield, m. 1654,
Mary, d. of Henry Burt, had 8 s. and 8 ds. 1655-79. The s. were William,
John, Ebenezer, Nathaniel, Joseph, Benjamin, Deliverance, and
Jonathan, of wh. the two first nam. were k. by the Ind. 27 Oct. 1675, at
Westfield. He rem. to Deerfield, there d. 1688, and his wid. d. next yr.
WILLIAM, Milford, among early sett. m. Sarah, wid. of William Wheeler,
d. 1684. I have includ. herein all whose names are giv. as Brook,
Brooks, Brooke, or Brookes, bec. it is impossib. to discrim. in the
caprisious spell. Thirteen in the form above used had, in 1834, at
Harv. and six at the other N. E. coll. been gr.

    BROOMAN, JOSEPH, Rehoboth, m. 29 Sept. 1681, Sarah, wid. of John
Savage of R. says Col. Rec.

    BROOME, GEORGE, Boston, d. Feb. 1662. A wid. Hannah Broome
m. the last of Jan. 1662, Thomas Ashley. Perhaps there is error of a
yr. in rec. ROGER, came in the Truelove, 1635, aged 17.

    BROUGH or BRUFF, EDWARD, Marshfield 1643. WILLIAM, Boston

    BROUGHTON, GEORGE, Dover, or Kittery 1680, perhaps s. of Thomas,
was certain. in Mass. long bef. being of ar. co. 1667, and ten yrs.
earlier at Berwick; m. prob. Abigail, d. of Rev. John Reyner; may
have been the one ment. by Hubbard, in Ind. Wars, as of Salmon
Falls riv. 1675, but kn. to be, in 1682, a capat. a K. His wid m. 30
Mar. 1696, and d. 31 Dec. 1716. JOHN, Windsor, rem. to Northampton,
among the earliest sett. m. 15 Nov. 1650, Hannah, eldest d. of Thomas Bascom,
had John, wh. rem. to Conn.; Hannah, b. 1656; Sarah, 1658; and Thomas, 1661.
He. d. 16 Mar. 1662, and his wid. m. William Janes. JOHN, Northampton,,
s. of the preced. m. 1678, Elizabeth d. of the first Matthew Woodruff,
and rem. to Conn. THOMAS, Watertown, 1643, came from Gravesend,
below London, 1635, to Virginia, in the America; by w. Mary, d.
of Nathaniel Briscoe, had a ch. b. 3 Mar. 1644, d. in a wk.; Elizabeth 15 Jan.
1646; rem. to Boston 1650,, had Mary, 5 July 1651; Thomas, 26 May
1653, d. young; rem. to Boston 1650, had Mary, 5 July 1651; Thomas,
26 May 1653, d. young; Nathaniel, 5 Dec. 1654; Thomas, again, 23
Dec. 1656; Hannah, 28 Dec. 1658; Sarah, 9 June 1660; and Patience,
14 Apr. 1663; was a merch. of gr. business, own. the mills at Salmon
Falls perhaps, and d. 12 Nov. 1700, aged 84. THOMAS, Boston, s. of