Person:Henry Burt (6)

Henry Burt
b.Est 1595
m. Est 1587
  1. Johane BurtEst 1588 - Aft 1629/30
  2. John BurtEst 1592 - Aft 1630
  3. Henry BurtEst 1595 - 1662
  4. Raddegan BurtEst 1597 - Aft 1617
  5. Alice BurtEst 1600 - Aft 1617
  6. Agnes BurtEst 1607 - Aft 1630
  7. Elizabeth BurtEst 1609 - Aft 1630
m. 28 Dec 1619
  1. Sarah Burt1620/21 -
  2. Samuel BurtEst 1623 - 1625
  3. Deacon Jonathan Burt1625 - 1715
  4. Abigail BurtEst 1627 - 1707
  5. David Burt1629 - 1690
  6. Mary Burt1632 - 1634
  7. Mary Burt1635 - 1689
  8. Nathaniel Burt1638 - 1720
  9. Elizabeth Burt1638 -
  10. Hannah Burt1641 - 1680
  11. Dorcas Burt1643 - 1674
  12. Patience Burt1645 - 1732
  13. Mercy Burt1647 -
Facts and Events
Name Henry Burt
Gender Male
Birth[10] Est 1595
Marriage 28 Dec 1619 Dean Prior, Devon, Englandto Eulalia March
Occupation[2][6] Springfield, Hampden, Massachusetts, United Statesclerk
Death[2][5] 30 Apr 1662 Springfield, Hampden, Massachusetts, United States
Ancestral File Number 8VNN-VC


Research conducted about 1931 found Henry Burt's origins in England, as well as the maiden name of his wife.

He was born about 1595 in or near Harberton, in the county of Devon, son of Henry Burt and Isett Unknown, one of seven children (2 sons, 5 daughters). He appears to have been the oldest son, inheriting a significant portion of his father's estate (see his father's notes). Shortly after his father died, he married Ulaliah March (see her notes). They had a number of children between 1621 and 1638, most of whom are recorded in the parish baptism records.

His mother died in 1630. See her notes for an abstract of her estate.

Administration on the goods of Henry Burt of Abbots-Kerswell, co. Devon was granted in 1634. (Principals Registry, Exeter)

Shortly after the December 1638 baptism of his last Britain-born child, the family emigrated to New England. But the exact date and ship name are unknown.


1638: He was at Roxbury near Boston as early as 1638, for in the town records of that year is a partially defaced entry as follows: "We whose names are underwritten have appointed John Burnwell... 12d apeace for goats and kids out of which we did appoint him to pay… Burt for his boy for the full time that he did keep the goats." Presumptively, one of the younger sons of Henry, the only man named Burt in the town, was this goat-herd.

1639: In the records of a session of the "Generall Corte" held at Boston on "The 5th day of the 9th month 1639" is this entry: "The Treasurer was orderd to alow 8 pounds to Roxberry for Henry Burt's losse by fyer." ... These are the only traces found of Mr. Burt's brief residence in Roxbury. (Goes on to describe the group that moved up the Connecticut River to form what is now Springfield, MA.)

1640: Henry Burt moved from Roxbury to Springfield and his name first appears in the town records as follows: "December 24, 1640. There is leave granted to Mr. Holyoke, William Warriner and Henry Burt to seek out for ye use of each of them a cannoe tree..." ... 1641: Henry Burt was frequently called upon by William Pynchon to serve as juryman. [See Feb 15, 1641]

He was called Clerk of the writs. During all the time that Henry Burt resided in Springfield, a period of twenty-two years, he does not appear to have been given to litigation. Mr. Burt was the only one who got twelve rods [of land] as having a bigger family.

1648-1655: Selectman for Springfield for most of these years.


He died 30 Apr 1662, intestate, but a nuncupative will was admitted to probate, and this interesting instrument is of record, illustrating the high character of the jurisprudence of the time and place..."Henry Burt of Springfield: Who departed this life April 30, 1662, not having any will made by his own hand for ye disposing of his estate, yet for that he did by words express his mind thereon before Ensign Thomas Cooper and Jonathan Burt who by a writing made by their hands presented the same into this court, a copy whereof hereafter follows, the widow Burt consenting thereunto. The court allowed the same to stand as the last will and testament of said Henry Burt.

We, Thomas Cooper and Jonathan Burt do testify that after Henry Burt now deceased had disposed a part of his estate to his son Nathaniel, said Henry had such possessions as these, viz: That what estate he had then left should be at his wife's disposal, as witness our hands this 29th day of September 1662. Thomas Cooper, Jonathan Burt...

An inventory of ye estate of Henry Burt of Springfield, deceased, taken Sept. 11, 1662. Also the widow Burt before the Court made oath that this is a true inventory of her said deceased husband's estate...

The above synopsis of Henry`s life is taken largely from Early Days in New England: Life and Times of Henry Burt of Springfield and Some of His Descendants, by Henry Martyn Burt and Silas Wright Burt; Longmeadow (Mass) Families, by Willard S. Allen; and "Burt-March" in Genealogical Research in England (NEHGR), by George Skelton Terry.

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  10. Birth year estimated based on his marriage date.