Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p141

Volume 1, Page 141

enlarges the extrav. of it by transfer of the circumst. imagin. to his s.
John. In the will of John Luson, a neighb. of Battelle, John and Mary
B. were kind. rememb. but he have the larger part of his prop. (having
no near relative this side of Eng.) to their f. spelt by the testator, Battely.

    BATTEN, BENJAMIN, Boston, merch. m. Oct. 1671, Elizabeth d. of John
Cullick, Esqr. HUGH, Dorchester 1658, m. Ursula, d. of John Greenway,
and d. 8 June 1689. JOHN, Lynn, had John, b. 1 Sept. 1671.

    BATTER, EDMUND, Salem, a minister from Salisbury, Co. Wilts, came
in the James from Southampton, Apr. 1635, arr. 3 June, with w. Sarah,
freem. 3 Mar. foll. rep. 1637, and 16 yrs. more. His w. d. 20 Nov. 1669,
and he m. 8 June foll. Mary, d. of maj.-gen. Daniel Gookin, had Edmund,
b. 8 Jan. 1674; and d. 1685, aged 76. Other ch. were Daniel, Mary,
and Elizabeth but prob. most of these, if not all, were by former w. EDMUND,
Salem, s. of the preced. m. Martha, d. of Benjamin Pickman the first.
JOSEPH, and TIMOTHY of Northampton 1668, as print. in Geneal. Reg.
IX. 88, are fictitious people, the real names being of s. of Edward Baker.
NICHOLAS, Lynn, freem. 14 Dec. 1638, had gr. of 60 acres. Lewis, 103,
tells no more of him.

    BATTING or BATTENS, WILLIAM, Saco, a. 1659, Scarborough 1663.

    BAXTER, DANIEL, Salem 1639, by w. Eliz. had Eliz. b. Sept. 1644;
Susanna, Sept. 1646; Rebecca; and Priscilla, June 1652. Susanna m.
12 July 1665, Isaac Hyde. GEORGE, Providence, in 1650 was constitu.
umpire betw. the Dutch Col. of New Netherlands and New Haven Col.
for settl. the boundary. Hutch.I.159; but in Appendix, 515, his signat.
is erron. print. Theo. Baxter. See Haz. II. 169, 173. Bancroft, II. 306.
Knowles, 319. He carr. the royal chart. 1663, from Boston to Newport.
GREGORY, Roxbury 1630, came, prob. in the fleet with Winthrop freem. 6
Mar. 1632, by w. Margaret Paddy, wh. d. 13 Feb. 1662, had Bethulia,
or Bethia
, b. June 1632; Abigail, Sept. 1634; and John, 1 Dec. 1639;
rem. next yr. to Braintree, and d. 21 June 1659. His will of 2, with
codic. of 19 of that mo. names the w. ch. Bethia, and Abigail, only, as ws.
of their h's. and s. John. See Geneal. Reg. IX. 136. Bethia m. Samuel
; and Abigail m. 29 Nov. 1650, Joseph Adams. JAMES, Marblehead
1668. JOHN, Braintree, s. of Gregory, m. 24 June 1660, Hannah,
d. of Thomas White of Weymouth, had (beside sev. other ch. of wh.
Hannah, w. of Joseph Dyer of Weymouth was one) Joseph, b. 4 June
1676, H. C. 1693, min. of Medfield, ord. 21 Apr. 1697. He was a lieut.
and d. 29 Apr. 1719. JOHN, Charlestown, m. 2 Mar. 1659, Hannah
Trumbull, d.
of John of the same, and d. 15 May 1687, aged a. 60; and
his wid. d. 27 Apr. 1703. Of ch. Mr. Wyman gives me the list, Hannah, b.
11 Oct. 1663; Sarah, 2 July 1665; John, 14 Aug. 1667; William, 5 July
1670; Mary, 3 Dec. 1672; all bapt. 10 June 1677, when their mo. was adm. of
the ch.; Abigail, 17 May 1675, d. soon; Abigail, again, 14 June 1676, d. soon;
Abigail, again, 5 Nov. 1677, d. soon; and Isaac, and Rebecca, tw. 8, bapt. (both)
12 Sept. 1680. Hannah m. 30 Apr. 1685, George Luke; and, next, John Price; and
Sarah m. 10 Sept. 1685, Samuel Wilson. JOHN, Salem, m. 25 Nov. 1667, Abigail
Whitney (but, of so common a surname, it is diffic. to find the f. and Essex Inst.
Hist. Coll. I. 35, makes her name Whiterig, but to her it may be equal. hard to find
f.) had John, b. 14 Dec. 1668; Abigail, 15 Dec. 1670; Elizabeth 25 May 1673; and Mary,