Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p140

Volume 1, Page 140

    BATT, * CHRISTOPHER, Newbury, tanner, came from the city of Salisbury,
Co. Wilts, in the Bevis, emb. at Southampton, 1638, aged 37, with
w. Ann, 32; sis. Dorothy, 20; and five ch. under 10 yrs. freem. 13 Mar.
1639, rem. to Salisbury, of wh. he was rep. 1640, 1, 3, and 50, rem. to
Boston, and there was casu. k. 10 Aug. 1661 by a s. firing at a mark in
the orchard. His wid. made her will 14 Mar. 1679, call. hers. 76. We
kn. not the names of those ch. he brot. from Eng. but one was prob.
Thomas, for he carr. on the business of his f. at B. Eight or more were
b. in this country, for Coffin ment. thirteen, yet gives dates of only three,
John, b. at S. 4 Mar. 1641; Paul, and Barnabas, tw. 18 Feb. 1643.
Others (part b. in Eng.) were Christopher, Ann, Samuel, Jane, Sarah,
Abigail, Timothy, Ebenezer, and Eliz. This last d. 6 July 1652, perhaps
young; Ann m. 12 June 1657, Edmund Angier; Jane m. 3 Apr. 1661,
Dr. Peter Toppan, and may therefore be supposed to have been b. on our
side of the water, while the other side must be thot. birthplace of Ann,
as she was sec. w. of Angier. Christopher was of Dover in 1662; Paul
was a glazier, and Timothy a tailor, both freem. 1673, at Boston, and both
prob. certain one of them interest. in the tannery; and of Samuel it is
said that he was a min. in Eng. and infer. that he never came back to
this ld. if he was, as is prob. b. here. NICHOLAS, Newbury, perhaps br.
of the preced. came in the James from Southampton, with w. Lucy, arr.
at Boston 3 June 1635, is call. in the ship's clearance, "of the Devizes,
linen weaver," had Sarah, b. 12 June 1640, and two more ds. He d. 6
Dec. 1677; and his wid. Lucy d. 26 Jan. 1679. TIMOTHY, Boston, s.
prob. of Christopher, was assoc. with Penn Townsend and others,
Sept. 1677, involunt. comp. of Milit. m. 3 Aug. 1699, Sarah Tudman.

    BATTELLE or BATTLE, JOHN, Dedham, eldest s. of Thomas, m. 18
Nov. 1678, Hannah Holbrook, had Hannah, b. 26 July 1680; Mary, 12
Mar. 1684; John, 17 Apr. 1689; Ebenezer, 2 Jan. 1692; and d. 30 Sept.
1713. JONATHAN, Dedham, br. of the preced. m. 15 Apr. 1690, Mary
Onion, perhaps d. of Robert, had Martha, b. 13 Mar. foll.; Jonathan, 3
Jan. 1693; Sarah, 20 Oct. 1698; and Abigail, 11 Dec. 1699. ROBERT,
Boston, d. 23 Dec. 1658, perhaps was only trans. visit. and if not, I can
tell no more, but that in Dearborn's book, call. Boston Notions, p. 44, he
is call. freem. 1657, when no such name appears, nor even any bapt. name
of Robert in that yr. THOMAS, Dedham 1642, m. 5 Sept. 1648, Mary,
d. of Joshua Fisher, had Mary, b. 6 bapt. 12 May 1650; John, 1, bapt.
3 July 1653; Sarah, b. 1654; Jonathan, 24 July 1658; and Martha, 19
Aug. bapt. 9 Sept. 1660, d. at 14 yrs. He was freem. 1654, in 1664 liv.
at Sudbury, but of D. again in 1674. Elizabeth w. d. 7 Aug. 1691, and he d. 8
Feb. 1706, call. "the aged." In the will of their gr.f. Fisher, of wh. Battle
was an overseer, most of the ch. are ment. Mary m. 20 Mar. 1677, John
Bryant; and Sarah m. 23 Oct. 1679, Silas Titus. Very improb. seems to
me the recent tradit. that he came to N. E. from France; and Cothren