Person:Hannah Holbrook (19)

Hannah Holbrook
m. 28 May 1656
  1. Hannah HolbrookEst 1656 -
  2. Nathaniel Holbrook1657/58 - 1676/77
  3. Thomas Holbrook1659 - 1717
  4. Eliazer Holbrook1660 -
  5. John HolbrookAbt 1665 - 1740/41
  6. Experience HolbrookAbt 1667 -
  • HJohn Battle1652 - 1713
  • WHannah HolbrookEst 1656 -
m. 18 Nov 1678
  1. Mary Battle1683/84 -
  2. John Battle1687 - 1729/30
  3. Ebenezer Battle1690/91 - 1759
Facts and Events
Name Hannah Holbrook
Gender Female
Birth[1] Est Dec 1656 Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States
Marriage 18 Nov 1678 Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United Statesto John Battle
  1. As part of the sorting out of children, as discussed on Hannah's father's page, it seems probable that Hannah Shepard was Thomas Holbrook's first wife (in part because Hannah is the only child that doesn't fit well, but it is attractive to think that Hannah was named after her mother). The date of daughter Hannah's marriage in 1678 suggests she has a birth in the 1650's, but the string of boys whose births are recorded to the parents Thomas and Hannah leaves very little room for Hannah given their marriage in May 1656. This couple had a pattern of only about 16 months between children (between Nathaniel and Thomas 17 months, between Thomas and Eliezer 15), so given a recorded birth in March 1657/58, one could possibly project Hannah to be born, say, Nov-Dec 1656, which would be only six-seven months after marriage. This may explain why her birth wasn't recorded? Clearly, shrinking the gap between births to even 10 or 12 months is physically possible, so while this is untypical, it is not extreme. No evidence of an earlier marriage is found except for unexplained statements in secondary literature that can't seem to be verified, and if there was one, Hannah is the only child of Thomas' who could even be thought to belong to it.