Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p139

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Volume 1, Page 139

* JAMES, Haddam 1667, prob. s. of James of Dorchester, where he
m. Ann, d. of the first Henry Withington, and soon after went home,
and came again soon, perhaps went again to Eng. and came back soon,
may have first been at Huntington, L. I. d. bef. 1692, when of his ch. at
Haddam were Samuel, bapt. at Dorchester, 18 June 1648; James, b. Oct.
1666; John; Hannah; Margaret, bapt. at D. 19 June 1664; Mary, bapt 11
Mar. 1666; and Elizabeth He was rep. for H. 1670, and often after. Mary
m. 16 Aug. 1685, William[1] Hough of Saybrook. The late Hon. Isaac C.
Bates, U. S. senator, was prob. a descend. by one of these who rem. to
Durham, whose s. rem. to Granville, Mass. JOHN, Weymouth, by w.
Susan had Edward, b. 10 Dec. 1655; was perhaps of Chelmsford 1666,
freem. 1682. See Allen, Hist. of C. 169. JOHN, Haddam, perhaps br.
of James of the same, was of Stamford 1669, had John, b. 8 June 1678;
and Solomon Feb. 1680. My conject. is confirm. by auth. of D. Williams
Patterson. JOHN, New London 1677, had bapt. there John, 4 May
1679; Solomon, 1 Aug. 1680; and Sarah, 27 Aug. 1682; but, no more
being, ment. of him, I think he may be the same as the preced. easily rem.
from town to town. JOSEPH, Hingham, s. of Clement, b. in Eng. m. 28 Jan.
1658, Esther Hilliard, perhaps d. of Anthony of the same, had Joseph, Caleb,
Hannah, Joshua, Aug. 1671; Bathsheba, Clement, 21 Sept. 1676; Eleazer, and
perhaps others. He was freem. 1672. JOSEPH, Hingham, s. of the preced. m.
3 Jan. 1684, Mary, d. of the first Samuel Lincoln. ROBERT, Wethersfield 1640,
rem. to Stamford, there d. 11 June 1675, leav. s. John; d. Mary Ambler,
w. of Abraham, and s.-in-law John Cross, ment. in his will of that date.
He was one of the first purch. of S. 30 Oct. 1640. ROBERT, Lynn, had
John, wh. d. 5 Mar. 1672; Rebecca, b. 29 Aug. 1673; and Sarah, 16
July 1676. SAMUEL, Hingham, youngest s. of Clement the first, m.
22 Feb. 1667, Lydia, d. of Thomas Lapham of Scituate, had Lydia, b.
2 Sept. 1669; Sarah, 23 Dec. 1673; a d. b. 12 Apr. 1676; ano. 17 Apr. 1678;
Samuel, Mar. 1680; and David, 20 Feb. 1683; was freem. 1672. SAMUEL,
Saybrook, m. 2 May 1676, Mary, d. of Robert Chapman of the same, had
Samuel, b. 15 Apr. foll. d. at 8 mos. ; Ann, 19 Sept. 1678; Silence, 27
July 1680; Samuel, again, 8 Nov. 1682; James, 16 Dec. 1685; Robert,
22 Dec. 1686; Stephen, 1 June 1689; Ephraim, 29 May 1692; Daniel,
18 Aug. 1697; and d. 28 Dec. 1699.

    BATSON, JOHN, Kennebunk, perhaps s. of Stephen, m. 1660, Elizabeth
Saunders, perhaps d. of John of Wells, was rep. at the Gen. Assemb. at
York 1682 and 4. ROBERT, Marshfield, m. 13 July 1676, Ann Winter,
perhaps d. of Christopher. STEPHEN, Saco 1636, then had w. Mary,
and d. Margery, rem. to Cape Porpus, or Kennebunk 1653, was made
freem. that yr. Folsom, 33,124. From his will of 8 Mar. 1674, it is
learn. that he had s. John; and d. Elizabeth Ashley, perhaps w. of William;
d. Margery Young, perhaps w. of Rowland; and d. Mary Brookhouse, of
whose h. I search in vain for indicat. beside John Trott, perhaps s.
of Simon.