Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p114


Volume 1, Page 114

Josiah, 5 (not 15, as print. in Hist. of W. 528) Feb. 1654; and d. 1662, as did
his w. His d. Mary m. 8 July 1669 John Gillett. THOMAS, Windsor, s.
of the preced. m. Dec. 1665, Mary, d. of the first William Phelps,
had Mary, b. 11 Jan. 1666; Sarah, 2 July 1667; rem. to Simsbury.
To, Charlestown, s. of William of Marblehead, m. 25 June 1667,
Hannah Roper, wh. d. 27 Mar. 1691. He took sec. w. 12 Jan. 1693,
Hannah Stedman, and d. 14 July 1725. His ch. were Thomas, Hannah,
wh. m. a Newman, and Rebecca; but by wh. w. ea. was b. is not kn. THOMAS,
Gloucester 1662, rem. perhaps 1669 to Newbury, m. 27 Apr. 1671,
Ann, d. of Aquila Chase, had Thomas, b. 16 Feb. 1672; and prob.
Elizabeth bef. he rem. to Suffield, there had Joseph, and Benjamin,
tw. b. 1677; Aquila, 1679; Ann, 1681; John, 1684; and Moses, 1687;
and d. 25 July 1689. WILLIAM, Salem 1639, of Marblehead 1648, may
be the man wh. had gr. of ld. in Dorchester 1638. WILLIAM, Salem,
perhaps s. of the preced. m. 4 Mar. 1673, Elizabeth Reick, or (if Lewis did
not mistake, as I fear), Kirk, had Elizabeth b. 1 Nov. 1673, d. at 3 mos. and
William 8 Jan. 1675. Perhaps he was of Lynn. The wid. Elizabeth had admin.
29 June 1677. WILLIAM, Killingworth 1667. ZECHARIAH, Medfield,
youngest s. of George of the same, m. 30 Aug. 1683, Abial Ellis, had
Benoni, b. 9 Sept. 1684; Zechariah, 19 Oct. 1685; Joseph, 4 Oct. 1687;
Abiel, 4 Oct. 1691; John, 12 Oct. 1693; Ruth, 5 Mar. 1690; Thomas, 2 May
1698; Elizabeth 6 July 1700; and Mary, 26 May 1703.

    BARCROFT. See Bancroft.

    BARD, JOHN, Lynn, had John, b. 29 Jan. 1678. Sometimes this spell.
is substit. for Beard, and perhaps opposite mistake may even the balance.

    BARDEN, THOMAS, R. I. an inhab. of that Col. 1675. WILLIAM, Marshfield
1643, rem. to Barnstable, m. Feb. 1661, Deborah Barker, d. of John
of M. had Mercy, b. 1 Nov. 1662; Deborah, 28 June, 1665; John, 17
Mar. 1668; Stephen, 15 Apr. 1669; Abraham, 14 May 1674; Joseph,
Sept. 1670; and Ann, 26 Aug. 1677.

    BARDING, NATHANIEL, Hartford 1636, yet not an orig. propr. had
only ch. Sarah, by first w. and by sec. w. Abigail, wid. of William Andrews,
the sch.master had none, and d. 1674. His d. m. 11 Sept. 1645,
Thomas Spencer. wh. call. a s. Nathaniel Barding to perpet. the name.
His will speaks of these ch. of William Andrews, viz. Samuel, John, and
Thomas, and of Samuel's w. Elizabeth

    BARDWELL, ROBERT, Hatfield, a soldier in Philip's war, 1676, a partak.
in the Falls fight under Capt. Turner; m. 29 Nov. 1676, Mary, d.
of William Gull, had Ebenezer, Samuel, John, Thomas, Mary, Sarah,
Esther, Thankful, and Abigail, and d. 1726. Samuel and Thomas went
to Deerfield, but of them I kn. no more.

    BAREFOOTE, WALTER, of Great Island (Newcastle) N. H. 1660,
was a counsel. of the Col. 1682, and Dept. Gov. 1685, d. a. 1688, and his
will may be read in our Suffk. Reg. His conduct in office is much
spoken against, and something prejudicial to his charact. is seen in a
depon. of William Davis, of Mar. 1677, as to facts more than fourteen yrs.