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Original Source Russell County Deed Book ?:382-383


Person:Abner Willis (1)
Abner Willis and Eve Sifers:A family biography


Land sold by Heirs of Abner Willis, on waters of Little Cedar Creek, Russell, VA, 1856
Land sold by Heirs of Abner Willis, on waters of Little Cedar Creek, Russell, VA, 1856
Location is approximate, based on cues in the physical descriptio of the parcel. (Highlightd in bold in the transcription below.).


Minor cleanup, particularly on second page. Ellipsis (...) denotes portions that could not be transcribed accurately.

Isaac Willis et al to Wm. Dickenson, Deed 173 acres
This deed made the 22nd day of April in the year of our Lord 1856 between
  • Isaac Willis,
  • John WIllis,
  • Alexander Willis,
  • David WIllis,
  • Andrew Williams and Nancy his wife,
  • Samuel Perry and Jane his wife,
  • Richard Willis,
  • Amos Willis and
  • David Munsy and Biddy Ann his wife

heirs at law of Abner Willis deceased, of the first part, and WIlliam Dickenson of the county of Russell and State of Virignia of the second part. Withessth that for andin consideraton fo the sum of three hundred dollars to them in hand paid the said parties of the first part have bargained and sold unto the said WIlliam Dickenson all their several interests which they orither of them have in and to the the following tract of land being in the county of Russell and on the waters of LIttle Cedar Creek including thge present residence of the said Dickenson and is bounded as follows to wit: Beginning at a stake in a line of A Buckles land, and at David Munseys....

...corner and running with Muncys line
  • N52.5 E90 poles crossing a hollow to an red oak and double dogwood
  • N4 W43 poles, to a red oak and Chestnut Sapling, on the South side of a ridge
  • N40 W23 poles to a red oak o [sic] three Sycamores
  • N51 E55 poles to a stake six feet above a chestnut stump in a line of N.B. Grays land, with it
  • N50 W24 poles to a chesntur Oak on a hill a corner to D Carters land. Then with Carter's line
  • N19 W85 poles to a small poplar and w [sic] tripple dogwood on the top of Moccassin Ridge, then
  • S56 W74 poles to a poplar and red oak on a spur
  • N84 W45 polesto a poplar
  • S32 W72 poles to a small poplar 'near the top of the ridge and on the west side of a sinkhole
  • S38 E123 poles to a tripple Chestnut oak ....
  • S6 W26 poles crossing a small sinkhole to two white Oaks a corner to Buckels land and with his line
  • S44 E to the beginning containing one hundred and seventy three acres ... more or less.

And the said parties of the first part do covenant with the said Dickenson that thaey will wrrant the land hereby conveyed from themselves and their heirs and from all persons claiming by or through them. Witness the following signatures and seals

  • Issac Willis
  • Samuel Perry
  • Jane Perry (Her X)
  • David Willis (His Mark)
  • Andrew Williams

  • Richard J Willis

  • David Munsey
  • Amos Willis (His Mark)

NB:John Willis and Alexander WIllis are identified in the document as heirs of Abner Willis, but their signature does not appear on the document. Not also the several blank spaces in the list of signatories. These may have been left open for John and Alexander's signature at a later date. Court records show, however, that John died in 1855, which explains his absence from the signature list.