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Source:Chalkley's Chronicles
Transcript:Campbell entries in Chalkley's Chronicles, Vol 1
Transcript:Campbell entries in Chalkley's Chronicles, Vol 2
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Circuit Court

CIRCUIT COURT RECORDS, SECTION "I." CIRCUIT COURT JUDGMENTS. page 3 John CAMPBELL vs. Richard Mathews--Writ to Augusta, 29th April, 1790. Bond dated 1781.
CIRCUIT COURT RECORDS, SECTION "I." JUDGMENTS. page 8 Abraham Clements vs. Robert Shaw--Ejectment. October 12, 1786. Rockbridge County. Abraham Clements. heir-at-law of Abraham Clements, deceased, who was heir-at-law of Ezekiel Clements, demise 18th June, 1746, 400 acres, known as Broad Spring. Patent (copy) to Robert McClenachan, 375 acres on Mary Branch of James River, cor. James McClung, cor. Robert CAMPBELL, dated 24th March, 1740. Mary Roberts deposes, February 28, 1788, in Frederick County, Maryland, that she was a near neighbor of Ezekiel Clements, of Hopewell Township. County Huntindon, New Jersey, and knew the family 15-20 years. Ezekiel, and eldest son, Abraham, went out to purchase land; said they had bought in the backwoods. Abraham married and had three children, one of whom was a son named Abraham. Copy deed from Bordens' executors to Ezekiel Clements, 1746, in Augusta. This land lapsed on October 18, 1753, and reverted to the Crown.
CIRCUIT COURT RECORDS, SECTION "I." DISTRICT COURT JUDGMENTS. page 10 Arthur Connelly and John CAMPBELL, assignee John Johnston, assignee Daniel Joseph, vs. William Baker--Debt. Writ, 4th July, 1789.
CIRCUIT COURT RECORDS, SECTION "I." DISTRICT COURT JUDGMENTS. page 11 John CAMPBELL vs. Richard Mathews--Writ, 18th February, 1784, Augusta County. Appeal.
CIRCUIT COURT RECORDS, SECTION "I." EXECUTIONS. page 25 Boggas vs. Sprowl--Deposition taken in Blount County, Tennessee, 1800, of John Ewing. In 1790 he went with William Sprowl down into the Tennessee country and helped him build a cabin; planted a crop. Also of Mathew Wallace. Also George Townsley, taken before J. Houston, James Gillespy, James CAMPBELL, James McNutt.
CIRCUIT COURT RECORDS, SECTION "I." JUDGMENTS. page 28 Kennedy vs. McChesney--David CAMPBELL and his wife are about to remove out of State, 16th October, 1802. From Rockbridge. James McChesney, father of Robert.
CIRCUIT COURT RECORDS, SECTION "I." JUDGMENTS. page 28 Reburn & Frame vs. CAMPBELL--John, James, John Reburn Redy, Thomas Brooks and Robert Reburn, infants, and devisees, under will of John Reburn, deceased.
CIRCUIT COURT RECORDS, SECTION "I." JUDGMENTS. page 35 Vanscone vs. Gladden--Deposition in Wythe County, 24th April, 1793, of Lucretia Vanscoyoe (Vanscoit) before James CAMPBELL, says: In 1792 robbers came to the house of James Dougherty, in Rockbridge, whose housekeeper she was, and mistreated her.
CIRCUIT COURT RECORDS, SECTION "I." JUDGMENTS. page 38 Robert Shaw vs. Clements (Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Gersham & James)--Trespass. Rockbridge 375 acres, cor. James McClung; cor. Robt. CAMPBELL.
CIRCUIT COURT RECORDS, SECTION "I." JUDGMENTS. page 40 CAMPBELL vs. Donaghe--Bill in chancery. Hugh Donaghe's daughter married Robert CAMPBELL, who moved to Western Tennessee.
CIRCUIT COURT RECORDS, SECTION "I." JUDGMENTS. page 40 Wm. R. Coupland and wife Emily, of Lynchburg, County of CAMPBELL, vs. Gustavus A. Rose, Hugh, Robert H., Samuel Rose, Landon Cabell and Judith (Rose), Spottswood Garland and Lucinda (Rose), Saml. Irwin and Ann (Rose), John, David, Isaac and Joshua Tinsley--Bill to set aside will of Caroline Matilda Rose, mother of all the Roses.
CIRCUIT COURT RECORDS, SECTION "I." JUDGMENTS. page 41 Buchanan vs. CAMPBELL--Bond. 6th June, 1780, by Isaac CAMPBELL and Saml. Wallace to David Hay, guardian to James CAMPBELL, Jr., son to Pat-trick CAMPBELL, deceased. Test, James Cunningham, Jno. McCown, Jr. Declaration is as follows: David Buchanan, assignee of James CAMPBELL, who was assignee of David Hay, complains of Isaac CAMPBELL, surviving obligor of Isaac CAMPBELL and Saml. Wallace, Patsey Wallace, Charles Grigsby and Elizabeth (his wife), late Elizabeth Wallace, James Wallace, James Grigsby and Rebecca (his wife), late Rebecca Wallace, relict of Saml. Wallace, heirs and representatives of said Saml., deceased. February, 1804.
CIRCUIT COURT RECORDS, SECTION "I." JUDGMENTS. page 57 CAMPBELL vs. Charleton--O. S. 6; N. S. 2--Alexander Greenlee, aged about 54, deposeth 10th February, 1794, in Botetourt.
CIRCUIT COURT RECORDS, SECTION "I." JUDGMENTS. page 58 Andrew CAMPBELL & wife, Rebecca vs. John CAMPBELL & Argenbright-- O. S. 7; N. S. 3--Bill filed 23rd August, 1794. Rebecca is daughter of Jno. CAMPBELL.
CIRCUIT COURT RECORDS, SECTION "I." JUDGMENTS. page 63 CAMPBELL vs. McGuire--Bryan Bruin went to the Mississippi country.
CIRCUIT COURT RECORDS, SECTION "I." JUDGMENTS. page 64 John Vance vs. Walker--O. S. 16; N. S. 6--Similar to above. John CAMPBELL deposes at house of John McCormick in Abingdon, 25th June, 1803, that in fall of 1768 he came for the first time to western part of Virginia, and on his way overtook a number of persons, who informed him they were coming to settle on a tract owned by Dr. Thos. Walker, known as Wolf Hill tract. Andrew Vance, in 1802, was son of John. Alexander Brackenridge testifies as before (but the transaction took place in 1769, instead of 1776, as above). Josiah Gamble deposes as John CAMPBELL above; in 1769, he was going to Holstein and overtook the party to Wolf Hill tract. Deposition of Wm. Y. Conn (?): That about 1785 he came to Abingdon. Joseph Acklin, son of Christopher, deposes. Joseph Black deposes.
CIRCUIT COURT RECORDS, SECTION "I." JUDGMENTS. page 65 Walker vs. CAMPBELL (Connelly)--O. S. 20; N. S. 7--Bill filed in Augusta, 1789. Isabella and Barbara Walker, infants, by Hugh Donaghe, against Robert and Elizabeth Walker et als. Oratrices were daughters of Alexander Walker, who died testate in Augusta; will dated 20th November, 1774; bill for settlement. Administrators' accounts show, 1774, cash paid Thomas Connelly, husband to Margaret (daughter of Alexr.). May, 1793, abates as to Isabella by her marriage with Robert Reed.
CIRCUIT COURT RECORDS, SECTION "I." JUDGMENTS. page 68 John Levecy and ----, his wife, only daughter and issue of James CAMPBELL, vs. John Morris--O. S. 24; N. S. 8--Bill filed 7th October, 1800. In February, 1773, James CAMPBELL, father of oratrix, went into the County now of Kenhawa County and made an improvement on the Kenhawa, sowing a large quantity of apple seed. The same year John Morris cleared a tract opposite James on a creek called Napper's Creek, which he sold to a person of the same name. The Indian War of 1774 prevented James from making any further improvements, and in 1775 John claimed James' improvement. James died intestate previous to 1779 and John got a patent from the Commissioners and has sold a part to William Droddy, who has sold to John Reynolds. Peter Shoemaker deposes, 18th January, 1804, in Adams County, Ohio. In February, 1773, he started from Muddy Creek in Greenbrier County for the Kenawha in company with James CAMPBELL, James Pauley, and Walter Kelly, and went as far as Gauley River, where Walter Kelly turned back. The others went on to what is now the mouth of CAMPBELL's Creek, where CAMPBELL made a tomahawk improvement. John and William Morris were brothers. The Indians shot deponent at Powell's Valley. Deposition of John Jones, a settler, as to Walter Kelley, Knapper (Napper), Thomas Alsberry, William Feamster. Thomas Alsberry says he forted (fought?) with John Morris all during the Indian War. They were greatly harassed by the Indians. About Conrad Yoacum. George Lee (See?) deposes in Kenawha, that he came to the country in 1774. John Morris was then with him as a soldier under Mathew Arbuckle. Curtis Alderson testifies in Botetourt, 20th May, 1802. In 1773 John Alderson, Joseph Carroll, William Morris, John Herd and deponent set out from Shenandoah County for New River below the falls, in search of vacant land, and went down as far as James Burnsides's on Greenbrier, when they were joined by Archd. Taylor, Philip Cooper and Walter Kelly, and all together arrived at New River 6th April, and made improvements and set out to return home, and at Gauley they met James CAMPBELL, Peter Shoemaker and James Polly; William Morris and deponent went back with them. James CAMPBELL died in fall of 1777.
CIRCUIT COURT RECORDS, SECTION "I." JUDGMENTS. page 72 William Baxter vs. James CAMPBELL, Sr., and John Swearingen--Bill filed in Ohio County, 6th March, 1797--O. S. 32; N. S. 11. In 1773 William West and John Sappington came into Ohio County (now Brooke) and made settlement on Harman's Run and resided there until 1774, when they were driven away by the Indians. They returned in 1775 and found James CAMPBELL's tenant in possession. Long before Orator's settlement, Nathaniel Tomlinstone had made a settlement on Harman's Run, which claim CAMPBELL bought. Tomlinson made settlement in 1772 and CAMPBELL bought in 1773. Philip Beale deposes, 27th April, 1798, at house of Col. Richard Brown in Holyday's Cove, in Brooke County, was acquainted with the land in 1772-1773. In 1773 William West and Joshua McQueen were living on the land in a cabin. James CAMPBELL's son, John, purchased of Tomlinson. In 1773 deponent assisted James CAMPBELL in raising a cabin. George Brown and a party of men came before it was completed and compelled them to desist. Richard Wells deposes at same time and place to same effect. John Alexander deposes at same time and place to same effect. Richard Elson deposes at same time and place to same effect. Following deposition taken at home of John Sappington in Madison County, 27th April, 1798. Cap. John Sappington, a Justice of Peace and lately a representative for Madison County. George Brown, a minister of the Methodist Society. Joshua McQueen deposes at same time and place to same effect. William West deposes at same time and place to same effect. James CAMPBELL, Jr., son of James, Senr., represented James, Sr. John Toland deposes in Ohio County that in 1773 John CAMPBELL bought the land from Tomlinson, and deponent was surety for purchase price. Margaret Langford, daughter of James CAMPBELL, deposes in Ohio County. Richard Boyce deposes in Washington County, Penna., 15th January, 1799, that in 1775 James Kerns employed him to plow on the land. James Kerns deposes in Washington County, Penna., 1799, that in 1775 he was tenant for James CAMPBELL. William Griffith deposes in 1799 that James CAMPBELL, Senr., is about 80. James CAMPBELL, Jr., deposes in Brooke County, 31st May, 1798, that in 1773, spring, he and his brother John came to Ohio County. John bought the land from Tomlinson and improved it, and was drowned. In the fall Joshua McQueen came. CAMPBELL had the land surveyed by Benjamin Johnstone after the death of Col. Wm. Crawford. John Greathouse deposes 25th January, 1799.
CIRCUIT COURT RECORDS, SECTION "I." JUDGMENTS. page 77 Joseph Graham of Monroe County vs. Stuart--O. S. 37; N. S. 13--Bill filed 13th November, 1802. Orator's father, David Graham, died in Augusta about or prior to 1771, leaving orator an infant of very tender years and his widow, Jane Graham. Joseph was grandson of Joseph Walkub. In 1776 Jane married Alexander Stuart. David Stuart, son of Alexr. Stuart, deposes 27th September, 1804, in Augusta, that his father lent Rebekah Graham, wife of Joseph Graham, a bed. Margaret Vachub deposes, 27th September, 1804, about the time James Stevenson left this country. Robert Vachub, aged 57, deposes Greenbrier, 17th September, 1805, that his father (grandfather to complainant) gave complainant while an infant, two cows. William Graham deposes in Augusta, 18th June, 1804, at the tavern of James Edmondson in Staunton, that in 1793-4 he was present when his father, John Graham, guardian of complainant, settled with Compt. after which Joseph went to Kentucky and remained some time and returned to his father's, Jno. Graham's, about 1800 or 1801. William Fulton deposes at house of Charles CAMPBELL in Rockbridge, 5th July, 1805, he was a school teacher and taught Joseph Graham 1778-1779.
CIRCUIT COURT RECORDS, SECTION "I." JUDGMENTS. page 85 Russell vs. Doyell--O. S. 45; N. S. 15--From Washington County. Charles H. CAMPBELL was brother to Sarah B. CAMPBELL, who intermarried with Francis Preston. Chas. H. C. died during his minority and Sarah inherited his property, there being no other heirs. Charles H. and Sarah B. CAMPBELL were children of Mrs. Elizabeth Russell, complainant. John Doyell (Doyle), Geo. Reagan and John Bryan are inhabitants of Kentucky, 14th December, 1806.
CIRCUIT COURT RECORDS, SECTION "I." JUDGMENTS. page 87 John McCleland, of Rockbridge County, vs. James CAMPBELL--O. S. 42; N. S. 14--Bill filed 1804. John Hays, agent for his brother Charles, who lives in Kentucky. James CAMPBELL also lives in Kentucky. Deed dated 12th February, 1802, by Charles Hays, of Fayette County, Ky., to James CAMPBELL, proved in Rockbridge June-October, 1802. Deed dated 3d May, 1803, by James CAMPBELL and Sarah, of Rockbridge County, to John McCleland, proved in Rockbridge 7th June, 1803. Power of attorney by Charles Hays, of Adair County, Ky., 25th September, 1804.
CIRCUIT COURT RECORDS, SECTION "I." JUDGMENTS. page 88 Torbett's heirs vs. CAMPBELL--O. S. 47; N. S. 16. Bond 18th November, 1771, by Wm. CAMPBELL and John Tate to Hugh Torbet, of Chester County, and Alexander Mitchel, of Pennsylvania, Lancaster County. Answer of Sarah Buchanan Preston, 1805, that she is only child now living of Wm. CAMPBELL. deceased. She married Francis Preston. Her father died August. 1781. Defendants are, viz: Arthur CAMPBELL, surviving executor of Margaret CAMPBELL and Francis Preston; and Sarah, his wife, late CAMPBELL, heiress of Wm. CAMPBELL, deceased. Plaintiffs are, viz: Saml. Torbett, Anthony Black and Catharine, his wife, late Torbett; Hugh and David Torbett, Andrew Lockridge and Easter, his wife, late Torbett; Jane and Nathaniel Torbett, Mary Torbet, an infant, heirs-at-law of Hugh Torbett, deceased. Bill Says: Charles CAMPBELL died 1767 testate, leaving wife Margaret (father and mother of Gen. Wm. CAMPBELL). Margaret died about November, 1777. Genl. Wm. CAMPBELL died about 1782, leaving only one child Sarah, since married to Francis Preston. Thomas Tate married one of the daughters of Margaret CAMPBELL, deceased. Arthur CAMPBELL says Genl. William died August, 1781. Charles CAMPBELL died January, 1767. Copy of Gen. William CAMPBELL's will dated 28th September, 1780, proved in Washington County, 16th April, 1782. Wife Elizabeth, son Charles Henry, daughter Sarah Buchanan CAMPBELL. Copy of Margaret CAMPBELL's will dated 13th October, 1777, proved in Washington County 18th March, 1778. Son William; daughters Elizabeth Taylor, Jean Tate, Margaret CAMPBELL, Anne Poston; son-in-law Arthur CAMPBELL.
CIRCUIT COURT RECORDS, SECTION "I." JUDGMENTS. page 92 Robert CAMPBELL and wife Elizabeth vs. Hugh Donaghe--O. S. 54; N. S. 18. Robert and Elizabeth married in 1770, Elizabeth being daughter of Hugh Donaghe. Robert owned 400 acres in Augusta, on which they lived 14 years after marriage, but then moved to Tennessee, where they lived 13 years, when they were induced to return to Augusta upon the promise of defendant to give them £500. They returned to Augusta in 1796. Hugh answers that the marriage was against his consent. Hugh CAMPBELL, aged 33 years, son of Robert, deposes. Hugh had a brother James. Margaret, wife of John Donaghe, deposes. James CAMPBELL, aged 30, son of Robert, deposes. John CAMPBELL, aged 24 or 25, son of Robert.
CIRCUIT COURT RECORDS, SECTION "I." JUDGMENTS. page 101 Kercheval vs. Davis--O. S. 81; N. S. 27--Bill filed 23d August, 1805. Orators are William Kercheval and Mary, his wife. Edward Doyle died intestate, February, 1804, leaving personal estate, of which a certain William Davis "by virtue of a supposed noncupative will, unproved, has possessed himself." Mary claims to be the nearest relative. Doyle was over 80. His wife died before him. He had no children. Answer says Mary is natural daughter of Nancy Doyle, in no way related to Edward. Answer sworn to in Frederick County. Rebeccah Dyerly, aged 51, deposes in Frederick, 18th October, 1806. She was intimate with Edward and his wife. He said Mary was his second cousin and only relative in America. William Kercheval's son Elijah married Elizabeth Green's daughter. Mrs. Green had also a son William. Michael Pierce's deposition, aged 28, at house of Thomas Stribling, in Frederick, 12th November, 1806. William Kercheval was a Baptist living near Battletown. Mary Parker, aged 63, deposes at Millwood in Frederick County, 24th October, 1806. Jeremiah O'Connor deposes in Frederick, 26th September, 1806, both he and Edward were from Ireland. Edward said his father died when Edward was young, his mother remarried. His stepfather was cruel; he ran away and came to America when he was 15; said he had traveled much in America; had been in the war. Mary's father was Col. Beale, of the British Army. James Benn deposes, 25th September, 1806, both he and Edward were from Dublin. Peter Routt, aged 82, deposes 25th September, 1806. George Shipler (Schoebler), aged 48, deposes 1806. Joseph Drake, aged 67, deposes 18th August, 1806. Anna Blackmore, aged 71, deposes 18th August, 1806. Benjamin Berry, aged 80, deposes 18th August, 1806. Thomas Berry, aged 73, deposes 20th August, 1806. About 46 years ago he removed to Frederick and settled near Lord Fairfax. Nancy Doyle (mother of Mary) married a Mr. CAMPBELL, removed to Fredericksburg and died there. Elizabeth Green, aged 50, deposes 20th August, 1806.
CIRCUIT COURT RECORDS, SECTION "I." JUDGMENTS. page 108 Argenbright vs. CAMPBELL--O. S. 97; N. S. 33--Bill, 1804. Refers to a former suit between the parties in Augusta County, and High Court of Chancery. This is a bill by Augustine Argenbright vs. the heirs of John CAMPBELL of Augusta. Writ to Greenbrier County, 1803, to summon Hanna CAMPBELL, devisee and executrix of John CAMPBELL, Jane Smith and John Handley. Deed by John of Augusta County, 1794. Answer by Hanna Cottle, late CAMPBELL, daughter of John. John Handley married a daughter of John CAMPBELL. Jane Smith was one of John CAMPBELL's daughters. Andrew CAMPBELL married Rebecca, a daughter of John.
CIRCUIT COURT RECORDS, SECTION "I." JUDGMENTS. page 117 Martin vs. CAMPBELL--O. S. 122; N. S. 42--William Fitzgerel deposes in Russell County, 9th November, 1808, that in 1775 he made a crop of corn at Martin's Station in Powell's Valley, and made an improvement near Cumberland Gap on a creek since called Station Creek. The next year he went into the army and employed Joseph Martin to represent him at Commissioners' Court. Deed 14th April, 1788, by John Jones, Jr., and Martha his wife, of Dinwiddie County, to Arthur CAMPBELL of Washington County, conveys 1,500 acres in Washington County. Recorded in General Court 18th April, 1788. Deed 19th October, 1795, by Joseph Martin of Henry County. To Salathiel and Obadiah Martin of Surry County, North Carolina, conveys 50 acres in Lee County. Recorded at District Court at Washington Co. Ho., 3d May, 1796.
CIRCUIT COURT RECORDS, SECTION "I." JUDGMENTS. page 123 Roberts vs. CAMPBELL--O. S. 136; N. S. 47--Bill, 17th September, 1809. Orators, Richard and John Roberts, sons of Billingsly Roberts, who prior to 1780 bought from Arthur CAMPBELL a tract on North Fork of Holston in Washington County, 500 acres, for which he was to pay £10,000 in two installments--1st November, 1779, and 1st November, 1780. Billingsly lived in Maryland and died there in 1790 testate. Margaret CAMPBELL, wife of Arthur, was daughter of Charles CAMPBELL, to whom the land was granted 22d August, 1753. Thomas Tate deposes. John Epperson (Apperson) deposes. Gabriel Epperson deposes (brothers). George Hayton deposes. Genl. Wm. Tate deposes he settled there in 1783. John CAMPBELL. Deed 8th January, 1800, by Arthur CAMPBELL and Margaret to William CAMPBELL of Lee County, 773 acres in Washington County. Recorded in Washington County. Deed 16th November, 1781, by Arthur CAMPBELL to Billingsley Roberts. 300 acres, part of tract granted Charles CAMPBELL in 1753, and devised to his daughter Margaret by his will, 24th August, 1761. Recorded in Washington County, 20th November, 1781.
CIRCUIT COURT RECORDS, SECTION "I." JUDGMENTS. page 137 Price and Weston vs. CAMPBELL--O. S. 168; N. S. 59--Deed of trust by Arthur CAMPBELL, of Washington County, to Daniel Sheffey, of Wythe. Conveys three tracts in Lee County for benefit of Adam Douglas, of Frederick County, Virginia, dated 2d September, 1802. Recorded in Washington County, 17th May, 1803.
CIRCUIT COURT RECORDS, SECTION "I." JUDGMENTS. page 137 Wilson vs. Holliday--O. S. 168; N. S. 59--Bill filed in Brooke County, 8th August, 1803. George Holliday, formerly of Glenco, now of Ballegate, Scotland, complains that before 1783 in Scotland, John Henderson, sometimes of Kingshouse in Scotland, at times following droving, became indebted to George, who is his near relative by account from 1781 to 1785. John privately left the Kingdom of Scotland in 1783 and settled in the U. S. Defendants are James Wilson and his wife, Elizabeth, who is administratrix of John Henderson, and who is nearly related to several of the persons mentioned in the account (viz: D. McIntire, A. Cameron, John Scott, Cap. Robert CAMPBELL). Elizabeth was widow of Jno. Henderson. Elizabeth answers that her husband, John Henderson, to whom she was married in 1780, formerly resided in Argyleshire in the Highlands of Scotland, and left that country and took shipping for America, with this defendant, 9th March, 1784. In Scotland she knew George Holliday, who came from the borders of England, was married to a sister of John Henderson and settled about 18 miles from John's place of former residence in Argyleshire, but she is confident it was not in Glenco. George was a farmer and a shepherd. Call McDonald of Dollness, in Argyle, deposes in Edinborough, viz: He knew a John Henderson; his complexion fair, pitted with smallpox, about 5 feet, 7 or 8 inches; well made in person and appearance. He married Elizabeth CAMPBELL, daughter of Peter CAMPBELL, in Glasgow, by whom he had one boy, and was said he also had a daughter, but they are both now dead. He left Scotland in 1783, clandestinely. George Holliday married a sister of John. Donald Henderson, residing at Leith Walk, near Edinburgh, deposes, 1807: Donald and John were brothers. John married a daughter of Peter or Patrick CAMPBELL; he had a son, Alexander, who lived with his grandfather at the Kingshouse, but went to the West Indies where he died. He had also a daughter named Elizabeth, who lived at the Kingshouse, where she died young. John was son of Angus Henderson. Daniel McKinsey deposes in Brooke County, 1808; becarne acquainted with John 30 years ago, in Scotland.
CIRCUIT COURT RECORDS, SECTION "I." JUDGMENTS. page 139 Irvin vs. CAMPBELL--O. S. 170; N. S. 60--Spa. in Washington County, 8th May, 1804. Orator, John Irvin. Defendants are, viz: James CAMPBELL and James Keys, executors of Jacob CAMPBELL, deceased, Jane CAMPBELL, his widow, and George, Jacob, James (Jr.), Robert CAMPBELL, sons of James CAMPBELL. Bill states orator married a daughter of Jacob CAMPBELL and had by her several children. In 1792 Jacob gave orator a bond to give slaves to orator's children. Jacob died testate. Will dated 28th December, 1794, and devised one slave to George CAMPBELL, son of James CAMPBELL, after decease of Jacob's wife, Jane, who was grandmother to George; and to Jacob CAMPBELL, son of said James, another slave; and to James CAMPBELL, son of said James, another slave; and to Robert CAMPBELL, son of said James, another slave. Jacob's daughter married orator between 1773 and 1777, and died in 1792 (January). James CAMPBELL had moved Irvin from Augusta. Jacob had another son-in-law named Kennedy. James CAMPBELL answers, says he is Jacob's son-in-law. Witnesses, Robert Ferril, Sr., and Mary, his wife; Robert Ferril, Jr., and James McKean of Kentucky; Robert CAMPBELL of Tennessee, William Irvin of Tennessee. The bond was given the week before John Irvin moved to Kentucky. James McKee deposes in Washington County, John Irvin's son-in-law. Jane CAMPBELL, aged 90, deposes in Washington County, 3d May, 1805, widow of Jacob CAMPBELL. Jacob was very much dissatisfied with Irvin as a son-in-law, but some time after Jacob moved to this country, he returned to Augusta where Irvin lived, and brought them out with him. Irvin lived with Jacob about six months, when he went to Tennessee, where he lived some years, and his wife died. Jacob and Jane moved from Augusta in 1779, to Washington, and they have always lived on the same land. James CAMPBELL, executor of Jacob, was Jacob's son-in-law. Jane and Jacob when they moved from Augusta were about 65 years old. Robert Ferril, Jr., deposes 1st January, 1806, at house of Robert Ferril, Sr., in Cumberland County, Kentucky.
CIRCUIT COURT RECORDS, SECTION "I." JUDGMENTS. page 144 Alexander CAMPBELL and Jane his wife, of Rockingham County, vs. Herring --O. S. 176; N. S. 62--Bill 29th May, 1804. Jane is one of sisters of the full blood of William Herring, late of Rockingham, who died intestate. At time of his death complainants lived in Ireland, where the other sisters now reside, but shortly afterwards removed to Rockingham. Thomas Herring of Rockingham, claiming as half-brother of William, administered. Answer questions Jane's relationship to William. Thomas Heron left Ireland about forty years ago. There was a coroner's inquest on William's body. He was drowned. Agreement dated 16th August, 1792, between the subscribers and William Herron, schoolmaster. William is to teach an English school at following rates, viz: for £30 he is to teach for one year and to have his boarding, washing, and lodging. He is to teach the scholars well and truly in Reading, Writing and also Arethmetick, with care and attention. 3d October the school is to commence. Jacob Lincoln, Solm. (?) Mathews, John Bordine (?), Jacob Custard, David Brumfield, Jos. Lair, Cornelius Bryan, Michael Warren, Jesse Ray, Hannah Haus, Thomas Bryan, Thomas May, David Caufman, George Crisman, William Gray, Thomas Bryan, Sr., Isaac Wisman, Wm. Ralston, Dives Bryan, John Bryan, Samuel Dehart, Mr. Traverse, Evin Thomas (Subscribers). Endorsed Linville Creek School Articie. Articles of Agreement, 27th November, 1790, between subscribers and William Herron, schoolmaster. William is to teach an English school three months for £7-10. Reading, Writing and Arathmetic. Benj. Tallman (4 scholars); James Henton (4 scholars); Hannah Harrison (2 scholars); Christian Miller (2 scholars); Engle Boyer (2 scholars); Samuel Allen (1 scholar); Reuben Harrison (4 scholars); Cap. Josiah Harrison (1 scholar); Jno. Armintrout (1 scholar), subscribers. Agreement as above dated 23d October, 1788, to teach Spelling, Reading, Writing and common Arithmetic. John Kirk, Jane Kirk, James Elliott, Wm. Sterrett, John Craford, James Trimble, Samuel Runkle, Frances Acord, James Reding, Jno. Hogshead, Thos. Eskil, Hannah Sawyers, The Tumblin, Jno. Ellott, Wm. Crafford, David Boyler, James Bell, Jno. Lam To be paid in grain, wheat at /3 and Rye at /26. William Blain deposes that William Herron was drowned in attempting to cross North River, Thomas Herring deposes, 1808, that from 1784 William until his death lived with him. Hugh Paul deposes that he was well acquainted with William Herron and Alexander CAMPBELL's wife, and knows that they were full brother and sister. John Glendye deposes, 21st January, 1805, that he was acquainted with a certain William Herron in Ireland for some time before his death, being very aged when deponent first knew him. Deponent was the stated Minister of the Gospel in the Congregation of which said William was a member for about 20 years before deponent came to America. Said William was twice married and had children by the first marriage, particularly a son Thomas. Deponent never saw Thomas in Ireland, he having left there before deponent came to that congregation and had come to America, but since he came to America deponent has seen a Thomas Herron of Rockingham who he understands is the same Thomas. Deponent says he knew William Herron, Charity Herron, who married Thomas Kyle, since deceased, Jane Herron, who married Alexander CAMPBELL (plaintiff), and Mary Herron, who married Thomas Mitchell, all children of William Herron by the second marriage. That William, Jr., frequently officiated as singing clerk to this deponent in his congregation in Ireland for several years. William, Jr., came to America some years before this deponent, but when deponent settled in Staunton, some time before William, Jr., died, the latter was an inhabitant and he officiated again as clerk for him in Staunton. Deponent knew Alexr. CAMPBELL and his wife, Jane, in Ireland and since they came to America, and he celebrated their marriage. Taken at house of Nathan Griffith in Baltimore, 21st January, 1805.
CIRCUIT COURT RECORDS, SECTION "I." JUDGMENTS. page 145 Donaghe vs. Donaghe--O. S. 176; N. S. 62--Orator is Hugh M. Donaghe, who is son and heir of John Donaghe, late of Augusta, who died intestate, leaving widow, Margaret, and children, viz: Elizabeth, wife of John Nichol; Margaret, wife of James CAMPBELL; Sally, Polly, Jane, John and Thomas Donaghe, infants, and orator. Orator owned land in Kentucky given him by his grandfather.
CIRCUIT COURT RECORDS, SECTION "I." JUDGMENTS. page 146 country in 1769 or 1770 in fall of the year, in company with John Morgan and others. John Fregor deposes in Russell County, 15th February, 1810, that he moved to Moquesin Creek to the place where he now lives, in company with Francis Fugate et als, who were then moving their families in 1771 or 1772. Deponent's son Joseph was born 16th September, 1771. Jesse Kain also settled near. Alexander Montgomery deposes in Russell, 7th March, 1810, that in 1771 he moved with his father to this part of the country and lived with his father 8 or 10 years. In 1772 one William Huston, ---- Frazier, and Francis Fugate returned up Mockerson and Fugate said he had been improving land at the Rocky Spring. Francis Fugate moved there with his family in 1772 or 3, Deponent was 48 years old the first of last month. John Tate deposes in Russell County, 24th February, 1810. He moved to Moquesin Creek with his family in the last of November. 1772, and Francis Fugate was then living on the land. Francis died in 1781. Francis's widow had four children by Francis living at his death, and was pregnant with another. Samuel Haddox deposes, 10th August, 1810, in Clay County, Kentucky, in 1780 he moved to the land in dispute. Francis's step-son was 10 or 11 years old at the time of Francis's death. Deponent believes Allen Riley was not even born in 1770 and in 1781 he was probably in Fauquier County. Benjamin Fugate deposes 10th August, 1810, in Clay County, Kentucky. About 31 or 2 years ago he came to the place in dispute and lived there about two years. On 13th day of the month after the Commissioners' Court sat, Francis was killed by a fall from his horse. Francis had a son George and three daughters, and the child his wife was bearing was a boy. Hanah Fugate deposes, 10th August, 1810, in Clay County, Kentucky. John CAMPBELL deposes 24th August, 1810, in Washington County, Virginia. In 1771 or 1772 Robert Trimble moved with his family to this country and settled about two miles from the land in question, lived there until some time after the Commissioners' Court, and then moved to Kentucky. Mary Moffett deposes 24th August, 1810, in Washington County. She remembers that in 1772 Robert Trimble moved to the country. Trimble was then married to Mary's husband's sister. John Vance deposes, 24th August, 1810, in Washington County. He moved to the country in 1771. John McCullock deposes as above. About five months after Trimble built his cabin, Mockerson Creek became totally vacated for fear of Indians, and remained so about a year or more, Francis was one of the first settlers that returned. (John CAMPBELL says he has known Jno. McCullogh since a boy.) John Montgomery deposes 13th August, 1810, in Russell County. In 1771 he moved to this country with his father, Alexr. James Davison deposes in Russell, 11th July, 1810. On 1st January, 1774, deponent moved to Mockerson Creek; has known Alexr. Montgomery ever since 1774, when Alex was 12 or 13 years old (perhaps not so much). John Frasure deposes as above. He moved to the place where he now lives on Mockerson Creek in company with Francis Fugate and others in 1771 or 1772. It was customary for hunters to mark or brand trees (when hunting), sometimes with powder or coal. Deponent's son Joseph was born 16th September, 1771. Mary Frazier deposes as above. Joseph Davison deposes as above. Jesse Cain married deponent's wife's sister. Colbert Fugate is married to John Tate's daughter. Mary Davison deposes as above. She is now in her fiftieth year, and thinks she was about 14 when she came to this country, when she saw Francis Fugate living in a cabin. Jesse Cain married Mary's sister. John McCulogh (ck) deposes at Abingdon, 20th August, 1810, about a day before Christmas in 1770 deponent's father moved with his family to Mockerson Creek and made a settlement within about two miles of the land now in controversy. About early in 1771, Robert Trimble came to deponent's father's looking for land. Shortly afterwards Trimble returned and asked assistance in raising a cabin. Deponent's father and Thomas Whurry and two or three other men went. (Deponent was then about 8 years old.) Deponent went along. In the fall of 1771 Trimble came with his family and stopped at Samuel Briggs's, near where Abingdon stands, took up land in Walker's grant and moved his family there. Francis Fugate was a rash, overbearing man. At the time Trimble built his cabin there was not a family on the north side of Clinch Mountain nearer than ten miles except deponent's father. No one was living on the creek except his father. Deponent's father was dead at the time the Commissioners sat in 1781. Isbel McCullock deposes as above. Is mother of John McCullock. She was acquainted with Mrs. Trimble when she lived in Augusta. Rachel Jameson deposes as above. Is sister of John McCullock and two years older. Her father moved to Moqueson Creek in 1770. Some little time after Robert Trimble and John Gross and some others came to her father's house. In June, 1771, her father moved his family to North Fork of Holstein.
CIRCUIT COURT RECORDS, SECTION "I." JUDGMENTS. page 153 Hays vs. Hays--O. S. 187; N. S. 66--Bill August, 1810. Complainants are, viz: David Orestes King Hays and Mary Hays, infant children of David Hays, deceased, by Robert Montgomery, their grandfather. Defendants are, viz: Andrew Hays, executor of John Hays, deceased; Michael, John, CAMPBELL and James Hays. Complainants are children of David Hays, who was son of Andrew Hays, who died March, 1786, in Rockbridge, testate. About 1795 orator's father went to live with his brother, Joseph Hays, at Abingdon in Washington County, where he lived until 1804, when he removed to Nashville, Tenn., where he died, 1806, intestate and without property. He did not come of age until May, 1797. John Hays died the close of year 1808 testate, leaving Andrew, Michael, John and CAMPBELL Hays, his children and devisees, and Anne Hays, his widow, has died intestate. Deed 5th May, 1800, by Joseph and David Hays of Washington County by James Hays of Rockbridge, their attorneys, to John Hays of Rockbridge. Conveys the Stone House plantation in Rockbridge. Will of John Hays of Rockbridge. Son, Michael (land in Ohio); wife, Anne; sons, Andrew, John, CAMPBELL. Dated 29th May, 1808. Recorded in Rockbridge, 2d January, 1809. Will of Andrew Hayes of Rockbridge, dated 9th February, 1786. Eldest son, John Hays; sons, James and Charles; daughters, Prudence Brownlee, Mary Hayes; sons, Joseph and David (infants). Recorded in Rockbridge, 2d May, 1786.
CIRCUIT COURT RECORDS, SECTION "I." JUDGMENTS. page 153 John Davidson vs. Hugh Campell, Pullian Sandidge and John Cooper--O. S. 186; N. S. 66--Bill 1813. Hugh CAMPBELL moved to Tennessee. He owned lands in Amherst which he sold to Sandidge and Cooper, the title to which was formerly in Neil CAMPBELL, and by him devised to his daughter Elizabeth CAMPBELL, who became widow of Thos. Barret and afterwards married Hugh. Will of Neill CAMPBELL of Amherst. To Tabithy Ballor, daughter of Leonard Ballor, formerly of Albemarle, but now living on New River for care she has taken of him. Sister Catherine Brugh's children of East Mill near Perth, North Britian. Natural daughter, Elizabeth CAMPBELL, alias Ballor, begotten on body of Tabithy Ballor. To John Rose, brass barrel pistols; to Charles Rose, smooth gun; to Charles Irving, rifle; to Hugh Rose, spy glass. Dated 3d December, 1776. Recorded in Amherst, 3d March, 1777. Deed dated 10th September, 1808, by Hugh CAMPBELL and Elizabeth; Charles L. Barrett and Sally, his wife; James and Ann Barret of Amherst County to Pullian Sandidge. Conveys 949 acres in Amherst. Recorded in Amherst, 19th September, 1808.
CIRCUIT COURT RECORDS, SECTION "I." JUDGMENTS. page 155 Hansbarger vs. Fowler--O. S. 186; N. S. 66--Bond by Robert and Wm. Fowler of Rockingham County to Anne Fowler, their mother, and Easter, their sister, dated 17th April, 1782. Letter dated Holstein River, Hawken County, 21st March, 1788, signed Edward and Mary Erwin, addressed to William Fowler, Rockxxxam County, Va. Cousin William mentions aunt Ann and cousin Esther. William Fowler was appointed executor of Robert Fowler of Noluchudkie sxxx xxxent before 1787. Ann Fowler was only child of Robert. Deed 20th November, 1778, by Robert Fowler, Sr., and Anne of Rockingham County xxx his son, William Fowler, 147 acres on No. River, Shenando, part of 100 acres patented to Robert, 12th January, 1746. Recorded in Rockingham, 22d March, 1779. Answer by Agnes Brooks. Her late husband, Robert Fowler, in Knox County, Tenn., 1804; also by Ann Fleming, Moses Brooks. Saml. Fleming, same time and place. Robert Fowler, Jr., moved to Tennessee in April, 1784, where he married Agness Gamble and died testate in fall of 1784. His widow married Moses Brooks. His daughter, Anne, married Samuel Fleming. Patent by Dunwiddie to Robert Fowler, 1755, for 50 acres in Augusta on No. River, Shenando. Corner Hugh CAMPBELL. Corner Charles CAMPBELL. Corner Wm. Magill. Corner land Fowler now lives on. Patent by Gooch to Robert Fowler, 1746, 400 acres in Augusta on No. River, Shenando. Will of Robert Fowler dated 22d September, 1784. Wife, Agness; mother, Ann; his child; legatee, Easter Fowler. Recorded in Washington County, No. Ca., 1st May, 1787. Will of Robert Fowler dated 11th September, 1777, of Augusta County. eldest son, James; wife, Anne; sons, William; youngest son, Robert; daughters, Jean and Elizabeth and Esther.
CIRCUIT COURT RECORDS, SECTION "I." JUDGMENTS. page 158 Stuart vs. Duncan--O. S. 192; N. S. 68--Deed 6th June, 1774, by Samuel Ayres and Rachel, his wife, late Rachel Morrison, and Joseph Higginbotham Morrison, oldest son and heir-at-law of Rachel by her first husband, Wm. Morrison, deceased, of Parish and County of Amherst to John Dillard of same place. Before his marriage, Samuel by writing dated 14th November, 1772, executed marriage contract, conveys 250 acres on Beaver Creek in Amherst, part of 2,700 acres patented to Wm. Cabell, Jr. Recorded in Amherst, 4th July, 1774. Will of Samuel Ayres of Amherst. Devisee, William Ayres, son of Thomas Ayres, deceased, and Mary, his wife, of Essex County, 30 sh. to keep him from being heir to Samuel. Wife, Rachel; legatees, Eve Lackey, Joseph Higginbotham Morrison, Ezra Morrison, Tizza Davis, John Lackey, son of Eve Lackey. Dated 10th February, 1784. Recorded in Amherst, 3d May, 1784. Answer by William Duncan, son of John Duncan, deceased. Answer by Charles Duncan. Orator is Thomas Stuart and Terza, his wife, late Davis, and formerly Terza Morrison; John Lackey, only son and heir of Eve Lackey, deceased, formerly Eve Morrison, and Ezra Morrison. Terza, Eve and Ezra were heirs of William Morrison, deceased, by late Rachel Ayres, formerly Rachel Morrison; Rachel died in winter of 1808-9 intestate. Samuel and Rachel entered into a marriage contract by which Samuel agreed to convey all his estate to heirs of himself and Rachel, and if they have none, then to the children of Morrison and Rachel. Samuel and Rachel had no children. Orators claim all Samuel's property in spite of Samuel's will. One tract Samuel deeded to Dillard, which came by transfers to John Duncan, who died intestate and is now held by Sarah or Sally Duncan, his widow. William and George Duncan, Elizabeth Goode (formerly Elizabeth Duncan) and CAMPBELL Goode, her husband; Claiborne and Charles Duncan; Nancy Camden (formerly Duncan), wife of Washington Camden; Lavinia Sale (late Duncan), wife of William Sale; Wiatt, Elizabeth, Wortley, Polly, John, Spicey and Patsy Duncan, who are the children and heirs of John Duncan (last seven being infants).
CIRCUIT COURT RECORDS, SECTION "I." JUDGMENTS. page 161 Blackwell Fox vs. Beaver--O. S. 197; N. S. 70--Will of Elizabeth Fox, relict of late Samuel Fox, deceased, of Fauquier County. Daughter, Elizabeth Blackwell; daughter, Dolly Ferguson; granddaughter, Patsy Ferguson, son-in-law, Armistead Blackwell. Dated 2d May, 1804. Recorded in Fauquier County, 23d January, 1809; a package of papers marked CAMPBELL vs. Heard. Bill, 1812, Kenawha County. John Heard moved to Georgia. Edward McClung was accidentally drowned, intestate, leaving several infant children, all except one of whom have come of age, viz: Jane M., John Groves, Sarah married John Newsum, Mary, Edward. Edward is still under age.
CIRCUIT COURT RECORDS, SECTION "I." JUDGMENTS. page 166 Jane Allen, widow of Robert Allen, Jr., living in Kentucky, vs. Jacob Bumgardner, heirs of Isaac Hayes, heirs of James Flack--O. S. 210; N. S. 74--Patent by Dunmore, 20th June, 1772, to Thomas Walker, for 800 acres in Augusta, between Beverley Manor and South Mountain, cor. Lazarus Inman, John CAMPBELL, Wm. Teas. Deed 30th October, 1801, by James Flack and Mary, his wife, to James Hayes of Albemarle. Tract purchased from Jane Allen. Deed 30th October, 1801, by same to Jacob Bumgardner and Isaac Hayes; part of tract purchased from Jane Allen. Will of James Hayes of Albemarle: Nine children, viz: James, David, Isaac, Nathaniel, Thomas, William, Mary, Sarah Ann, Malinda. Son John and daughter Elizabeth married, to Robert Brooks. Dated 6th December, 1812, and recorded by the Circuit Court 13th May, 1813.
CIRCUIT COURT RECORDS, SECTION "I." JUDGMENTS. page 172 Drake vs. CAMPBELL--O. S. 214; N. S. 75--Bill, 8th June, 1807. Orator is John Drake of Kentucky. John Buchanan of Augusta died testate, leaving remainder to three younger daughters or the survivors of them come of age. Orator's father, Joseph Drake, in 1773 married Margaret, one of the daughters of John Buchanan. Prior to 1778 Joseph moved to Kentucky, where in that year he was killed by the Indians, leaving orator infant of very tender years. Margaret afterwards married ---- Jones. Josiah Ramsey deposes, 1809, that the Indians were troublesome in Washington County from 1776 to 1779. Col. Robert Sawyers deposes at Fort Chesel in Wythe County, 1808. He was present at marriage of Joseph Drake and Peggy Buchanan. John Buchanan, son of Col. John Buchanan, deceased, grandfather of orator, was second lieutenant in same Company with deponent in Seventh Regiment of Virginia line on Continental Establishment and in spring of 1777 was detached under command of then Col. Morgan from Middle Brook, New Jersey, against Burgoyne, and was killed at battle of Saratoga. John Floyd sailed in a privateer against the enemy in the fall of 1776, and returned in 1779. Widow of Col. John Buchanan, deceased, married William Anderson shortly after marriage of Joseph Drake and some time before the death of her son John. Patent 23d December, 1779, to Wm. CAMPBELL and Wm. Preston, executors of John Buchanan, deceased, assignee of James Patton, deceased, by survey 1749-50, 1,150 acres part of order of Council to James Patton et als on Sinking Creek waters of Middle Branch of Indian River. Mary Boyd, wife of Andrew Boyd and daughter of Col. John Buchanan, deposes in Wythe, 18th November, 1809. Col. William Preston died in 1784. Anna Buchanan married Ephraim Drake in Kentucky. She was born 28th November, 1765. Joseph Drake and Margaret Buchanan were married in March, 1773. Thomas Boyd deposes. Andrew Boyd deposes. Daniel Young, son of Jacob Young, deposes in Nashville. Col. John Buchanan's will. John Drake lived in Nicholas County, Kentucky. Answer by John and Francis Preston, John Breckenridge. and John Brown, executors of Wm. Preston and administrators with will annexed of John Buchanan, and also of Elizabeth Madison, John Preston, Francis Preston, James McDowell and Sarah, his wife, William Preston, Nathaniel Hart and Susannah, his wife, James P. Preston, John Lewis and Marah, his wife, and Letitia, Thomas and Peggy Preston, infants, by John Preston, their guardian; which said John, Francis, Elizabeth, Sarah, William, Susannah P., James P., Mary, Letitia, Thomas and Peggy are children of William Preston, deceased, Col. James Dysart, aged 65 years, deposes in Lincoln County, 22d June, 1808. In 1776 on account of Indians, Joseph Drake moved to New River near his father's. In 1778 cr 1777 he moved to Kentucky. In 1769 deponent and Joseph made a hunting tour of seven months in Kentucky; again in 1771 a tour of nine months, and in 1772 a tour of eleven months. Deponent and Col. Buchanan came from same neighborhood in Ireland and were remotely connected. When Joseph moved to Kentucky, Anna Buchanan was about 10 or 12 years old. John CAMPBELL deposes in Washington County, 18th March, 1808, he is 66 years old. James Buchanan, power of attorney, dated Bourbon County, Virginia, 26th June, 1787. Col. Wm. Donalson deposes in Davidson County, Tennessee, 5th July, 1808, is 48 years old. Deed 8th July, 1788, by Thomas Madison, attorney for James Buchanan, son and heir to John Buchanan, deceased, to John CAMPBELL, 1,150 acres in Washington County on Indian, now called Holstein, River. Recorded in Washington County. James Newell deposes in Wythe County, was present at marriage of Joseph Drake. Deponent and Joseph were in 1774 on the Shawnese expedition together. Col. Robert Craig deposes at own house in Knox County, Kentucky, 18th June, 1808. James Buchanan deposes 21st March, 1799, at house of Patton Anderson in Fayette County, Kentucky. James Thompson deposes in Abingdon, 19th October, 1809, was present at Joseph Drake's marriage; none of Margaret's people was present except William Buchanan. They were married at the town house about 17 miles east of Abingdon; there were present, viz: Ephraim Drake, William Anderson, Widow Cartey, Peggy CAMPBELL, Anna CAMPBELL et als. Ephraim Drake deposes in Bedford County, Tennessee, 26th June, 1809. Joseph and Margaret were married agreeable to the established custom by Mr. Wolsey, a Baptist preacher; her elder brothers were present. Col. Mathew Willoughby, aged 59, deposes 26th March, 1813, in Washington County, Virginia. John Young, son of Jacob, was notorious for bonestealing; also Daniel Young, son of Jacob. Deed 23d October, 1810, by Margaret Jones, now living in Franklin County, Tennessee, widow and relict of William Jones, deceased, also of Joseph Drake, to John Drake, of Bedford County, Tennessee. Recorded in Washington County, July, 1811. John CAMPBELL answers. When Joseph moved to Kentucky, Margaret had three brothers, viz: William, killed in Kentucky; John, killed at Saratoga in 1777; James, now living in Kentucky. Margaret, widow of Col. Jno. Buchanan, married --- Anderson and was living with him in Botetourt in 1777. John Buchanan's will of Augusta County. Sons, James, William and John; wife, ---, daughter of Col. James Patton; daughter, Mary Boyd; three younger daughters; nephew, William CAMPBELL.
CIRCUIT COURT RECORDS, SECTION "I." JUDGMENTS. page 173 David and Joseph Ruffner vs. Donnelly--O. S. 214; N. S. 75--Joseph Ruffner, father of orator, died 25th March, 1805, testate, will in Kenawha. Deed 26th March, 1806, by Abraham Ruffner, heir and devisee of Joseph Ruffner, to Andrew Donnelly, Jr. Old Salt Works property on Kenawha River. Recorded in Kenawha 13th May, 1806. Will of Joseph Ruffner, Sr., of Kenawha County. Wife, sons Joseph, David, Tobias, Daniel, Samuel; son Abraham; daughter Eve. Dated 4th February, 1803. Recorded in Kenawha April, 1803. Patent 1792, to John Dickinson, by certificate of settlement, 502 acres in Greenbrier County, on CAMPBELL Creek.
CIRCUIT COURT RECORDS, SECTION "I." JUDGMENTS. page 183 Donaghe vs. Donaghe--O. S. 232; N. S. 82--Bill, 1810. Complainant is John Donaghe, son of Hugh Donaghe. In 1796 orator was 35 years old. Hugh was married three times and had three children by last marriage. Hugh Donaghe died 5th December, 1809. John Donaghe, his son (orator), is also dead, leaving administrator, Hugh M. Donaghe. Hugh had a son James as well as John. There were no children by second marriage. Margaret CAMPBELL, wife of Hugh CAMPBELL, deposes 10th November, 1812, in Staunton. She was married 16 years in June last. Her husband and his father had lived in Tennessee. Hugh CAMPBELL deposes. He speaks of complainant as Uncle John Donaghe. Is a grandson of Hugh Donaghe.
CIRCUIT COURT RECORDS, SECTION "I." JUDGMENTS. page 186 Walker vs. Reyburn's executors--O. S. 241; N. S. 65--John Walker of Augusta County, in 1798, bought land from Robert Reyburn of Kentucky, son of John Reyburn of Augusta. Robert CAMPBELL set up claim and is dead, leaving heirs, viz: Hugh CAMPBELL, James, John, Robert, William, Wilson, Stephen, Sally CAMPBELL, Jane, wife of William Stephenson; Elizabeth, wife of Samuel Rochester. Robert Reyburn is also dead, leaving, viz: John, William, Robert, James, Polly, Betsy, Susan, Rebecca and Sally Reyburn.
CIRCUIT COURT RECORDS, SECTION "I." JUDGMENTS. page 191 CAMPBELL vs. Slaughter--O. S. 247; N. S. 87--Deed, 20th January, 1804, by Hugh CAMPBELL and Elizabeth of Amherst, to Philip Slaughter of Culpeper, tract in Amherst joining James Franklin et als., 949 acres conveyed to Hugh by Charles Carter and Betty. Recorded in Amherst, 17th September, 1804. Rev. Robert Rivers deposes, in Amherst, 28th November, 1811. Deed, 17th December, 1802, by Charles Carter and Betty of Culpeper, to Lindsey Coleman of Amherst, 763 acres on Buffalo River in Amherst. Recorded in Amherst, 20th June, 1803. Deed, 17th December, 1802, by Charles Carter and Betty to Hugh CAMPBELL, 949 acres above. Recorded in Amherst, 16th September, 1805. Deed, 17th December, 1802, by Charles Carter and Betsey of Culpeper, to James Franklin of Amherst, 1,006 acres in Amherst. Recorded in Amherst, 20th February, 1804. Deed, 19th August, 1805, by Hugh CAMPBELL and Elizabeth of Amherst, to Robert Rivers of Greenville County, same tract conveyed by Carter and wife 17th December, 1802, 862 acres.
CIRCUIT COURT RECORDS, SECTION "I." JUDGMENTS. page 191 CAMPBELL vs. Reid--O. S. 247; N. S. 87--Bill, 1814. George CAMPBELL of Augusta died, testate, leaving 5 children, viz: Robert, Mary, Jane, Betsey and Joseph, and widow Agness, enceint on a child named George. In 1801, Agness married Samuel Reed. John Purris has removed to Tennessee. Suit to settle George's estate.
CIRCUIT COURT RECORDS, SECTION "I." JUDGMENTS. page 192 John Fulton vs. Moore--O. S. 250; N. S. 88--Bill, 1808. Orator's father, Hugh Fulton, was guardian or executor or otherwise responsible to heirs of Robert CAMPBELL, and loaned the trust property to William Moore in 1800. Hugh assigned William's bond to his son, Thomas Fulton. William gave deed of trust (to secure Thomas) to David Steele, his relation or near connexion. In 1803, Thomas went on a tour to the Western Country and has never been heard of since.
CIRCUIT COURT RECORDS, SECTION "I." JUDGMENTS. page 200 Burkholder vs. Blain--O. S. 263; N. S. 92--Bill, 1816. Complainants are John Burkholder and Rosana, John and Joseph Blain, Ann CAMPBELL, Joseph Greer and Mary, his wife; Andrew Blain, Mary Blain, widow of John Blain, deceased; Danl. Chesnut and Isabella, his wife; James Blain. In August, 1811, John Blain of Rockingham died, intestate, leaving widow Mary and 12 children, viz: Rosanna, John, Joseph, Ann, Mary, Andrew, Isabella, James, Robert, Mathew, Margaret (married John Sharp), William, all of age.
CIRCUIT COURT RECORDS, SECTION "I." JUDGMENTS. page 215 William Miller vs. Rochester--O. S. 283; N. S. 100--Samuel Rochester removed from Virginia, but was entitled in right of his wife, daughter of ---- CAMPBELL and granddaughter of Hugh Donaghe, to a legacy of £50 under Hugh's will.
CIRCUIT COURT RECORDS, SECTION "I." JUDGMENTS. page 219 CAMPBELL vs. Wood--O. S. 292; N. S. 103--Will of Valentine Wood of Goochland, St. James Northam Parish. Wife, Lucy; sons, Henry, Valentine, John, William; daughters, Martha, Mary, Lucy, Jane. Executors, Richard, James and his eldest son and testator's overseer, Thos. Massie. Dated 10th March, 1781. Recorded in Goochland, September Court, 1781. Deed, 7th June, 1814. by William Wood to John R. CAMPBELL, 1,165 acres on Rivanna River, southside of Buck Island Creek. Recorded in Albemarle, 11th February, 1815. Deed, 4th October, 1798, by Lucy Wood, guardian of Jane Wood, for herself and the said Jane, Henry Wood, Stephen Southall and Martha, his wife; Peter Johnson and Mary, Edward Carter and Lucy, John H. Wood, distributees of Valentine Wood, Jr., to William Wood, 200 acres on Rivanna River and Buck Island Creek. Recorded in Albemarle, 1st April, 1799. Deed, 20th August, 1794, by Valentine Wood of Albemarle to Shelton and Harris, 600 acres in Albemarle on Buck Island Creek, mortgage. Recorded in Charlottesville District Court, September, 1794. Deed, 13th May, 1794, by Valentine Wood to John Barrett & Co. of Richmond, mortgage 1,000 acres on Buck Island, part of 5,000 acres willed to Valentine by his father, Valentine. Recorded in Charlottesville District Court, September, 1794. Released.
CIRCUIT COURT RECORDS, SECTION "I." JUDGMENTS. page 228 McKenney vs. Preston--O. S. 308; N. S. 110--John Montgomery of Russel County, aged 47 years, deposes, 11th March, 1811, in 1778 Andrew Cowan and Thos. Osborn went down to improve a piece of land on a creek they called Black Water at the Flat Lick, and on their return they came by Kooser's (Hoovers) cabin. Black Water is a north Branch of Clynch. John and Titus Benton were killed by the Indians 34 or 35 years ago. March, 1811, Alexander Montgomery, aged 49 years, deposes. March, 1811, William Roberts, aged 46, deposes, he had been in this country about 26 years. Thomas Wallen, an old settler. John Hooser's improvement. March, 1811, Thomas Rodgers, aged 46, John Wallen has known this country nearly 50 years. Thos. has been in this country about 12 years, but was living here 35 or 36 years ago when they were driven off by Indians. March, 1811, James Rogers, aged 41, deposes. March, 1811, Jacob Roller, aged 44, deposes. March, 1814, John Hooser, aged 67, deposes, came with his father Felty and brother Abraham to this country 37 years ago. John has a brother Jacob who was never out in this country. March, 1811, Elisha Wallen, aged 27, deposes. Caveat, 12th August, 1799, by John Mackenny and Elisha Adams against John Donnell, assignee of Andrew Cowan and John CAMPBELL, Jr., for 400 acres in Lee County on North Fork Clinch. Donnell and CAMPBELL were granted a certificate by the Commissioners 8th August, 1781. Caveators claim under an entry made by James Dugless, 1780, and sold by him to John Balfour, who has sold to caveators. Thos. Beelor was an early settler on the land. 29th May, 1811, Charles Carter deposes, in Lee County, remembers that Titus and John Benton were killed by Indians in Rye Cove in spring of 1777. He remembers the family Hooser or Van Hooser, as they were called, who settled on North Fork of Clinch near Flat Lick in 1775. The oldest Van Hooser (deponent understood from his father) made the upper improvement, and the old man's son John was the next oldest man and made an improvement near the old man. Deponent remembers two other members of the family, Abram and Isaac. Deponent lived with his father in the Rye Cove at the time those improvements were made. Never heard of Jacob Hooser. Deponent's statement is founded on hearsay. 14th May, 1814, James Dugless deposes, at dwelling house of John Smith in Madison County, Ohio, shortly after 1780 deponent moved from Washington County, Va., to Kentucky. 26th February, 1812, Doswell Rogers deposes, in Lee County, he settled on North Fork Clinch the same year that the Hoosers settled. The settlement was broken up by Indians for several years. The Wallens, Bentons, Wm. Roberts and others named these streams as they went through hunting lands. The Bentons were killed 35 or 36 years ago in April next. 29th May, 1811, Peter Fulkerson deposes, in Lee County, the country was unsettled and dangerous in 1785 on account of Indians. Deed, 30th May, [p.228] 1803, by William McCutchen of Carter County, Tenn., to John McKinny of Lee County, land in Lee County. Corner Nathaniel Taylors, 16,000 acres survey. Corner George Goff, 200 acres bought from Nathaniel Taylor. Recorded in Lee County, August, 1803. Deed, 31st May, 1803, by Nathaniel Taylor of Carter County, Tenn., to John McKinney of Lee County, 150 acres in Lee County. Recorded in Lee County, August, 1803. Deed, 22d May, 1803, by Wm. McCutchen of Carter County, Tenn., to George Goff of Lee County, 75 acres in Lee County. Corner John Jonson's survey of 16,000 acres. Recorded in Lee, 1803. Survey, 12th April, 1795, for Nathan Field, 9,220 acres in Lee County on Clinch River. 11th March, 1811, Elisha Wallen, aged 27, of Lee County, deposes. 11th March, 1811, Samuel Gullrie, aged 36, deposes. 11th March, 1811, Wm. Wallin, aged 50, deposes, knew the land in 1778, names of Hoosers (Hoovers) were Felty, Jacob, John. Bill Blevins made an improvement about 16 years ago, fenced with poles and planted with peach stones and apple scions. John and Titus Benton were killed about 32 years ago, their mother gave deponent John's shot bag. 11th March, 1811, Stephen Wallen, aged 54, knew the land in 1775, then Flat Lick Branch was called Lick Branch. About 1775 the North Fork of Clinch was called Stims (Slim's) Creek. The Benton's were killed 31 or 32 or 33 years ago. John was on the Cherokee expedition and helped to bring up the great guns from the nation to the Long Island after the expedition, said to be commanded by Col. Christian, returned deponent hunted with him on Clynch after his return, and it was 2 or 3 years after the expedition that he was killed. 11th March, 1811, Joseph Wallen, aged 35, deposes. 1821, Patrick Kane deposes in Scott. 1821, Saml. Robinet deposes in Scott. 1821, George Graham deposes in Scott. 1821, William Lewis deposes in Scott. 1821, Robert Spears deposes in Scott. 1821, Thomas Sloane deposes in Scott. 1821, Jacob Roller deposes in Scott. 1821, John Carter deposes, in Scott, 47 years old, raised in neighborhood. 1821, Dale Carter deposes in Scott. 1821, Richard Hale deposes in Scott. 1821, James Bowles deposes in Scott. 1821, Daniel Ash deposes in Scott. 1821, David Neely deposes in Scott. 1821, Thos. Bishop deposes, in Scott, married Walling's daughter. 1821, Elisha Adams deposes in Scott. 1821, Casper Roller deposes in Scott. Bill filed 20th November, 1805, by John Donnell and Robert Preston about 1774 or 5. Andrew Cowan came to the western country and settled in now Russell County, when danger from Indians was great. Obtained in 1781 certificate in right of settlement. Surrounding lands were taken up before 1781 and Cowan laid his certificate at the Big Bottom, on North Fork of Clinch, and received a certificate. Cowan sold to orator John Donnell, who sold half to John CAMPBELL, who sold to orator Robert. James Douglas made an entry on the same land and sold to John Belfour, who conveyed to John McKinney, 1799. 8th June, 1811, Jacob Hoozer deposes, aged 64, at house of Roger Oats in Wayne County, Ky., about 1775 or 6 his father, his brothers, John and Abraham Hoozer, went to North Fork of Clinch to improve land and all made improvements except himself. Deponent was not there until about 15 years after, was administrator of his father then. Abraham was about 18 or 19 years old. 8th June, 1811, Charles Cocke deposes, time and place above. aged 60. 12th March, 1811, Isaac Fulkerson, aged 34, deposes in Lee County. Deed, 16th February, 1802, by John Balfour and wife Sarah of Washington County to John McKinney of Lee County, 500 acres on North Fork of Clinch in Lee County, patented to John, 1st November, 1800. Recorded in Lee, 12th May, 1802. John Belfour died 1811, leaving widow Sarah, children, viz: Milly, Andrew, Isabella, and Charles Cummings Belfour.
CIRCUIT COURT RECORDS, SECTION "I." JUDGMENTS. page 229 Lamie (Lemmie) vs. Tate--O. S. 309; N. S. 110--Bill, 1805, in High Court Chancery by Andrew Lemmie or Lamie. In 1770 or 1771 James Anderson made a settlement on Cove (Cone) Creek branch of North Fork of Holstein, now in Washington County. Soon afterwards Samuel Lammie or Lamie settled and improved near him and then bought out Anderson. He continued to live there until 1774, when he was killed by Indians, when orator, heir-at-law of Samuel, took possession and has lived there ever since. He obtained a commissioner's certificate and grant for 150 acres. The Loyal Company's survey comprehends this land. Arthur CAMPBELL claims right by 2 entries, 20th April, 1780, and 1st May, 1780, and by a patent for 180 acres dated 15th September, 1781. Arthur made an inclusive survey of 500 acres. Arthur has sold to Thos. Tate. Survey of 110 acres 27th May, 1809, by virtue of an order of Council, 16th December, 1773. Andrew Lammie sold land to his daughter Nellie. Land office warrant No. 419 to Arthur CAMPBELL, assignee of John Lemmons, 50 acres for military service of Lemmons in war between Great Britain and France, according to King's proclamation of 1763. Answer of successors of Loyal Company by William Nelson, Jr., 110 acres was surveyed by Loyal Company for Andrew Lamie. 8th September, 1809, John Shannon deposes, he made a survey adjoining Lammie and has known him 22 years. 8th September, 1809, Nancy Cypher deposes, she came into this country 11-12 years ago this fall. Wm. Tate deposes, he came to Washington County, 1783. 6th October, 1812, John Lamie deposes, has lived with Andrew ever since Andrew came to the Western waters. Arthur CAMPBELL answers that Andrew made no lawful settlement because he had no family. In 1770 Andrew and Samuel Lemmie settled 3 or 4 miles higher up Cove Creek. In 1774 Samuel was captured by Indians and carried to Canada. Previous to that time the belief prevailed in the new settlement, that single men, by what was called "taking up land," might hold the same, and this taking up was commonly designated by marking trees with the initial letters of the claimant's name, making a few brush heaps near the center of the land, and sometimes a log pen or small cabin. Andrew Lammie continued on the place during the Revolution and was an avowed adherent to the enemies of the country and spurned the offers of the Commonwealth. After the Revolution Andrew moved to the place his brother had claimed and settled on it. Arthur says, "The law itself, that gave occupants a privilege to obtain donation lands, was extorted from the Legislature by the representations of a numerous band of emigrants, which the affairs of America at the time, made it good policy to conciliate, although not a few of them were deserters from the danger their eastern brethren were then involved in." Patent, 10th May, 1783, to Arthur CAMPBELL by virtue military warrant 419 and treasury warrant 5168, and bequest or devise of Charles CAMPBELL to Arthur, 500 acres (CAMPBELL's choice) by inclusive survey 15th September, 1781, in Washington County on North Branch Holston at a place called Margaretta. 180 acres was patented to Charles CAMPBELL, 22d August, 1753. Patent, 25th July, 1788, to Andrew Lammie, 150 acres by settlement right certificate in Washington County. Andrew Lammie had a son John. 3d June, 1809, William Hays deposes, in 1769, 1770 or 1771 Samuel Lamie and James Anderson built a house on the land Andrew Lamie now lives on. James sold to Samuel, who was living there in 1774. James Buchanan deposes, in Wythe County, it is 38 or 39 years since he came to the Cove Country to live, when Samuel Lammie was living on the land Andrew now lives on. About 2 years afterwards Samuel was taken or killed by Indians. Samuel had planted corn there when deponent came, but his old brown mare (man?) eat it all. Soon, before Samuel was killed, James Fowler had a claim between Samuel and the Clay Lick survey. Andrew's house was raised a few weeks before we went to the battle of King's Mountain. Deponent and John McFarin carried the chain for survey under the Loyal Company. Andrew Lammie had a son James. 23d September, 1809, James Lamie deposes, in Washington County, in winter or spring 1780, Andrew Lamie with Edward Jones and John Lamie cleared upper part of Samuel's old improvement and shortly afterwards Andrew moved to the land. In 1781 Arthur CAMPBELL stopped with Andrew over night and was reputed to be a land "mungering at the same time," for it was said he himself was surveyor and had white and black persons chain carriers with a chain, part made of rope and part of leather wood bark, and running as he pleased through other persons' claims, making corners and measuring lines at will. A number of such marks are about the land in controversy. In 1783 Col. Aaron Lewis was assistant surveyor of Washington County. Survey, 22d February, 1775, for Andrew Lamie, 110 acres in Fincastle County on Cove Creek by order of Council, 16th December, 1773, part of Loyal Company's grant. Survey for Arthur CAMPBELL, 500 acres, 15th September, 1781. 16th June, 1809, Isaac Spratt deposes, he was at Andrew Lamie's house in 1775 and helped reap oats. 16th June, 1809, Robert Fowler deposes, his brother's claim lay between Lamie's settlement and mouth of Cove Creek and a certificate by settlement was gotten by his brother's wife and William Rogers, who married her. The patent was in the name of John Fowler, heir-at-law of James. John died, infant. He died 1787 or 1788. It is not yet determined who became heir at his death. John Lammie has purchased the claim of James Fowler, son of John Fowler. 23d June, 1809, John Lammie deposes, in 1770 Samuel Lammie settled on Cove Creek and lived there until 1774, when he was taken by Indians. Andrew took possession and cultivated it 1775, 1776, 1777, 1778, 1779. He employed Hugh Hays to cut house logs and in 1780 he hired Edward Jones and deponent to cut briers. In 1780 the house was raised and on 25th December, 1780, he moved his family into the house. Samuel Lammie was never married. Deponent was born 1st October, 9 a. m., 1763. 3d June, 1809, John Spratt deposes, before 1774 he was on the land now occupied by Andrew Lammie and saw the logs cut and soon afterwards saw a cabin put up and Samuel living in it.
CIRCUIT COURT RECORDS, SECTION "I." JUDGMENTS. page 240 Gregory vs. Gregory--O. S. 329; N. S. 119--Bill, 1819. Thomas Gregory of Augusta died, intestate, leaving widow Mary and 3 infant children, viz: Sarah, Catherine and Elizabeth. Widow Mary has married Archibald CAMPBELL and they have left this State.
CIRCUIT COURT RECORDS, SECTION "I." JUDGMENTS. page 247 James CAMPBELL vs. David Telford's heirs--O. S. 350; N. S. 127--Bill, 3d March, 1819. Many years ago orator bought from David Telford a tract in Rockbridge, 254 acres and deed made 11th April, 1789. Telford moved from the Commonwealth and is since dead. Orator sold to Benj. Edsell. Telford died, intestate, without issue and unmarried. His heirs are his brother and sisters, who live out of Commonwealth. Defendants are, viz: Benj. Edsell, Andrew, John, Samuel and Polly Telford. Spa. dated 11th March, 1823, to summon Ambrose CAMPBELL and wife Dorcas. Samuel Edsell and Rachel, widow of Benj. Edsill; Henry Birk and wife Helen, James Edsell, Barton, Richard, Saml. and Rachel Edsill. In 1792 James CAMPBELL was of Amherst.
CIRCUIT COURT RECORDS, SECTION "I." JUDGMENTS. page 258 Pollard vs. Pollard--O. S. 380; N. S. 139--Bill in Richmond City Superior Court, 1809, by Elizabeth Boush Pollard, wife of Richard C. Pollard, [p.258] by Henry Martin of Fluvanna, next friend, and by Arthur Pollard by same. Elizabeth B. was daughter of Dr. James Hopkins, of Amherst, who died 1803, testate. Will, 31st October, 1802. Richard C. has deserted Elizabeth and gone to Louisiana or Mississippi. Deed, 5th November, 1798, by James Hopkins, at present of Annadales, Amherst County, to only surviving child, Anna Boush Pollard, at present of Mount Liberty, of same county, for parental affection and anxious to alleviate the miserable state of those my fellow mortals whom the Supreme Creator and Governor of all hath put into my hands--slaves to be emancipated. Recorded in Amherst, 17th June, 1799. Will of James Hopkins, of Amherst County. To be buried by his parents in the burying ground on land formerly belonging to his father, but now Mr. Samuel Dyer's, in Albemarle. Legacy to heirs of his friend, Dr. George Gilmer, of Albemarle; also to Col. Wm. Miles Cary, formerly of Fluvanna; also to Edward Bybee Carpenter, formerly of Amherst, since of Bedford or Pittsylvania, to William Allen, stonemason, formerly of Amherst, now of Kentucky; negroes to be emancipated, devises land to wife. Sister, Lucy Robinson, living in Pittsylvania, and her sons, Nicholas and Arthur. Wife was Ann Sparks Hopkins. Establishes a hospital, patients to be poor and afflicted, one with consumption, one with the yaws or venerial diseases, and one with stone in kidney or bladder. The physician is to use his best efforts to effect cure. If he is successful, or if he is so only in one instance of the three in one year, then the physician is to enjoy the occupancy of the farm and building another year gratis, and so on from year to year; but if he is not successful in curing two of the patients in the second year, or in one of the two first years, he shall for the third year cure two patients ill of one of the said disorders (four in all) for that year; and if he fail that year to cure two out of the four, then the trustees have discretion to dismiss him. The farm-hospital is to be located in Buckingham, CAMPBELL or Bedford. Contributions are to be asked to enlarge the hospital and to establish bounties for cure of the species of deplorable disorder, such as hydrophobia, and on the discovery of any useful medicine of native American plants or vegetables or of foreign origin, makes trustees (besides his executors), viz: Wilson Cary Nicholas, of Albemarle; Wm. Lewis, son-in-law of his sister, Mary Cabell, of Buckingham; Wm. Callaway, son-in-law of his sister, E. Smith, near New Loudon; Saml. Calland, also son-in-law of sister Smith. Hospital not to be more than 12-15 miles from James River or from town of New Loudon. Two acres to be purchased and house built, then conveyed to John Shephard, preacher of the Gospel, Tandy Kee and Richard Breedlove, members of the Methodist Society. To be called Christ Church; to be open to any other denomination; also a preaching house to be erected on his Waterford tract in Fluvanna by trustees, viz: His brother, William Hopkins, Tandy Kee and Skyler Harris, of Albemarle, to be called the Waterford Preaching House. Son-in-law, Richard C. Pollard; nephew, James Hopkins, eldest son of brother Arthur Hopkins, late of Pittsylvania County; grandson, Arthur, only child of Elizabeth Boush Pollard; grandnephew, Arthur Hopkins, son of James, supra; grandnephew, Jacob Hopkins, son of nephew William, son of brother William; daughter, Elizabeth B. Pollard--Arthur Pollard was born February, 1794; brother-in-law (Dr. Wm. Martin Wallace?) William Martin (?); brother, Wm. Hopkins--place to be called Limerick; nephew, James Hopkins Davis, son of sister Amelia; sister Frances Davis's deceased children; sister Isabella Town's children; nephew, John Davis, son of sister Jane Davis, deceased; brother-in-law, Braxter Davis, of Mecklinburg County; nephew, Joseph Cabell; niece, Mrs. Mary Hopkins Breckinridge, of Kentucky; nephew, Gen. Saml. Hopkins, of Kentucky.
CIRCUIT COURT RECORDS, SECTION "I." JUDGMENTS. page 261 CAMPBELL vs. CAMPBELL heirs--O. S. 399; N. S. 145--Bill, 1814. Alexander died, intestate, leaving widow Jane CAMPBELL and children, viz: Robert, James, Mary, wife of William Blair Donnell, and infants, viz: John, Samuel, William, Alexander, Jane, Addison CAMPBELL. Joseph CAMPBELL was son of Dugald CAMPBELL.
CIRCUIT COURT RECORDS, SECTION "I." JUDGMENTS. page 261 Thomas Berry vs. Rebecca Berry--O. S. 414; N. S. 150--Bill by Rebecca Berry of Rockingham, daughter of Henry Berry, who bought 212 acres from 213 acres from George Homrickhizer. Oratrix had brother John and brother Henry and brother Thomas. Deed was made to Thomas. In 1818 Thos. sold 20 acres to Thos. Gilmore. Henry, Sr., died 1810, intestate, leaving wife, since dead, and children, viz: Thos., Henry, Sarah McCloud; Jane, who married Jno. Gladen; John; Margaret Smith, deceased; Elizabeth McClure, deceased, leaving son Joseph McClure McKey (McChee?); oratrix. Oratrix has lived on the land 24 years. In 1827 John H. CAMPBELL received deed from Thos. Berry. Geo. Berry deposes in Harrisonburg, June, 1828, Henry Berry was his apprentice and Henry Berry and Charles Spracher about 12 years ago. Geo. is 63 years old and Thos. Berry is five years younger. Rebecca was 20 years old when the land was bought from Humbrickhouser. At that time she had a bastard child. Witness knew Thos. Berry before he came to Virginia. George came with Henry's family. They came 10-11 years before purchase from Humbrickhouser from the Jerseys. Thos. Berry married daughter of Jno. Gordon, who deposes, Gordon with Thos. Berry is about to move to Western Country. Gordon McWilliams deposes, he was a waggoner to Fredericksburg. George Gordon had lived on the Humbrickhouser place. John Berry, son of Henry, Sr., deposes, Henry came from New Jersey, about 10 miles from Monmouth Court House; they moved to Virginia when the troops were ordered to the Whiskey Rebellion. Thomas was then about 23 years old. Jane married John McKay about 1797, and afterwards John Gladwell. Sallie McCloud moved to the West Fork of Potomac. At age 13 John Berry was put to learn blacksmith trade and went to Kentucky and was gone 6 months. Henry, Sr., died 16 years ago last April. Thomas Gordon lived in Muddy Creek in 1812.
RECORD BOOKS IN CIRCUIT COURT OFFICE. BOOK MARKED "RECORDS." page 266 Page 572--January, 1811--Bill by Thomas Stuart and Terza, his wife, late Terza Davis, formerly Tersa Morrison; John Lackey, only son and heir of Eve Lackey, formerly Eve Morrison; Ezra Morrison. Terza, Eve and Ezra were children and heirs of William Morrison, deceased, by the late Rachel Ayres, formerly Rachel Morrison, his wife, now deceased, who after Morrison's death married Samuel Ayres. Rachel died during winter 1808-9, intestate. Samuel and Rachel had a marriage contract dated 14th November, 1807. Recorded in Amherst, 5th July, 1773. Samuel died 10th February, 1784, Samuel sold a tract of land which came to possession of John Duncan, who is dead, intestate, and his heirs are, viz: Widow, Sally or Sarah; children, William, George, Elizabeth, wife of CAMPBELL Goode; Claiborne, Charles, Nancy, wife of Washington Camden; Lavinia, wife of William Sale; Wiatt, Elizabeth, Westley, Polly, John, Speecey, Patsy (last seven are infants).
RECORD BOOKS IN CIRCUIT COURT OFFICE. BOOK MARKED "RECORDS." page 267 Page 452--1st November, 1798, Peter Blake, Jeremiah Smith, Ro. CAMPBELL have moved to Green County, North Carolina, and John and James Donaghe are preparing to move thither.
RECORD BOOKS IN CIRCUIT COURT OFFICE. BOOK MARKED "RECORDS." page 268 Page 122--Mary Greenlee deposes, 10th November, 1806, she and her husband settled in Borden's Grant in 1737. Her son John was born 4th October, 1738. She, her husband, her father (Emphraim McDowell, then very aged), and her brother, John McDowell, were on their way to Beverley Manor; camped on Linvel's Creek (the spring before her brother James had raised a crop on South River in Beverley Manor, above Turk's, near Wood Gap); there Benj. Borden came to their camp and they conducted him to his grant which he had never seen, for which Borden proposed giving 1,000 acres. They went on to the house of John Lewis, near Staunton, who was a relative of Ephraim McDowell. Relates the Milhollin story. They were the first party of white settlers in Borden's Grant. In two years there were more than 100 settlers. Borden resided with a Mrs. Hunter, whose daughter afterwards married one Guin, to whom he gave the land whereon they lived. Her brother John was killed about Christmas before her son Samuel (first of the name) was born (he was born April, 174xxx). Benj. Borden, Jr., came into the grant in bad plight and seemed to be not much respected by John McDowell's wife, whom Benj. afterwards married. Jno. Hart had removed to Beverley Manor some time before deponent moved to Borden's. Joseph Borden had lived with his brother Benj.; went to school, had the smallpox about time of Benj's. death. When he was about 18 or 19 he left the grant, very much disliked, and dissatisfied with the treatment of his brother's wife. Beaty was the first surveyor she knew in Borden's grant. Borden had been in Williamsburg, and there in a frolic Gov. Gooch's son-in-law, Needler, has given him his interest in the grant. Borden's executor, Hardin, offered to her brother James all the unsold land for a bottle of wine to anyone who would pay the quit rents, but James refused it because he feared it would run him into jail. This was shortly after Margaret Borden married Jno. Bowyer. John Moore settled in the grant at an early day, where Charles CAMPBELL now lives. Andrew Moore settled where his grandson William now lives. These were also early settlers, viz: Wm. McCandless, Wm. Sawyers, Rob. CAMPBELL, Saml. Wood, John Mathews, Richd. Woods, John Hays and his son Charles Hays, Saml. Walker, John McCraskey. Alexr. Miller was the first blacksmith in the settlement. One Thomas Taylor married Elizabeth Paxton. Taylor was killed by the falling of a tree shortly after the marriage. Miller removed and his land has been in possession of Telford. Deponent's daughter Mary was born May, 1745. McMullen was also an early settler; he was a school teacher and had a daughter married. John Hays's was the first mill in the grant. Quit rents were not exacted for 2 years at the instance of Anderson, a preacher.


MARRIAGE LICENSES, MARRIAGE BONDS, AND MARRIAGES. MARRIAGES LICENSES IN AUGUSTA COUNTY. page 276 1758--March ----, Robert Reed; July 6, Robert Breckinridge; July 20, Robert McMahon; August 8, John CAMPBELL; August 19, Henry Murray.
MARRIAGE LICENSES, MARRIAGE BONDS, AND MARRIAGES. MARRIAGES LICENSES IN AUGUSTA COUNTY. page 277 1764--January 6, William Black; February 17, James Kerr; February 25, Robert Lusk; January 27, James Fowler; March 8, William Hides; March 20, Christopher Any; March 21, William Givens; May 16, James Young; May 18, Audley Hamilton; May 22, Samuel Wallace; June 14, James Snodgrass; June 25, Joseph Looney, John Hutcheson; August 21, James Robinson, Robert Shankland; August 23, Robert Gamwell; September 7, John CAMPBELL; October 2, James Anderson; October ----, Jeremiah Ragen; October ----, Ben Estill, John Howard, William McFeeters, Thomas Tate; November 7, John Dickinson; November 20, Amos Heaton, James Cloyd, Ralph Laverty; November 21, James Davis, Robert McCreery.
MARRIAGE LICENSES, MARRIAGE BONDS, AND MARRIAGES. MARRIAGES LICENSES IN AUGUSTA COUNTY. page 277 1766--May 21, James Rodgers; May 23, James Patterson; June 13, Robert CAMPBELL; June 20, Patrick Christian; June 24, John Taylor; August 20, James Stewart; September 10, Andrew Donnelly; September 11, Samuel Ralston; October 1, Thomas Gaugh.
MARRIAGE LICENSES, MARRIAGE BONDS, AND MARRIAGES. MARRIAGES LICENSES IN AUGUSTA COUNTY. page 277 1770--January 23, Samuel Kilpatrick; January 24, John McClenachan; April 16, Joseph CAMPBELL; May 15, Robert McClenachan, Jr.; June 9, Abraham Lincoln; July 25, Samuel Erwin; September 3, John Patterson; April 10, Pat. Buchanan; August 13, Richard Woods; October 3, Mathew Kenny; October 16, John Frogg; October 24, Thomas Teese; December 5, Pat. Lockhart.
MARRIAGE LICENSES, MARRIAGE BONDS, AND MARRIAGES. MARRIAGE BONDS. page 280 1785--September 7, Charles CAMPBELL and Mary Alexander, daughter James Alexander; surety, Hugh CAMPBELL; witnesses, Saml. McConkey, John Alexander.
MARRIAGE LICENSES, MARRIAGE BONDS, AND MARRIAGES. MARRIAGE BONDS. page 280 1786--October 17, Joseph Davis and Mary Ann Estill; surety, Zachary Estill; witness, Hugh CAMPBELL.
MARRIAGE LICENSES, MARRIAGE BONDS, AND MARRIAGES. MARRIAGE BONDS. page 280 1786--December 19, Alexander Elliott, of Rockbridge, and Nancy CAMPBELL, daughter of Andrew CAMPBELL; sureties, John Didall and Alex., son of George Elliott; witnesses, Moras Loyd and Wm. Elliott, John Camel and David Henderson.
MARRIAGE LICENSES, MARRIAGE BONDS, AND MARRIAGES. MARRIAGE BONDS. page 281 1786--January 7, Geo. Hutchenson, of County Greenbrier, and Mary CAMPBELL, daughter of James CAMPBELL; surety, W. Urquhart; witness, Samuel Strong.
MARRIAGE LICENSES, MARRIAGE BONDS, AND MARRIAGES. MARRIAGE BONDS. page 281 1785--May 4, Frederick Hanger and Mary Hull, daughter of Francis Hull; surety, Anthony Mustoe; witnesses, Robert CAMPBELL, Saml. Black.
MARRIAGE LICENSES, MARRIAGE BONDS, AND MARRIAGES. MARRIAGE BONDS. page 284 1785--March 17, Robert Scott and Ann CAMPBELL (her own written consent); surety, James Anderson; witnesses, Samuel Black, James O'Neal.
MARRIAGE LICENSES, MARRIAGE BONDS, AND MARRIAGES. MARRIAGE BONDS. page 287 1789--November 4, John CAMPBELL and Isabella Bleakly; surety, Thomas Bleakly.
MARRIAGE LICENSES, MARRIAGE BONDS, AND MARRIAGES. MARRIAGE BONDS. page 287 1790--May 5, Jonathan Dunbar and Sally CAMPBELL, daughter of James CAMPBELL (consent); witnesses, William Burgess, James Essex; surety, William Dunbar.
MARRIAGE LICENSES, MARRIAGE BONDS, AND MARRIAGES. MARRIAGE BONDS. page 289 1789--January 7, George Hooke and Jane Bleakly, daughter of Thomas Bleakly (consent); surety, John CAMPBELL.
MARRIAGE LICENSES, MARRIAGE BONDS, AND MARRIAGES. MARRIAGE BONDS. page 291 1789--June 10, Richard Rankin and Polly Mathews, daughter of William Mathews (consent); witnesses, George Rankin, John CAMPBELL; surety, John CAMPBELL.
MARRIAGE LICENSES, MARRIAGE BONDS, AND MARRIAGES. MARRIAGE BONDS. page 293 1791--April 2, John Bell and Rachel Foster, orphan of Andw. CAMPBELL; next friends, sureties, Thomas Carruthers, Andrew CAMPBELL.
MARRIAGE LICENSES, MARRIAGE BONDS, AND MARRIAGES. MARRIAGE BONDS. page 294 1791--June 22, George CAMPBELL and Peggy Fowler, daughter of Andrew Fowler. Certificate Peggy is 21. Surety, James Curtis.
MARRIAGE LICENSES, MARRIAGE BONDS, AND MARRIAGES. MARRIAGE BONDS. page 294 1791--October 26, Audley CAMPBELL and Mary Elliott; surety, James Elliott.
MARRIAGE LICENSES, MARRIAGE BONDS, AND MARRIAGES. MARRIAGE BONDS. page 294 1792--December 21, James CAMPBELL and Bridget Devine, widow; consent signed by Thos. Greene and Bridget Devin, widow; surety, John Price.
MARRIAGE LICENSES, MARRIAGE BONDS, AND MARRIAGES. MARRIAGE BONDS. page 295 1791--April 30, Michael Goodlink and Margaret CAMPBELL, daughter of Alex. CAMPBELL (consent); witness, Ro. Porterfield; surety, John CAMPBELL.
MARRIAGE LICENSES, MARRIAGE BONDS, AND MARRIAGES. MARRIAGE BONDS. page 296 1792--January 16, John Holmes and Agness Caul, daughter of Timothy Caul, deceased, Elizabeth Caul (consent); witnesses, H. Caul, Jno. CAMPBELL, Thos. Caul; sureties, Thomas Story, Hugh Caul.
MARRIAGE LICENSES, MARRIAGE BONDS, AND MARRIAGES. MARRIAGE BONDS. page 298 1791--July 23, Thomas Riddle and Jane CAMPBELL, daughter of George CAMPBELL; witnesses, Philip Hull, George Kuhn; surety, Philip Hull.
MARRIAGE LICENSES, MARRIAGE BONDS, AND MARRIAGES. MARRIAGE BONDS. page 300 1792--July 23, Henry Tutwiler and Joseph CAMPBELL, surety. Henry Tutwiler and Margaret Lashbaugh.
MARRIAGE LICENSES, MARRIAGE BONDS, AND MARRIAGES. 1787-88. page 302 1787--June 18, John Boyd and George CAMPBELL, surety. John Boyd and Elizabeth Vernon.
MARRIAGE LICENSES, MARRIAGE BONDS, AND MARRIAGES. 1787-88. page 302 1787--December 17, Robert Cochran and John CAMPBELL, surety. Robert Cochran and Jane Laird, daughter of David Laird (consent).
MARRIAGE LICENSES, MARRIAGE BONDS, AND MARRIAGES. 1793-1794. page 309 1793--January 28, Andrew CAMPBELL and Alex. Humphreys, surety. Andrew CAMPBELL and Rebecca CAMPBELL, daughter of John CAMPBELL. Affidavit of age of Rebecca.
MARRIAGE LICENSES, MARRIAGE BONDS, AND MARRIAGES. 1793-1794. page 311 1794--September 23, Wm. Long and John CAMPBELL, surety. Wm. Long and Mary Blair, daughter of James Blair. Wm. Long makes affidavit that he believes himself above 21, and Mary also. Mary gives her own consent.
MARRIAGE LICENSES, MARRIAGE BONDS, AND MARRIAGES. 1793-1794. page 312 1793--June 5, Dennis Mahony and John CAMPBELL, surety. Dennis Mahony and Lettice Howell.
MARRIAGE LICENSES, MARRIAGE BONDS, AND MARRIAGES. 1793-1794. page 316 1796--June 14, Hugh CAMPBELL and Saml. Erwin, surety. Hugh CAMPBELL and Margaret Erwin, daughter of Saml. Erwin. Hugh is of age.
MARRIAGE LICENSES, MARRIAGE BONDS, AND MARRIAGES. 1793-1794. page 316 1795--February 5, John CAMPBELL and Danl. Early, surety. John CAMPBELL and Mary Early, daughter of Danl. Early.
MARRIAGE LICENSES, MARRIAGE BONDS, AND MARRIAGES. 1793-1794. page 316 1795--October 14, James CAMPBELL and Ro. Gamble, surety. James CAMPBELL and Victoire Laporte (of age). Own consent dated Calf Pasture.
MARRIAGE LICENSES, MARRIAGE BONDS, AND MARRIAGES. 1793-1794. page 321 1795--September 29, Henry Speck and Thos. Turk, Jr., surety. Henry Speck and Jane CAMPBELL, daughter of Alex. CAMPBELL (consent). Teste: Jacob Coyner, Alex. CAMPBELL, Jr., Thom. Turke.
MARRIAGE LICENSES, MARRIAGE BONDS, AND MARRIAGES. 1793-1794. page 324 1797--May 20, Alex. CAMPBELL and Hugh Paul, surety. Alex. CAMPBELL and Peggy Brown, of age, daughter of Thos. Brown, deceased, Eliz. Brown (consent).
MARRIAGE LICENSES, MARRIAGE BONDS, AND MARRIAGES. 1800-1801. page 337 1800--January 7, James CAMPBELL and John CAMPBELL, surety. James CAMPBELL and Sally Evans, daughter of Griffin Evans.
MARRIAGE LICENSES, MARRIAGE BONDS, AND MARRIAGES. 1800-1801. page 338 1800--August 9, Wm. CAMPBELL and Wm. McPheeters, surety. Wm. CAMPBELL and Elizabeth McPheeters, daughter of above Wm. McPheeters.
MARRIAGE LICENSES, MARRIAGE BONDS, AND MARRIAGES. 1800-1801. page 343 1801--November 30, Saml. Reid and James Foster, surety. Saml. Reid, widower, and Nancy CAMPBELL, widow of Geo. CAMPBELL, deceased.
MARRIAGE LICENSES, MARRIAGE BONDS, AND MARRIAGES. 1800-1801. page 345 1800--September 8, James White and Alex. CAMPBELL, surety. James White and Mary CAMPBELL, daughter of Alex. CAMPBELL (consent), and of age. Teste: Alexander CAMPBELL and Andrew CAMPBELL.
MARRIAGE LICENSES, MARRIAGE BONDS, AND MARRIAGES. RECORD OF MARRIAGES IN AUGUSTA COUNTY BEGINNING 15TH MARCH, 1785. page 346 1785, July 7th--By Benj. Erwin: William Erwin and Susannah Curry; September 8th, Charles CAMPBELL and Mary Alexander; September 15th, James Bell and Margaret Curry.
MARRIAGE LICENSES, MARRIAGE BONDS, AND MARRIAGES. RECORD OF MARRIAGES IN AUGUSTA COUNTY BEGINNING 15TH MARCH, 1785. page 348 1790, July 28th--By Rev. Archd. Scott: Thomas Wiley and Rebecca Harding; November 11th (4th?), Henry Sheids and Elizabeth Mitchell; February 23d, Robert Christian and Margaret Christian; February 23, Samuel Gardner and Sarah Bell; March 29th, Thomas Sullivan and Peggy Erwin; May 6th, Jonathan Dunbar and Peggy CAMPBELL; May 12th, John McCorkle and Lydia Forrest; July 1st, Daniel Kerr and Mary Kirkpatrick; July 1st, Samuel Wilson and Elenor Alexander; September 2d, Isaac Scott and Nancy Bell; September 2d, Wm. Huston and Elizabeth Bratton; September 9th, William Wildy and Anne Harding; September, 29th, George Mathews and Margaret Reid; October 16th, Jeremiah Donovan and Elizabeth Dunbar; October 16th, John Allen and Ellenor Steele; October 12, Samuel ---- and Elizabeth Craig; October 12, John Kirkland and Beckey Blair; November 10th, Samuel Torbet and Jeny Anderson; December 2d, Robt. Mays and Margaret McClenachan; December 10th, John Armstrong and Polly Crawford; December 10th, John Palmer and Nancy Crawford; December 9th, Matthew Hunter and Catharine Hunter; December 30th, Samuel Buchanan and Rebeckah Sawyers.
MARRIAGE LICENSES, MARRIAGE BONDS, AND MARRIAGES. RECORD OF MARRIAGES IN AUGUSTA COUNTY BEGINNING 15TH MARCH, 1785. page 349 1786, January 2d--By Rev. Wm. Wilson: George Hutcheson and Margaret CAMPBELL; January 2, Augustine Keiger and Catherine Spring; January 5th, William Baird and Martha Patterson; January 16th, James Kerr and Patience Huston; January 30th, Robert Patterson and Jane Anderson; January 31st, John Shown and Sarah Grombich; February 15th, William Borland and Sarah Dean; February 22d, Isaiah Slaven and Patty Stuart; March 4th, Thomas Redmond and Nisey Ingram; March 26th, Andrew Allison and Elizabeth Holt; March 27th, James Curry and Mary Erwin; April 10th, Alexander Robertson and Jean Cord (Curd); April 27th, Alexander Anderson and Esther Kirkland; April 27th, Joseph McDowell and Mary Moffett; May 7th, George Kellar and Sophia Mowry; May 16th, Gabriel Pendleton and Margaret Williams; June 22d, Andrew Kinkade and Anne Poage; August 16th, Robert Kirk and Martha Moffett; August 30th, Andrew Young and Margaret Garvin; September 13th, Robert Anerson and Margaret Young; October 13th, Frederick Burkett and Rachel Attershell; October 25th, William Francis and Elizabeth Stiles; November 6th, John Gates and Anna Wilen; November 6th, David McNare and Elizabeth Allen; December 19, James Johnston and Easter (Easther) Turk; December 20th, Alexander Elliott and Nancy CAMPBELL.
MARRIAGE LICENSES, MARRIAGE BONDS, AND MARRIAGES. RECORD OF MARRIAGES IN AUGUSTA COUNTY BEGINNING 15TH MARCH, 1785. page 349 1787, January 4th--By Rev. Wm. Wilson: Michael Barnett and Diana CAMPBELL (no relation to Nancy above); January 4th, Samuel Bell and Rosanna Smith; January 4th, Wm. Johnston and Jenny Kirkland; February 23d, Wm. Hawkins and Nancy Hogg; March 3d, John Mahan and Elizabeth Gibson; March 5th, Robert Turner and Mary Thompson; April 12th, William Young and Elenor Keenon; April 12th, William Smith and Nelly Johnston; April 30th, Denis Donovan and Betty Cofney; May 24th, William Henderson and Mary Beard; July 17th, John Craig and Sarah Burton; July 31st, Elijah Poage and Nancy Gratton; August 23d, Alexander Hind and Martha Francis; October 15th, James Kirkland and Mary Grub; December 17th, Robert Cochran and Anne Laird; December 19th, Mathew Smith and Milly Green; December 27th, John Bell and Margaret Young.
MARRIAGE LICENSES, MARRIAGE BONDS, AND MARRIAGES. RECORD OF MARRIAGES IN AUGUSTA COUNTY BEGINNING 15TH MARCH, 1785. page 350 1789, January 1st--By Rev. Wm. Wilson: Thomas Clifton and Betsy Caul; January 8th, George Hook and Jenny Bleakley; February 12th, James Robertson and Mary Russell; February 12th, George Anderson and Mary Breedon; March 5th, Major Alex. Wood and Anne Poage; March 9th, Jacob Peck and Elizabeth Daken; March 9th, William Givins and Rebecca Kennedy; March 12th, Hugh Keenon and Sarah Shackleford; March 20th, Charles Kellar and Barbara Smith; May 8th, Thomas Givins and Betsy Kerr; June 2d, Isaac Rankin and Anne Seawright; June 11th, Richard Rankin and Polly Mathews; July 7, John Steel and Elizabeth Burk; July 24th, William Davis and Mary Holms; August 13th, William McKee and Rebecca Erwin; August 20th, Joseph McCauley and Mary Connelly; October 10th, Stephen Riddle and Catherine Rutlidge; November 12th, John CAMPBELL and Isabella Bleackley; November 14th, George CAMPBELL and ---- Riddle.
MARRIAGE LICENSES, MARRIAGE BONDS, AND MARRIAGES. RECORD OF MARRIAGES IN AUGUSTA COUNTY BEGINNING 15TH MARCH, 1785. page 352 1791, January 20th--By Rev. Wm. Wilson: George Wood and Jenny Curry; February 28th, Jacob Long and Sally Burkett; March 7th, John McMiller and Polly Lefler; March 8th, Hugh Donaghe and Betsey McMahon; April 22d, Robert Curry and Sarah Young; March 22d, Benjamin Harrison and Polly Hall; May 11th, Michael Goldlink and Margaret CAMPBELL; May 27th, Robert Douthat and Polly Price; June 1st, George Fry-Peter Long (?); June 15th, Wm. Glenn and Anny Curry; June 20th, Peter Hiplinger and Mary Carpenter; June 22d, George Hook and Mary Weaver; September 1st, Joseph Harvey and Anny Craig; September 8th, Jno. Walker and Sary Conaldly; September 15th, Robert Poage and Martha Crawford; October 7th, Joseph Buyers and Elizabeth Blair; November 10th, Archabald Sole (Sale) and Barbara Fudge; November 18th, Patrick Ready and Sarah Reburne.
MARRIAGE LICENSES, MARRIAGE BONDS, AND MARRIAGES. RECORD OF MARRIAGES IN AUGUSTA COUNTY BEGINNING 15TH MARCH, 1785. page 352 1792, January 5th--By Rev. Wm. Wilson: Joseph Johnson and Isabella Jenkins; January 17th, John Holmes and Agness Caul; February 19th, Alex. Blair and Elizabeth Nickle; February 28th, Robert Young and Sarah Green; March 1st, John Haduck and Mary Blair; March 18th, Charles Lewis and Anne Hance; June 29th, Samuel Frame and Nancy Allen; July 24th, Jos. Gardner and Betsey Reed; August 4th, Samuel Lesley and Betey Stuart; August 9th, Theo'd Jno. CAMPBELL and Polly Crawford; September 4th, John Then and Elizabeth Hogshead; September 6th, Wm. Donaldson and Barbary Walker; September 6th, Peter Blake and Polly McMahon.
MARRIAGE LICENSES, MARRIAGE BONDS, AND MARRIAGES. RECORD OF MARRIAGES IN AUGUSTA COUNTY BEGINNING 15TH MARCH, 1785. page 353 1792, November 22d--By Rev. Wm. Wilson: John Nolin and Mary Bing; November 27th, John Poage and Rachel Crawford; December 24th, James CAMPBELL and Bridget Divine.
MARRIAGE LICENSES, MARRIAGE BONDS, AND MARRIAGES. RECORD OF MARRIAGES IN AUGUSTA COUNTY BEGINNING 15TH MARCH, 1785. page 354 1795, January 6th--By Rev. Wm. Wilson: Lawrence Crown and Mary Ailor; February 5th, Abraham McNeil and Margaret Lamme; February 5th, John CAMPBELL and Polly Early; February 19th, James Curry and Mary Brookings; February 24th, Henry Amen and Elizabeth Crane; April 9th, Henry Pearing and Jane Price (widow); June 4th, Andrew McCreary and Catherine Lamb; June 9th, Mathew Lemey and Catherine Lamb; July 9th, Joseph Byers and Betsey Blakely; August 20th, Jacob Coiner and Mary Byers; August 21st, Hugh Donaho and Ann Usher; September 24th, Peter Bratton and Frances Patterson; November 24th, Alex. Kerr and Sarah Bell; December 21st, Christopher ---- and Catherine Tevenbaugh; December 29th, John Law and Jane Gwinn.
MARRIAGE LICENSES, MARRIAGE BONDS, AND MARRIAGES. RECORD OF MARRIAGES IN AUGUSTA COUNTY BEGINNING 15TH MARCH, 1785. page 355 1795, June 18th--By Rev. John McCue: Andrew Steele and Elizabeth Tate; June 24th, John Craig and Sally Patterson; July 24th, Ezekiel Hoffing and Fanny Cunningham; August 13th, Joseph Parks and Elizabeth Davis; August 24th, Wm. Buchanan and Annas Caldwell; September 3d, John Lynch and Mary Risk; October 1st, Adam Fudge and Elizabeth Garman; October 8th, Henry Speck and Jane CAMPBELL; October 13th, Samuel Fulton and Margaret Givens; October 13th, Montique Allen and Evy Shore; December 15th, Adam Louks and Mary Brownlee; ---- ----, James Ewing and Mary Hunter; ---- ----, Jacob ---- and Susanna Barriger.
MARRIAGE LICENSES, MARRIAGE BONDS, AND MARRIAGES. RECORD OF MARRIAGES IN AUGUSTA COUNTY BEGINNING 15TH MARCH, 1785. page 355 1795, April 22d--By Rev. Jno. Montgomery: Francis Bell and Sally Bell; August 1st, John Williams and Nancy Barker; October 19th, James CAMPBELL and Victorice Laporte; November 3d, Robert Jameson and Margaret McCutchen.
MARRIAGE LICENSES, MARRIAGE BONDS, AND MARRIAGES. RECORD OF MARRIAGES IN AUGUSTA COUNTY BEGINNING 15TH MARCH, 1785. page 355 1796, February 2d--By Rev. Wm. Wilson: John Rap and Elizabeth Ailor; February 19th, David Bell and Mary Christian; March 3d, Jacob Vanlear and Nancy Hall; March 3d, John Gibson and Catherine Cloverfield; March 3d, Wm. Bell and Mary Crawford; March 25th, Adam Patter son and Sophia Jones; April 7th, Geo. Bambarger and Elizabeth Baker; April 27th, James Bell and Sarah Allen; May 4th, Wm. Wilson and Anne Gibson; May 26th, James Runkle and Frances Sherley; June 9th, Jacob Shetz and Eliz. Blackam (burn); June 16th, John Burgess and Jane Erwin, June 16th, Hugh CAMPBELL and Margaret Erwin; June 26th, Benj. Kerr and Elizabeth Myers.
MARRIAGE LICENSES, MARRIAGE BONDS, AND MARRIAGES. RECORD OF MARRIAGES IN AUGUSTA COUNTY BEGINNING 15TH MARCH, 1785. page 355 1797, March 14th--By Rev. Wm. Wilson: Wm. Stephenson and Sarah Forsythe; April 4th, Anthony Ailor and Sophia Earhart; May 25th, John CAMPBELL and Polly Scott (Rockingham); May 25th, Thomas Rice and Esther Scott; July 20th, James Conger and Elizabeth Turk; August 15th, James Laird and Jane Anderson; August 31st, Daniel Fall and Margaret Crawford; September 21st, Mathew Blair and Betsy Rankin; November 7th, Andrew Young and Margaret Glass; November 30th, William Allison and Jane Martin (widow); December ----, Robert McGill and Mary Craig.
MARRIAGE LICENSES, MARRIAGE BONDS, AND MARRIAGES. RECORD OF MARRIAGES IN AUGUSTA COUNTY BEGINNING 15TH MARCH, 1785. page 356 1797, March 23d--By Rev. Jno. Montgomery: Andrew Lockridge and Christiana Youel; May 22d, Alex. CAMPBELL and Peggy Brown; August 3d, Samuel Bing and Mary Fulton.
MARRIAGE LICENSES, MARRIAGE BONDS, AND MARRIAGES. RECORD OF MARRIAGES IN AUGUSTA COUNTY BEGINNING 15TH MARCH, 1785. page 358 1800, January 7th--By Rev. Wm. Wilson: James CAMPBELL and Sally Evans; January 9th, John Day and Elizabeth Martin; March 6th, James McMullen and Mary Henderson; March 12th, Philip Rust (widower) and Polly Wisehart; April 3d, Samuel Curry and Mary Glen; April 14th, Jno. Riner and Martha Ervin; April 14th, Samuel Andrew and Margaret Weigle; April 14th, Jacob Crist and Lydia Mowry; April 16th, Jacob Coffman and Elizabeth Cooke; May 25th, Wm. Cromer and Catherine Nebergall; June 5th, Wm. McCutchen and Peggy Bell; June 15th, Lewis Mowry and Martin Coiner (?); June 22d, David (Joseph) Bell and Polly Nelson; June 26th, Wm. Poage and Betsey Anderson; July 24th, Jno. Bell and Esther Gamble; July 29th, Peter Long and Peggy Ewin; September 9th, Jacob Stover and Margaret Towell; September 16th, John Brown and Rosanna Connaway; October 2d, John Reed and Lydia Young.
MARRIAGE LICENSES, MARRIAGE BONDS, AND MARRIAGES. RECORD OF MARRIAGES IN AUGUSTA COUNTY BEGINNING 15TH MARCH, 1785. page 358 1800, February 6th--By Rev. John McCue: Thos. Caldwell and Lettice McClenachan; ---- ----, Jno. Ray and Catherine Burk; February 20th, Jno. Hart (Horb) and Eve Garmon; April 17th, Henry Impoten and Jane Coiner; ---- ----, Moses McCue and Sally Smith; ---- ----, John ---- and Jane Hamilton; April 24th, John McKinsey and Mary Crane; May 8th, George Rutledge and Mary Calbreath; July 8th, James Turk and Elizabeth Armstrong; August 14th, John Todd and Sarah Sterrit; September 9th, James White and Mary CAMPBELL; September 16th, Jacob Larew and Eliz. Archdain; September 23d, Geo. Morris and Margaret Michael; November 27th, Joseph Shields and Rachel Frame; December 16th, Thos. Wilson and Martha McCune; December 25th, Geo. Loudermilk and Rosey Huff.
MEMORANDUM OF MARRIAGES FOR 1791, 1792, 1793, 1794, 1795. RECORD OF MARRIAGES IN AUGUSTA COUNTY BEGINNING 15TH MARCH, 1785. page 358 1791--May 24th, William Downey and Ann McPheeters; May 25th, James McPheeters and Elizabeth Coulter; June 10th, Henry Mowry and Mary Gibson; June 16th, Jacob Shaffer and Margaret Andrews; September 8th, Francis Sponter and Catherine Riddle; October 28th, Audley CAMPBELL and Mary Elliott; November 5th, John McWhorter and Mary McCorkell; November 29th, Samuel Miller and Mary Gratton; December 9th, Edward Bickerstaff and Mary Porter; December 27th, Andrew Hunter and Jean Thompson; December 29th, Mark Hatton and Jean Renaered.
MEMORANDUM OF MARRIAGES FOR 1791, 1792, 1793, 1794, 1795. RECORD OF MARRIAGES IN AUGUSTA COUNTY BEGINNING 15TH MARCH, 1785. page 359 1793--January 28th, Andrew CAMPBELL and Rebeccah CAMPBELL; February 5th, Samuel McCullock and Elizabeth Varner; February 8th, John Roberts and Polly Hogshead; February 19th, Robert Callison and Elizabeth Mitchell; February 21st, Alexander Crawford and Rachel Lesley; February 26th, William Armstrong and Catherine Price; March 19th, John Evans and Jean Trimble; April 9th, Moses Trimble and Mary Brawley; April 18th, Joseph Reidenour and Margaret Tate; April 18th, Richard King and Margaret Fisher; May 23d, Joseph Thompson and Isabella Henderson; September 12th, Robert Cooper and Sarah Graham; September 26th, Benjamin Erwin and Margaret Wallace; December 10th, John Thompson and Jenny Blackwood.
MEMORANDUM OF MARRIAGES FOR 1791, 1792, 1793, 1794, 1795. RECORD OF MARRIAGES IN AUGUSTA COUNTY BEGINNING 15TH MARCH, 1785. page 359 1782--January 3d, Hugh Lust and Elizabeth McMortrey; January 24th, Samuel McClure and Rosana Steele; March 12th, And. McCAMPBELL and Agnes Chambers; March 12th, David Moor and Janet McClung; May 2d, Alex. Culton and ---- ----; May 6th, Jas. McKee and Janet Talford; May 26th, Sol. McCAMPBELL and Nancy Berry; September 5th, William Asher and Mary McChesney; October 10th, David CAMPBELL and Isabel Beatey; November 28th, Wm. Logan and Jean Coulter.
MEMORANDUM OF MARRIAGES FOR 1791, 1792, 1793, 1794, 1795. RECORD OF MARRIAGES IN AUGUSTA COUNTY BEGINNING 15TH MARCH, 1785. page 360 1786--January 3d, Robert Grier and Margaret CAMPBELL; January 9th, Wm. Carpenter and Mary Strickler; January 12th, Michael Kenady and Ellen McCaferty; January 28, Thos. Broom and Sara Galen.
MEMORANDUM OF MARRIAGES FOR 1791, 1792, 1793, 1794, 1795. RECORD OF MARRIAGES IN AUGUSTA COUNTY BEGINNING 15TH MARCH, 1785. page 360 1786--July 1st, Alex. Hall and Mary Stewart; July 27th, Michael Gabbert and Rachel Reed; August 10th, Robt. Stoops and Rachel Milor; September 19th, Michael Kenear and Elizabeth CAMPBELL; September 21st, Alex. CAMPBELL and Jennet Smith; October 5th, Jas. Bridget and Mary Smith.
MEMORANDUM OF MARRIAGES FOR 1791, 1792, 1793, 1794, 1795. RECORD OF MARRIAGES IN AUGUSTA COUNTY BEGINNING 15TH MARCH, 1785. page 362 1793--January 25th, Jas. CAMPBELL and Sarah Trotter; May 9th, David Williams and Elizabeth McNutt; May 23d, Robt. Moor and Sarah Pollock.
MEMORANDUM OF MARRIAGES FOR 1791, 1792, 1793, 1794, 1795. RECORD OF MARRIAGES IN AUGUSTA COUNTY BEGINNING 15TH MARCH, 1785. page 363 1794--February 4th, Geo. Adam Bright and Catrine CAMPBELL; February 20th, Jno. Edmunson and Ester Anderson; April 10th, Jos. Walker and Kitty Kelso; April 22d, Hugh Kelso and Jenny Moore; April 29th, Wm. Gibson and Elizabeth McCormick; July 1st, Wm. McPheeters and Elizabeth Wardlaw; July 7th, John Wilson and Sally Miller; August 12th, Wm. Carson and Mary Alexander; September 30th, Fred Weyble and Cath. Carder; October 15th, Wm. Peterson and Sallie Steele; March 24th, Jas. McFadden and Ellen Custer.
MEMORANDUM OF MARRIAGES FOR 1791, 1792, 1793, 1794, 1795. ROCKINGHAM COUNTY RECORDS. page 368 1781--September 24th, Catherine and John Spoon, children of Conrad Spoon, absconded, to be bound. James Wait's will proved; widow Catherine qualifies executrix. William CAMPBELL's will proved; Eliz. CAMPBELL qualifies executrix. Gatlive Airy's estate committed to Anthony Reader, his son-in-law, widow Mary having refused. Isaac Hankle recommended and qualified Captain, vice Andrew Johnston, resigned, and Wm. Aberman as Lieutenant vice Robt. Menzies. Robert Harrison qualifies Ensign. John Ruddle qualifies Lieutenant. Michael Baker qualifies Captain. Saml. Skidmore, orphan of Saml. Skidmore. Ann Skidmore, widow, has dower assigned in land sold by her husband to Samuel Skidmore, deceased, father of the orphan Samuel.
MEMORANDUM OF MARRIAGES FOR 1791, 1792, 1793, 1794, 1795. ROCKINGHAM COUNTY RECORDS. page 373 (35) Survey for Patt CAMPBELL, beginning at a valley on ye South Side of South River, thence with the lines of ye pattint, Hammock's branch, Christy's Kreek, Jno. Buchanan's line.


LAND ENTRY BOOK NO. 1, AUGUSTA RECORDS. LAND ENTRY BOOK NO. 1, AUGUSTA COUNTY. page 377 1746, October 10th--Andrew CAMPBELL, of Frederick, 400 acres, Holman's Creek, Dobin's line.
LAND ENTRY BOOK NO. 1, AUGUSTA RECORDS. LAND ENTRY BOOK NO. 1, AUGUSTA COUNTY. page 378 1749-50, November 24th--Moses CAMPBELL, 100, with one right joining Rodgers, Dyer, on South branch Potomac.
LAND ENTRY BOOK NO. 1, AUGUSTA RECORDS. LAND ENTRY BOOK NO. 1, AUGUSTA COUNTY. page 380 1750, May 23d--Edward Layborn, 200, between John CAMPBELL, Walker and Frame.


GUARDIANS' BONDS, AUGUSTA COUNTY. LAND ENTRY BOOK NO. 1, AUGUSTA COUNTY. page 384 19th August, 1783--John CAMPBELL, guardian for John Hatfield, orphan of Mansfield Hatfield.
GUARDIANS' BONDS, AUGUSTA COUNTY. LAND ENTRY BOOK NO. 1, AUGUSTA COUNTY. page 385 17th January, 1786--Jno. CAMPBELL, ditto of Joseph Conkins, ditto of Geo. Conkins.
GUARDIANS' BONDS, AUGUSTA COUNTY. LAND ENTRY BOOK NO. 1, AUGUSTA COUNTY. page 386 18th March, 1777--Reah and CAMPBELL, ditto of Wm., Hugh and Jno. Reah, ditto of Archibald Reah, Jr.
GUARDIANS' BONDS, AUGUSTA COUNTY. LAND ENTRY BOOK NO. 1, AUGUSTA COUNTY. page 386 16th September, 1777--Jno. CAMPBELL, Thos. Connerley, ditto of Jane and Elizabeth Walker, ditto of Alex. Walker, Jr.
GUARDIANS' BONDS, AUGUSTA COUNTY. LAND ENTRY BOOK NO. 1, AUGUSTA COUNTY. page 386 17th September, 1793--Brigett CAMPBELL, ditto of Mary Ann Hamm.
GUARDIANS' BONDS, AUGUSTA COUNTY. LAND ENTRY BOOK NO. 1, AUGUSTA COUNTY. page 388 20th May, 1779--Elijah McClenachan, guardian of Hugh, orphan of Robert CAMPBELL.
GUARDIANS' BONDS, AUGUSTA COUNTY. ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS. page 389 21st January, 1777--Chas. CAMPBELL, administrator of John Douglas; Catherine North, administrator of Roger North.
GUARDIANS' BONDS, AUGUSTA COUNTY. ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS. page 393 22d September, 1806--Anne Ballzel, Saml. CAMPBELL, administrators of Jacob Baltzel; Mary Brooks, James Best, administrators of Samuel Brooks; Saml. McCray, administrator of Margt. Armstrong.

Fee Books

FEE BOOKS OF AUGUSTA COURT. ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS. page 395 1745-6--page 1, Margaret Loneley, filing your petition for Craven to be guardian for your two sons. Entering appraisement of your first husband's estate; page 14, Samuel Jordan, of Hannover; page 20, James Robertson, alias Robinson, Lewis' deed to, (April); page 21, Andrew Ross, Merchant at Fallmouth; page 29 Robert Young, white haired, (April), Chancery suit vs. Borden; page 37, Casper Wister, in Pennsylvania; page 41, Lyon Lipman, in Frederick; page 42, Francis Fulton, in Frederick; page 44, William Miller, Jockey; page 50, Robert Young, near ye Courthouse; page 54, James Armstrong, Black, (June, 1746), Armstrong's deed to; page 56, John Ennis, in Albermarle; page 57, Jacob Funk, in Frederick; page 61, George Home (Honn), in Orange; page 64, Edward Franklin, in Orange; page 65, Edward Herndon, in Spottsylvania; page 67, John Smith, at Opeckon, administrator of Sheppard; page 67, Lydia Barrett, Executrix Arthur Barrett, deceased, at Opeckon; page 67, John Neal, at Opeckon; page 67, Thomas Chester, Sheriff of Frederick; page 69, Andrew CAMPBELL, in Frederick; page 70, John Wilson, late servant to Beaty.
FEE BOOKS OF AUGUSTA COURT. ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS. page 395 1746-7--page 5, Alexander Thompson, son to William, (August, 1746), swearing to Military Commission; page 13, Joseph Carroll, in Pennsylvania, (February), vs. Burden; page 22, Widow Fulsher, in Orange; page 31, John Smith, Jr., in Orange, vs. Price, (March); page 36, James Camell, son of Gilbert Camell, (June), vs. Sayers; page 46, David Kingkade, in Albemarle; page 65, Doctor Henry Galesby, "Quack," (May), Petition, vs. Young; page 75, James Rutledge, in Frederick; page 80, Martha Arthur by Thomas Williams, her guardian; page 91, John Lidderdale, Merchant, (August), vs. Borden; page 93, Robert Young, white, McMahon's deed to, (August); page 94, James Armstrong, Black, (August), vs. Black; page 95, Mary Cunningham, alias Mitchell, (August), administratrix of ye husband's estate and Breckinridge's deeds to you; page 97, Christian Zimmerman, in Orange; page 103, Andrew Barclay, Merchant, (August, September, November); page 106, John Walker, South Branch; page 110, Charles CAMPBELL, near McGill's, Anderson's deed to you; page 110, James Scot, South Branch; page 113, George Johnston, in Frederick; page 113, John Steven, in Philadelpnia; page 116, John Carlile, in Prince William; page 121, Andrew McCool, "The Priest", (September), vs. Stewart; page 123, John Patton, Sr., (November), Green's deeds to you; page 123, John Patton, Jr., (November), Green's deeds to you; page 124, John Smith, on South Branch, (November) Green's deeds to you; page 127, Benj. Hensley, in Louisa, (November), Entering order to Certifiy &c.; page 82, James Armstrong, white, (August), vs. Lewis.
FEE BOOKS OF AUGUSTA COURT. ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS. page 396 1749--(Very much mutilated)--Page 62, James Galbreath, Pennsylvania; page 78, John Tyson, Pennsylvania; page 80, Thomas CAMPBELL, Pennsylvania; page 91, George Bowman, son to Capt. Scholl; page 93, Wm. Parks, Gentleman, Williamsburg; page 94, Robert Young, White; page 102, James Armstrong, Black; page 106, Thomas Cresap, Maryland; page 112, William Armstrong, Round Oak; page 113, Thomas Johnston, Caroline; page 116, John Edwards, Orange; page 121, John Wilson, South River; William Armstrong, white, James's son; page 122, John Stevenson, Borden's land; page 123, John Walker, South Branch; page 126, William Miller, Jockey; page 128, David Evans, South Branch; page 129, Thomas Connerley, Culpeper; page 131, Dennis Dyer, Taylor; page 134, John Ramsey, Neighbour; page 136, Jacob Miller, at Falkenburg's; Thomas Godfrey, late servant of Val. Sevear's.
FEE BOOKS OF AUGUSTA COURT. ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS. page 397 1750-51--page 21, William Armstrong, son to white James, (February), Atlar vs. CAMPBELL; page 21, Robert Young, white, (February), vs. Carr, vs. Mills; page 23, George Shunaman, Frederick, (February), vs. McKoy; page 26, Isaac Smith, Culpeper, (February), vs. Scot; page 27, James Beard, Maryland, (February), vs. Galespy; page 38, William Armstrong, Round Oak; page 42, Mademoiselle Agnes Reid, (February), vs. Trimble; page 44, Capt. Wm. Johnston, Caroline; page 54, William Sayers, Bigg; page 57, George Douglass, Orange; page 57, Capt. Adam Herrman, North River; page 76, James Blythe, Pennsylvania; page 77, William Smith, Borden's Land; page 82, John Smith, Mr. Wright's servant; page 94, John Graham, Calf Pasture; page 97, Eliz. Barber on Craig's Creek, married to one Patton, (1751, May), Smith's and Looney's motion for counter security; page 100, Wm. McDonaugh, Orange, (May, 1751); page 103, James Mills, Hanover, (May, 1751); page 105, Samuel Gay, Calf Pasture, (1751, May, August, November); page 108, Andrew Hamilton, Calf Pasture, (1751, May, August, November); page 114, Robert Armstrong, "Master of the Noble Science of Defence," (May, 1751); page 116, Jno. Trimble, Jockey, (May, 1751); page 121, Wm. Thompson, weaver; page 127, Samuel Smith, Wm. Anderson's servant; page 135, Robert Harrison, Capt. Harrison's son, (August, November), vs. O'Neal; page 137, John Moore, Calf Pasture, (August, 1751); page 146, John Wilson, Devil's Denn, (November, 1751), Patton's deed to you; page 151, David Clyde, (November, 1751), Borden's motion for valuation of 400 acres on Cedar Creek; page 154, James Galbreath, Pennsylvania, (November, 1751), vs. Boyle; page 155, Edward Beard, mason, (November, 1751), vs. Christall; page 157, Wm. Smith, Calf Pasture, (November, 1751), vs. Ward; page 158, John and Patrick Bogle, Merchants, (November, 1751); page 159, John Buchanan, Little, (November, 1751), vs. Bighams; page ----, John Halt, Merchant, (November, 1751), vs. Pickens; page 161, John Trimble, Cooper, (November, 1751), vs. McCleving; page 161, James and Robert Armstrong, Ormond's sons, (November, 1751), vs. Kinkade.
FEE BOOKS OF AUGUSTA COURT. ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS. page 398 1755--Page 3, John Miller, Lower end of County; page 4, Francis McBride, Hampshire; page 6, Anne Ralston, D. Ralston's wife, administratrix Benjamin Copeland; page 11, John Miller, Shoemaker; page 19, Mat. Rogers and Joseph Sutton, Executors Ross, Hampshire; page 67, William Thompson, Hanover; page 94, John Buchanan, Weaver, (August); page 106, Clattey Will Smith; page 107, Robert Hastie, Prince Edward; page 109, John Wilson, R. Oake, (November), Brown's deeds to you; page 110, George Carpenter, South Mountain; page 111, Michael Kelly, Cow Pasture, (November); page 111, James Burnsides, Cow Pasture, (November); page 114, Robert Davis, Jr., Albemarle, (November), vs. Burton; page 115, John CAMPBELL, Albemarle, (November), vs. Gregg.
FEE BOOKS OF AUGUSTA COURT. ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS. page 399 1757--Page 5, John CAMPBELL, son of Patrick, (March), Fine and bound to peace, Entering attorney ads. Christian; page 5, John McGinnis, Lower end County; page 7, Christophel White, Dickinson's Fort; page 14, Mathias Tise, South Branch, (March), Stevenson's deeds to you; page 15, John Davis, near Dever's, (March), filing account, vs. your servant; page 21, William Thompson, Spring Hill; page 22, John Trimble, North Mountain; page 22, Robert Hamilton, Pennsylvania; page 28, James Anderson, Black Smith; page --, James Anderson, near Carr's; page 30, Samuel Wilson, sadler; page 31, William Armstrong, son of James; page 32, John Ramsey, South River; page 40, John Graham, hoper; page 42, Wm. Cunningham, near Mr. Hart's; page 43, Wm. Lang, Staunton; page 44, John Mitchell, Pedler; page 47, Wm. Thompson, Hanover; page 53, Wm. Lang (Long), South River; page 54, Samuel Wilson, O. Keeper (Keefer); page 55, Rob Wearth (North), I. K.; page 62, John Davis, Borden's Land; page 68, John Stevenson, P. M.; page 77, Jacob Mann, P. M.; page 84, Peter Brunier, near Nulls; page 90, Esther Brown, Long Meadows; page 93, Ann Stuart, Pastures; James Beard, Pastures; page 96, John Davis, distiller; John King, at his Mill (?); page 97, Lieut. Wm. Fleming; page 98, John Ogg, Orange; John Miller, Ro. Oake; page 100, Benjamin Lewis, son of George; page 101, John Cunningham, Staunton; John Love (Lone), Caroline.
FEE BOOKS OF AUGUSTA COURT. ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS. page 399 1758--Page 2, Thomas Paxton, joiner; page 9, Capt. Robt. Breckinridge, (March, 1758), Certifying proof of your brother's will; page 13, John Miller, Rone Oak; page 18, John Stevenson, Peaked Mountain; page 21; Thomas Thompson, C. Pasture; page 22, Wm. Long, Staunton; page 23. Robert Brown, Comodore; page 24, John Stevenson, Stone Meeting House; page 24, William Thompson, Spring Hill; page 26, John Wilson, sadler; page 29, John Trimble, cooper; page 37, James Stevenson, pedler; page 53, John Ramsey, South River; page 63, William Long, South River; page 65, Doctor Thomas Henison (Harrison), Culpeper; page 66, Samuel Wilson, O. Keeper; page 68, Agnes Patton, last administrator Snodgrass estate; page 70, Henry Meas, near D. Smith; page 70, Richard Suffolk, near D. Smith; page 72, Wm. Miller, at Breckinridge's; page 79, James Buchanan, pedler; page 80, William Martin, mind this youth, he is about to remove; page 82, James CAMPBELL, Pastures; page 82, William Fulton, brother of Tom Fulton; Mary Johnson, a poor woman; John Fletcher, insolvent; Wm. Bernard, bankrupt; Wm. Russell, in Plutoe's Dominions; James Goodfellow, Caroline; Thomas Harrison, Culpeper; William Downs, Caroline; page 84, Capt. J. Cenerly, near mouth of Broad River, South Carolina.
FEE BOOKS OF AUGUSTA COURT. ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS. page 400 1761--Page 3, James Carr, B. Smith; page 7, John Stevenson, B. M.; page 11, James Stewart, Pennsylvania; Jno. Scot, Peaked Mountain; page 14, William Davis, skinner; page 16, John Stuart, taylor; page 19, John Davis, taylor; page 22, John Thompson, T. Spring; page 23, Francis Fulton, Fuller; page 43, Charles CAMPBELL, North River; page 46, Robert Armstrong, dyer of cloth; page 54, John Graham; page 56, John Davis, near Walter Davis; page 60, John Patterson, son of Robert; page 62, Mr. Benjamin Hubbard, Caroline; page 63, Joseph Hard, (How), Hamp.; John Wilson, Hamp.; page 65, Elizabeth Waters, Owen Winkfield; Isaac Christman, Ham.; page 66, John Miller, Jr., Brock's Gap; page 67, James Scot, son of John; page 70, John Miller, R. Oak; page 71, Samuel Wilson, sadler; page 72, John Ramsey, South River; page 73, Rob. Armstrong, alias Oldmond; page 78, John Allison, Borden Land; page 79, Jane Evans, late Looney; page 80, James Bell, North Mountain; page 81, John Henderson, shoemaker; Mary Cunningham, Hamp.; Rob. Cunningham, Hamp.; Martha Jackson, Hamp.; page 85, Rob. Armstrong, Pastures; page 92, Rob. CAMPBELL, B. Smith; page 94, Thos. Paxton, mill wright; page 95, Alex, McDonall, Linvell's Creek; page 96, Wm. Johnston, near Davis; page 97, Rob. Carlile, near Reaburns; page 102, John Davis, near Capt. Scot's; page 109, Samuel Mendeth, Staunton.
FEE BOOKS OF AUGUSTA COURT. ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS. page 401 1762--Page 4, John Miller, Quaker, (1762, February), Green's deeds to you; page 7, Mary Preston, (1762, February), your brother's deeds to you; page 7, John Allison, Middle River; page 41, Capt. Wm. Christian, Staunton; page 42, John Stuart, pedler; page 43, Robert Jackson, Fredericksburg; page 47, John Davis, brother Walter; page 50, Robert Reed, Stone Meeting House; Robert Reed, Staunton; page 59, William Brown, C. Creek; David Robinson, Linvell Creek; Samuel Henderson, Borden Land, Albemarle; page 64, John Moore, Borden Land; page 66, John Davis, son of James; page 69, John Davis, Pastures; page 72, William Graham, R. Oak; page 73, Robert Young, Forks; page 81, Christian Evick, Hampshire; page 83, John Jones, Caroline; page 84, John Cunningham, Borden's Land; page 85, James Buchanan, Shoccoe; page 86, John CAMPBELL, Staunton; page 87, William Johnston, Pastures; page 94, John Davidson, taylor; James Bower, schoolmaster; page 98, Margaret Dyer, administratrix of Wm. Dyer, wife of Jno. Craven; page 100, Patrick Hays, Pennsylvania, (1762, August), Recording Kerr's deeds to you; page 106, John Craig, Borden's Land; page 107, James Beard, Pastures; page 114, William Wilson, Staunton; page 122, Capt. Wm. Christian, C. Creek; page 126, Samuel Moore, Staunton; page 128, George Miller, Amherst; page 130, Wm. Wilson, Cook's Creek; page 134, Abraham Miller, lower end County; John Ramsey, Pastures; page 136, David Martin, Amherst; page 145, James Bell, South River.
FEE BOOKS OF AUGUSTA COURT. ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS. page 401 1764--Page 3, John Davis, hunter, (1764, November), your account as administrator Scot's estate; page 10, William Thompson, S. Hill; page 14, William Robinson, Roanoke, (March), Gorrell's power attorney; page 27, Sarah Horse (Hoose), married Rob. Davis; account and sale of Horse's estate; page 27, David Scot, Hamp.; page 28, Robert Reed, Stone Meeting House; page 30, John Ramsey, South River; page 36, John King, Naked Creek; page 37, Edward Cunningham, Frederick; page 41, William Wilson, lower end County; page 43, John Stuart, Merchant; page 46, John Stuart, Frederick; page 51, Robert Jackson, Frederick; page 53, Alex. McDonall, Frederick; page 54, John Sharp, Bedford; page 60, Charles CAMPBELL, North River; page 61, Peter Elphinson, Frederick; page 61, Thomas Coulson, Fredericksburg; page 62, James Gallant, Frederick; page 64, Alex. Boyd, Hampshire; page 70, John Stuart, taylor; page 78, Sarah Lewis, Fredericksburg; page 79, Gabriel Penn, Amherst; page 80, John Thompson, Ro. Oak; page 83, John Ramsey, Pastures; page 83, William Robinson, Long Meadow; page 88, Robert Reed, Staunton; page 93, Joseph Smith, Amherst; page 97, David Robinson, lower end County; page 99, William Dunlop, L. Creek; Archibald Huston, (August), recording your power attorney to your brother; page 99, John Stuart, Borden's Land; page 101, John Craig, Vanses; page 106, John Henderson, shoemaker; Thomas McCarty, Hampshire; page 108, John Long, James River; page 109, Jacob Peters, South B.; page 110, John Scot, Ro. Oak, (November), Randall's deeds to you; page 114, David Lewis, Jr., Albemarle.
FEE BOOKS OF AUGUSTA COURT. ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS. page 402 1765--Page 2, John Lewis, Albemarle; David Robinson, wheelwright; page 5, William Thompson, North River; page 6, Charles CAMPBELL, son of Maulster, Moore's deeds to you, (March); Robert CAMPBELL, black smith; page 18, William Davis, Forks James; James Gamble, Middle River; page 24, John Davis, hunter; page 26, Patrick Finley, Amherst; page 38, Robert CAMPBELL, Borden's Land; page 41, James Gamble, shoemaker; page 52, Joseph Smith, Albemarle; page 58, John Craig, Vanses; John Henderson, son of William; page 61, John Stuart, Merchant; page 64, John Ramsey, South River; page 66, Robert Reed, Stone Meeting House; John Stuart, Borden's Land, (May), Edmiston's deeds to you; page 68, John Frazier, Long Meadow; page 69, John Miller, lower end County; page 70, Robert Williams, tanner; page 75, Thomas Johnson, Maryland; page 78, David Stuart, North Mountain; page 86, Andrew Sheperd, Orange; page 87, John Henderson, shoemaker; page 88, John Davis, taylor; page 90, Margaret Barger, G. Mill, (August), Trout's deeds to you; page 91, John Hamilton, Long Meadow, (August), Hamilton's deed to you; James Marshall, B. Gap; John Montgomerie, Pastures; page 94, Robert Poage, son of John, John Poage, Jr., your father's deeds to you, (August); page 95, Susannah Shaddon, R. Oak; Mary Magdalene Kimberland, R. Oak; John Finley, M. River; page 96, Capt. Samuel Robertson, R. Oak; page 101, John Graham, Pastures; page 105, Francis Jacobie, Culpeper; page 108, Israel Ward, Hampshire; Adam Hunter, Fredericksburg; page 109, Daniel Branham, James River; page 110, John Thompson, Glade Creek; page 112, Capt. Charles CAMPBELL, above town; page 113, Wm. Thompson, T. Spring; John CAMPBELL, son of David, (October), your father's deeds to you; page 118, William Armstrong, son Fuller; page 120, John CAMPBELL, son-in-law of Maxwell; page 124, John Williams, South River; page 125, James Hartgrove, (October), Recording Duffy's Bonds to your wife; page 131, James Buchanan, Borden's Land.
FEE BOOKS OF AUGUSTA COURT. ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS. page 402 1776--Page 2, John King, North Creek; page 3, Woollery Hursman, stock weaver, (May), Crosson's deeds to you; John Davis, hunter; page 9, John Brown, lower end County; page 15, John Stuart, Staunton; James Walker, Orange; Robert CAMPBELL, Smith; page 16, James Ervin, James River; page 24, Charles CAMPBELL, North River; page 27, William Strauglean, (Straughan), Fredericksburg; page 31, William Long, South River; page 37, James Bryans, R. Oak; page 38, James Gamble, shoemaker; page 42, John McClure, James River; James Bryans, jockey; page 44, James Buchanan, Merchant; page 48, Samuel Black, South River; page 49, Robert Reed, Stone Meeting House, (August), Blair's deeds to you; John Thompson, (C. Creek; taylor), (August), Dougherty's deeds to you; page 53, John Johnston, Middle River; page 54, John CAMPBELL, Mossey Creek; John Allison, Borden's Land; page 56, John Frazier, Long Meadow; page 59, Robert Reed, Staunton; page 60, Michael Thomas, Culpeper; George Weatherall, Culpeper; page 62, John Stevenson, Peaked Mountain; page 64, Thomas Johnson, Frederick; page 65, Susanah Shaddon, R. Oak; page 69, John Johnson, Lin. Creek; page 73, Michael Carr (Carn?), Bedford; page 76, John Craig, Hans Meadow; John Ramsey, South River; page 79, John Thompson, C. Creek; page 82, John Ramsey, Pastures; page 83, Joseph Hawkins, Fk.; page 87, William Davis, South James River; page 88, James Bell, North Mountain; page 91, William McCutchen, Merchant, page 92, John Davis, South James River, (November), McClure's deeds to you; John Allison, M. River; page 94, John King, M. River; page 95, Samuel Woods, R. Oak; Robert Young, Forks; page 96, James Bell, South River; page 97, Robert Craig, brother to James; John Craig, M. River; page 99, John Graham, Clear Creek; page 107, William Davis, skiner; page 111, John CAMPBELL, Pastures; John Brown, Pastures; page 113, John Robinson, R. Oak; Robert Armstrong, Fuller; John Poage, Forks; page 114, John Moore, Forks; David Scot, Hampshire; page 117, John Miller, Lin. Creek, copying Green's deeds to you.
FEE BOOKS OF AUGUSTA COURT. ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS. page 403 1767--Page 2, James Davis, Forks; page 3, John Thompson, Forks; Samuel Cowen, Rone Oak; page 4, John Miller, Shenando; John Adams, R. Creek; page 7, John Young, Forks, recording Young's deeds to you; page 8, Andrew McClure, M. River; William Kerr, M. River; page 11, William Robinson, Borden Land; John Thompson, Buffalo; page 12, John Allison, Borden Land; page 13, Joseph McClung, Pastures; page 17, Thomas Paxton, Forks; page 18, John Berry, Jr., Culpeper; Philip Cheef, Culpeper; Michael O'Neal, Culpeper; Philip Stover, Culpeper; Wm. Thompson, North River; page 19, Joseph Blair, Forks; James Gamble, Middle River; page 21, Thomas Black, Weaver; page 23, James CAMPBELL, Argyle; page 24, John Stuart, Staunton; John Grayham, Crooked; William Ramsey, Forks, Reynold's deeds to you, (May); page 25, Thomas Carpenter, Jockey; Robert CAMPBELL, cutler; page 26, John Parks, Borden's Land; Doctor Robert Hamilton; page 31, Robert Young, Forks; page 38, John Stuart, Middle River; page 39, Peter Harmon, Gr. man; page 41, Wm. Wilson, Albemarle; page 44, John Ramsey, South River; Wm. Graham, R. Oak; page 48, Wm Long, South River; page 49, William Hughes, Forks; page 53, Wm. Thompson, Borden Land; Wm. Davis, Philadelphia; page 54, James McAfee, James River; page 57, John McClure, James River; John Hill, North River; Wm. Robinson, Long Meadow; page 62, John Thompson, Carr's Creek; page 72, John Craig, Cub Run; page 73, John Williams, Pastures; John Cunningham, Staunton; page 75, William Fleming, joiner; page 76, John CAMPBELL, Pastures; page 78, James Patterson, taylor; page 79, Edward Price, Forks; page 81, John McClure, North River Shenandoah; Samuel Moore, Staunton; page 82, David Robinson, wheelwright; Charles CAMPBELL, Borden Land; page 83, James Anderson, Long Meadow; page 98, James Buchanan, Borden Land; page 91, Wm. McCutchen, Merchant; page 93, James CAMPBELL, Big James; page 94, John Willey, Carr's Creek; Samuel Henderson, Borden Land; John Dunlap, Calf Pasture; page 95, John Stewart, Borden's Land; James Stewart, Borden's Land; page 97, John Henderson, Middle River; page 98, Capt. Wm. Christian, R. Oak; William Graham, Hallifax, (May), Neeley's Bill Sale to you; page 102, John CAMPBELL, Borden's Land; John Handley, son of William; page 103, James Moore, Walker's Creek; page 107, John Davidson, Bull Pasture; page 108, Henry Long, Forks; page 110, William Davis, South Branch; page 112, George Gibson, Widow's son; Richard Woods, Albemarle; page 113, William Christian, C. Creek; page 114, Samuel Wilson, Pastures; page 115, John Thompson, Roanoke; page 119, John White, Forks; Thomas Paxton, Borden's Land; Herbert McClure, Jr., Borden's Land; page 120, Alex. Walker, Borden's Land; Alex. Walker, wheelwright, Borden's Land; page 121, James Patterson, South River; James Montgomery, Ro. Oak; James Stuart, Pastures; page 122, Robert CAMPBELL, Stone Meeting House; James Cloyd, hunter; John Stevenson, Pastures; Hamilton's deeds to you, (August); page 123, Michael Thorn, and Anthony Reger, Hampshire; page 124, James Beard, North River; John Graham, C. Creek; page 125, Ann Clendenning, (M. John Rogers?); page 128, William Wilson, Jackson's River; Capt. Israel Christian, deeds to your daughter Rosanna, (November); page 129, James Crow, weaver; page 131, John Craig, Middle River; page 133, John Givens, Middle River; page 134, Eliz. Jones, Rob. Jones; page 136, Hugh Murphy, Hampshire; page 138, Anne Moore; page 141, John Poage, Forks; page 142, Enoch Ennis, Hampshire; page 143, Samuel Caldwell, South River; William Johnston, Brushy Neck; John Johnston, Brushy Neck; Andrew Russell, Cr. Creek; page 144, John Davidson, taylor; James Gilmore, near Staunton; Robert Hamilton, Carr's Creek; page 146, John Henderson, R. Oak; Hugh Allen, James River; page 147, James Holles, R. Creek; page 148, Francis Stuart, taylor; John Buchanan, miller; Robert Steel, Borden's Land; page 150, James Bell, Sr., South River; page 152, John Cunningham, near Hart's; page 156, William Davis, Forks; page 157, Michael Thorn, Hampshire.
FEE BOOKS OF AUGUSTA COURT. ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS. page 404 1768--Page 2, William Beard, Borden's Land; James Hays, Carr's Creek; page 3, John Thompson, Borden's Land; James Thompson, Borden's Land; John Wiley, Black; page 4, Thos. Kilpatrick, Car. Creek; page 5, James Anderson, son to John, (March), Donaho's deeds to you; page 8, Abraham Miller, Long Creek, (March), Scot's deeds to you, (November), Bowman's deeds to you; page 9, John Allison, Borden's Land, (March), Borden's deeds to you; page 10, John Stuart, Borden's Land; page 11, Halbert McClure, Jr., Borden's Land; page 13, John Berry, Big John, Forks; John Hall, Forks, (March and August), your father's deeds to you; page 14, John Stuart, Middle River; page 15, John Graham, C. Creek; Samuel Henderson, Borden's Land; page 20, Capt. Wm. Christian, R. Oak, your father's deeds to you; page 23, James Scot, Pastures; page 26, James CAMPBELL, Arguile; page 28, John Hill, North River; page 31, Thomas Paxton, Forks; James McAfee. James River; John Anderson, Middle River; page 32, William Robinson, Long Meadow; page 33, Felix Gilbert, Mount Pilier; page 36, Henry Long, Forks; page 41, John Thompson, Carr's Creek; page 42, John Craig, Cub Run; John Hall, Middle River; page 45, John Stuart, Staunton; page 47, John Craig, Middle River; page 49, James Anderson, deaf, (November), record Anderson's deeds to you; page 50, Capt. Wm. Christian, C. Creek; page 53, James Gamble, shoemaker; page 62, John Allison, Middle River; page 69, Richard Woods, Albemarle; page 73, John Finley, Middle River; page 77, John Thompson, Bufalow; page 81, John Buchanan, weaver; page 82, James Young, Forks; page 83, James Thompson, Long Meadow; John Thompson, Long Meadow; James Anderson, Long Meadow; page 84, James Crow, weaver; John Ramsey, Pastures; page 85, James Bryan, jockey; page 86, James Buchanan, Falls; page 87, James Buchanan, Borden's Land; James Buchanan, pedler; page 89, James Lard, Middle River; John Miller, Long Creek, (May), Monsey's deeds to you; page 90, Andrew McClure, Middle River, (May), Kerr's deeds to you; page 91, John While, Forks, (May), Ramsey's deeds to you; John McClure, James River; page 93, John Stevenson, near Stone Meeting House; page 95, John Ramsey, South River, (May), McClelan's deeds to you; page 94, Margaret Robinson, R. Oak, (May), account your husband's estate; James Cloyd, hunter; page 97. John Davidson, taylor; page 98, William Purveyance, R. Creek; William Anderson, R. Oak; Hugh Allen, James River; page 100, Conrod Coger, Branch; page 102, Nath. Evans, R. Oak; Robert Carlyle, Bull Pasture; page 107, Thomas Black, weaver; page 108, William Wilson, Jackson's River; page 109, Job. Welton, Hampshire; page 110, John Beard, Cow Pasture; page 111, Wm. Christian, son of Sampson; page 117, Wm. McClure, Middle River, (August), Kerr's deeds to you; page 118, James Montgomerie, North Fork Roanoke; page 119, James Gamble, Middle River; Mathew Robertson, Middle River; Alex. Stewart, David Stuart to pay, your father's deeds to you; page 122, Alex. Walker, Stone Meeting House, (August), Recording Smith's Bill Sale; page 123, John Davis, M. Creek; page 124, John Wilson, Jackson's River; page 125, Claudius Bustard, Albemarle; Charles Yancey, Amherst; page 126, John Davis, hunter; page 130, Hugh Allen, Middle River; page 133, Adam Beard, Bedford; page 134, James Thompson, Borden's Land; Wm. Hamilton, Middle River; page 137, James CAMPBELL, Pastures; Robert CAMPBELL, Forks; page 138, John Mitchell, Forks; John Paxton, son of Thomas, (November), your father's deed to you; John Poage, Forks; page 140, Joseph Love, L. Creek, (November), Hughes' deeds to you; James Gilmore, Jr., Forks; James Robinson, James River; John Stuart, Burden's Land, (November), ordered to be levy free; page 141, James Craig, Borden's Land; page 144, William Meldrum, Culpeper; page 147, John Davis, R. Oak; Thomas Parsons, Hampshire; page 148, James Kare, New River; page 149, John Hardin, Frederick; William Thompson, S. Hill; page 150, John Marks, Albemarle; page 152, Robert Young, Caro.; page 153, George Gibson, widow's son; Hugh Hamilton, Caroline.
FEE BOOKS OF AUGUSTA COURT. ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS. page 405 1769--Page 5, John Poage, Forks; John Stuart, Borden's Land; John Thompson, Borden's Land; John White, Forks; page 6, Thomas Bland, Collier's Town; page 7, James Bratton, son Robert; Capt. William Christian, Clear Creek; John Paxton, son Thomas; page 8, John Moore, Walker's Creek; Andrew Hamilton, Jackson's River; John Wiley, Carr's Creek; page 9, James Thompson, Borden's Land; page 10, James McAfee, James River; page 11, Robert CAMPBELL, cutler; page 12, John Thompson, C. Creek; John Brown, C. Pasture; page 13, Charles Lynch, Bedford; page 16, James Anderson, Borden's Land; page 17, John CAMPBELL, Forks; William Robertson, Long Meadow; page 18, James Alexander, L. Glade; page 19, John Stuart, Middle River; page 20, John Craig; North River; page 21, James Carr, black smith; page 26, Robert Carlile, B. Pasture; page 27, James Anderson, Long Meadow; page 29, John Stuart, Staunton; page 31, William Christian, son of Sampson; page 33, John Hutcheson, C. Creek; page 35, John Craig, Cub Run; Henry Miller, Shenando; page 42, James Gamwell, shoemaker; page 49, John Anderson, elder; page 52. John Craig, Middle River; page 56, James Ewing, James River; page 57, Nathanial Evans, R. Oak; page 61, Rev. John Kinkade; page 67, Robert Armstrong, James River; page 73, Henry Long, Forks; page 74, Andrew Crocket, Pastures; page 79, James Thompson, Sr., Borden's Land; page 83, Thomas Black, weaver; page 88, Abraham Miller, Long Creek; James Laird, Middle River; Robert Brown, R. Oak; page 91, Robert Reed, Middle River; page 94, James Buchanan, Falls; page 96, James Gilmore, near Staunton; page 100, David McClenachan, Frederick; page 101, William Spiller, King William; John McClure, North River; page 102, John Marks, Albemarle; page 105, Samuel Pritchard, Frederick; page 106, George Gibson, widow's son; page 107, John Ramsey, Pastures; page 108, William CAMPBELL, Lick; page 109, John Thompson, Red Oak; page 110, James Bryans, jockey; page 112, James Buchanan, weaver; page 116, John Lincoln, L. Creek; page 118, Henry Miller, L. Creek; page 119, Vincent Glass, Bedford; page 120, Samuel Gest, Hanover; page 121, John Moffet, Forks; Charles Radden, Forks; page 123, Job. Welton, Hampshire; page 124, William Hughes, Frederick; page 128, John Neeley, son of James; page 129, William Hamilton, Middle River; page 131, Joseph Looney, copy agreement between your father and brothers; page 132, John McClure, James River; page 133, Alexander Walker, wheelwright; John CAMPBELL, brother to Pat, recording Vance's deeds to you; page 134, William McClure, Forks, (June), recording McClure's deeds to you; page 137, John Allison, Middle River; page 138, Capt. John Robinson, R. Oak; page 139, James Patterson, sadler; John Wiley, New River, (June), recording Wiley's deeds to you; page 140, William Robinson, Jackson's River, (June), recording Reah's deeds to you; Thomas Stevenson, James River, (June), recording Buchanan's and Thompson's deeds to you; page 141, James Young, Forks; page 132, John Hill, New River; page 153, James CAMPBELL, Big James; pages 157, James Bryans, Roak; page 160, John Logan, James River, (August), Logan's deeds to you. John Henderson, son Samuel, (August), Henderson's deeds to you; page 161, Hugh Allen, James River, vs. Worley, (August), 2 suits, John Henderson, son of John; page 162, Henry Bagley, Hampshire; page 163. William Alexander, Borden's Land; page 164, James Young, Forks; page 164, John Buchanan, miller; James Carr, North River; page 165, James Brown, weaver; page 167, Doctor Robert Brown; Adam Boyle, Culpeper; page 169, Isaac Read, Bedford; page 170, James Kerr, smith; page 171, James Cloyd, hunter; James Bryans, millwright; Gabriel Penn, Amherst; page 172, John Graham, C. Creek; page 173, Robert CAMPBELL, Forks; page 176, William Thompson, North River; page 177, William Gragg, Albemarle; Robert Brown, Commodore; James Stewart, taylor; page 178, William Anderson, Middle River; page 179, William McCutchen, Merchant; Andrew Crockett, North River; page 182, James Patterson, South River; John Montgomery, Reed Creek; page 183, Samuel McClure, son of John, James River, (October), McClure's deeds to you; page 184, Alexander White, Frederick, (October), Wood's deeds to you; page 185, Samuel Henderson, Dry River; John Graham, Pastures, (October), Blair's mortgage to you; page 188, James Gay, an infant; page 189, John McCollock, Albemarle; Joseph Watson, Frederick; page 198, Doctor John (Sharp) Watkins; page 200, William Fulton, schoolmaster; page 201, Samuel Crocket, Bedford; Thomas Underwood, Hanover.
FEE BOOKS OF AUGUSTA COURT. ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS. page 408 1775--Page 5, William Alexander, Merchant; Alexander McCoskry, Borden's Land; page 6, James Bratton, blacksmith; John Davis, hunter; page 8, Michael Mannon, son of William; John Willson, Jackson's River; page 9, William Porter, C. Cr.; Joseph Weir, Borden's Land; page 10, Joseph Bennett, Jr., South Branch; page 12, John Finley, Middle River; page 16, Mary Willson, (married?), Hempenstall, (March), recording Willson's Inventory; page 19, Ludwick Francisco, Botetourt; page 20, Robert McFarland, son of Robert; Andrew Skidmore, South Branch; page 20, John Paxton, Botetourt; William Mann, Botetourt; page 22, George Coile, South Branch, (November), Skelton's deeds to you; page 29, James Ramsey, son of John, (November), your father's deeds to you; page 31, John Hiner, Bull Pasture, (November), Devil's deeds to you; David Robinson, Linvell's Creek, (November), James Robinson's deeds to you; page 32, William Lockhart, Botetourt, (November), Olinger's mortgage to you; page 36, Robert Reed, barber; page 37, Joseph Jefferson, Long Glade; page 38, John Caldwell, South River; John Reaburn, Stone Meeting House; William Dunlop, Middle River; William Smith, Tyger's Valley; John Graham, Christian's Creek; Thomas Kinkade, Pastures; John Burnsides, Stone Meeting House; page 39, James Reah, Mill Creek, between Calf and Cow Pastures; George Elliot, Borden's Land; David Williamson, Borden's Land; Joseph Waughub, Pastures; John Hamilton, Tyger's Valley; Moses McClure, B. L.; Henry McClung, B. L.; Robert Fearis, B. L.; Jacob Warwick, Greenbrier; Andrew Taylor, B. L.; page 40, Robert Coulton, B. L.; Hugh CAMPBELL, Naked Creek; John Hill, B. L.; Samuel Erwin, Dry River; page 41, John Slavin, Jackson's River; John Craig, Borden's Land; James Boyles, Borden's Land; Conrad Humble, Brock Gap; James Kerk, Jenning's Gap; James Craig, South River; James Brownlee, Timber Ridge; John Thomas, Brock Gap; James Wallace, Walker's Creek, B. L.; page 42, Thomas Bradshaw, Jr., Moffett's Creek; William Patterson, R-fish Gap; John Dunlop, Pastures; George Anderson, Middle River, Fees kept in; Abraham Hite, Hampshire; Andrew Donnerley, Botetourt; Isaac Zane, Frederick, Fees kept in; William Poage, Fincastle; John Hite, Jr., Frederick; William Crow, Botetourt.
FEE BOOKS OF AUGUSTA COURT. ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS. page 409 1779--Page 2, Francis Gardner, infant; page 18, John Miller, near Staunton; page 39, Elizabeth Fleming, infant; page 61, John Ramsey, Pastures; John Allison, B. Land; Page 76, James Kerr, B. Smith; page 85, Dr. John Connerly, Bad; page 88, Mary Wilson, now Mary Hemplenstall; page 89, Robert Reed, barber; page 90, Robert Reah, infant; page 101, Alex. McKinny, Jr., hatter; page 102, Frances Burnsides, infant; page 106, James Allen and Jane Craig, late Jane Allen, and administratrix of Hugh Allen, deceased; page 112, John Summers, Hugh Allen and Jane, his wife, executors of Paul Whitely, deceased; James Trotter, weaver; page 121, John Smith, Ab. son; page 126, Henry Mitchell, Fredericksburg; page 130, William Downing, infant; James Anderson, Philadelphia; page 131, Barbara Grass. late Barbara Bosang, administratrix of David Bosang, deceased; page 134, William Hacker, T. Valley; page 135, Robert Carrol, taylor; John Ramsey, South River; Will. Bell, North Mountain; page 139, John Bell, South River; page 140, Alex. Kirk, O. Cert. your services as a soldier; page 141, Wm. Fleming, Staunton; Mary Dunwoody, infant; page 143, William CAMPBELL, North River.
FEE BOOKS OF AUGUSTA COURT. ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS. page 410 1780--Page 2, William Blair, Staunton; page 3, John Allison, Burden's Land; page 6, William Blair, N. Creek; page 7, John Berry, B. Creek; page 9, Henry McElvaney, Bad; page 15, Jacob Teaford, alias Hilford; page 20, William Hawkins, hatter; page 21, John Miller, near Staunton; Daniel Joseph, Jew; Elizabeth Fleming, infant; page 22, Francis Gardner, infant; page 27, John Price, Staunton; page 36, Samuel Haws (Haus), alias Hays; page 37, Samuel Anderson, Little; page 42, Henry Bosman, alias Pouchman; Henry Pouchman, alias Bosman; page 45, Robert Reah, infant; page 47, Frances Burnsides, infant; page 48, Henry Miller, Iron Man; Hugh Allen and Jane, his wife, executors Paul Whitely; page 56, Ann Searight, infant, George Seawright to pay; page 57, John Ramsey, Pastures; page 59, Peter Wilson, soldier; page 60, Joseph Tyler, alias Taylor; Joseph Tayler, alias Tyler, (August), Morrow's deeds to you; page 62, William Scott, Fuller, (August), Trotter's deeds to you; page 63, Henry Howard, hatter; page 63, John Burnsides, Jr., Greenbrier; page 66, John CAMPBELL, hatter; William Scott, taylor; page 67, James Poage, son of John; page 69, William Fleming, Staunton; page 74, Joseph Bee, alias Beath; Joseph Beath, alias Bee; page 76, William Pollage, Beverley Manor; page 77, Moses Moore, Greenbrier; James Bell, S. Rivers; page 78, Robert Sterret, Back Creek.
FEE BOOKS OF AUGUSTA COURT. ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS. page 411 1785--Page 1, orphans bound by order; (March), Mary Scott, 19 years old last August; Lewis Spearman, 14 years old, to Peter Grass; (February), Betsy Bell, daughter of Agness Wood; (March), the children of widow Dabage; (May), Sarah Hatfield to John Hooper, Mary Moody to William Blair, Ally Peery, daughter of Jane Peery; (August), Henry Hatwell, son Mansfield Hatwell, deceased, aged 10 1/2 years; Andrew McKnight, son of Margaret McKnight; (Sepetember), Cathrine Reid, daughter of Barbara Reed; (November), John Norwood, son of Jinney Kindred; Elizabeth Boyle to Isabella Burnes, aged 14 years; (December), James Hunter to John Dalhouse, Abraham Laywell to Jacob Peck, Henry Cease (aged 6 years, 3 months) to Francis Huff; Peter Reed (aged 7 years, 20th April last) to Abram Grove; page 7, Edward Erwin, Mossey Creek; page 8, Dennis Lanachan and Margaret, his wife, late Cravens, executrix of John Cravens; page 10, Archer Mathews, Greenbrier; page 13, Christopher Bryants, Greenbrier; page 18, Benjamin Yeorly (or Yardly); page 24. William Allen, Kentucky; page 29, William Lyle, Rockbridge; page 33, David Pinkerton, infant; page 36, Archibald Rhea, Rockbridge; page 39, William Allen, Smoky Row; page 43, James Nealy, Rockbridge; page 44, Samuel Todd, Botetourt; page 45, John Pope, Jr., Amherst; page 47, John Lewis, Warm Springs; page 51, Philip Bowman, a foreigner; page 53, James Bruister, Rockingham; page 55, Christopher Bryan, Greenbrier; page --, Captain James Bratton; page 58, George Clendenning, Greenbrier; page 59, John CAMPBELL, Pennsylvania; page 60, Reuben Coutts, Richmond; page 61, William Crow, Botetourt; page 64, Thomas Smith, Major; page 66, Francis Eccord, infant; pages 114-68, William Young, smith; page 71, John Oliver, Captain; page 78, Thomas Madison, Botetourt; page 80, James Peyton, or Pedan; James Pedan, or Peyton; page 87, Andrew Reid, Rockbridge; page 109, Robert Shaw, Rockbridge; page 110, Michael Deck, Rockingham; page 113, David Harnett, Rockingham; page 114, Alex. Nelson. Richmond; page 121, John McNutt, Rockbridge; page 128, Alex. Thompson, Colonel; page 129, Stephen May, Botetourt; page 130, John Lewis, Warm Springs; page 133, Hugh Kelso, Rockbridge; page 135, John Anderson, Woodstock; page 136, James Huston, Greenbrier; pages 141-136, William Elliott, Amherst; page 138, John Stuart, Greenbrier; page --, Gawin Hamilton, Rockingham; John Thomas, Rockingham; page 139, Goodman Barksdale, Albemarle; page 141, Henry Gay, Rockbridge; James Bohanan, Jackson's River; John Crawford, North Mountain; page 148, William Allen, N. M. (Point); page 156, John Bell, eldest son of James Bell, deceased, and Agness Bell, executor of said James.
FEE BOOKS OF AUGUSTA COURT. ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS. page 412 1788--Page 13, George Kinkead, Greenbrier; page 14, John Ware, Goochland; page 14, Frances Hamilton, infant; page 18, William Blair, B. T.; page 20, Samuel McChesney, Rockbridge, page 21, John Brown, North Mountain; page 29, James Wallace, Albemarle; page 31, John Brown, merchant; page 34, James Divier, Rockingham; page 38, John Mackall, Rockingham; page 39, Richard Woods, Albemarle; page 40, James Lockridge, infant; page 44, Robert Thompson, Tinkling Spring; page 45, William Crow, Botetourt; page 46, Thomas Lewis, Rockingham; John CAMPBELL, Philadelphia; John Poage, Jr., Botetourt; James Bell, Captain; page 49, Barbara Walker, infant; page 50, John Johnston, Zach's son; page 51, William Young, smith; page 52, Isaac Duffield, infant; William Lewis, Sweet Springs; page 53, Thomas Bland, Pendleton; James Buchanan, Rockbridge; Ann Kyle, infant; page 57, John Stuart, Middle River; page 59, George Wilson, Rockbridge; page 61, Henry CAMPBELL, Rockbridge; page 62, William Allen, Botetourt; page 63, Philip Bush, Winchester; page 64, Hugh CAMPBELL, Rockbridge; page 66, John McClung, Cowpasture; ---- Moore, Cowpasture; page 69, Abraham Hamilton, G. B.; William Wilson, Ditcher; page 70, Andrew Moore, Rockbridge; John Lewis, W. S.; John Tyler, Charles City; page 71, Robert McCullough, merchant; page 72, Alex. Thompson, Colonel; page 73, Robert Gray, Staunton; page --, William Frogg, Greenbrier; John Rodgers, Greenbrier; page 74, William Bluford, alias Will, a mulatto; George Skillern, Botetourt; page 75, William Ward, Greenbrier; Thomas Edgar, Greenbrier; Thomas West, Albemarle; page 76, Joseph Henry, Richmond; Richard Wood, Alb.; page 79, Robert Allen, Kentucky; CAMPBELL and McNare, Philadelphia; Francis Kirtley, Rockingham; page 79, Zechariah Estill and Rebecca, his wife, administrators of John Estill, deceased; page 80, William Allen, Kentucky; page 82, Margaret Reed, Staunton; page 83, Andrew Lewis, Botetourt; page 84, George Divers, Albemarle; Samuel Archibald, Richmond; page 85, William Bell, North Mountain; page 86, Alex. Stuart, Rockbridge; James Heron, Richmond City; page 87, John Deardoff, Pennsylvania; Joseph Moore, Rockbridge; page 88, Dr. William Gross; page 91, John Montgomery, Pastures; page 93, Doctor James McChesney.


DELINQUENTS. ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS. page 413 1748--John Allen, gone to Carolina; Wm. Armstrong, Constable; Wm. Alexander, not found; Wm. Boile, not found; Moses Brown, not found; Robert Gamble, gone to Carolina; Joseph Hallow, not found; Felix Kennedy, not found; Felix Kennedy's son, not found; John Kennedy, gone; Edward Hyns, gone to Carolina; James Carter, gone to Carolina; Thos. Thornberry, runaway; Joseph Walker, gone to Carolina; Isaims Calach, gone to Carolina; Edw'd Aharkin, not found; Joseph Alkin, not found; John Ball, not found; Rob't Burnside, not found; Thos. Bues, Constable; Joseph Ball, not found; Chas. Beaty, gone to Carolina; Thos. Carson, gone to Carolina; James Calahan, not found; Nathan Clan, not found; Sam'l CAMPBELL, not found; Arch'd Crockett, under age; Frederick Carlock, not found; Bathaser Cupp, not found; Philip Cable, runaway; David Dryden, Constable; Rob't Davis, not found; John Dickson, not found; Henry Dunkhart, not found; Jno. Edmiston, Constable; Thos. Eliot, not found; Henry Erwin, not found; Walace Ashton, Constable; Mich'l Fitzgeril, not found; Rob't Fryar, not found; Sam'l Forgeson, not found; David Goloway, not found; John Givens, not found; Stephen Holston, not found; Benj. Hardin, twice charged; Thos. Judson, not found; Wm. Johnston, no effects; Jacob Johnston, not found; Rob't Kinkade, not found; Wm. Lockrage, Constable; Robert Lowry, twice charged; Ralph Laferty, Constable; John Looney, twice charged; Wm. McCreery, not found; Geo. Belfenberger, not found; Wandle Brown, twice charged; Sam'l Barkley, not found; David Crage, not found; Michael Catts, not found; Thos. Brown, not found; Wm. Calfen, not found; John Armstrong, Quaker; John McClewrath, not found; Andrew McCeny, not found; Wm. Maxanders, not found; Richard Nelson, not found; George Renix, gone to Carolina; Jno. Henderson, Constable; Rob't Stevenson, Constable; Uriah Shadwick, gone to Carolina; James Mills, not found; Abraham Mire, not found; Sam'l Martin, not found; Wm. Martial, twice charged; Lawrence Morein, runaway; Hugh Donel, runaway; James Moore, not found; Wm. McClennay, not found; John McCewn, Constable; Andrew Manley, not found; Hugh McBride, not found; John Mire, not found; James Mitchell and son, not found; John Dulph, not found; Jacob Rhodes, not found; Rob't Robinson, not found; John Ramsey, Constable; Thos. Ramsey, not found; Josiah Ramsey, not found; Precila Reves, not found; Richard Robinson, not found; Richard Robinson, Jr., not found; Isaac Robinson, not found; Jacob Robinson, not found; Wm. Robinson, twice charged; Wm. Smith, twice charged; Ro. Stephenson, not found; Silas Stephenson, no effects; Jno. Shit the Helve, gone; Wm. Sayers, runaway; Cornelius Toland, not found; Wm. Twany, runaway; Wm. Wright, not found; Chas. Whiteker, not found; Bryant White, not found; Jno. Warwick, twice charged; Walter Welsh, not found; Chas. Welsh, not found; Thos. Wright, not found; Daniel Alen, not found; Jno. Barnhisle, not found; Wm. Jackson, not found; Rob't Brooks, not found; Reuben Begard, not found; Mathew Jones, not found; Jno. Keny, twice charged; Wm. Knowles, not found; Henry Lawrence, not found; Rudy Luther, not found; John Lynn, twice charged; Jas. McClooney, not found; Jno. Chick, not found; Dan'l Cumings, not found; Petter Caldy, not found; David Carlock, not found; Huncriff Carlock, twice charged; Jno. Cravens, Constable; Geo. Calfenberger, not found; Jno. Chesewood, not found; Wm. Dodson, not found; Jno. Dunkill, not found; Jno. Davis, Constable; Roger Dyer, twice charged; Wm. Dyer, twice charged; Thos. Dove, twice charged; Jno. Dunkan, twice charged; Petter Dyer, not found; David Evens, twice charged; Geo. Furbush, not found; Rich'd Field, no effects; Christian Evick, twice charged; Jno. Ewick, twice charged; Henry Harris, not found; Wm. Hosk, twice charged; Wm. Harild, twice charged; Jno. Harild, not found; Rich'd Haril, twice charged; Robt. Hull, not found; Wm. Hull, not found; Wm. Hankins, not found; Christian Hoover, not found; Isiah Herison, not found; Joseph Herison, twice charged; Christian Houser, twice charged; George Hunt, twice charged; Petter Huse, twice charged; George Hagar, not found; Philip Jones, not found; Petter Skeen, not found; Wm. Stephenson, twice charged; Jacob Siver, not found; Adam Shoop, not found; Marus Swadley, not found; Jno. Smith, twice charged; Jacob Siver, twice charged; Adam Stroop, twice charged; Jeremiah Wriht, not found; Jacob Wagoner, not found; Jno. Williams, not found; Wm. Walling, no effects; James McCuell, not found; James McDaniel, twice charged; Petter Mosey, twice charged; Geo. Mires, twice charged; Jno. Maniken, not found; Pat. Morin, no effects; Wm. Mark, not found; Geo. Neel, no effects; Jno. Overback, not found; Aron Oliver, not found; Geo. Larson, not found; Stephen Philips, not found; Jno. Pickens, not found; Jacob Patton, not found; Jacob Peterson, Jr., not found; Martin Petterson, not found; John Patton, twice charged; Mathew Patton, twice charged; Jno. Patton, Jr., twice charged; Sam'l Patton, twice charged; Mich'l Props, twice charged; Robert Patrick, Constable; Charles Paterick, twice charged; Jacob Patterson, twice charged; Jacob Patterson, Jr., twice charged; Martin Patterson, twice charged; Chas. Quella, twice charged; Jno. Rudle, Jr., Constable; Gilbert Reed, twice charged; Petter Snider, not found; Jno. Snider, not found; Adam Stump, not found; Adam Sherrill, not found; Sam'l Sherrill, not found; Adam Sherrill, Jr., not found; Wm. Sherrill, not found; Abraham Sherrill, not found; Ro. Scarborough, not found; Felty Thorn, not found; James Taylor, not found; Wm. Taylor, twice charged; Wm. Taylor, not found; Jno. Noly, not found; Joseph Weest, not found; Jno. Wood, not found; Stephen Wright, not found; John Waker, twice charged; Jno. Wallace, no effects; Wm. Williams and his negro, not found.
DELINQUENTS. ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS. page 417 Jno. Hinds, Constabie; Dan. Kidney, Constable; Sam. Carr, twice charged; Ro. Moody, Constable; Ro. Gibson, Constable; Jno. Malkom, Constable; Jno. McGill, twice charged; Gabriel Pickens, twice charged; Joseph Wright, twice charged; Jno. Berry, not found; John Johnson, twice charged; Wm. Mahart, not found; Jno. McAnture, not found; Jno. Woods, not found; Hugh Diver, twice charged; Dan'l McNight, no estate; James McClay, runaway; Jno. Row, runaway; James Ramsey, not found; Elijah Skidmore, not found; Elijah Shipman, not found; Dan'l Stevenson, not found; James Stevenson, not found; Dan'l Stringham, twice charged; Jno. Summer, not found; Christ'r Thompson, twice charged; Repentance Townsend, no estate; Wm. Willson, not found; Wm. Anderson, not found; Jno. Berry, not found; Wm. Akrey, runaway; Wm. Bishop, twice charged; Jno. Black, twice charged; Francis Beatty, runaway; Wm. Burk, not found; Thos. Branan, twice charged; Wm. Matpens, not found; James Miller, not in this County; James Miller, Jr., not in this County; Wm. Machart, not found; Jno. McKinney, twice charged; Sam. Mountgomery, twice charged; Pat McConnal, not found; Rich'd Pilson, twice charged; Robt. Patrick, twice charged; James Reed, not found; David Richards, no estate; David Robinson, not found; Francess Trout, not found; Major Scott, no estate; Wm. Stanton, not found; Robt. Scott, no estate; Jno. Trimble, twice charged; Jno. Vance, twice charged; Thos. Weast, not in this County; Sam. Wilson, twice charged; Jno. Watman, not found; Wm. Williams, runaway; Geo. Breckinridge, twice charged; Wm. Bell, twice charged; John Cosby, twice charged; Andrew Carr, twice charged; Jno. Malkom, twice charged; Jno. McClure, twice charged; Isaac White, Constable; Jas. McCutchen, Constable; Sam. Doak, Constable; Brice Russell, twice charged; Abraham Smith, twice charged; John Smith, runaway; James Black, twice charged; Jno. Black, Jr., twice charged; Andrew Criswell, not in ye County; Alex. Richey, twice charged; Jno. Trimble, twice charged; James Anderson, twice charged; Daniel Devourex, Jno. Dorbin, George Douther, Joseph English, Robt. Fulton, Mich'l Goodnight, David Gallaway, Rob. Givens. David Honey, James Johnston, Chas. Knight, George Martin, James Montgomery, Jno. Montgomery, Ro. McConnel, Jno. Mitchell, Samuel Moore, Wm. McKnight, Philip Ohaghey, Jacob Pannon. Joseph Richey, Mark Stellet, Jno. Scott, Edw'd Thomson, Thos. Wright, Petter Wood, Geo. Waggoner, Jno. Welsh, Sam'l Ferguson, Jno. Montgomery, Robt. Orr, Rob. Pepper, Jas. Price, Jno. Potts, Geo. Reed, Jno. Reed, Wm. Robison, Jno. Stalcob, Jas. Scoot, widow Slone, Jno. Swindiman, Joseph Simmins, Cornelius Toland, in Bedford; Jno. Thomas, runaway; old Mr. Terry, Francis Weafer, Wm. Walker, Jas. Wallace, Hanes Windeldraugh, Arch. Armstrong, Ro. Adear, George Bush, Wm. Burrent, Ezenias Carpenter and Zopher, no estate; Rich'd Collins, James Clemmens, Adam Erick Bright, Jno. Carson, New River; Wm. Carvin, Jr.; Christian, ye gunsmith; Cuthrie, ye hunter; Cornelis Denskill; Cornelius Donohoo, Hugh Donely, Robt. Duffie, Andrew Elliot, Sam'l Ferguson, Ro. Galloway, Rich'd Gregory, Alex. Hamilton, Valentine Hart, Adam Jorden, Thos. Mulbam, Jno. Martin, Ro. Montgomery (Sr. and Jr.), Jno. Muldrough, James McCay, Jno. McCappin, Moses Man, Wm. Miller, Jacob Petters, Lofty Pullin, Eldad Reed, Frederick Stull, Dan'l Shaw, Jno. Taylor, Jno. Wood, Jno. Warnock, Jno. Williams, Mich'l Wallace, Jno. Martin, Wm. Miller, Craig's Creek; Benj. Ogle, Jacob Patton, Wm. Plummer, Geo. Patterson, Chas. Robison, Wm. Richey, Mat. Shandon, Henry Swilard, Jas. Slone, Geo. Stroke, Mathew Shedder, Jno. Taylor, Wm. Thompson, New River; George Troulean, Thos. Loudovick, Jno. Wood, Elish Williams, Wiser Wildrick, Rice Watkins, James Angling, Arch'd Boreland, James Barten, Joseph Carpenter, Wm. Carlile, Jno. Buckingham, Plia Barber, Malcolm CAMPBELL, Constable; Jno. Craford, Wm. Cleghorn, Jno. Davis, no estate; Jno. Donely, Pat Donney, Wm. Englis, Constable; George Fredly, Graham, ye shoemaker; Hugh Gibson, Jeremiah Green, Thos. Hill, Geo. Hufman, James Humptrumlet, Conned Harkey, Benj. Hatter, Alex. Ingrim, Jas. Phillip, Richard Carr, Thos. Lutenton, Jas. Latherdale, old Loudevick, James McBride, Wm. Murphy, Jas. Moore, John McGoning, Jas. Montgomery, Francis Beatey, Rob. CAMPBELL, Ro. Gray, Thos. Huston, Benj. Kimsey, Jno. Lusk, Thos McMurray, Jno. McCormick, Wm. Moody, Sam. McCutison, Robt. Robison, Jno. Scot, Benj. Thomson, Jas. Bailey, Edward Bishop, Andrew Duncan, James Blare, Joseph Clark, Israel Cunningham, Jas. Davis, James Hemphill, Pat McCandrick, James Miles, Chas. McKeal, James McKee, Dan'l Sullivin, Jno. Thomason, Wm. Akers, Tobias Bright, Albertus Bright. Wm. Boner, Jas. Bryen, James Neely, Wm. Hunter, David Galloway, Andrew Davis, in Bedford; Jno. English, Wm. Gorrel, Arsbald Graham, Paul Garrison, Andrew Gaughagan, Aron Hart, Wm. Habeson, Jas. Hemphill, Hendry Houston, Elisha Isaac, Petter Asper, Jno. King, Adam Lidea, Francis Livers, Thos. Looney, Thos. Lee, Joseph McDonald, James McAfee, Thos. Moore, Luke McShierie, Andrew Brown, Jno. Clemmens, Wm. Edmiston, Samuel Huston, Edw'd Harkens, Jas. Kently, Jas. Lusk, Jno. McCutchin, James McAfee, Thos. McSpaddon, Jno. Putt, Wm. Robison, Jas. Trimble, Jno. Alford, Jno. Berrisford, Jas. Bratton, Rich'd Bruch, Thos. Camp, Gilbert Crawford, Jno. Keer, James Fraiser, Hugh Lisk, Joshua Mathews, James McCord, Jno. McKee, Richard Rush, Jno. Smiley, Jas. Willson, Jno. Briggs, Jas. Bright, Ro. Bryans, Rob. Bryen, Mathew Linsey, Edward Moore, runaway; James and John Hunter.
DELINQUENTS. ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS. page 418 1756--Between Borden's Line and ye Courthouse, from Mountain to Mountain: George Berry, twice returned; David Doak, Constable; Barnet Finley, listed soldier; Jno. Henderson, Constable; Benj. Lewis, Robt. Ritchey, Jno. Young, Constable; Jos. Bell, twice returned; Wm. Chooks, Chas. Dickson, Robt. Gilkison, Constable; Edward Hall, twice returned; John Harry, Dan'l Kidd, Constable; Robt. Moore, Jno. Nicholas, twice returned; Jas. Orrey, John Hamilton, Constable; Andrew Cowen, twice returned; Jas. Dovin, not found; Hugh Fulton and brother, Ure Love, Hugh Nanson, David Richards, Wm. Armstrong, twice returned; George CAMPBELL, listed soldier; Colby Tue, Nath'l Fibs, no distress; Thos. Gardner, twice returned; Jno. Hogshead, twice returned; Jas. Craige, Constable; Jno. McCay, Constable; Wm. Mathews, twice returned; Thos. Thompson, Andrew CAMPBELL, Constable.
DELINQUENTS. ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS. page 419 1766--Mr. Gilbert's list: Francis Bishop, not found, one; Wm. Bowhannon, not found, one; Wm. CAMPBELL, not found, one; Robt. Eastham, no estate, three; David Glasburner, not found, one; Robert Jones. not found, one; Jacob Miller, twice charged, one; Cellun Price, not found, one; John White, not found, three; Jno. Breading, no estate, one; Volintine Boyers, not in this county when listed; Martin Crawford, not found, one; James Fowler, Constable, one; Sam Isham, not found, one; Henry Lung, gone to Carolina, one; Henry Miller, overcharged, one; Jacob Shull, twice charged, one.
DELINQUENTS. ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS. page 420 1767--Col. Preston's list: Geo. Alexander, Jno. Bradley, Henry Carter, runaway; Joseph Barker, runaway; James Crawford, Peter Cutright, runaway; Walter Carrick, runaway; Jno. Clark, Sam'l Cowan, Henry Dooley, Jno. Ager, Jas. Gilliland, runaway; Thos. Howell, runaway; Wm. Herbison, Jr., wrong named; Jno. Kirkland, Wm. Longly, Jno. Lowry, Jno. and Thos. Martin, Abraham Moon, Jno. Potts, Wm. Robinson, Benj. Robottom, runaway; Thos. Scott, Wm. Terry, Jas. Wattson, James Alexander, Elias Barker, runaway; Thos. and Wm. Brown, James Clark, John Cantly, Daniel CAMPBELL, James Cowan, runaway; Alex. Covit, Wm. Devin, runaway; John Dunn, Alex. Forbus, runaway; Joseph Glading, Wm. Hungate, no inhabitant; Geo. Inglebird, Lemuel Sanders, Thomas Lewis, Philip Love, David Magee, Jno. Neilly, doctor; Drury Puckett, Rich'd Reed, Nicholas Smith, runaway; Jno. Taylor, Edw'd Wilson.
DELINQUENTS. ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS. page 420 1767--Constables: Fras Graham, Jno. Griffith, Jos. Dennis, Thos. Cartmil, Solomon Carpenter, Wm. Jemmison, Jno. Clark, Charles CAMPBELL, Wm. McMullen, Wm. Paxton, Hugh Hicklin, James Young.
DELINQUENTS. ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS. page 420 1767--Lists of Supernumeraries: James Henry, Mathew Ralston, Jno. Bowin, Robt. Armstrong, James Akin, David Tate, Edw'd McMullen, Thos. Hicklin, Sam'l Hodge, Pat Lowry, Wm. McMurry, Jas. Lauderdale, Jno. Hodge, Jno. Kinkead, James Simpson, James McCoy, Chas. Lewis, James Robinson, Jno. Henderson, Wm. Hugart, Wm. Feemster, Wm. Blanton, Thos. Willson, Jno. Lowry, Sam CAMPBELL, David Smith, Robt. Kilpatrick, Robert Guinn, Wm. Martin, Wm. Lowry, Thomas King, Geo. Jemison, Sam'l Lawrence, Peter Right, Wm. Black, Jos. McDonald, Benj. Watson, Henry Bowin, Mary Glass, Sam'l McCrackin, Andrew Hamilton.
DELINQUENTS. ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS. page 421 A list of levys returned bad by John Smith for 1773-1774: William Amil, Hugh Brown, Geo. Wm. Downs, Wm. Erwin, Robert Herslit, Andrew Marchell, John Chism, Sam'l Erwin, twice returned; James Hockens, Mark Haden, George Jones, Thos. Mathews, Neal McMullen, Robert CAMPBELL, twice returned; John Welch, James Brown, Cxxxchy John, John McCoy, John Michel, David Martain, Nicklis Sallis, Robert Stephen, Dunchan McGrary, CAMPBELL McColly, Francis Bowry, James Best, John Burger, James Scott, William Koles, Edward Nost, Michel McMaster, John Willay, Francis Brown, twice returned; John Crookshanks, James Dobbens, James Graham, Wm. McGill, twice returned; Chas. Conselven, Peter Counts, Abram Goodpaster, Anthony Foegale, John Reed, Cornelius Suliven, John Thomas, John Allison, twice returned; George CAMPBELL, Thos. Dunbarr, John Erwin, Negro Moll, Wm. Wallace, Jno. Counrodright, Robert Ebison, Dabney Harris, Robert Love, James Demsay, Jno. Hunt, James Kerr, Wheilly Newby, James Porterfield, James Kenny, twice returned; Jno. Johnston, Jno. Rothwell, James Patterson, twice returned; Jacob Grass, Jr., twice returned.
DELINQUENTS. ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS. page 421 Supernumeraries collected by John Smith for 1774. Peter Black, Charles Erwin, John Frame, Archable Kilkison, James Look, Andrew Marten, Wm. Ralston, Moses Samples, Joseph Wright, John Collens Wm. Mathers, Wm. Craige, Archable Cunningham, Robert Moday, John Allen, Joseph Colter, Joseph Bell, Able Griffa, John Yancy, Dan O'Neel, Adam Wall, Hugh CAMPBELL, Jr.; Wm. Frame Sxxx xxx Williams, George Bowsell, Joseph CAMPBELL, John Patterson, Sxxx Rogers, Thomas Armstrong, Edward Beard, Hennery Harlis, Zachariah Smith, Sam'l Fraziexxx, Edward Hall, Jesse Jackson, Zachariah xxx, James Lansbee, Dan'l Mackoneer, Adam Reaburn, Henry Reabxxx xxxvid Bosang, Sam'l Wright.
DELINQUENTS. ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS. page 422 Delinquents, Augusta County Levy for 1779: Amos Butt, he has nothing; Eanos Bigham, gone; John Beard, gone; Jacob Butt, gone to Kanawho, army; James Call, soldier in army; Hugh CAMPBELL, Rockingham; John Cool, gone; Joseph Curry, gone; Thomas Cork (Cash?), gone; James Curry, gone; Anthony Eaton, gone; Owen Ellis, gone; Mathew Glaves, Rockingham; Charles Haris, gone; Robert Halowday, gone; Ralph Jerrerson, gone; John Lockery, gone to army; Wm. Lushby, gone; Ralph Loftus, Rockingham; James Larkin, Rockingham; George Lowther, South Branch; James McKee, gone; Benj. Morgeson, gone; Rodger Morning, gone; John Mitchell, gone, listed; David McNeeley (3 tithables), gone; George Mabury, gone to Maryland; Solomon Alexander, gone, soldier; Wm. Oldham, gone to Greenbrier; John Patterson, one wrong charged; Abram Phorsyth, gone to Mer; Jacob Phorsyth, gone to Mer; Wm. Ross, John Stevenson, gone; Thomas Ryan, gone; John Sams, gone; Thomas Stewart, gone; Thomas Stanton, exempt; John Strickland, not found; David Scarce, gone; Christopher Sower, not found; Adam Thompson (4 tithables), gone; Richard Trotter, gone to army; John Towell, gone to army; Joseph Willson, Rockingham; Robert Willson, not found; Richard Holyman, gone to army; Lazarus Inman, gone to Rockbridge; Jobe Fletcher, gone; Moses Martin, gone; Abraham Phorsith, gone to Maryland; Jacob Phorsith, gone to Maryland; John Buster, gone to Albemarle; David Claxton, gone to Albemarle; Wm. Cosby, gone; Michael Daughrty, gone; Jacob Butt, gone to ye war; John Buster, gone to Alabama; George Barnes, gone to Alabama; Thomas Blair, gone to Alabama; Robert Bain, gone to Alabama; Robert Bayly, gone to Alabama; Jacob Berry, gone to Alabama; John Colans, twice returned; Michael Cawley, gone to Ireland; David Claxto, gone to Alabama; Wm. Cook, gone, listed; Robert Culbertson, gone; Michael Carens, gone; James Crow, gone to Holstein; David Carr, gone to Holstein; Robert Cowden, gone to Holstein; Abraham Delo, gone; Hugh Daugherty, gone; Frances Donarly, gone; Francis Donly, gone; Lazarus Erman, gone to Rockbridge; Charles East, gone; Robert Eperson, gone; Hugh Fulton, gone; Tobe Flatcher, gone; Mathias Gabert, removed to Rockbridge; Philip Greeves, gone; John Hutcheson, gone to Rockbridge; Joseph Homes, gone; Wm. Hughes, gone; Wm. Hinds, gone; John Hicks, twice returned; John Henry, gone; John Hyse, Wm. Burke's son-in-law; Gasper Hemp, gone; Jacob Hawck, gone; Robert Hand, gone; Mathew Huston, gone; William Kerr, gone to Holstein; James Kirkpatrick, gone; Hugh Kinkead, gone to Greenbrier; James Langsbay, gone; Robert Love, gone to Holstein; Jacob Leafaver (2 tithables), gone; Henry Lawrence, gone; James Mitchell, gone; James Matcherly, gone; Alexander Marten, gone; Daniell Miles, gone; John McMulin, gone; Joseph Marten, gone; John Martial, gone; Wm. Morrow, gone to Holstein; Montgomery ----, gone to Holstein; Moris Marten, gone; Thomas Marshal, gone; John Murdock, gone; Jno. McCleery (2 tithables), gone; Thomas Penal, gone; Sam'l Paxton, gone to Holstein; Mathew Patterson, gone; James Porterfield, gone; Seth Porterfield, gone; Wm. Ryan, gone; David Robertson, gone; Michael Reed, exempted; David Russel, gone; George Smith, gone; George Shields, gone; Joseph Tate, gone; Sam'l Thompson, gone to Holstein; Robert Thompson, gone to Holstein; David Winegar, gone to army; Wm. Worstly, gone to army; Peter Whitinghill, gone; Sam'l Young, gone to Holstein; James Yearly, gone; Alex. Black, Kentucky; Sam'l Black, gone; John Coger, gone; Alex. Crockett, gone; Michael Casady, gone; Joseph Dart, gone; Wm. Dolton, gone; John Douglass, gone; Barny Ecton, gone; Peter Fleisher (4 tithables), gone; Paul Flood, gone; Wm. Gum, gone; John Gardner, gone; James Gregory, gone; Alex. Hiner, gone; Moses Hinkle, gone; John Jordan (2 tithables); Thomas Jarvin, gone; Sam'l Knight, gone; Moses Knap, gone; Andrew Kinkead, exempted; Anthony Litsey, gone; Mordecai Lantren, gone; Thomas McClung, gone; Patrick Mooney (2 tithables), gone; James McGoveny, Pennsylvania; Alex. McClean, Kentucky; Jacob Moots, gone; John Moorland (2 tithables); John Morris, gone; Abram Mengram, Roger Nickman, gone; Henry Penagor, Jr., Robert Paton, gone; Thomas Paterson, gone; James Page, Greenbrier; Thomas Palmer, Rockbridge; Philip Roonamor, gone; George Rurard, gone; Patrick Savage, Rockingham; Wm. Smith, gone; Sebastine Smith, gone; James Smith, gone; Nicholas Simmon, gone; Sebastine Stone, gone; Thomas Stephenson, gone; Christian Snedicor, gone; George Underwood, gone; Isaac Wood, gone; John Wamsley (4 tithables), gone; Thomas Wamsley, Lodowick Waggoner (2 tithables); Robert Wallace gone; William Williams, gone; Richard Williams, gone; Col. John Dickeson, 1 mistake; Richard Madison, twice returned.
DELINQUENTS. ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS. page 423 Delinquents and Supernumeraries, 1782; List of James Davis, D. S.: Wm. Anderson, Kentucky; Robert Bruster, Kentucky; Jno. Bell, Kentucky; Jno. Black, Kentucky; Edward Day, Rockingham; Philip Fisher, Maryland; John Keary, Pig River; Silvinus Melba, Pig River; Geo. McNelly, Botetourt; John Rock, soldier; Edmund Stephens, Botetourt; James Stephens, dead; Jacob Snowden, Carolina; Richard Collins, too poor; John McCown, too poor; John Stunkard, James River; Joseph Thompson, Greenbrier; Jesse Williams, Holston; Jno. Bird; Richard North, Port Ann; Arch'd Hamilton, twice charged; Robert Boggs, Greenbrier; Jacob Coar, not found; Jno. Dove, no distress; Jacob Lawrence, not found; John McCee, Carolina; Jno. Surfass, Rockingham; Robert CAMPBELL, under age; Peter Mowra, twice charged; Wm. Bennet, soldier; Andrew Black, Rockbridge; Cloud Bustard, Albemarle; James Carlisle, Holston; Wm. Eastham, Rockbridge; Jacob Helford, Rockbridge; Geo. King, Greenbrier; Jno. King, Greenbrier; Sam'l McGee, Holston; Jas. Ritchey, dead; Geo. Shires, Penna.; Joseph Smith, Kentucky; Jas. Craig, Constable; Hugh McLary, twice charged, Henry Mowra, twice charged; David Trout, New River; Wm. Wilson, Rockingham; Benj. Williams, too poor; Jno. Brooks; Chas. Donely, Rockingham; Robert Alexander, not found; Chas. Carroll, not found; Patt Crawford, not found; Robert Dunlap, not found; Jos. Kerr, not found; Robert McCully, not found; David Perrygrin, not found; Jas. Royall, not found; John Sadler, Albemarle.
DELINQUENTS. ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS. page 426 Insolvents and Delinquents, 1790: Arthur Connelly, Jr., removed to Kentucky; Wm. Edmundson, to Kentucky; Richard Jones, to Kentucky; Ro. McKitrick, to Kentucky; Thomas Parker, to Pendleton; Joseph White, to French Broad; Ro. CAMPBELL, to Kentucky; Jno. Johnston, to Philadelphia; Jno. and Wm. CAMPBELL, to Kentucky; William Hook, to Kentucky; Adam Liner, to Carolina; Jacob Pearey, to Kentucky; Wm. Shackelford, to Kentucky; Mary Stuart, to Kentucky; William Davis, to Hampshire; John Barne, to Russell, Tenn.; Wm. Allison, to Kentucky; Joseph Beck; William Christian, to Holstein; Robert Gibson, to Pennsylvania; Wm. Kenady, Jr.; Sam'l Rankin, to French Broad; Zac. Taliaferro, to Amherst; Mary Teas, to Carolina; John Waddle, to French Broad; John Waddle, Jr., to French Broad; Peter Waddle, to French Broad; Joshua Taggart, to Kentucky; James Hamilton, to Amherst; Squire Baldwin, to Penna.; George Cochran, to French Broad; Cutlive Gabbert, to French Broad; John Hager; Robert Mays, to Pennsylvania; Henry Sensebaugh, to Holston; John Sensebaugh, to Holston; John Sterling, to Holston; James Wiley, to Holston; Thomas Lessley, to Georgia; Harmon Lovingood, to Georgia; John Patterson, to Long Island.
DELINQUENTS. ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS. page 426 Insolvents and Delinquents, 1792: George Brooks, removed to Kentucky; Andrew Kinkead, to Kentucky; Wm. Russell, to French Broad; William Young, to Greenbrier; Christian Pery, to Kentucky; Robert Curry, to Kentucky; Robert Poage, to Kentucky; Robert Young, to Kentucky; William and Andrew Young, to Kentucky; Daniel Brown, dead; Pat. Buchanan, to Georgia; Robert Christian, to Montgomery; James CAMPBELL, to Penna.; John Gregory, to Philadelphia; Daniel Kidd, to Winchester; Ephraim McDowell, to Scotland; Wm. McClintoc, to Kentucky; William Powers, in army; Henry Rutter, in army; John Sterling, to French Broad; James Bridge, Sr., to Amherst; David Boggess, dead; Luke Collins, to French Broad; William Flenegan, in the army; Charles Hudson, to Penna.; George Leahorn, to New River; John Kritzer, to Amherst; David Oglesby, to Carolina; Hugh Service, to Fredericksburg; Thomas Swain, to Philadelphia; John Tenant, in army.
DELINQUENTS. ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS. page 427 Insolvents and Delinquents, 1800: Jno. Allison (L. Meadow), removed over the mountain; Jacob Akhart, over the mountain; Bryan Richart, over the mountain; Wm. Blair, Jr., to Redstone; Frederick Crone, to French Broad; Lawrence Croan, to French Broad; George Croan, to French Broad; Jno. Gardiner, to backwoods; Adam Louks, deceased; Michael Lindsay, to Shenandoah; James Miller, to Shenandoah; Wm. Miller, to Shenandoah; John McKee, to Shenandoah; Michael McMullen, to Amherst; George Poff, to French Broad; Peter Poff, to French Broad; Samuel Steele, to Kentucky; Michael CAMPBELL, to Kentucky; Michael Clinefelter, dead; Jno. Culp, over the mountain; Ralph Duddleson, to Chillacothy; Jno. French; James Garner, over the mountain; Jacob Lefler, to the backwoods; David Lefler, to the backwoods; Christian Michael, to French Broad; Fredrick Michael, to French Broad; Jacob Michael, to French Broad; Peter Powlas, to the backwoods; Jno. Rinsberger, to Tennessee; Sam'l Sumerville, to Kinnaway; Jno. Shilling, to Round Oak; Jno. Courtney, to Richmond.
DELINQUENTS. ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS. page 428 Insolvents and Delinquents, 1801: George Argenbright, removed to Tennessee; Joseph Blackwood, to Kentucky; Wm. Carson, to Kentucky; Wm. Clark (att'y), to Amherst; Michael CAMPBELL, to Kentucky; Solomon Cloyd, to Kentucky; Wm. Donaldson, to Tennessee; John Deary, to Shenando; Thos. Frazer, to Kenhawa; Frederick Hawk, to Kentucky; Frederick Myers, to Tennessee; Henry Myers, to Tennessee; Wm. and James Poage, to Kentucky; George Right, to Kentucky; Joseph Smith, to Tennessee; Sam'l Stuart, to Tennessee; Thos. Spears, to Kentucky; John Weaver, to Tennessee; Searight Woods, to Tennessee; Hugh Woods, to Tennessee.
DELINQUENTS. ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS. page 428 Insolvents and Delinquents, 1802; in the First District: Mich. CAMPBELL, removed to Kentucky; James Calleson, Jr., to Kentucky; Wm. Donaldson, to Kentucky; Benj. Doyle, to Kentucky; Richard Davis, to Norfolk; John Jack, removed; Stewart Kennedy, removed; John King, removed; Peter Kerns, removed; John McKnight, removed; James McKnight, removed; Alex. McKee, removed; Wm. Morrison, removed; Andrew Morter, removed; James Peary, removed to Tennessee; John Shields, to Kentucky; Peter Simpson, to Kentucky; Archibald Rhea, to Kentucky; William Rhea, Jr., to Kentucky.
DELINQUENTS. ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS. page 429 Insolvents and Delinquents, 1804; First District: James CAMPBELL, Jr., removed to Tennessee; Jacob Keny (sadler), to Tennessee; Henry Lotts, to Kentucky; Jacob Olinger, to Tennessee; Robert Poage, first to Kentucky, now in Rockbridge; Henry Reed, to Tennessee; Jno. Shyright, to Amherst; James Williams, to Penna.; Wm. Adair, Jr., to Kentucky; Kitty Ferns, to Tennessee; Samuel Logan, dead; Mac Mondy, to Tennessee; John Purris, to Tennessee; Alex. Stuart, Jr., to Pendleton; Lewy, or Levi, Smith, to Tennessee; Adam Wiseman, to Tennessee.


TITHABLES. ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS. page 430 Tithables, 1781; Alexander Robertson's List: Samuel Hind and son John, Patrick Crawford and sons George and John, Robert Craig and sons John, Robert, and James, James and George Crawford, brothers Robert, John, and William, John Givens and sons Samuel, James, and William, Richard Rankin and sons Isaac and Richard; William Patterson and son William; James Givens and sons Samuel, Robert, and James, George CAMPBELL and son John, Samuel Henderson and sons James, William, and David, John Lemons and son John, James Kerr and son James, George Anderson and son James, Andrew Russell and son Mathew, Robert Rogers and Father, John Allison and son Andrew, Timothy Coll and son Thomas, Adam Donlap and son William, James Alexander and sons Andrew and James, David White and ---- James and Gordon, Henry Liner and son Henry, Ro. Stephen and son James, James Shackelford and son Reuben, Samuel Bell and son Samuel, Robert McColley and son Joseph, Jno. Patterson and son Robert, Mrs. Jane Wallace and son William, John Richey and son John, Col. George Mathews and son John, Jno. Brooks and son Moses, George King and son Robert, John Surfice and sons Martin, John, and Jacob, Thomas Hick and son Thomas.
TITHABLES. ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS. page 430 Tithables, 1783; in Capt. Givens's and CAMPBELL's Companies: James Allen, Sr., and sons Francis and James, Anthony ailor and son George; Samuel Bell and sons Samuel and David, Alex. Blair and son John, Francis Brown and son Hugh, Robert Craig and sons John, Robert, James, James Craig and son George, James and George Crawford and brothers Robert, William, John, George CAMPBELL and sons John, Jacob, George, Hugh CAMPBELL and son Robert, Robert Curry and sons James and Robert, Arthur Conoly and sons Robert and James, Thomas Conoly and sons Arthur and Thomas, Hugh Donaho and son John, James Givens and sons Robert, Samuel, James, John Givens and sons Samuel, James, William, John Gasper and apprentice John Martin, Thomas Graham and sons John, Thomas, James, Robert, John Garvin and sons David, Joseph, Thomas, George Glenn and son James, James Henderson and brothers William, David, John King and sons John, Samuel, James, Henry Lyner and sons Christopher, Adam, Samuel McKee and sons William, James, Robert McMahon and apprentices Robert Reburn, Jacob Lemon, Robert CAMPBELL, John McMahon and son John, William Patterson and son William, Richard Rankin and sons Richard, Isaac, Joseph, John Rankin and brothers James, Robert, Robert Reid and son Robert, Jacob Sheits and son John, William Wilson, Parson; Nicholas Wilkinson and wife Milly, Robert Young and sons Robert, William, James Young and son Andrew McComb.
TITHABLES. ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS. page 431 1784, in Capt. Givens' and Rankin's Companies: George Anderson and son James, James Alexander and sons John and Andrew, Pat. Crawford and son George, Robert Craig and sons John, Robert, and James, Thomas Caul, under 21; George and Jacob CAMPBELL, under 21; James Craig and son George, John Givens and sons James and William, Captain John Givins, William Patterson and son William, Mathew Robertson and sons Alex. and William, John Stewart, under 21.

Vestry Book

AUGUSTA PARISH VESTRY BOOK. ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS. page 432 Page 4.--3rd September, 1747: Processioners appointed, viz: Capt. James CAMPBELL and Erwin Patterson, on waters of Roanoke; John Sloane and Hugh Caruthers, on South Side of South Branch of James River Joining Roan Oke; Joseph Long and Richard Woods, in Forks of James River; Alex. McClure and Robert Huston, from North Branch of James River to Andrew Baxter's, thence on a straight line to John Hayse's Mill, joining the North Mountain; Francis McCown and John Montgomery, from Andrew Baxter's on a straight line to John Hayse's Mill, joining the North Mountain to the Upper line of Beverley Manor; John Mitchell and James Fulton, from Upper line of Beverley Manor opposite to Robert Ramsey's as low as the Sugar Loaf, thence on a line to William Long's; Wm. McFeeters and Patrick Martin, from upper line of Beverley Manor, near Robert CAMPBELL's, to the Buffalow Gap, from thence to William Ledgerwood's by the Sugar Loaf; Robert Christian and James Caldwell, from William Ledgerwood's in a line as low as John Madison's, thence to Samuel Davis's, near the South Mountain; John Linn and Robert Young, from Buffalow Gap as low as John Madison's, from thence as high as Ledgerwood's; James Hogshead and John Moffett, from Buffalow Gap to Walter Trimble's, from thence to Alex. Blair's, thence to John Finla's; Thomas Stevenson and David Edmonston, from Alex. Blair's to Capt. Samuel Gay's; Edward Erwin's and Wm. McGill, from Alex. Blair's to Samuel Wilkin's, thence to Henry Smith's; Wm. Thompson and Samuel Givens, from Samuel Wilkins to Capt. Henry Downs's, Jr.; Robert Craven and Thomas Harrison, from Samuel Wilkins' to the lower end of the Great Plain to Fairfax's line, thence with the said line to the South Mountain; Daniel Haldman and John Riddle, from Fairfax's line to the Narrows and across to the North Mountain; Mathias Selzer and Abraham Shickler, from Fairfax's line to the extent of the County between the two mountains; Daniel Harrison and Morgan Bryan, from Samuel Wilkins' to the Great Plain to Lord Fairfax's line, thence with the said line to Henry Smith's; John Denton and Abraham Collet, from the Narrows to the extent of the County from mountain to mountain; Wm. McCutchen and James Carlile, Sr., on Little River of Calf Pasture, and the Great River below Dunlap's Gap; Thomas Weams and John Graham, from Dunlap's Gap, including all the waters of Great Calfpasture.
AUGUSTA PARISH VESTRY BOOK. ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS. page 434 Page 17.--James Fulton and John Mitchell make returns, viz: 1748, 26th March, processioned for Samuel Doak, present Samuel Braford; processioned for John Mitchell, present Samuel Doak; processioned for Samuel Braford, present Samuel Doak; processioned for John Buchanan, present James Cowen; processioned for Martha Mitchell (widow), present John Buchanan; processioned for James Cowen, present David Mitchell; processioned for David Moor, present Jas. Cowan; processioned for Robert Wilson, present Andrew Alexander; processioned for Andrew Alexander, present Robert Wilson; processioned for Patrick CAMPBELL, present Joseph Reed; processioned for Joseph Reeds, present Chas. CAMPBELL; processioned for Chas. CAMPBELL, present Pat. CAMPBELL; processioned for Patrick Hays, present Wm. Robinson; processioned for Robert Alexander, present Robert Ramsey; processioned for Robt. Ramsey, present Pat. Hays; processioned for Sarah Ramsey (widow), present Robt. Ramsey; processioned for John Lockhart, present Pat. Hays; processioned for Thos. Beard, present John Lockhart; processioned for Samuel Wilson, present Robert Wilson; processioned for David Doak, present Samuel Wilson; processioned for Eleanor Mitchell (widow), present Robert Wilson; processioned for John Teats, present Thos. Beard; processioned for James Linn, present Samuel Doak; processioned for John Brownlee, present Wm. Smith; processioned for George Breckinridge, present, ---- Breckenridge; processioned for James Robinson, present Anthony Black; processioned for Anthony Black, present Jas. Robinson; processioned for Wm. Robinson, present ---- Robinson; processioned for Jas. Fulton, present Alex. Brownlee; processioned for Samuel Steel, present John Fulton.
AUGUSTA PARISH VESTRY BOOK. ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS. page 435 Page 22.--William McFeters and Patrick Martin report, viz: Processioned for James Bell, Maurice Ofrail; Wm. King, Samuel Wallace, Hugh Young, John Trimble, Wm. McFeters, Jacob Lockhart, Thos. Kirkpatrick, James Clerk, John McCery, Nathan Patterson, Capt. John Wilson, Robert CAMPBELL, Andrew Pickens and Wm. Martin, Robert CAMPBELL, David CAMPBELL, James Lockhart, David Cunningham, Alex. CAMPBELL, Patrick Cook, Patrick Martin. These not processioned, viz: Jas. Bell, John Risk, Capt. John Wilson, John McCutcheon.
AUGUSTA PARISH VESTRY BOOK. ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS. page 437 Page 62.--27th August, 1750: Orphan Mary CAMPBELL bound to Daniel Stover (past 6 years).
AUGUSTA PARISH VESTRY BOOK. ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS. page 437 Page 69.--27th November, 1750: Orphan John 'CAMPBELL' bound to James McCay.
AUGUSTA PARISH VESTRY BOOK. ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS. page 437 Page 73.--28th November, 1750: Orphan James 'CAMPBELL' bound to Samuel Been.
AUGUSTA PARISH VESTRY BOOK. ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS. page 439 Page 128.--28th November, 1753: Vestry met. Robert 'CAMPBELL' acknowledges receipt of price of glebe land.
AUGUSTA PARISH VESTRY BOOK. ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS. page 441 Page 152.--Jno. Finley, Wm. Thompson processioned in Cap. Thompson's Company as follows, viz: For Samuel McCune, for Wm. Logan, for Wm. Johnston, for Widow Thompson, for Thos. Thompson; Widow Frazer, present Robert Modey; for Rob. Moody; for Andw. McClure, present Jno. Hutchison; for Jno. Hutchison; for Hugh McClure, for Richard Pilson, for Zechoriah Smith, for Widow Sayre, for Andw. McClure, for John 'CAMPBELL', for John Black, for Archd. Stewart, for Rob. Finley, for Alex. Henderson, for Wm. Patterson, for Jno. McClure, for George Caldwell, for John Thompson, for Wm. Palmer, for James Gillespey, for James Hamilton, for Saml. Steele, for James McClure, for Widow 'CAMPBELL', for Robert Patrick, for John Ramsey, for Wm. Finley, for John Finley, for David Henderson, for Isaac White, for Adam Morow, for Alex. Thompson, for Wm. Thompson, for Wm. Caldwell.
AUGUSTA PARISH VESTRY BOOK. ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS. page 441 Page 154.--1755: John Risk and John Shields processioned as follows, viz: For Robert CAMPBELL, for James Hunter, for James Trotter, for John Shields, for James McCutchion, for Widow CAMPBELL, for Widow CAMPBELL, for Wm. Hunter, for Saml. McCutchen, for Thos. Berry, for John McCutchion, for David CAMPBELL, for Wm. CAMPBELL, for Wm. Ledgerwood, for James Moffet, for Nathl. Davies, for Nichs. Leeper, for Danl. Downey, for George Peny, for Saml. Sprowl, for Thos. Kirkpatrick, for Jno. Kirkpatrick, for Jno. Risk, for Jno. Risk, for Jno. Risk, for James Clark, for John Shields, Jr., for David Cunningham, for Chas. Berry, for James Callison, for James Marten, for Josiah Richarts, for David Hays, for Alex. McFeeters, for James Gilmore, for James Lockhart, for Alex. Richey, for Jacob Lockhart, for John Peny, for Mathew Willson, for John Willson, for Widow Patterson, for John McCillery, for James McCillery, for Arter Hamilton, for Wm. Buntin, for Robert Gamel, for Jno. Buchanan, for Patrick Cooks (deceased), for David Richey; Wm. Brown (said he was going to leave his land and didn't care about it).
AUGUSTA PARISH VESTRY BOOK. ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS. page 444 Page 176.--1756: Processioned by John Tate and Samuel Doak, in Cap. James Mitchell's Company, viz: For Widow Mitchell, for Wm. Thompson, for James Robinson, for Charles CAMPBELL, for Saml. Brawford, for John Mitchell, for Saml. Doak, for Widow Fulton, for Robt. Alexander, for Nathl. and Robt. Steele, for David Hays, for Helen Mitchell and Jno. Tate, for David Doak, for James Cowan, for Robert Sayers, for John CAMPBELL, for Pat. CAMPBELL, for John Ward, for Widow McTyre, for John and Alex. Brownlee, for Saml. Steele, for Patrick Hays, for John Fulton, for Thomas Tate, for Robert Willson.
AUGUSTA PARISH VESTRY BOOK. ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS. page 445 Page 188.--18th March, 1757: John Cowl, poor boy, son of ---- Cowl, who was formerly a servant to said James CAMPBELL, bound to said James Cambell.
AUGUSTA PARISH VESTRY BOOK. ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS. page 445 Page 201.--5th May, 1758: Orphan Jane Burley bound to Charles CAMPBELL.
AUGUSTA PARISH VESTRY BOOK. ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS. page 448 Page 342.--Accounts against the Parish--William and Thomas Whiteside's levies; William Whiteside, madman. 30th January, 1761, debtor to John CAMPBELL for burying James Wiley; 7 gals. liquor at the funeral. To Charles Clendenning for burying McCafferty.
AUGUSTA PARISH VESTRY BOOK. ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS. page 450 Page 383.--1765: John Paxton and Abraham ---- report as follows, viz: For Joseph Walker, for Jno. Sommers, for Robt. Moore, for Saml. McClure, for Saml. Moore, for Jno. Taylor, for Christian Milliron, for Edmond Crump, for James Welch, for Wm. Paxton, for James Davis, for James Allison, for Richard Woods, for Joseph Lapsley, for James CAMPBELL, for John Paxton, for William Hall, for George CAMPBELL, for James Trimble, for Wm. Foster, for William Holeman, for James Bailey, for Andw. Brown, for James Edmiston, for James McLang, for John McKnight, for John McCallom, for Patrick McCallom, for Peter Wallace, for John Moore, for Abraham Brown.
AUGUSTA PARISH VESTRY BOOK. ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS. page 451 Page 385.--1765: Processioned by Collier and McCAMPBELL, viz: For William McCamey, for Jno. Beatty (Samuel Norrad present), for Solomon Whitley, for Wm. Gilmore, for Robt. Erwin, for Jno. McKee, for Andw. McCAMPBELL, for Henry Kirkham, for Edward Fairies, for James CAMPBELL, for Alex. Deal, for John Gilmore, for Moses Cunningham, for Robt. Hamilton, for James McCalster, for Hugh Cunningham, for George McConne; for Wm. Moore, Michael Kirkham present; for James Young, for Robt. McKelhenny, for Margery Crawford, for Saml. Todd, for Rob. Young, for James Hutton, for James Todd, for George Gibson, for Alex. Collier, for Jno. Hanna, for Robt. Talford, for Robt. McHenry, for David Talford, for William Hall, for John McMurtrey, for James Davies, for Robt. McKee, for Jno. Somers, for Jno. Huston, for Jno. Wylie, for Jno. McConne, for Archd. Buchanan, for Wm. Porter, for Jno. Wieley.
AUGUSTA PARISH VESTRY BOOK. ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS. page 455 Page 441.--Processioners' returns, by Thos. Shields and Jas. Meteire, viz: For Patt. CAMPBELL, for Wm. CAMPBELL, for Robt. Willson, for Thos. Brown, for Wm. Thompson, for Pat. Hays, for John Ward, for Wm. Purrens (Purvens), for James Henry, for Nathl. Steele, for Geo. Bright, for Roben Mitchel, for Robt. Alexander, for Wm. Walker, for Roben Willson, for John Mitchell, for James Mitchell, for John Buchanan, for David Cunningham, for Wm. CAMPBELL, for Thomas Mitchell, for James Meteire, for Hugh Hays, for Reuben Steele, for Thomas Steele, for Thomas Shields, for David Doake, for John Teate, for Samuel Doake, for Samuel Brawford, for James Cowan, for Saml. McCutchen, for Alex. CAMPBELL, for James Moffett, for Wm. Cunningham, for David Doake, for Hugh Fulton and James Fulton, for Saml. Steele, for Alex. Brownlee, for John Brownlee.
AUGUSTA PARISH VESTRY BOOK. ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS. page 456 Page 442.--Processioned by Wm. Bell, George Berry, Wm. McPheeters, James Syers, 1768-7, viz: For John McCleerey, for Thos. Kirkpatrick, for James Peerey, for Saml. McNab, for Mathew Wilson, for Alex. McKinney, for David Stewart, for Robert McKittrick, for John Kirk, for Wm. Crawford, for Rob. Wallace, for Rob. Philips, for James Bell, Sr., for Charles Cummins, for John Jamison, for Mathias Gabort, for William Dean, for William Lockhart, for Patrick Lockhart, for Wm. McClintock, for John CAMPBELL, for John Philips, for James Philips, for David Trimble, for Sampson Sawyers, for James Sawyers, for John Stewart, for Elizabeth Wallace, for Wm. Hodge, for Maj. Jno. Brown, for Thos. Brown, for James Bell, Jr. Processioned by Isaac Robinson, James Johnston, 1767-68, the Forrest: For Mathias Reader, for Michael Hover, for Charles Dayley, for John Bare, for Joel Robinson; for James Johnston, Milborn Maden present; for Nathan Dayley, for William Stalp; for Adam Painter, Michael Niece present; for Martin Shoemaker, Philip Dayley present; for Isaac Robinson.
AUGUSTA PARISH VESTRY BOOK. ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS. page 462 Page 260.--1759: Processioned by James Gilmore and Samuel McCutcheon, viz: For David Cunningham, for Mathew Wilson, for John Buchanan, for Charles Berry, for Robert Gaml, for Thos. Berry, for David Hays, for James Bower, for Alex. CAMPBELL, for Wm. CAMPBELL, for James Moffett, for Arthur Hamilton, for Samuel Downey, for James Callison, for Alex. McFeeters, for David CAMPBELL, for James McCutcheon, for John McCutcheon, for Wm. McCutcheon, for Wm. Sprowl, for Wm. Martin, for James Trotter, for Samuel McCutcheon, for Wm. McCutcheon, Jr., for James Hunter, for Robert CAMPBELL, for John Risk, for James Gilmore, for Francis Donalay, for Wm. Ledgerwood, for Capt. James Lockhart, for Wm. Hunter.
AUGUSTA PARISH VESTRY BOOK. ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS. page 462 Page 271.--Jacob Nicholas and John Burk, in Capt. Kirkley's Company. James CAMPBELL and Andrew Lockridge, in Capt. Robert Bratton's Company. John McCown and Robert Erwin, between the North Mountain and Great Road that crosses the North Branch at Widow Allison's and from River to River.
AUGUSTA PARISH VESTRY BOOK. ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS. page 462 Page 272.--1760: Processioned by John Malkem and Alex. Blair, viz: For John Young, for Robert Young, for James Anderson, for Alex. Blair, for John Anderson, for John Francey, for Wm. Cunningham, for John McKemy, for Walter Trimble, for Hugh Dever, for John Davies, for ---- Doughlas, for Daniel Smith, for Bigham's land formerly known by the name of Gragg's, for Gabriel Pickens, for Robert Poage, for Abraham Smith, for Isaiah Shipman, for David Robiston, for Silas Hart, for John Cunningham, for Henry Smith, for Widow Ramsey, for Thomas Woodal, for Moses Hall, for Andrey McCown, for James Bell, for Edward Erwin, for Alex. Craig, for Wm. Frame, for Thos. Waterson, for Francis Brown, for John King, for John Searight, for John Kear, for Hugh CAMPBELL, for Alex. Kile, for Robert Fowler, for James Gamble, for James Leeper, Sr. and Jr., for James Blair, for Edward Erwin's land formerly known as Brownlee's place, for Adam Stevenson, for Umphrey's place on North River, for Stevenson's place they live on, for Jacob and Christian Roleman, for John Malcom, for William Flimen, for Charles CAMPBELL, for Robert CAMPBELL, for William Brown, for Widow and John and James Alexander, for Michael Dickey, for James Young, for James Patterson, for Andrew Erwin, for John Erwin, for Edward Erwin, for Francis Erwin, for Hugh CAMPBELL, Jr., for James McGill, for Robert Brown, for James Young.
AUGUSTA PARISH VESTRY BOOK. ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS. page 463 Page 279.--1760: Processioned by James Trimble, John Maxwell, viz: For Joseph Lapsley (bad state health), for John Moore, for Robert Alexander, for John Wiley, for James CAMPBELL, for Patt Young, for Robert Moore, for Joseph Walker, for John Smiley, for Abraham Brown, for Peter Wallace, for Francis McCoun, for David Tilford, for Robert McKlehaney, for William Hall, for George CAMPBELL, for John Paxton, for Wm. Paxton, for Alex. McKorkle, for James CAMPBELL.
AUGUSTA PARISH VESTRY BOOK. ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS. page 465 Page 290.--1760: Processioned by ----?----: For Robert Hamilton, for John Collier, for James Davis, for James Moore, for John Hanna, for Henry Kirkham, for Robert Young, for David Wallace, for Robert Erwin, for John McKey, for Hugh Cunningham, for John Gilmer, for Wm. McChime (McCune), for John Beatty, for Francis McCown, for John McCown, for Anne Long, for William Gilmer, for Adam Thompson, for Samuel Kinkead, for John CAMPBELL, for Thomas Piery, for Maj. John Brown, for Robert Young, for James Young, for Samuel Young, for Hugh Young, for Robert Allen, for William Martain, for John Jamison, for Samuel Wallace, for Maurice Ofreel, for Robert Philips, for John Trimble.


REVOLUTIONARY DECLARATIONS. ADMINISTRATORS' BONDS. page 465 Page 295.--1760: Processioned by John Hopkins, David Ralston, in Capt. Ephraim Love's Company: For Thomas Gordon, for Francis Green, for Jeremiah Harrison, for Daniel Love, for Daniel Callkin, for Robert Cravens, for Thos. Harrison, for Ephraim Love, for Widow Johnston, for Alex. Herring, for Edward Shankling, for Widow Logan, for William Logan, for John Cravens, for Widow McDonel, for Joseph Cravens, for Wm. Hopkins, for John Hopkins, for Thomas Shankling, for Alex. Miller, for Mathew Black, for Thos. CAMPBELL, for Daniel Harrison, for Daniel Harrison, Jr., for Samuel Harrison, for Robert Harrison, for Pat. Guin, for Wm. Snoding, for John Fowler, for David Nelson, for Samuel Briges, for John McGill, for Christopher Thompson, for John Wright, for Archibald Hopkins.
REVOLUTIONARY DECLARATIONS. REVOLUTIONARY DECLARATIONS--AUGUSTA COUNTY, VA. page 466 Christian Gregory's Declaration: Mentions Capt. Thomas CAMPBELL, Col. Wm. Butler.
REVOLUTIONARY DECLARATIONS. REVOLUTIONARY DECLARATIONS--AUGUSTA COUNTY, VA. page 469 Samuel Bell's Declaration, July, 1834: Mentions George Moffett, Joseph Patterson, Andrew Anderson, John Dickenson, Samuel McDowell, ---- Arbuckle, Robert Renick, John Wilson, William Anderson, James Mitchell, Joseph Brown, Thomas Smith, John Bell, George Craig, Robert Fulton, Col. CAMPBELL, Robert Kirk, James Bell, George Keller, Col. William CAMPBELL.
REVOLUTIONARY DECLARATIONS. REVOLUTIONARY DECLARATIONS--AUGUSTA COUNTY, VA. page 470 William Kennerley's Declaration, July, 1833, amended July, 1834: Mentions Capt. George Mathews, Lieut. William Robertson, Lieut. George Gibson, Capt. George Moffett, Col. Sampson Mathews, Capt. William Bowyer, Lieut. Samuel Bell, Lieut. Charles Cameron, Gen. CAMPBELL, William CAMPBELL.
REVOLUTIONARY DECLARATIONS. REVOLUTIONARY DECLARATIONS--AUGUSTA COUNTY, VA. page 470 James Robertson's Declaration, July, 1834: Mentions Capt. George Moffett, Gen. Hand, Col. Hugart, Maj. Samuel McDowell, Capt. Thomas Smith, James Johnston, Samuel McCune, Capt. John Givens, Capt. Charles Cameron, Gen. CAMPBELL, Major McCreery, Capt. Zachariah Johnston, William Bowyer, William Kennerly, Col. Dickerson.
REVOLUTIONARY DECLARATIONS. REVOLUTIONARY DECLARATIONS--AUGUSTA COUNTY, VA. page 471 John Bell's Declaration, 22d December, 1834: Mentions Capt. Thomas Smith, Capt. Joseph Patterson, Lieut. Andrew Anderson, Ensign James Poage, Col. Sampson Mathews, Lieut. Col. William Bowyer, Capt. John Dickey, Lieut. Robert CAMPBELL, Samuel Bell, Maj. John Crawford, Dr. James Allen, Francis Gardner.
REVOLUTIONARY DECLARATIONS. REVOLUTIONARY DECLARATIONS--AUGUSTA COUNTY, VA. page 471 Robert Fulton, Senior's, Declaration, October, 1833: Mentions Capt. Samuel McCutchen, Lieut. John McKemey, Ensign David Gibson, Capt. Francis Long, Maj. Samuel Bell, William McCutchen, Col. George Moffet, Capt. James Tate, Lieut. James Mitchell, Ensign John Young, Col. William 'CAMPBELL', Capt. Tate, John Thompson, Sr., Capt. Thomas Smith.
REVOLUTIONARY DECLARATIONS. REVOLUTIONARY DECLARATIONS--AUGUSTA COUNTY, VA. page 472 Augustine Argenbright's Declaration, October 23, 1832: Age seventy-seven; born in Shenandoah County, and removed when quite young to Augusta; in 1778 he volunteered under Capt. Alexander Robertson on the expedition against the Shawnee Indians, who were making incursions on the Northwestern Frontier; proceeded from Staunton to Tygert's Valley, which was then with the intermediate country almost a wilderness. In 1781 he volunteered and marched with many others from Augusta to repel the invasion of the British under Cornwallis, who was then advancing into the interior of North Carolina; shortly before the battle of Guilford he received a furlough to enable him to visit a sick brother attached to another corps of the army, who had been left on the road on account of sickness; before his return to camp the battle of Guilford was fought, shortly after which the troops were discharged; Captain Smith, of Staunton, was commandant of his company; Col. Moffett commanded the Regiment; General CAMPBELL commanded the Brigade; Alexander Williams and George Kellar were with him on this expedition. During the war a contractor arrived in Staunton with an immense number of horses, and declarant was employed four months (during which time he labored much on Sunday, such was the urgency of the times) shoeing horses, being a blacksmith.
REVOLUTIONARY DECLARATIONS. REVOLUTIONARY DECLARATIONS--AUGUSTA COUNTY, VA. page 474 Claudius Buster's Declaration, September 25th, 1832: Aged 68 on the 24th November last; entered the United States service in Albemarle County in December, 1780, under Capt. William Grayson, Lieut. William Gooch, Ensign Francis Montgomery, Orderly Sergeant Tarlton Woodson; entered agreeable to his division on the muster roll in Albemarle County, where he was born; he was discharged March, 1781, having served three months either from the time they received arms at Richmond or from the time they were received by Colonel (or General) Nelson at Yorktown; he does not recollect which; there were two other companies from Amherst County joined with Capt. Grayson's, one under Capt. James Barnet, the other under Capt. Tucker; the Field Officers were Col. Dabney and Major CAMPBELL, all under the then Col. or General Nelson; he served at Yorktown, The Half House, and near Hampton; once the British sailed up York River, landed in the night time near The Half Way House and destroyed some property; the Americans had marched from the place the evening before; a Col. Mallory collected some men and gave them battle, in which he and some of his men were killed. In May, 1781, it was rumored that the British were on their way to Richmond, and there was a call for a great many men from Albemarle; the following companies, and possibly others, went from that County, viz: Capt. Daniel White's, Capt. Mark Leak's, Capt. Benj. Harris's, Capt. John Burk's, Capt. Laney's; proclamation was made that if any who had served the winter before would volunteer for six weeks, it would count as a tour of duty; declarant volunteered under the following company officers, Capt. Daniel White, Lieut. Nathaniel Garland, Ensign Francis Montgomery (Montgomery volunteered); they all marched and served under Col. Reuben Linsey; joined the main army under Lafayette as they retreated out of Richmond; when Col. Linsey made a return of his men he made no discrimination in favor of the volunteers, so that all served three months after joining the main army; they marched and counter marched several days, then marched northwestwardly nearly to Fauquier, then southerly through Orange and Louisa to Albemarle; they were joined by Generals Wayne and Steuben and their forces; after joining the main army Col. Toles was put over Col. Linsey as First Colonel; there was also a Major McIlhaney attached to the Regiment, who was or had been an officer in the regular army; the British advanced as far as Charlottesville, routed the Assembly, and then retreated; our army followed them, but no fighting took place until they got near to Williamsburg, where there was some scrimmaging; once at a place called Hot Water, once at Hickory Nut Church; shortly afterwards the British went aboard their vessels at Jamestown, at which time and place there was a considerable battle; the Americans lost many men, both militia and regulars; declarant was never in battle; the Americans moved up to Maupin's Hill, sixteen miles below Richmond, where declarant was discharged in August, 1781; he has been a Justice and Sheriff of Augusta.
REVOLUTIONARY DECLARATIONS. REVOLUTIONARY DECLARATIONS--AUGUSTA COUNTY, VA. page 475 (Major) William Wilson's Declaration, September 25th, 1832: Was born November 7, 1745, in Augusta County; first he volunteered in Capt. Alexander McClenachan's Company, in which William McCutchen was Lieutenant and Joseph Long was Ensign; they assembled at Staunton and marched to Point Pleasant in August, 1774, having joined several companies commanded by Capt. John Morrison, Capt. Samuel Wilson, Capt. George Mathews, Capt. John Lewis, at the Great Levels, in Greenbrier; they had a severe engagement at Point Pleasant, in which Col. Charles Lewis, Capt. McClenachan, Capt. Morrison, and Capt. Willson were killed; the whole number of killed and wounded amounted to 160; thence they went eighty miles to the Indian Towns, thence back to Point Pleasant; there they remained six or eight days awaiting provisions, when they set out on the return home, where they arrived and were disbanded after serving five months; the officers he recalls were Andrew Lewis, Commandant; Charles Lewis. who was killed, was his Colonel. He volunteered again in Capt. John Lyle's Company, in which Wm. McCutchen was Lieutenant and Joseph Long Ensign; assembled at Lexington in July, 1776, and marched to Holston River, under William Christian; then returned home and were disbanded in the middle of December; Joseph Bell served with him on this tour. On 11th January, 1781, he marched from Widow Teas's as Sergeant; marched to Richmond, thence to Fredericksburg, thence to Portsmouth, where they joined the main body of soldiers under Baron Steuben; was in two slight skirmishes with the British at this place; returned home and were disbanded about the 17th April; was under the command of Sampson Mathews; William Bowyer was his Colonel; Alexander Robinson was Major; the Company Officers were Capt. Thomas Rankin, Lieut. Col. Alexander Scott, Ensign William Buchanan. On his fourth tour, he served as volunteer private in the company of cavalry of which Zachariah Johnston was Captain, Charles Baskins, Lieutenant; Richard Madison, Ensign; they assembled at Widow Teas's about the first of June, 1781; marched to Richmond. The British were leaving Richmond and retiring to Williamsburg, and declarant's company joined the main army of Americans pursuing the British; the British remained but a short time at Williamsburg; after leaving that place they were attacked by the Americans after part of the British had passed over to Jamestown Island; many were killed on both sides; after this declarant's company returned home; his Colonel was William Christian; General Wayne and Colonel CAMPBELL were regular officers he knew.
REVOLUTIONARY DECLARATIONS. REVOLUTIONARY DECLARATIONS--AUGUSTA COUNTY, VA. page 477 Alexander Williams' Declaration, September 25th, 1832: Was born within seven miles of Staunton in 1762; was drafted in August, 1776, in Capt. Henderson's Company, and marched under the command of Col. William Bowyer to join General McIntosh's army on the Western Frontier; joined General McIntosh at Fort McIntosh, where he remained some months; thence with the other troops to Fort Lawrence, where he remained but a short time, and was there discharged, and reached home in January, 1777, having been in the service between five and six months. At Fort McIntosh was a Colonel Richard CAMPBELL from Virginia, who commanded regulars; at Fort Lawrence was Colonel or Major Broadhead, who commanded regulars. In March, 1777, he was engaged to serve as substitute for Archibald Lockridge, one of the drafted militia, and marched from Staunton for the protection of the Western Frontiers in the Company of Capt. William Kinkead; was stationed sometime at a block-house called Landers, on the Western Fork of the Monongahelia; there he volunteered with other men to go to another block-house under Ensign James Steele, of the Augusta Militia, where he remained a short time and was discharged, on which tour he was absent four months. In February, 1781, he volunteered as one of the militia of Augusta County, and marched with other troops to South Carolina, in Capt. Thomas Smith's Company in Col. George Moffett's Regiment; they joined the regular army near Guilford Court House, and was selected as one of the riflemen and placed under the command of Col. CAMPBELL, of the Rifle Corps; was under his command in the battle of Guilford, in March, 1781; was in service a few days over two months; Capt. Augustine Argenbright can prove this service. Again he marched in Capt. Thomas Smith's Company from Widow Teas's, under Colonel Samuel Lewis, to Richmond, about August, 1781; marched to various points in the lower part of Virginia; was a few weeks near Williamsburg; thence with General Muhlenberg's Brigade to York Town; was present at the siege and surrender in October, 1781, when he was discharged; was in service about four months; William Patrick and Smith Thompson were on this tour. Augustine Argenbright deposes that he marched with Williams to Guilford Court House. William Patrick deposes that Williams served as one of the Augusta Militia at the siege of York; Patrick was there. Smith Thompson deposes that he knows that Williams served the third and fourth tours.
MILITARY SERVICES. REVOLUTIONARY DECLARATIONS--AUGUSTA COUNTY, VA. page 481 Peter Emmons's Declaration, September 11th, 1820: Age 66; mentions Richard CAMPBELL, Lieut. Col. Abraham Bowman; has no children.
MILITARY SERVICES. REVOLUTIONARY DECLARATIONS--AUGUSTA COUNTY, VA. page 482 James Kelso's Declaration, December 31st, 1832: Now citizen of Bath County; age 71; enlisted in Augusta; Col. Bowyer, Capt. James Buchanan; enlisted under Capt. Charles CAMPBELL, Col. Willis, Major Hamilton, Capt Wallace, of Rockbridge; Col. Vance, of Bath; Major Long.
MILITARY SERVICES. REVOLUTIONARY DECLARATIONS--AUGUSTA COUNTY, VA. page 483 John T. McKee makes declaration, January 5th, 1835: For and on behalf of his mother, Nancy McKee, widow of James McKee, deceased; James died August 14, 1832, aged 80 years and 6 months; he was born in Pennsylvania March 14th, 1752, and came with his brother to Virginia and settled on Kerr's Creek in the year 1754; served under Col. William Christian; was substitute for William McKee; Colonel Dickinson, Capt. Charles CAMPBELL, Lieut. Samuel Davidson, all now dead; served as Ensign under Col. John Bowyer, Capt. Thomas Harrison, Lieut. Alex. Wiley; mentions John Davidson, a pensioner, General CAMPBELL, General Muhlenberg, Colonel Willis. William McKee, brother of James, deposes as to his services.
MILITARY SERVICES. REVOLUTIONARY DECLARATIONS--AUGUSTA COUNTY, VA. page 484 Thomas Vine's Declaration, November 6th, 1832: Age 77; enlisted to guard prisoncrs taken at Burgoyne's defeat; marched under Capt. Loving from Amherst; Col. Burley and Col. Taylor both commanded at the barracks; also to guard prisoners taken in North Carolina and sent to Winchester; Capt. Goriah Martin; again went as substitute for John CAMPBELL, of Augusta; marched under Capt. Givings, William Robertson, Lieut. Col. Huggart; was drafted under Capt. Christian, Lieut. William Barnett, Ensign James Bell; again under Capt. John Morrison, of Amherst; Lieut. Thomas Yores, Ensign James Bell, General Lawson.
MILITARY SERVICES. REVOLUTIONARY DECLARATIONS--AUGUSTA COUNTY, VA. page 484 Andrew Wiley's Declaration: Drove cattle under Thomas Vance to Point Pleasant in 1777; Colonels Dickinson, Gilmore, and CAMPBELL were on this expedition; again marched under Capt. Robert Sawyers, General Morgan, Capt. Andrew Wallace; again served as substitute under Capt. James Hall; companies of Capt. CAMPBELL and Capt. David Gray, Gen. Muhlenberg; John Davidson and John Wiley were fellow soldiers; Gen. Green, Col. Stephens, Col. McDowell, Maj. Stuart, Col. CAMPBELL, Capt. Tilford.
MILITARY SERVICES. REVOLUTIONARY DECLARATIONS--AUGUSTA COUNTY, VA. page 484 June 11th, 1838.--It is certified that Colonel Richard CAMPBELL, who was killed at Eutaw, married Rebecca ----, sister of Betsy Hawkins; that he left sons, Archibald, Joseph, John, Richard, Jonathan.
MILITARY SERVICES. REVOLUTIONARY DECLARATIONS--AUGUSTA COUNTY, VA. page 484 January 14th, 1840.--It is certified that Joseph CAMPBELL went to Pennsylvania; that he married Jane Hill and left children, Rebecca, who married Henry Ritter; Mary, who married John Mealy; Jennie, deceased.
MILITARY SERVICES. REVOLUTIONARY DECLARATIONS--AUGUSTA COUNTY, VA. page 488 Bartlett Cash's Declaration, October 15th, 1832: Born December 18th, 1757; in 1776 served a tour under Capt. John Sale, First Lieut. James Franklin, Col. Christian's Brigade, against the Cherokees; again served a tour under Capt. James Franklin; remembers with Greene's Army, Gen. Stevens, Col. CAMPBELL, Col. Skipwith, Col. Washington, Col. Lee, Col. Lynch.
MILITARY SERVICES. REVOLUTIONARY DECLARATIONS--AUGUSTA COUNTY, VA. page 489 Robert Grant's Declaration, August 22d, 1832: Age 71 years; was drafted 1779 or 1780, in Fluvanna, under Capt. Levi Thompson, Lieut. Henry Martin, and marched to Cabin Point, where he was placed under the command of Col. Richardson; again in 1780 or 1781 he was drafted under Capt. Anthony Haden, Lieut. Daniel Lightfoot; they operated in Hanover, Orange, and other Eastern Counties; again was drafted under Capt. Richard Napper, Lieut. Zach King, Ensign James Cole; engaged in the siege of Yorktown under Major CAMPBELL and Col. Taylor; Alexander Logan of Amherst served the third tour with him; Logan was also from Fluvanna.
MILITARY SERVICES. REVOLUTIONARY DECLARATIONS--AUGUSTA COUNTY, VA. page 494 Rachel Cameron, aged 67, widow of Charles Cameron, makes declaration March 19, 1839, that Charles was Lieutenant and attached to the Tenth Virginia Regiment of Colonel Stevens in the Company of Capt. John Syme; he entered December 3d, 1776, and resigned January 3d, 1778; was in the battles of Brandywine and Germantown. In 1780, or 1781, he was drafted as Captain of Militia in the Regiment of Col. Sampson Mathews; the Lieutenant was William Anderson; Robert Christian was Ensign; was again drafted and was in the battle of Jamestown in the Brigade of Gen. CAMPBELL and Regimerit of Col. Sampson Mathews. After Jamestown, he was put in command of the company of Capt. John Brown who had been taken prisoner; Robert Thompson was Lieutenant. In 1782 he was appointed a commissary Augusta, Rockingham and Rockbridge; was married the 3d of May, 1792. Charles died July 14th, 1829. Robert Thompson swears to the truth of these statements.
MILITARY SERVICES. REVOLUTIONARY DECLARATIONS--AUGUSTA COUNTY, VA. page 494 Robert Sitlington's Declaration, September 26th, 1832: Born in 1749; mentions Capt. John Lewis, Lieut. Samuel Vance, Warrick's Fort, Lieut. John Cartmill, Capt. John McCoy, Capt. David Gwinn, Col. CAMPBELL, Col. Williams, Gen. Greene. George Francisco, William Douglass, Adam Dickinson.
MILITARY SERVICES. REVOLUTIONARY DECLARATIONS--AUGUSTA COUNTY, VA. page 495 Peter Emmons' Declaration, August 11th, 1818: Enlisted under Capt. Richard CAMPBELL in the Eight Virginia Regiment of Col. Peter Muhlenburg, Capt. Alexander Parker.
MILITARY SERVICES. REVOLUTIONARY DECLARATIONS--AUGUSTA COUNTY, VA. page 498 James Wooddell's Declaration, September 3d, 1832: Aged 80; entered in 1774 under Capt. George Moffett and was stationed at Clover Lick. In 1776 he was drafted in Augusta and served under Capt. George Moffett, Col. J. Dickinson, and taken to Point Pleasant. In 1778 was drafted in Augusta and served in Capt. Cooper's Company, Col. Nevel's Regiment, Gen. Woodford's Brigade. In 1781 was drafted from Augusta in Capt. John Givins' Company, Col. William Bowyer's Regiment, Gen. CAMPBELL, Gen. LaFayette; served as First Lieutenant.
MILITARY SERVICES. REVOLUTIONARY DECLARATIONS--AUGUSTA COUNTY, VA. page 499 William Fisher's Declaration, September 24th, 1832: Age 75; born in Essex; in 1780 was substitute for Edmund Daniel; Col. ---- Davis, Col. Richard CAMPBELL, Col. Haws, Thomas Jones of Spottsylvania.
MILITARY SERVICES. REVOLUTIONARY DECLARATIONS--AUGUSTA COUNTY, VA. page 501 Fiatt Wyson's Declaration, September 6th, 1832: Was born in York County, Pennsylvania; removed to Shepherdstown, Virginia, and was drafted in the Company of Capt. Morrow, Capt. Josiah Swearingen, Lieut. Isaac Islow; joined the Army under General McIntosh and marched to Muskingum; saw Col. Richard CAMPBELL who was killed at Eutaw Springs; afterwards he moved to Fincastle. In 1781 he was drafted and marched under Capt. Joseph Looney, Lieutenant Tosh, Ensign William McClenachan to Yorktown and was present at the surrender.
MILITARY SERVICES. REVOLUTIONARY DECLARATIONS--AUGUSTA COUNTY, VA. page 502 Henry Cartmill's Declaration, September 7th, 1832: Born in Chester County, Penna., in 1754; his father removed to Augusta when declarant was an infant. In 1761 he removed to James River in the present County of Botetourt. In 1779 he was commissioned Ensign of Militia; marched against the Indians under Capt. James Smith to Noly Chucky, a branch of Holstein. On the road he was joined by the Company of Capt. James Barrett from Roanoke. They found 400 men at Noly Chucky under General William CAMPBELL. In 1780 he was commissioned Lieutenant of Militia and marched under Capt. James Smith to Yorktown. In 1779 he marched under Capt. Hugh Logan as Ensign to the relief of Fort Donnelly. On the road Capt. Hall met them and they returned.
MILITARY SERVICES. REVOLUTIONARY DECLARATIONS--AUGUSTA COUNTY, VA. page 502 Jacob Butt's Declaration, February 13th, 1832: Age 78; entered in the Company of Capt. Thomas Bowyer, Regiment of Col. Archibald CAMPBELL, Virginia State Line; was in the battle of Guilford Court House.
MILITARY SERVICES. REVOLUTIONARY DECLARATIONS--AUGUSTA COUNTY, VA. page 502 John Camper's Declaration, August 14th, 1832: Born in Fauquier in 1749; was drafted in Shenandoah in 1781 under Capt. Nevill; marched to Fort McIntosh in the Regiment of Col. Richard CAMPBELL; was again drafted under Capt. Jacob Wrinker and Gen. Stephens.
MILITARY SERVICES. REVOLUTIONARY DECLARATIONS--AUGUSTA COUNTY, VA. page 502 John Hewit's Declaration, September 5th, 1833: Born in Augusta (now Botetourt) November 14th, 1763; volunteered September 8th, 1780, under Capt. James Robinson; his and the Company of Capt. Alexander Handley marched to the Southern States under Major David CAMPBELL; joined Gen. Morgan two days after the battle of Cowpens and took the place of the Militia of Augusta and Rockbridge, who acted so bravely and were about to be discharged; Capt. Handley and John Allen were taken prisoners; Col. Williams commanded. Again in Capt. James Smith's Company he marched from Pattonsburg and was under Major Patrick Lockhart at Yorktown and Col. Samuel Lewis, Lieut. Cartmel, Col. William Anderson, John Tate.
DECLARATIONS, SERVICES AND HEIRS OF SOLDIERS. COUNTY COURT ORDERS. page 507 1824 to 1838.--Page 88, Dr. Frederick Seigle. Page 120, Dennis Bush. Page 202, Carter B. Chalder. Page 215, Daniel Cloud's heirs, viz: Elizabeth Cloud, widow, Mordecai, Isaac B., Daniel, sons; Rebecca Hall, Nancy Hendren, Sarah Cloud, daughters. Page 216, Christopher Kendrick, wife Catherine; Benjamin Strother's heirs; William Hughes' heirs; John Elzey's heirs. Page 217, James White, James Oliver, William Tipton, William Hudson. Page 218, William Holloway, Charles Holloway, Benjamin Dawson, John Oliver, James Hudson, Francis Brown. Page 218, Ann Brown, who married Joseph C. Bartlett, is the heir of Francis Brown. Page 231, Cecilia Archer, wife of William Archer, is the only heir of William Morrell. Page 260, George Hardesty. Page 269, Samuel Wright. Page 299, Lieutenant George A. Washington. Page 289, John Williams. Page 494, John CAMPBELL. Page 522, John B. Tilden, an officer.