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Order Book No. 13Page (1) County Court formed--First Justices: James Patton, John Buchanan, Peter Scholl, Robert Campbell, Robert Poage, Thomas Lewis, Robert Cunningham, Richard Woods, Robert Craven, Adam Dickinson, John Anderson, John Lewis, George Robinson, James Bell, John Brown, John Pickens, Hugh Thomson, John Finla, John Christian, James Kerr, Andrew Pickens.
Order Book No. 20Page (72) Petition of Ilenry Downs--Road to be marked from the road that leads off the mountain near Alexr. Thompson's to the lower Meeting House and Wm. Thompson, Jr., Saml. Givens and John Campbell mark and lay off the same.
Order Book No. 27Page (181) James Campbell and John McCown appd. Constables.
Order Book No. 27Page (191) Mary Ann Campbell, Ruth Buchanan and Rebecca Buchanan, the other criminals, be committed for trial till May Court.
Order Book No. 27Page (191) Rebecca Hays, Isabella Taylor, Sarah Paxton, Elizabeth Davis, Mary McClung, Agnes Gray, Esther Lyle, Agnis McClure, Catherine McNabb, Jane Hall, Prudence Campbell, Elizabeth McCroskie and Hannah Miller appeared and their husbands recognized that they appear at May Court to testify against Rebecca Buchanan, Jr., and Senr., Mary Ann Campbell and Ruth Buchanan. John Carmichael also recognized.
Order Book No. 27Page (192) Trial of Rebecca Buchanan, Jr., on suspicion of murder, and Rebecca Buchanan, Sr., Mary Ann Campbell, Ruth Buchanan, alias Carmickell, on suspicion of being accessories. All acquitted except Rebecca, Jr., who was committed for trial at Williamsburg.
Order Book No. 27Page (193) Thos. Paxton, James McClung, Isaac Taylor, Gilbert Campbell, Wm. Hall and Andrew McNabb recognized that their wives, as above, appear as witnesses: William Lusk in behalf of Agnis Grey; Saml. Davis in behalf of his mother, Eleanor Davis; Moses McClure in behalf of his mother, Agness McClure; Andrew Hays in behalf of his mother, Rebecca Hays; Silas Hart in behalf of Esther Lyle. Acknowledged themselves as above. Wm. Henry also acknowledged as above.
Order Book No. 28Page (198) Saml. Delap appd. Constable, vice Nath. McClure; John Spear, Constable, vice Jno. Trimble; James Galespy, Constable, vice Wm. Wright; Ro. Ramsey. Constable, vice Thos Black; Alexr. McCroskie, Constable, vice Charles Hays; John Erwin, Constable, vice James Hogshead; James Hogart and Wallace Ashton, Constables, vice James Maies; Thos. Cohoon and David Miller, Constables, on Roan Oke; Archd. Hamilton and David Stevenson, Constables, vice Danl. Deniston; James Slone, Constable, vice James Hony; Geo. Draper, Peter Rentfro and James Cohoon, Constables, vice Humb. Lyon; John Ramsey, Constable, vice Wm. Guy; James Beard and John Maggot, Constables, vice Adam Miller; Andrew Scot, Constable, vice John Ramsey; John Campbell, Constable, vice Ro. Givin; John Leath, Constable, vice Elisha Job; Valentine Sevear, Constable, vice Wm. Carroll; John States, Constable, vice James Robinson; Ro. Montgomerie and John McClintin, Constables, vice Wm. Scot.
Order Book No. 31Page (257) Andrew Campbell complained that Saml. Gay has abused him and threatened to put him in the stocks and whip him. Saml. acknowledges his fault and is discharged.
Order Book No. 33Page (331) Grand Jury Presentments: Henry Speer, overseer, for not keeping road in repair; Geo. Campbell and Jno. Ellison, breach of peace; Jno. O'Neal for swearing three oaths.
Order Book No. 33Page (346) John Brownlee appointed Overseer of the Indian Road, vice Patrick Campbell.
Order Book No. 36Page (50) David Edmiston appd. overseer of road from Tinkling Spring to Stuart and Christian's Road, with these: James and John Campbell, Archibald Stuart, Chas. Dallis, James Hamilton, Richard Pilsher, David Henderson, George Vance, Robt. McCutchin, Saml. McCune, Robert Moody, John Frazier, John Thomson, Wm. Johnson, Alexr. Henderson, Saml. Henderson and Samuel Farguson.
Order Book No. 39Page (159) John Campbell, orphan of John Campbell, decd., settlement by guardian in full.August 24 1749
Order Book No. 40Page (362) William Bishop, servant of Charles Campbell.
Order Book No. 41Page (414) Hugh Campbell added to tithables.
Order Book No. 41Page (419) Hugh Lawson, Ludwick Bakon, David Stokes, Roger Dyer, Wm. Dyer, Moses Campbell, John Patton, Wm. Stevenson, Saml. Patton, Alexr. Crockett, Matthew Patton, added to list of tithables.
Order Book No. 42Page (426) John, James and Mary, orphans of John Campbell, to be bound out.
Order Book No. 44Page (574) Road ordered from John Davis's mill to Wood's New Cleared Gap, and John King, with Andrew Erwin, John McGill, Wm. McGill, Robert Fowler, Hugh Campbell, John Erwin, Edward Erwin, Robert Carscaden, Francis Erwin, Edward Erwin, Wm. Frame, Benj. Erwin, Charles Campbell, Robert Campbell, Wm. Brown, Michael Dickey, Robert Brown, Henry Smith, Hugh Diver, Charles Diver, David McCummins, John Davis, Danl. Smith, James Anderson, John Francis, Wm. Alexander, Robert Gamble, Andrew Combe, James Patterson, Francis Brown, Gabriel Pickens, keep it in repair.
Order Book No. 45Page (602) Shields vs. Wilson and Gilmore --- Verdict stayed because jurors, Walter Davis and Malcolm Campbell, the one ran out of the Court House, the other jumped out of the Co. Ho. window, separated themselves from their fellows and talked with other persons.
Order Book NO. 45Page (176) This book begins August 1749, but there are no orders but those of suits and actions until August 27, 1751, when a new Court was organized under a commission from the Hon. Lewis Burwell, President of Virginia, dated 11th June, 1751, directed to James Patton, Peter Scholl,* Robert Cunningham, Wm. Jameson, David Stuart,* John Lynn,* Erwin Patterson,* Thos. English, Benj. Borden,* Joseph Kenady, John Denton, Wm. Christian, Robert Breckinridge, John Lewis,* Silas Hart, Andw. Lewis,* James Rutledge, Alexr. Wright, Ro. McClenahan,* Robert Campbell, John Wilson, Richd. Burton, Patr. Martin, James Lockhart, John Mills, Ro. Ramsey, Richd. Woods, John Anderson, John Ruddle, Thos. Stuart, John Lyle, John Buchanan, Thomas Lewis, Archd. Alexander, John Mathews, Adam Dickenson, Mathias Seltzer, Wm. Harbeson. (Those marked (*) qualified.)
Order Book NO. 46Page (184) Wm. Thompson, guardian of Joseph and John Campbell, orphans of John Campbell, ordered to settle his accounts.
Order Book NO. 47Page (200) John Campbell--license for ordinary; Wm. Bethell--license for ordinary.
Order Book NO. 50Page (246) Elizabeth Campbell relinquished dower in 514 acres, conveyed by her husband, Patrick Campbell, to Charles Campbell, in Orange.
Order Book NO. 53Page (312) Charles Campbell, qualified Captain of a Co. of Foot; Ebenezer Westcourt, qualified Captain of a Co. of Foot; Daniel Harrison, qualified Captain of a Co. of Foot; Peter Scholl, qualified Captain of a Co. of Foot and Coroner; Wm. Jameson, qualified Coroner.
Order Book NO. 53Page (313) James Campbell, qualified Captain of Foot; John Maxwell, qualified Captain of Troop of Horse; Robert Renix, qualified Cap. of Troop of Horse; John Poage, qualified Cap. of Troop of Horse; James Edmondson, qualified Cap. of Troop of Horse; John Hogshead, qualified Cap. of Troop of Horse; Mathew Edmondson, qualified Cornet; Adam Harmon, qualified Cap. of a Troop of Horse; George Anderson, qualified Cap. of Troop of Horse; Augustine Price, qualified Lieut. of a Troop of Horse; Jacob Harmon, qualified Cornet.
Order Book NO. 53Page (316) Patrick Martin and Alexr. Richey to be overseers of road from Young's Mill to Alexr. Richey's smith shop, thence to Buchanan's mills, with these hands: Adam Thompson, Geo. Peary, Ro. Young, James Peary, John Campbell, John Buchanan, James Moody, Andrew Cowan, James Callison, John Jameson, Walter Smiley, James McCorkle, Ro. McCorkle, Nathan Gilliland, Wm. McNabb.
Order Book NO. 54Page (328) Charles Campbell, Wm. Long, Joseph Love, John Wilson, Wm. Wright, Anthony Black, James Robinson and Patrick Campbell--clear and keep a road from Wm. Long's mill to Charles Campbell's
Order Book NO. 56Page (410) Maurice O'Frield, John Trimble, Wm. McFeeters, Wm. Martain, James Young, Jacob Lockart, James Vance, Patrick Martin, Wm. McClintock, Rob. Young, Thos. Piery, John Campbell, James Peary, Robert Davis, James Philips, John Spear, John McMurry, Alexr. McMurry, David Stuard, Hugh Young, John Jameson, Rob. McClellon and John Brown--to work the road under Saml. Wallace from top of North Mountain to this Co. Ho.
Order Book NO. 57Page (414) John Buchanan, James Clark, Jacob Lockhart, Thomas Kirkpatrick, John Berry, John Bartley, Wm. Martin, Josias Richards, William McFeeters, John Jameson, James Young, Hugh Young, Robert Young, William McClintock, Wm. Ledgerwood, John Trimble, Maurice O'Frield, Samuel Wallace, Robert Davis, Robert McClenon, James Moody, James Philips, Wm. Akry, Cornelius Donaho, George Peary, Adam Thompson, Thomas Peary, John Campbell, James Peary, Wm. McNab, Robert Scot, Thomas Reed, Abraham Masha, Thomas Dunn, Francis Dunn, Major Scot, John Bigham, John Black, Samuel Downing, Alexr. McFeeters, Andrew Cowan, James McCorkle, John Vance, James Gilmore and Patrick Martin--to keep road formerly laid off from James Young's Mill to said Buchanan's Mill.
Order Book NO. 57Page (415) Joseph Long and James Young, overseers, with Robert Young, Joseph Long, Samuel Gibson, Solomon Whitley, John Collier, William Hall, Gilbert Crawford, George Gibson, John Ruckman, Thomas Burton, Wm. Wadington, Wm. Brown, James Moore, John Hanna, James Huston, Wm. Todd, James Bats, James Todd, James Young, Patrick Young, John Carr and James Campbell--keep the road from Joseph Long's Mill to James Young's Mill, thence to the Great Road on James Thompson's Plantation.
Order Book NO. 61Page (76) Road ordered--Wm. Bryan overseer--from Wm. Carravan's plantation to Wm. Bryans on Roan Oak. These workers: James Campbell, Joseph Love, Wm. Bryan, Jr., John Bryan, James Bane, Henry Brown, Jr., James Neilly, Henry Brown, Sr., Alexr. Ingram, Edward Patterson, Jacob Patton, John Wood, Erwin Patterson, Andrew Cox, Jasper Terry, Wm. Terry, John Woods, Edward Moore, Peter Craven, Aron Hart, Miles Hart, Wm. Graham, Neal McNeal, Malcom Campbell, Wm. Armstrong, Tasker Tosh, Thomas Tosh, Daniel Evans, Uriah Acres, Thos. Acres, John McAdoe, Wm. Akers.
Order Book NO. 66Page (330) Maxwell McCormick, servant of James Campbell.
Order Book NO. 67Page (440) Wm. Bishop, servant of Charles Campbell.
Order Book NO. 69Page (5) Alexr. McNutt chose John Brownlee his guardian. Esther Robinson qualifies Admx. of decd. husband, James Robinson. Appraisers are John Robinson, Ephraim Voss, Isaac Taylor, James Campbell.
Order Book No. 71Page (38) Margaret Campbell makes oath that the left ear of her son, James Beard, was bitten off by a horse.
Order Book No. 72Page (107) George Campbell, fined for absence from divine worship.
Order Book No. 72Page (108) Claims, propositions and grievances: James Beard, claim for ranging; John McClenachan, claim for going express; Robert Bratton, claim for ranging; George Wilson, claim for ranging and provisions for his Company; Abraham Smith, claim for ranging and provisions for his Company; Israel Christian, claim for ranging and provisions; Joseph Kenaday, claim for ranging; Patrick Lowrey, claim for ranging; George Campbell, claim for ranging; John Dickinson, claim for ranging and provisions for his Company; James Dunlop, claim for ranging and provisions for his Company; Archd. Stuart, claim for ranging; John Campbell, claim for ranging.
Order Book No. 74Page (246) John Campbell, orphan of John Campbell, aged 16, chooses guardian. Jane and Mary Sprout, admrs. of John Sprout, about to leave the Colony.
Order Book No. 80Page (144) Robert Campbell, for dieting Capt. Wood's soldiers and for a horse impressed. William Christian, for ranging and provisions for his Company. John Brown, for guarding provisions to Dickenson's Fort when attacked by the enemy Indians and for provisions on their march. Saml. Wilson, for provisions delivered to John and William Woods, Captains of Rangers. James Bell, for going express to the Commanding Officer of Albemarle by order of Major John Brown of this County. Ephraim Love, for ranging and provisions expended in his Company. Abraham Smith, the same. James Clark, for provisions to John Wood, a Militia Captain. Domnick Barret, for ranging. Wm. Edmiston, for ranging. John Cunningham, for use of a horse impressed. James Hughes produced a claim for service done the country, to which he made oath and ordered to be certified. John Robinson, for provisions delivered to David Lewis, Captain of the Militia. George Robinson, for ranging and provisions expended in his Company. James Cull, for ranging. Elizabeth Preston, for horse impressed.
Order Book No. 80Page (147) James Crockett, aged 17, orphan of Robert Crockett, chose Thomas Thompson guardian. Saml. Craig appointed guardian of Jane Bell, infant orphan of James Bell. Lettice Campbell, aged 14, orphan of Gilbert Campbell, chose George Campbell her guardian. Wm. McFeaters appointed guardian to Andrew Crockett, orphan of Robert Crockett.
Order Book No. 85Page (320) Administration of John Gilmore was moved for by James Gilmore, eldest son, and also by Thomas Gilmore, the younger son--granted to Thomas. Jacob Clements, witness to will of Wm. Campbell, is dead. Jane Scott, aged 16, chose Danl. Smith guardian.
Order Book No. 97Page (227) Thos. Cooper, servant of Robt. Campbell.
Order Book No. 100Page (343) Robert Campbell and James Taylor, returned no inhabitants.
Order Book No. 104Page (504) Malcomb Campbell vs. Joseph Cravens --- Abates by death of defendant.
Order Book No. 107Page (117) Will of Malcomb Campbell proved--the executors refuse to act, as also Isabella, the widow, and Elizabeth Campbeli qualifies.
Order Book No. 107Page (132) John Campbell committed for abusing Henry Fillbrick and disturbing the Court. Charles Campbell committed for abusing the Court.
Order Book No. 111Page (391) Charles Campbell qualified Ensign.
Order Book No. 112Page (400) Patrick Shirkey asks counter security from Elizabeth Campbell, admx. of her father, Malcolm Campbell.
Order Book NO. 116Page (163) Indenture by Church Wardens binding John Cole to James Campbell is assigned to Saml. McMurty.
Order Book NO. 119Page (284) Robert Campbell returned no inhabitant.
Order Book NO. 122Page (437) Henry Aulford exempted from County levy. John Lapsley exempted from County levy. Gilbert Campbell exempted from County levy. Commission for private examination of Mary, wife of Hugh Hays.
Order Book NO. 123Page (528) Wm. Ralston exempted from levy. George Wilson, witness from Hampshire--80 miles. Wm. Bryans exempted from County levy. Alexr. Campbell added to tithables.
Order Book No. 124Page (2) Charles Campbell and Charles Campbell appraisers.
Order Book No. 124Page (9) John McKnight, orphan, to be bound to James Campbell.
Order Book No. 125Page (16) William McCamey and one other and 190 acres added to tithables. Thomas Kilpatrick and one other and 300 acres added to tithables. John Maxwell and one other and 200 acres added to tithables. James Campbell added to tithables. Wm. McElhenny and 400 acres added to tithables. Henry Bowen and 323 acres added to tithables. Audley Paul and one other and 350 acres added to tithables. Benj. Watson and 170 acres added to tithables.
Order Book No. 126Page (143) County levy. To Robert Campbell, for a screed for the use of the County, £3, 10, 0.
Order Book No. 127Page (152) Charles Campbell (Borden's land) appointed Constable.
Order Book No. 129Page (232) Jacob Campbell, one other and 317 acres, added to tithables.
Order Book No. 129Page (275) James Campbell (Calf Pasture).
Order Book No. 134Page (69) Margaret Campbell, mother of Margaret Campbell, is appointed guardian to bring a suit versus James Cotton.
Order Book No. 134Page (81) John Campbell relieved of County levy--age and infirmity.
Order Book No. 136(211-212) The following produced certificates for hemp: Alexr. Gibson, Francis Brown, Thos. Paxton, Saml. Newberry, Saml. Henderson, Nichs. Sollace, Edward Sharp, Henry Larkin, Alexr. Walker, John White, John Black, James Trimble, Saml. Downey, Walter Cunningham, Moses Trimble, James McClung, John McClure, Halbert McClure, Joseph Long, David Campbell, James Walker, Joseph Lapsley, Israel Christian, Henry Lung, Jonan. Whitley, John McElwroth.
Order Book No. 137Page (220) Hugh Allen appointed surveyor of highway from James Given's Mill, by his house, to Stone Meeting House, and the following to work the road: Saml. Hinds, Robt. Stevenson, Wm. Kerr, John Stewart, John Campbell, James Allen, John Anderson, Hugh Allen, William McClure, James Allen, Saml. Bell, Andrew Lockhart, John Burnside, Saml. McKee, James Searight, Thos. Storey.
Order Book No. 137Page (235) Anthony Fewell, run away servant of Wm. Campbell.
Order Book No. 138Page (239) Charles Campbell, Wm. Findley, Mathew Patton--certificates for hemp.
Order Book No. 138Page (245) Accounts of Wm. Simpson and Elizabeth, his wife, late Elizabeth Campbell, admx. of Malcolm Campbell.
Order Book No. 140Page (341) Grand jurors: Nathanl. Evans, Joseph Raburn, Saml. McPheeters, Francis Erwin, Robt. Thompson, Henry Stone, James McCain, John Ramsey, Archibald Fisher. John White, Henry Campbell, Saml. Briggs, Richd. Renalds, Hugh Hays, Joseph Malcolm, David Laird, John Francis, John Black, James Leatherdale, John McClure, Hugh Donaho.
Order Book No. 141Page (347) Thos. Tosh, Danl. McNeill and Francis Grymes, to view a road from the Stone House to Evans's Mill. David Campbell and Samuel Downey appointed overseers of road from John McCreery's to James Moffett's, vice James Callison and David Cunningham.
Order Book No. 144Page (490) Hemp certificates: John Patterson, John Moore, John Parks, Tim. Caul, Wm. McClellon, Wm. Bear, Wm. Campbell, Michael Coulter, Nathan Peoples, James McCrary, Rob. Whitley, James Hays.
Order Book No. 144Page (491) Hemp certificates: Jonathan Cunningham, James McCown, James Campbell, John Thompson, John Willey, Alexr. Deal, James Thompson, Thos. Kilpatrick, John Nickle.
Order Book No. 144Page (494) Hemp certificates: James McKee, Andrew Boyd, Alexr. Dunlap, John Campbell, James McCampbell, James McDowell, George Moffett, Andrew Mis Campbell, John Lyle.
Order Book No. 146Page (520) Hemp certificates: Thomas Crow, Wm. Preston, Francis Smith, John Paxton, James Campbell, James Alexander.
Order Book No. 147Page (523) Witnesses: George Ware, John Ware, John Willson, Hugh Ware, Joseph Ware, Mathew Huston, and Moses Cober; Richard Campbell, from Frederick County, 60 miles; John Seviar, from Frederick County, 50 miles.
Order Book No. 150Page (314) Constable: James Hall, vice Charles Campbell.
Order Book No. 151Page (336) Richard Campbell, witness from Frederick. John Seviar, witness from Frederick.
Order Book No. 151Page (369) John Campbell, Jr. (near Stone Meeting House), special bail.
Order Book No. 154Page (78) Thomas Clofford, runaway servant of Robert Fowler. William Brewer, runaway servant of Hugh Campbell.
Order Book No. 154Page (82) Following to be bound out by Church Wardens, viz: Mildred Viers to John Campbell; Elizabeth Viers to Robert Campbell; Gideon Viers and David Viers to David Laird.
Order Book No. 162Page (149) Elizabeth Campbell complains of her father, William Campbell, that he does not provide for her and his other children--to be summoned.
Order Book No. 166Page (338) William Campbell, security for Mary Donald (admx. of husband, Michael O'Donald, since intermarried with John Adair), counter security.--Division between the orphans of Michael ordered.
Order Book No. 171Page (98) Road surveyors: James Magill; Frederick Keister and Michael Welfong, vice Mark Swadley; Robert Campbell, vice Arthur Connelly.
Order Book No. 172Page (109) Sarah Campbell, aged 13, orphan of Robert Campbell--Elijah McClenachan appointed guardian.
Order Book No. 177Page (302) New Commission of Justices, viz: Silas Hart, John Dickison, Danl. Smith, John Poage, Abram Smith, George Moffett,* James Lockhart, John Christian, Archibald Alexander, Felix Gilbert, Samuel McDowel,* Sampn. Mathews, Alexr. McClenachan,* Mathew Harrison, George Mathews,* Alexr. Robertson,* John Hays, James Craig, John Frogg,* William Tees, George Croghan, John Connelly,* Thos. Smallman, Wm. Bowyer,* John McClenachan,* Michael Bowyer, John Gratton,* Thos. Huggart, Elijah McClenachan, Josiah Davidson, John Skidmore, John Campbell, Edward Ward, Dawsey Penticost, John Gibson. (Those marked (*) qualified.)
Order Book No. 181Page (11) Joseph Campbell, vice John Maxwell--road overseer.
Order Book No. 182Page (16) John Campbell, Thomas Smallman and Dawsey Penticost--qualified Justices.
Order Book No. 182Page (17) James Campbell, vice John Hall--road overseer.
Order Book No. 183Page (30) New Commission from Dunmore, viz: Silas Hart, John Dickinson, James Lockhart, John Christian, Daniel Smith,* John Poage, Abraham Smith,* George Moffett,* Alexr. McClenachan,* Mathew Harrison, Michael Bowyer,* John Gratton, Thomas Hughes, Elijah McClenachan,* Josiah Davidson, John Skidmore, John Campbell, Thos. Smallman, John Gibson, John Stephenson, John Cannon, Silas Hedge, William Gee (McGee?), Archd. Alexander, Felix Gilbert,* Samuel McDowell,* Sampson Mathews,* William Bowyer,* George Mathews,* Alexr. Robertson,* John Hayes,* James Craig, John Frogg, Wm. Teas,* George Croghan, Edward Ward, Dawsey Pentecost, Wm. Crawford, John McCullough, Geo. Vallendegham and David Shepherd. (Those marked (*) qualified.)
Order Book No. 184Page (53) Called Court--William Campbell.
Order Book No. 188Page (128) New Commission, viz: Silas Hart, John Christian, Archibald Alexander. Felix Gilbert, Samuel McDowell, Sampson Mathews, Alexr. Robinson, John Hays, James Craig, John Lewis, Charles Campbell,* John Dickinson, Daniel Smith,* John Poage,* Abraham Smith, George Moffat,* Michael Bowyer, John Gratton, Thos. Huggart,* Elijah McClenachan, Alexander St. Clair,* John Kinkead, James Tate.* (Those marked (*) qualified.)
Order Book No. 190Page (146) Administration of estate of John Douglas granted to Charles Campbell. Mary Murphy, next friend to deceased, appeared and relinquished her right.
Order Book No. 190Page (160) William Reah and John Campbell appointed guardians to William, Hugh and John Reah, orphans of Archibald Reah, Jr., deceased.
Order Book No. 192Page (206) Following took the oath of allegiance, viz: Daniel Smith, William Bowyer, Elijah McClenachan, James Tate, Sampson Mathews, Thomas Hugart, Charles Campbell, John McCleerey, Alexr. Robertson--Justices.
Order Book No. 193Page (213) Following recommendations: John Givens as Captain, vice Capt. Laird; Robert Campbell, as First Lieutenant; James Crawford, as Second Lieutenant; Felty Shirley, as Ensign.
Order Book No. 194Page (226) John Campbell and Thomas Connerly appointed guardians of Elizabeth Walker, orphan of Alexander Walker, Jr., deceased. Elizabeth Walker, wife of Alexander Walker, relinquished dower in land conveyed to Alexander Walker. Martha Grimes, late Martha Walker, widow of Alexander Walker, Jr., relinquished dower in land possessed by her late husband to her two children, Jane and Elizabeth Walker.
Order Book No. 196Page (261) Ordered to be certified to the Governor that the following Justices are recommended for appointments as Justices will fall in the new Counties, viz: In Rockingham--Silas Hart, Daniel Smith, Felix Gilbert, Abraham Smith, John Gratton, Josiah Davidson, John Skidmore, George Boswell, Thomas Hewett, John Thomas, William Nall, Robert Davis, James Dyer, Henry Ewing, William McDowell, Anthony Rider, John Fitzwater, and Isaac Hinckle. In Rockbridge--Archibald Alexander, Samuel McDowell, John Hays, Charles Campbell, and Samuel Lyle. In Augusta--John Dickenson, John Christian, John Poage, George Moffet, Sampson Mathews, Alexr. McClenachan, William Bowyer, George Mathews, Michael Bowyer, Alexr. Robertson, Thomas Huggart, Elijah McClenachan, John Lewis, Alexr. St. Clair, John Kinkead, James Tate, William McPheeters, James Steel, John McCreery, Joshua Humphreys, Joseph Bell, Peter Hanger, James Craig--the two last to be left out for refusing to take the oath of allegiance.
Order Book No. 196Page (267) Robert Campbell qualified Lieutenant.
Order Book No. 199Page (329) Thomas Dooley, Charles Campbell, Timothy Warren and Jacob Custard--defendants.--Suits against them to be transferred to Rockingham.
Order Book No. 205Page (444) Joseph Patterson recommended Captain, vice Captain William Anderson; John Campbell as Lieutenant, and David Gibson as Ensign.
Order Book No. 205Page (447) Joseph Patterson qualified Captain; also John Campbell as Lieutenant, and David Gibson as Ensign.
Order Book No. 206Page (624) Hugh Campbell, orphan of Robert Campbell, chose Elijah McClenachan his guardian.
Order Book No. 216Page (280) Joseph Blair appointed road surveyor from James Campbell's field to James Trotter's. John Campbell, vice John Bigham, appointed road surveyor.
Order Book No. 219Page (325) Michael Coulter qualified Lieutenant. George Anderson qualified Ensign. George Barry, William McPheeters and John Campbell qualified overseers of the poor.
Order Book No. 225Page (372) John McKittrick recommended Captain, vice James Trimble, resigned; John qualified, and William Anderson as Lieutenant and Robert Anderson as Ensign; Robert qualified; John Campbell qualified Captain, vice Joseph Patterson, and William Allen qualified as Lieutenant and Arthur Connerley as Ensign.
Order Book No. 227Page (416) Isaac Campbell petitions that the County Court of Lincoln would not grant him lands in that County because he could not make proof that he was in public service of the country when the Commissioners sat for the District of Kentucky--in consequence of a certificate from the Court of said County of Lincoln, it is certified that proper proof was made that the said Campbell was in the aforesaid service when the said Commissioners sat for the said District.
Order Book No. 232Page (81) John Hatfield chose John Campbell guardian.
Order Book No. 238Page (345) Mary Campbell, alias Hackett, admx. of Robert Campbell, to be summoned to give counter security.
Order Book No. 239Page (6) Mary Hacket, late Mary Campbell, admx. of George Campbell, decd., to be summoned to give counter security.
Order Book No. 241Page (59) Archibald Strange, Peter Hindricks, John Henderson, Abraham Kelly, John Campbell, Sr., Daniel Harvie, John McKenny--returned no inhabitants.
Order Book No. 244Page (277) John Campbell appointed guardian of Joseph Conkin, orphan of George Conkin.
Order Book No. 253Page (518) John Campbell, Sr., fined for misbehaving in presence of the Court.
Order Book No. 254Page (557) James Campbell, Sr., exempted from levy.
Order Book No. 255Page (608) Hugh Campbell to be summoned to qualify admr. of Robert Campbell if he sees fit.
Order Book No. 255Page (609) Hugh Campbell qualifies as above.
Order Book No. 255Page (612) Depositions to be taken of John Campbell and James Agnew, about to remove.
Order Book No. 262(297-301) Commission for depositions of William Hook and Robert Campbell, who are about to remove to Kentucky.
Order Book No. 264Page (387) Andrew Anderson, vice Lieut.-Col. Robert Gamble, removed, recommended as Lieut-Col. of 1st Regiment; and John Campbell for Major.
Order Book No. 265Page (477) Andrew Anderson qualified Lieutenant Colonel, and John Campbell, Major, qualified.
Order Book No. 272Page (258) Andrew Anderson recommended as County Lieutenant, John Campbell as Major of 1st Battalion, William Wilson as Major of 2d Battalion.
Order Book No. 273Page (294) The persons recommended on pages 258 and 259, supra, as military officers, qualified as follows: Andrew Anderson, John Campbell, Thomas Turk, Jr., Robert Gratton.
Order Book No. 274Page (342) Mary Ann Ham, orphan of ---- Ham, chose Bridget Campbell guardian.
Order Book No. 277Page (156) John Kennedy, orphan of Mathew Kennedy, above 14, chose John Campbell guardian.
Order Book No. 280(263-264) Alex. Campbell exempted from levy on account of his infirmity.
Order Book No. 282Page (399) Patience Ritchey to remain with her mother, Catherine Campbell, and not be bound out.
Order Book No. 285(61-63) Collin Campbell choses guardian by Patience Richey, orphan.
Order Book No. 291Page (463) Called Court on Dicey, a negro woman (the property of Hugh Campbell, of the County of Amherst, and late in the possession of Sarah McDowell, of Staunton) for murdering her child.--Discharged.
Order Book No. 293James Patton vs. George Campbell.--George Campbell, blacksmith, now of Augusta County. Bond to James Patton, dated 15th August, 1746.
Order Book No. 296John Carmichael vs. John Wilson.--Debt on bond by defendant to Mary Anne Campbell, dated 25th March, 1746. Witnesses, John Hays and Wm. Adair. Assigned to plaintiff last day of March, 1747. Morgan Camell.
Order Book No. 298Campbell vs. Campbell.--Bond of Patrick Campbell to Maryan (Marion) Campbell, widow and relict of William Campbell, dated 1745. Assignment on back to John Campbell, dated 1747, and signed Maryan Buchanan.
Order Book No. 300Andrew Campbell vs. John Walker.--Being four of same name, I knew not which to execute process on, Robert Breckinridge.
Order Book No. 303Thomas Campbell vs. Joseph Love.--Thomas was living in Philadelphia. 24th October, 1749.
Order Book No. 304Andrew Campbell vs. John Walker.--Debt. Writ dated 6th March, 1749. On judgment obtained in Frederick County, in 1743, on a note dated 1738.
Order Book No. 307Campbell vs. Campbell.--Moses Campbell, of Augusta County, obligor to Daniel and Alexander Campbell (of King George?), gone to Carolina in 1752 (he lived on South River). Not found in 1751 and 1750.
Order Book No. 308Andrew Campbell vs. Thomas Gray.--Andrew Campbell, of Frederick County, obligee, from Thomas Gray, of same County. Bond dated 1747.
Order Book No. 311Alexander and Daniel Campbell vs. Thomas Dove.--Alexander and Daniel of King George County, 1750. Affidavit by Daniel in Frederick County, 1752.
Order Book No. 315Simpson vs. Campbell.--March 12, 1756. To the Worshipful bench of Augusta, we humbly request that you will take particular notice of Margaret Campbell (Cambal), for it is plainly known to all the inhabitants of the lower end of the Cowpasture that she is a common liar and troublesome to all them that she is in neighborhood with, and furthermore it is known that she will swear anything that comes into her mind, which the subscribers by report will make appear.--Hugh Morton, James Montgomery, Wm. Mortain, Wm. Memory, Edward Edwards, Agnes Memory, Wm. Gillespy, Mary Gillespy, Patrick Carrigan, James Beard, James Scot, Samuel McMorry, Margaret Cohiren, James Arbuckle, Thomas Simson, Robt. Gillespy, Margaret Arbuckle, Anne Montgomery, Thomas Fitzpatrick. This was an attachment vs. James Campbell by James Simpson, 17th March, 1756 (five days after above petition.)
Order Book No. 317Mathew Campbell vs. William Thompson.--Thompson was guardian in socage of orator, who earned by teaching school during his infancy a considerable sum.
Order Book No. 322Mathew Campbell vs. Robert Renich, deceased (Joshua Mathews, administrator).--Account March, 1756, to schooling.
Order Book No. 324David Campbell vs. Robert Cunningham.--Account, 1759, for keeping Robert's wife, Martha, whom Robert had turned out of doors, and burial expenses, &c.
Order Book No. 330James Campbell vs. Samuel McClure and Mary.--Cov't.
Order Book No. 331Robert Campbell, Cutler, vs. Robert Campbell, son of John.--Writ, 28th November, 1765. Gone to Carolina.
Order Book No. 332Grand Jury presentments.--Mathias and George Lewis, for driving wagon on Sabbath. John Henderson complains that his father, George, abuses him. Isabella Hall, late Isabella Ramsey, administratrix of Robert Ramsey. Susannah Armentrout, late Susannah Power, administratrix Christian Colley--Susannah lives in Hampshire. Elizabeth Campbell, administratrix of her father, Malcolm Campbell, 1764. William Beard lives in Bedford. June Court, 1764.
Order Book No. 335Benjamin Estill vs. Miss Elizabeth Campbell.--(Great Lick.) Signature: 10th April, 1763.
Order Book No. 340Campbell vs. Campbell.--Robert Campbell, son of John Campbell, gone to Carolina, 1764.
Order Book No. 342Summers vs. Campbell.--John Summers and Isabella, his wife, late Isabella Young, complain of James Campbell and Richard Woods. Bond dated 23d June, 1761.
Order Book No. 343Thompson vs. Alexander and Andrew Campbell, of Augusta. 1764.
Order Book No. 347William Simpson and Elizabeth, his wife, late Elizabeth Campbell, administratrix of Malcomb, vs. Joseph Craven.
Order Book No. 350Gilbert vs. Campbell.--Wm. Campbell and Robert Campbell, brothers, 1764.
Order Book No. 351John Campbell vs. Rev. John Kinkead.--1st March, 1766. Account showing cost of corn, coffy, labor, &c.
Order Book No. 351Mary McDonald, administratrix Edward McDonald, vs. William Simpson and Betty, administrators Malcolm Campbell.--Late Elizabeth Campbell, executrix Malcom Campbell.
Order Book No. 354William Simpson and Elizabeth, late Elizabeth Campbell, vs. Michael Woods and William Holly, of Bedford.--Writ, 28th August, 1767. Bond to Elizabeth Campbell, dated 29th November, 1763.
Order Book No. 357Mathew Reid and Johnston vs. Wm. Fleming.--Attachment, 5th August, 1768. Defendant has removed. Bond by Mathew Read and Arthur Campbell. Witnessed by Jest Breckenridge.
Order Book No. 357Israel Christian vs. Donald (Daniel) Campbell and James Bell.--Attachment, 28th November, 1768. Defendants removed from County.
Order Book No. 364Boone vs. Campbell et als.-Brice Hanna failed and ran away. Charles Campbell, Alexander Moore, William Walker and James Walker were commissioners to have work done at New Providence Church in 1766. Brice Hanna was contractor.
Order Book No. 365James McGill vs. John McClure.--Slander. Writ, 1770. "Would hang as high as Gilderoy." John declares that Archibald Campbell, of Caroline County, is a material witness, and that as he is a single person and, from his father's declaration, he cannot get the benefit of his evidence in the usual way. Prays a commission. 10th March, 1772.
Order Book No. 367S. and G. Mathews vs. John Campbell.--Petition. Debt. Writ, 25th May, 1773. Defendant is son to Charles Campbell.
Order Book No. 368Samuel Woods vs. David Claxton and Sarah, his wife, formerly Sarah Campbell.--Debt. Writ dated 25th May, 1773. Account vs. Sarah dated 1770, August 16.
Order Book No. 371Wm. Bowyer vs. Joseph Campbell, son to Charles.--25th May, 1773.
Order Book No. 374John Robinson vs. John Campbell.--29th July, 1774. Defendant lives in Fincastle.
Order Book No. 374Edward Parks and Catherine, his wife, late Catherine North, administratrix of Roger North, deceased, vs. James Campbell.--Writ, 22d Nov., 1779.
Order Book No. 376Hugh Campbell, eldest son and heir of Robert Campbell, deceased, who was oldest brother and heir of James Campbell, deceased, vs. John Campbell.--Chancery. Writ, 19th November, 1778.
Order Book No. 376North's administratrix vs. Andrew Campbell, son to John.--Petition, 1779.
Order Book No. 377Daniel, Joseph and John Campbell vs. James Henderson.--Case writ, 27th March, 1780. Plaintiffs sold in 1779 to defendant a negro slave. Of the purchase money of £42, 16 shillings. Question--What rate in Virginia currency the same was to be paid. Arbitrators declared at the rate of 100 pieces in the present paper money, amounting to £4,280.
Order Book No. 378Deposition of James McKeachey, 1782: Wm. Eaken lived on Little River, in Botetourt in 1752-3. 27th September, 1782, Wm. Akers, of Campbell County, bill of sale to James Mason of Botetourt.
Order Book No. 379John Abney vs. John Campbell and John Henderson.--Petition, 29th July, 1783. Henderson dead.
Order Book No. 379William Downing, infant, by Charles Campbell, next friend, vs. James Gilmore and Ann, his wife.--Case, 25th May, 1779.
Order Book No. 380William Downing, infant, by Charles Campbell, next friend, vs. James Perry.--Slander. Writ 24th August, 1779.
Order Book No. 389Richard Mathews vs. Campbell.--John Campbell, merchant in Philadelphia, 1781, but of Drummore Township, Lancaster County, Pennsyylvania, in 1788. Letters of Campbell related to the Mathews (Richard) answer of John Campbell, sworn to before John Kean in Frederick County, 6th August, 1787. Letter from Campbell, Philadelphia, 4th October, 1781. "Mrs. Campbell joins me in love to you and Mrs. Mathews, and all our friends there." Letter from Richard Mathews to John Campbell, dated New Glasgow, 10th October, 1783: "My brother, Joseph--officers certificates, the interest of which is punctually paid annually and warrants on the Treasury are almost the only circulating medium we have here. John Barclay is going to Georgia. Colonel George Mathews and a number of other officers set off to Georgia about 15th November." Some years before 1788, Richard Mathews lived at New Glasgow, in Rockingham County. Letter of Richard Mathews to John Campbell dated New Glasgow, 11th September, 1781--"Our cattle is now in a very ticklish situation, order being just come from the Governor to impress all that can be got. All our friends here are well. Mrs. Mathews joins me in our love to you and Mrs. Campbell and all our friends with you. I hope to have the pleasure of Cousin Jimmy's company this winter. I suppose I may wish you joy of a son or daughter by the time this reaches you."
Order Book No. 399James Campbell and wife, Bridget, vs. Thomas Green and Nancy, his wife.--16th January, 1793.
Order Book No. 399Mary Holms, infant, by John Holms, her father and next friend, vs. John Campbell.--Writ, 7th November, 1792.
Order Book No. 400John Dixon vs. James Kerr and Robert Campbell.--Deposition of James Kerr taken in Lexington, Kentucky, second Tuesday in June, 1793. Son of James, defendant John Campbell's deposition at same place. John Dixon was drafted to go into service under McIntosh, but persuaded Kerr to sell him a servant as a substitute.
Order Book No. 401Samuel Hunter vs. Hugh Torbett and Alexander Mitchell.--Chancery. Spa. 25th July, 1777. Deposition of William Bryan, of Fauquier, taken Friday, 22d August, 1777, aged thirty years. He is son-in-law of David Kaile (Haile?). David Kaile deposes at same time he is sixty years and upwards. James Cunningham deposes, 16th August, 1783, that in May, 1777, Hugh Torbett was selling his land with intention of going to Holston. After Nathaniel Torbett came from Northward. Alexander Mitchell's answer says: In 1771 he and other defendant bought a tract of land from Col. William Campbell, 614 acres, "After the defendants came to Virginia" (1773). Hugh Brawford and Rachel Brawford were son and daughter of Samuel Brawford. Rachel was married to William Wallace before 21st November, 1780, and on that date is about to leave these parts. Susannah Hunter was wife of Samuel.
Order Book No. 404James Dunlop vs. James Spence.--19th February, 1793. William Spence, son of James. Jane Spence makes oath July, 1795, that her husband, James Spence, etc. Robert Douglas had moved to Campbell County, 1794. George Rust lived in same county. William Kilbreath has lately gone to French Broad.
Order Book No. 406James Campbell and wife, Bridget, vs. James Essex and wife, Christian.--Slander. 27th July, 1793.
Order Book No. 406Thompson vs. Gibson, etc.--Dehomine Replegiando writ, 4th May, 1796. Writ to sheriff: you cause to be replevied Archibald Thompson whom Alexander Gibson, Larkin J. Gibson and Reizen Barnett have taken and keep taken unless he was taken for murder, etc., that we may have no more clamor thereupon for want of justice and make return, etc. Agreeable to the within writ to me directed, I have gone to the defendants and demanded the said Thompson. The defendants say that he is legally and lawfully enlisted into the service of the United States of America and that they should not be justifiable in delivering him upon any application contrary to the rules and articles of war, but that they will appear when called on and subject themselves to the decision and directions of the proper authority. (Signed) James Campbell, D. S.
Order Book No. 412Isabella and Barbara Walker, infants, by Hugh Donaghe, their guardian, vs. Elizabeth and Robert Walker, Arthur Connolly and John Campbell.--Alex. Walker, father of oratrixes, and husband of Elizabeth, and father (?) of Robert, died, 1774, with will. Bill for accounting. Elizabeth Walker's answer, sworn to 10th December, 1790. Spa. in chancery, 2d June, 1787. This suit contains settlement of the estate, with all the heirs, giving names.
Order Book No. 421Campbell vs. Connelly.--William Hinds and Joseph Patterson, witnesses, living in Jessamine County, Kentucky.
Order Book No. 421Brownlee vs. Myers.--Original deed by Phinley McClure, of Orange County, to John Brownlee, of same place, dated 26th May, 1742, conveys tract in B. M. Glade, of Hammock's Branch, Cor. Pat. Campbell, Cor. David Mitchell, 444 acres. Test, Shurley Whatley, James Clark, Catlett Conway.
Order Book No. 422John Dixon vs. George Anderson.--Affidavit, 17th October, 1801, that John Campbell is an inhabitant of Kentucky, and is about to return to that State. Deposition of John states that in 1785 or 1786 he assisted his brother, Robert Campbell, to build a house for defendant. John Patterson and his brother, Thomas Patterson.
Order Book No. 423John Campbell, of Kentucky, formerly of Augusta County, vs. John Mills.--Plaintiff and defendant were executors of Martha Burnsides. Bill sworn to in Mason County, Kentucky. James Campbell was nephew of John.
Order Book No. 425John Campbell vs. Arthur, John and David Connelly.--John and David are sons of Arthur. Settlement of Walker's estate.
Order Book No. 425Campbell vs. Humphreys.--Affidavit, 19th January, 1811, of James Campbell in Green County, Kentucky.
Order Book No. 433Francis McCown (Cowen), of etc. William McCanless, John McCowen recognize before Robert Campbell, as justice, 11th April, 1749, that Francis shall appear at the next May Court on 3d Wednesday of the month.
Order Book No. 436Petition, 1752, of inhabitants from Forks of Roanoke to James Neiley's Majority have to travel 25 to 30 miles to work on ye road from Reed Creek to Warwick. Petition to have road laid off into precincts. William Bryan, John Bryan, James Bryan, William Walcker, James Campbell, Alexander Ingram, Robert Bryan, Henry Brown, James Bane, William Bryan, Jr., Joseph Love.
Order Book No. 437Petition for road from John Davis's Mill to Woods's Gap, or to the road now clearing over the mountain near said Gap: Andrew Erwin, Robert Fowler, Edward Erwin, Francis Erwin, Charles Campbell, Michael Dickey, Hugh Diver, John Davies, John Francis, Andrew McCombe, John Magill, Hugh Campbell, Robert Carskadan, William Frame, Robert Campbell, Robert Brown, Charles Diver, Daniel Smith. William Alexander, James Patterson, William Magill, John Erwine, Edward Erwine, Benjamin Erwin, William Brown, Henry Smith, David McCammis, James Anderson, Robert Gamble, Francis Brown, Gabriel Pickens.
Order Book No. 438Inhabitants near Capt. John Wilson's petition for a road from Capt. John Wilson's and John McClerey's fields, thence to James Wilson's fields, thence to Capt. John Christian's, and there to join with the road from Col. Patton's Mill to Tunkling Spring Meeting House: Robert Campbell, Mathew Wilson, John Wilson, Jr., James McCutchin, John McCutchin, Nathan Patterson, James Clark, John McClerey, Samuel McCutchan, William McCutchan, John Wilson, Thomas Kirkpatrick, James McClerey, John Clark, Samuel Downey.
Order Book No. 440Inhabitants of North Mountain, at head of Muddy Creek, petition for road from Ephraim Love's to the road from South Branch to Swift Run xxx[Gap] Ephraim Love, John Herdman, Jeremiah Hanason, Aaron Oliver, Thomas Campbell, Robert Pattison, John Slaven, Patrick Black, Robert Rallstone, John Negarry, Tomes Shanklin, John Taler, Daniel Harrison, John Foolton, Jesse Harrison, Patrick Cain.
Order Book No. 440Inhabitants of head of South River petition that they have to keep their roads only 1/2 mile apart for space of four miles and ask that the three be reduced to one. William Smith, Samuel Steel, Robert Alexander, Robert Steel, Nathaniel Steel, George Breckenridge, Chas. Campbell, Patrick Campbell, John Broundlee, Alexander Broundlee, Hugh Fulton, Patrick Campbell, Jr., John Fulton, John Ward, Samuel Doack, John Campbell, Seth Wilson.
Order Book No. 440Petition for road from Joseph Long's mill to James Young's mill and by William Hall's, on the North River, and into the Great Road on James Thompson's plantation. It is our course to meeting, mill and market. John Carr, James Campbell, Robert Young, Joseph Long, Samuel Gibson, Solomon Whitly, John Collyer, William Hall, Gilbert Crawford, George Gibson, John Ruckman, James Barton, William Waddington, William Brown, James Moore, John Hanna, James Hutton, William Todd, James Bates, James Footd, James Young, Patrick Young.
Order Book No. 441To the Worshipful Court of Augusta now sitting: We, the inhabitants of this County, have long felt the smart of the great indulgence the ordinary keepers of this County have met with in allowing them to sell such large quantities of rum and wine at an extravagant rate, by which our money is drained out of the County, for which we have no return but a fresh supply to pick our pockets. We, your petitioners, humbly pray your worship to put a stop to the said liquors, which would encourage us to pursue our laborious designs, which is to raise sufficient quantities of grain which would sufficiently supply us with liquors and the money circulate in this County to the advantage of us, the same. We hope that your worships will discover to us that you have a real regard for the good of the County, and lay us under an obligation to pray for your prosperity. Robert Stevenson, James Hamilton, Alexander Walker, James Robertson, James Stevenson, John Christian, Alexander Blair, Thomas Shiels, Robert Christian, Thomas Stewart, James Allen, Joseph Hanna, Francis Beaty, Mathew Lyle, Archibald Reah, John Walker (?), Samuel Downey, Daniel McAnair (McEvear), Robert Spears (Syers), Daniel Danison, Robert Moffet, Alexander Henderson, Andrew Hamilton, John Finley, Thomas Beard, Archibald Armstrong, William Mackan, James Campbell, John Vance, John Archer, James Reburn, Alexander Gibson, William Lewis, George Scott, Joseph Bell, James Coyl, William Logen, Samuel McCune, John Caruth, Patrick Hays, Robert Sayers, Andrew McCombe, James Montgomery, James Scott, George Crawford, John Allen. Edward Spear, James Brown. John King, John Anderson, William Logan, Patrick Campbell, Jacob Lockhart, Sam Wallace, James Knox, John Carlile, Charles Campbell, Mathew Harper, John Jackson, James Miller, John Hutcheson, William Palmer, Samuel Love, James Miller, John Henderson, Zachariah Bell (Belche), Andrew Ewin, John Thompson, Loftus Pullin, James Gay, Alexander Craig, Thomas Teat, William Wallace, John Wilson, Alexander Ritchey, James McGee, John Thompson, Samuel Calhoon, John Trimble, Alexander Thompson, William Snodon, Newman McGonigle, John Trimble, Archibald Allison, John Brown, William Thomson.
Order Book No. 443May, 1753. Road established from Brown's bridge to the Glebe land, and Robert Campbell and John Trimble be surveyors, and with James Lusk, they clear and keep the same in order. We do appoint Robert Campbell and John Trimble overseers from John Brown's bridge to the Gleve House and the undernamed persons to clear the same: James Lusk, Robert Roberson, Samuel McCuchen, William Hunter, James Hunter, Robert Campbell's man, Mathew Wilson, William Wilson, John Wilson, Jr., John McCleery, James McCleery, Thomas Kirkpatrick and son, John Peevy, James Clarck, John Clarck, James Clark, Jr., Jacob Lockhart, James Lockhart, John Birtly, Josias Richards, William Marten, George Berry, William McFeeters, John McFeeters, William McFeeters, Jr., John Jameson, Patrick Marten, Joseph Marten, William Ward, Moses O'Freel and his man, Robert Philips, Robert Davis, Thomas Reed, Robert Scott, John Vance, Andrew Foster, William Bell, Alexander McKiney, John Speer, Abraham Mathan (Mashaw), Robert Young, John Young, Samuel Young, Hugh Young and his man, John Campbell, George Peevy, Robert McClenan, William Eackry, James Bell, Andrew Steel and his man, John McKiney, Patrick McCloskey, John McSlenan, John McCuchan, Samuel McCuchan, William McClintock, Thomas Peevy, James McCuchen, Duncken McFarlen.
Order Book No. 444Inquest, 22d January, 1757, on John McCutchan, before Patrick Martin, acting coroner. Was accidentally killed by a tree falling on him. James Clark, Jr., William Clark, William Fulton, James Risk, Mathew Willson, Patrick Martin, Samuel McCutchan, James McCutchan, John Peny (?), John Risk, William Berry, James Trotter, Robert Campbell, George Berry, John Clark, James Clark (Sen.?), James McCleery, Hugh Fulton.
Order Book No. 455John Wiley, Jr., to John Campbell, debtor. To 4 dressed buckskins, at 12, £2.10.0. Sworn to 15th March, 1768, before Samuel McDowell.
Order Book No. 461Francis Kidd, Dr., to John Howard, 1767, December 14. Credit by making and mailing 80 clap boards, £0, 7, 0. Sworn to by Arthur Campbell, before Samuel Bowyer, 16th November, 1768.
Order Book No. 4611767. Robert Hooks, Dr. Robert Campbell, 5th November, 1768.
Order Book No. 464John Campbell vs. William Anderson.--1767, to malling rails, sawing plank. 1767, credit, by Jerry Edwards, by the schoolmaster, by paying mother, by paying Thomas, by paying John Graham. Received by William.
Order Book No. 473William Simpson and Betty, his wife, administrators of Malcom Campbell, deceased, debtor to Mary McDonald, administratrix of Edward McDonald. 1748-1752-1753--Tanning and currying leather.
Order Book No. 474Campbell vs. Kinkead.--The Rev. John Kinkead, debtor to John Campbell. March 1, 1766, Sundries; cash lent to Mrs. Kinkead.
Order Book No. 497That whereas we, your petitioners, for some time past have been debarred settling and improving and cultivating our patent lands on the Western Waters, the reason whereof is best known to our legislators, but by virtue of the late treaty held to the northward, we hope we may, without offense, petition your worships to give orders that there may be alterations and amendments made on the old road leading from Capt. Ingle's Ferry to James Davis's, on the head of the Holston River, and appoint such surveyors as you in your wisdom shall think fit, and your petitioners, as in duty bound, will pray. (Signed) Joseph Black, James Holice, John Montgomery, Robt. Montgomery, James Montgomery, George Breckenridge, Alexander Breckenridge, Robert Breckenridge, Robert Campbell, Robert Doack, William Doack, William Sayers, Arthur Campbell, William Davis, James Hays, Samuel Hopes, William Leftwich, Gasper Gender, George Gender, Jacob Kinder, William Phips, John Houncal, Barnet Small, John Smith, John Bets, Robert Buchanan, Robert Davis, Samuel McAdam, James Davis, Nicholas Buchanan, Alex. Buchanan.
Order Book No. 513Caldwell vs. Campbell.--John Campbell, of Berkeley County, sold to Caldwell land on northwest side of Ohio River, part of 1,250 acres belonging to John, who was heir-at-law of Archibald Campbell, deceased (1796), in whose name 6,000 acres were located.
Order Book No. 514Jones vs. Tomlinson.--Orator is David Jones. In 1772 David Jones made a settlement on Grave Creek, in Ohio County. Joseph Tomlinson obtained a settlement certificate for himself and Charles McLean. In 1770 David Owings made settlement near Jones, which was confirmed by law of 1799. Settlement made in 1771 on land of Joseph Coving, land claimed by Jones, by Nathaniel Tomlinson, who transferred to Joseph. In 1772 Nathaniel sold to Campbell and Talin. Benjamin Biggs was a justice of Ohio County, and Silas Hedges was sheriff in 1785. The Commissioners to settle unpatented lands in 1781 were: James Neal, Charles Martin, and William Haymond (Hayward); William McClung was chairman. Charles McClean deposes, in Fayette County, Pennsylvania, 1804: He first went to Grave Creek Flats in 1772, where he saw George R. Clarke, who surveyed the Flats into various tracts. Plaintiff acted under the Indiana Company. Charles McClean moved with his family to Grave Creek Flats in December, 1773, and settled at McClains's Spring. He left in May, 1774, in consequence of the breaking out of Dunmore's war. Morgan Jones deposes, in Jueen County, Pennsylvania: He first visited the Flats in 1772. Plaintiff had employed George Rogers Clark to survey the Flats into tracts. The first tract was laid off for Morgan Jones. Second for Joseph Tomlinson. Third for David Jones, plaintiff. The line passed over one of the little graves. Charles McDonald was also one of the settlers.
Order Book No. 515Taylor vs. Tate and Campbell.--John Taylor married Elizabeth, daughter of Charles Campbell, prior to 1774. Charles's daughter, Jean, married Thomas Tate. Margaret married Arthur Campbell. James, John M. C., Mary M. C., Allen Taylor were relatives.
Order Book No. 519Rebecca McPheeters vs. Woods.--Jane McPheeters deposes, 11th September, 1795, that: She was with her sister, the plaintiff, at John Campbell's some time in May, 1794, being the night before the said Campbell set off for Greenbrier. Polly Notly-Patterson Thompson.
Order Book No. 519Court of Rockbridge versus Steele.--List of delinquents and insolvents in the County Levy for 1796 in the Northeast District, by J. Purris, D. S. for S. Keys, S. R. C.: Abednego Casteel, runaway; William Campbell, removed to Amherst; Torence Doran, removed; John Donnaho, Jr., Botetourt; Peter Horn, removed; James Martin, removed to Kentucky; Samuel Paxton, Sr., removed to Amherst; Samuel Raneck, removed to Kentucky; Robert Simpkins, removed; Simpson Sturgeon, removed to Tennessee; Peter Sumbro, removed to Augusta; Thomas Tongate, Amherst.
Order Book No. 524To John Patterson, 26th November, 1741; same, same date; Robert Poage, 13th October, 1742; William Smith, 17th September, 1742; William Fearnley and wife, 25th November, 1742; John Steavenson, 11th April, 1743; John Buchanan, 6th April, 1743; Alexander Walker, 14th April, 1743; James Walker, 14th April, 1743; John Walker, 15th April, 1743; James Moore, 13th April, 1743; James Robinson, 15th April, 1743; Elizabeth Hunter, 10th May, 1743; William Hall, 8th April, 1743; Andrew Baxter, 15th March, 1742; William Evans, 13th March, 1742; Daniel Lyle, 8th April, 1743; Richard Consort, 14th March, 1742-3; John Carr, 7th July, 1743; Charles Dohoney, 11th February, 1741-2; William Guin, 7th July, 1742; Robert Culton, 6th May, 1742; John Buchanan, 15th July, 1742; Joseph Colton, 6th May, 1742; Charles Hays, 1st June, 1742; George Henderson, 1st June, 1742; John Lowery, 16th August, 1742; John Moore, 16th August, 1742; James Eakins, 26th June, 1742; Samuel Dunlap, 16th August, 1742; Samuel McCutchan, 3d August, 1742; Patrick Hays, 16th August, 1742; William Lockridge, 25th June, 1742; William Porter, 16th August, 1742; Robert Dunlap, 25th June, 1742; William Cowden, 10th July, 1742; Mathew Lyle, 3d August, 1742; Alexander McClary, 7th June, 1742; James Trimble, 2d August, 1742; John Mathews, 7th June, 1742; John Shields, 2d August, 1742; John Patterson, 21st August, 1742; James Martin, 20th July, 1742; William McCanless, 16th August, 1742; Henry Kirkham, 26th July, 1742; James Young, 17th June, 1742; Richard Wood, 17th June, 1742; Samuel and William Wood, 6th July, 1742; Gilbert Campbell, 6th July, 1742; Joseph Lapsley, 6th July, 1742; John Gray, 6th July, 1742; Robert Heastane, 6th July, 1742.
Order Book No. 528Mathias M. Youcam, of Bedford County, to William Thompson--power of attorney to convey 267 acres whereon Mathias formerly dwelt, joining land lately possessed by James Campbell, on Roanoke River, to Alex. Boyd, Paymaster to the Virginia Regiment. Dated, 16th November, 1760.
Order Book No. 535File No. 926.--Hays vs. Trout. William Hays, son of Moses Hays, infant, complains that on 2d May, 1760, John Risk made an entry for 200 acres between John Wilson and Robert Campbell and the Mountain, which entry he afterwards gave to his son, David Risk. David made improvements, but shortly enlisted and was called forth against the armies of Great Britain. During David's absence, Thomas Mines made an entry and obtained patent for the land. On David's return, David assigned his rights to orator, who had survey made and has received patent dated 1789. David Trout has purchased from Mines. Spa. dated 21st September, 1791.