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Source:Mayhill, 1973
Source:Chalkley's Chronicles

and others as noted.


Person:Patrick Hays (1)
Records for Patrick Hays in Chalkley's Chronicles


Patrick Hays (1) apparently came to Old Augusta from Derry Township in what is now Dauphin County, PA, about 1740. He may be the same Patrick Hays who took out a Lancaster land Warrant in 1737, for which he had a parcel surveyed in Derry Township about 1742. Alternatively, the Patrick who took out the land warrant may be another person, possibly his father. We have evidence for a Patrick Hays in both areas through the period from 1740 to about 1785. These records may represent several different persons. Who those persons are, and which records apply to which person, is of interest in resolving the family relationships and history of the Hays Family of Old Augusta.

The following tabulation summarizes some of the data available relating to these Patricks in both Derry Township, and in Old Augusta. Neither selection is complete, though more work is needed to document Patrick Hays in Derry Township.


Year Derry Augusta/Orange Commentary
1737 Takes out land warrant First record of Patrick in Derry
1740 Swears oath of Importation, w Rebecca and children First Record of Patrick in Augusta/Orange
1741 Warrant surveyed in Derry
1742 16 Aug 1742 Deed Executed on Borden's Grant.
1745 Patrick Hays vs. Charles Milliken.--Debt on bond dated 4th June, 1745. Writ 19th February, 1747. Defendant of Township of Deny, County of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. First indication that Patrick of Augusta came from Derry; Bond apparently due in 1745, Patrick takes action in 1747
1746 1746...Elected and qualified as Vestryman, Elected Vestryman
1747 20th August, 1747. Patrick Hay to Charles Mullican (Milican). £22 current money Virginia; 297 acres granted to Patrick by patent, 30th June, 1743; on James River on east side Looney's Mill Creek. Teste: William Lusk, John Wilson, Charles Hays. Acknowledged, 20th August, 1747. Sells land to Charles Milliken (same person presumably, who had a bond with Patrick in 1745, Probably part of the agreement over the bond.
1750 West end ? Derry TP tax list 4
1751 East End Derry Tax list 5
1758 On Derry Tax Rolls AUGUST 19, 1758...(204) Patrick Hayes petitions for freedom dues against his late master, Thomas Paxton. And, on motion of Patrick Hayes, Robert Cunningham to be summoned to show cause why be has not paid his wife, Eleanor Hayes, her freedom dues. This is probably for a different Patrick Hays=Eleanor; a young married man and wife who had served out an apprenticship. Possibly Patricks son.
1759 190.--17th November, 1759. Patrick Hays and Frank (Frances) to Wm. Hays £100, 255 acres on both sides of patent line of Beverley Manor and Burden's great tract, part of 854 acres held by patent of Beverley and Borden; corner Dunlape. Teste: Samuel Gallt, Hugh Hays. Patrick and Francis are divesting themselves of the Augusta property, prepatory to going to Derry
1760 Page 437.--12th January, 1760. Deed of apprenticeship--William Hays, son of Patrick Hays, binds himself to William Wilson, taylor, to be taught the said trade, service and occupation of a taylor for 18 years. Signed, Patrick Hays, William Wilson. Teste: James Stevenson, James Hughes, Wm Lusk. William,Patricks son, is apprenticed to a tailor; Patrick may be tidying up before he leaves Augusta or this may be a different Patrick
1761 Page 277.--6th May, 1761. Charles Milliken (Mellegan, Millegan), of Orange County, North Carolina, to John Buchanan, gent., power of attorney to convey 297 acres patented to Patrick Hays, 30th June, 1743, and since conveyed to Charles by said Hay. Teste: Jno. Smith, David Robinson, David Luney, John Luney. Another reference to Charles Milliken, who had a bond from Patrick, apparently in Derry
1762 :August 1762--Patrick Hays, Pennsylvania, ...Recording Kerr's deeds to you;
:17th August, 1762. James Kerr, of Roanoke County, North Carolina, to Patrick Hays in Derry Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, £250, 474 acres in Beverley Manor, conveyed to Jame Patton. 18th May, 1750; cor. James Leeper. Teste: Elax. ( ) Brownlee. Acknowledge. Delivered: Pat. Hays, March Court, 1769.
Patrick now clearly in Derry
1762 Page 356.--19th November, 1762: Vestry met. Patrick Hays resigns as Vestryman. William Preston allowed for recording the vestry proceedings from the beginning in a new book. Patrick resigns from Vestry, as he can't fullfill his obligations while living in Derry.
1763 17th September, 1763. William Hays and Frances to Hugh Hayes, £98, 255 acres on line of Beverley Manor and Borden's tract; corner Patrick Hayes; corner Dunlap. Delivered: Francis Smith, 1st October, 1767. Teste: John McMahon, Thomas Hill, James ( ) Telford. Son William and wife Frances sell land they had from Patrick and wife Frances
1764 1 October 1764 Patrick Hays and wife Jean to Patrick Hays Blacksmith
1765 Page 60.--20th August, 1765. Patrick Hays and Frances to Hugh Hays, £100, 400 acres corner Robert Alexander, Halfway Creek. Teste: John Taylor Wm. Robertson, Robert Alexander. Delivered: Francis Smith, 1st October, 1767. lasst record for Frances
1766 1 Nov 1766 Patrick Hays and William Hays witness land sale in Derry
1767 Processioners' returns, by Thos. Shields and Jas. Meteire, viz: ... for Pat. Hays, ....for Hugh Hays, ...for Alex. Brownlee, for John Brownlee. This perhaps refers to Patrick son of Patrick the Oath Taker, but more likely this is a grandson still living in Augusta
1768 20 June 1768 Patrick Hays and wife Jean to Patricks son Patrick, Blacksmith 15 March 1768...Hemp certificates: ...Pat. Hays Three different Patricks? Patrick and wife Jean, Patrick son of Patrick in Derry, and Patrick still in Old Augusta. The latter is probably the son of William (16)
1769 15th August, 1769. Patrick Hays, in Derry Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, to Samuel Hays, £250, 215 acres in Beverley Manor, by deed, 18th May, 1750, corner Thomas Yates' land; corner James Mitchell; corner William Hays. Teste: Patrick, John and Robert Buchanan, Wm. Brownlee. Delivered: Alex. Brownlee, October, 1779. Patrick selling land to son Samuel. No reference to wife. Perhaps Frances is dead, or perhaps wife's signature was not needed as this was not land in which she had dower rights.
1777 Swears Oath of Allegiance probably in Derry TP
1779 Page 123.--19th October, 1779. Patrick Hays, brother of Hugh Hays, deceased, late of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, to James Buchanan, all his interest in estate of Hugh, deceased, in Pennsylvania, or of his daughter Margaret (deceased ?)
:Page 124.--19th October, 1779. Hugh Hays, of Augusta, son of, Patrick Hays and nephew of Hugh Hays, late of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, deceased, to James Buchanan. (similar to above)
1785 Page 300.--15th November. [c1785] Patrick Hays, of Lincoln County, Virginia, to John Greenlee, of Rockbridge County, power attorney to sell tract on Halfway Creek. Teste: Michael Coulter, Hugh Fulton.
1786 Londonderry Twp, Dauphin Co PA, tax list; Septennial Census 1786. :Londonderry Twp, Dauphin, PA :1, 3
1790 :1790 Census, Dauphin Co PA, with 4 slaves, 2 whilte males <16, 2 white male 16 +, 5 white females
:Death of Patrick, buried in Derry Presbyterian :2, ?
Gravestone Gives Patricks birth as 1705, and DOD as 1790. This sounds like Patrick the Oath taker. In same cemetery is buried a Jean Hays, with similar vita, which could be his second wife. But if this is the case, who are the Patrick and wife Jean who sell land to Patricks son Patrick