Sifers Family in Southwest Virginia

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Sifers Family
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It is believed that all Sifers in Southwest Virginia are related to the John Seifers who settled near modern Wytheville prior to the Revolution; from there, some family members migrated south into Washington County, and then westward into Buchanan County after about 1850. It is unclear from where John Seifers and his kindred came from prior to his appearance near Wytheville. There he was associated with a German communities with strong ties to German communities in the Carolina Craddle of North Carolina. Another possibility is that he came to the area from Lancaster County, an outlier of Old Chester.

Land Grants that mention a "Cyphers"

Name of granteeType of actionDateDescription
[Cyphers, John G.]Land grant 1 January 1851.Tazewell County.

153 acres on the long branch and short branch waters of Middle Creek.

[Buchannan, Patrick.]Land grant 21 October 1811.Wythe County.

32 acres on the waters of the North fork of Holstein adjoining Andrew Cyphers.

[Cyphers, Andrew.]Land grant 1 September 1809. Wythe County. 100 acres in the Locust Cove adjoining Buckanans land.
[Cyphers, John. ]Land grant 14 February 1809. Washington County.

152 acres on the waters of the north fork of Holstein River adjoining his own and James Lammies land.

[Cyphers, John.] Land grant 2 July 1794. Cyphers, John; Madison, Thomas; Preston, John; Newell, James; Smith, Alexander; Thompson, Saml; and Waller, Michael.

Montgomery County. 76 acres on Stophel Kettrings Run a south branch of Read Creek the waters of New River.

[Madison, Thomas.]Land grant 2 July 1794.
[Newell, James] Land grant 2 July 1794.
[Preston, John. ]Land grant 2 July 1794.
[Smith, Alexander.] 2 July 1794.
[Thompson, Saml.]Land grant 2 July 1794.
[Waller, Michael.] Land grant 2 July 1794.