Ship Passenger Lists for the James Goodwill, arrived Philadelphia Sept. 11, 1728



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The "James Goodwill", David Crockatt, master, arrived in Philadelphia, 11 Sept 1728 from Rotterdam, Germany. These lists include 41 adult males, but there were about 90 passengers total according to some transcription notes. Most, if not all, of the passengers appear to have been from the Palatinate, and were part of the Palatinate Immigration.

There are numerous transcriptions of the passenger list for this ship. The following is a selection of those lists, accessed May 2012. Data contained in these lists varies, depending in part on which of two original lists (usually designated A and B) are being transcribed. Some differences are found in different versions that appear to reflect differences in transcription accuracy. Order is sometimes given alphabetically, and other times reflects the original list order. With regard to the later, the original lists were apparently prepared in a two column format. Some transcriptions preserve this format, other merge the two columns. When merged some lists alternative the selection of names from the first and second column, others enter the two columns consecutively.


Ristenblatt Genealogy
Pro Genealogist Adds supplementary information apparently derived from other sources.
Immigrant Ship Transcriber Guild Different ISTG version (lists A and B ?)
Immigrant Ship Transcriber Guild Different ISTG version (lists A and B ?)
Fernsler Family history