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Known Robert's

WeRelate DOBDODDOMSPouseFatherMotherNotesIssues
Person:Robert Campbell (59)16781768c1700MargaretOf CalfpastureNo evidence for vita, spouse; presence on Calfpasture is conjectural; may be the same person as Robert (55), or another Robert.
Person:Robert Campbell (55)c17121768John (205)Grace Hays
Person:Robert Campbell (60)c1715 Alexander (46)
Person:Robert Campbell (53) c17181)1755 2)c1765c17651)Ann/Nancy;
2) Margaret Kilpatrick
William (125)Mary Byers
Person:Robert Campbell (49)<1720c1775SarahLived at western Edge of Beverley Manor on Cathay's River; Acquired 350 acres from Beverley in 1740; 200 acres of the 350 is deeded to the "church Wardens and vestrymen" by "Gentleman John Campbell".The Justice. White 1902 has him as the son of John Campbell=Elizabeth Walker.
Person:Robert Campbell (57)1742Robert (55)
Person:Robert Campbell (63) c1745<1778Mary HackettHugh It is possible that Mary is a daughter, not wife. In either case, "Hackett" is presumably her married name. In the case that she was Robert's wife, she had remarried.
Person:Robert Campbell (64)c174618041766Rebecca WallaceJohn (216)Elizabeth WalkerRobert the Cutler, died 1814 in Mason County KY
>Person:Robert Campbell (71)c1748 1770 Elizabeth Donaghe
Person:Robert Campbell (87)1754 Charles (39) Mary Trotter
Person:Robert Campbell (56)175518321785Rebecca McDonaldDavid (46)Mary HamiltonEnsign at Kings Mountain
Person:Robert Campbell (74)Robert (64)Rebecca Wallace
Person:Robert Campbell (88)1788-1793none"the Hatter"; had brother George, sister Jennet.
Person:Robert Campbell (89) George (71)Agness
Person:Robert Campbell (58)>1785 Frances EwellRobert (56)Rebbeca McDonald
Records for Robert Campbell in Old Augusta


2:268 1737 Page 122--Mary Greenlee deposes, 10th November, 1806, she and her husband settled in Borden's Grant in 1737. Her son John was born 4th October, 1738. She, her husband, her father (Emphraim McDowell, then very aged), and her brother, John McDowell, were on their way to Beverley Manor; camped on Linvel's Creek (the spring before her brother James had raised a crop on South River in Beverley Manor, above Turk's, near Wood Gap); there Benj. Borden came to their camp and they conducted him to his grant which he had never seen, for which Borden proposed giving 1,000 acres. They went on to the house of John Lewis, near Staunton, who was a relative of Ephraim McDowell. Relates the Milhollin story. They were the first party of white settlers in Borden's Grant. In two years there were more than 100 settlers. Borden resided with a Mrs. Hunter, whose daughter afterwards married one Guin, to whom he gave the land whereon they lived. Her brother John was killed about Christmas before her son Samuel (first of the name) was born (he was born April, 1743). Benj. Borden, Jr., came into the grant in bad plight and seemed to be not much respected by John McDowell's wife, whom Benj. afterwards married. Jno. Hart had removed to Beverley Manor some time before deponent moved to Borden's. Joseph Borden had lived with his brother Benj.; went to school, had the smallpox about time of Benj's. death. When he was about 18 or 19 he left the grant, very much disliked, and dissatisfied with the treatment of his brother's wife. Beaty was the first surveyor she knew in Borden's grant. Borden had been in Williamsburg, and there in a frolic Gov. Gooch's son-in-law, Needier, has given him his interest in the grant. Borden's executor, Hardin, offered to her brother James all the unsold land for a bottle of wine to anyone who would pay the quit rents, but James refused it because he feared it would run him into jail. This was shortly after Margaret Borden married Jno. Bowyer. John Moore settled in the grant at an early day, where Charles Campbell now lives. Andrew Moore settled where his grandson William now lives. These were also early settlers, viz: Wm. McCandless, Wm. Sawyers, Rob. Campbell, Saml. Wood, John Mathews, Richd. Woods, John Hays and his son Charles Hays, Saml. Walker, John McCraskey. Alexr. Miller was the first blacksmith in the settlement. One Thomas Taylor married Elizabeth Paxton. Taylor was killed by the falling of a tree shortly after the marriage. Miller removed and his land has been in possession of Telford. Deponent's daughter Mary was born May, 1745. McMullen was also an early settler; he was a school teacher and had a daughter married. John Hays's was the first mill in the grant. Quit rents were not exacted for 2 years at the instance of Anderson, a preacher.
2:372 1738 [1738] (16) Survey for John Risk and Jno. Wilson, cor. to Robt. Cambell, Cathey's Creek, Gamble's road. Person:Robert Campbell (49)
2:8 1740 Abraham Clements vs. Robert Shaw--Ejectment, October 12, 1786, Rockbridge County. Abraham Clements, heir-at-law of Abraham Clements, deceased, who was heir-at-law of Ezekiel Clements, demise 18th June, 1746, 400 acres, known as Broad Spring. Patent (copy) to Robert McClenachan, 375 acres on Mary Branch of James River, cor. James McClung, cor. Robert Campbell, dated 24th March, 1740. Mary Roberts deposes, February 28, 1788, in Frederick County, Maryland, that she was a near neighbor of Ezekiel Clements, of Hopewell Township, County Huntindon, New Jersey, and knew the family 15-20 years. Ezekiel, and eldest son, Abraham, went out to purchase land; said they had bought in the backwoods. Abraham married and had three children, one of whom was a son named Abraham. Copy deed from Bordens' executors to Ezekiel Clements, 1746, in Augusta. This land lapsed on October 18, 1753, and reverted to the Crown.
1:13 1745 December 9, 1745. Page(1) County Court formed--First Justices: James Patton, John Buchanan, Peter Scholl, Robert Campbell, Robert Poage, Thomas Lewis, Robert Cunningham, Richard Woods, Robert Craven, Adam Dickinson, John Anderson, John Lewis, George Robinson, James Bell, John Brown, John Pickens, Hugh Thomson, John Finla, John Christian, James Kerr, Andrew Pickens. Person:Robert Campbell (49) Robert the Justice
3:6 1746 [Undated; Probably 1746 or 1747]. Page 34.--William Skileren made a will dated 6th January, 1744-45, wherein he appointed executors, viz: James Patton, Peter Jefferson, Thos. Meriwether, Thomas Skilson. James Patton proved the will, but did not qualify, and now Elizabeth qualifies as above. Teste: Jno. Christian, Ro. Campbell, Geo. Robinson, Jno. Buchanan, Jno. Willson, Jno. Buchanan.
2:432 1747 Page 4.--3rd September, 1747: Processioners appointed, viz: ... Wm. McFeeters and Patrick Martin, from upper line of Beverley Manor, near Robert Campbell's, to the Buffalow Gap, from thence to William Ledgerwood's by the Sugar Loaf; Person:Robert Campbell (49) Sugar loaf, and B uffalow Gap are geographic features near Robert 49
3:255 1747 Page 107.--18th February, 1747. Commission to Robert Coningham, John Wilson, and 'Robert Campbell, to examine Ann, wife of George Brackenridge, who is unable to travel to the Court H
2:435 1748 [undated; about 1748] Page 22.--William McFeters and Patrick Martin report, viz: Processioned for James Bell, Maurice Ofrail; Wm. King, Samuel Wallace, Hugh Young, John Trimble, Wm. McFeters, Jacob Lockhart, Thos. Kirkpatrick, James Clerk, John McCery, Nathan Patterson, Capt. John Wilson, Robert Campbell, Andrew Pickens and Wm. Martin, Robert Campbell, David Campbell, James Lockhart, David Cunningham, Alex. Campbell, Patrick Cook, Patrick Martin. These not processioned, viz: Jas. Bell, John Risk, Capt. John Wilson, John McCutcheon. Person:Robert Campbell (49) McFewters and Martin processioned area where Robert own property on Cathey's Creek
1:433 1749 [1749] Francis McCown (Cowen), of etc. William McCanless, John McCowen recognize before Robert Campbell, as justice, 11th April, 1749, that Francis shall appear at the next May Court on 3d Wednesday of the month. Person:Robert Campbell (49) Robert the Justice
3:15 1749 Page 219.---28th February, 1749. Jane Shield's bond as administratrix of James Shields, with sureties Robt. Campbell, John Shields.
3:273 1749 age 246.--21st April, 1749. William Beverley to James Patton and other justices, John Lewis, John Buchanan, George Robinson, Peter Scholl, James Bell, Robert Campbell, Robert Cunningham, John Wilson, Thomas Lewis, James Mountgomerv, Silas Hart. Henry Downs, William Jameson, Rich. Burton, John Christian, Samuel Gay, William Thompson. Courthouse. Person:Robert Campbell (49) Gentleman justice
3:280 1749 Page 505.--27th February, 1749. Deed for the Glebe. Robert Campbell, Gent., to James Lockhart and John Madison, Church Wardens, and the other vestrymen, viz: James Patton, John Buchanan, Patrick Hays, John Christian, John Buchanan, Robert Alexander, Thomas Gordon, John Archer, John Mathews, John Smith, 200 acres in Beverley Manor. Corner James Clarke. 350 acres conveyed to Robert by Beverley, 24th July, 1740. Teste: Patrick Cook, John Risk, Matthew Wilson, Nathan Patterson, Samuel Walker. Person:Robert Campbell (49)
3:281 1749 Page 573.--27th February, 1749. [William Beverley to Robert Campbell, 53 acres to Beverley Manor; corner to Manor and patent line; John Rusk's line; delivered: Joseph Tees, November, 1754. Person:Robert Campbell (49) Property close to Gentleman John's home plantation on Cathey's River.
3:283 1749 Page 645.--28th February, 1749. Same to James Young, planter, 436 acres in Beverley Manor on Back Creek. Corner Robert Young; McFeeter's line; corner Andrew Pickens; corner Robert Campbell; corner Patrick Martin. Teste: John Wilson, John Gay.
1:435 1750 [1750] Petition of inhabitants of Little River, in Calfpasture, for road from William Gay's to Robert McCutchen's Mill, from thence to Robert Campbell's. Ask only a bridle road to travel with loads on horseback and oblige themselves to cut it and keep in repair. William Elliott, Thomas Fulton, John Meek, John Gay, William Gay, Thomas Meek, James Gay, John Fulton, James Stenson. Person:Robert Campbell (59) Calfpasture
3:289 1750 Page 19.--2d November, 1750. Andrew Pickins to John McPheeters, 400 acres in Beverley Manor; corner Rob. Campbell. Delivered: Wm. McPheeters, 1752. Signed, Anne Pickings. Teste: Pat Martin, Robt. Wilson.
3:290 1750 Page 65.--29th November, 1750. Robert Campbell, Gent., to James Barrey, 149 acres in Beverley Manor, adjoining Glebe land; Wm. Martin's corner, Middle Br. Shanandoe; corner James Young; corner to a graveyard. Teste: David Stewart, Andrew Cowan, John Mitchell.. Person:Robert Campbell (49)
1:44 1751 MAY 28, 1751....(574) Road ordered from John Davis's mill to Wood's New Cleared Gap, and John King, with Andrew Erwin, John McGill, Wm. McGill, Robert Fowler, Hugh Campbell, John Erwin, Edward Erwin, Robert Carscaden, Francis Erwin, Edward Erwin, Wm. Frame, Benj. Erwin, Charles Campbell, Robert Campbell, Wm. Brown, Michael Dickey, Robert Brown. Henry Smith, Hugh Diver, Charles Diver, David McCummins, John Davis, Danl. Smith, James Anderson, John Francis, Wm. Alexander, Robert Gamble, Andrew Combe, James Patterson, Francis Brown, Gabriel Pickens, keep it in repair. (577) Francis Hughes appointed road surveyor..
1:46 1751 JUNE 11, 1751--AUGUST 27, 1751. Page (176) This book begins August 1749, but there are no orders but those of suits and actions until August 27, 1751, when a new Court was organized under a commission from the Hon. Lewis Burwell, President of Virginia, dated 11th June, 1751, directed to James Patton, Peter Scholl,* Robert Cunningham, Wm. Jameson, David Stuart,* John Lynn,* Erwin Patterson,* Thos. English, Benj. Borden,* Joseph Kenady, John Denton, Wm. Christian, Robert Breckinridge, John Lewis,* Silas Hart, Andw. Lewis,* James Page 45 Rutledge, Alexr. Wright, Ro. McClenahan,* Robert Campbell, John Wilson, Richd. Burton, Patr. Martin, James Lockhart, John Mills, Ro. Ramsey, Richd. Woods, John Anderson, John Ruddle, Thos. Stuart, John Lyle, John Buchanan, Thomas Lewis, Archd. Alexander, John Mathews, Adam Dickenson, Mathias Seltzer, Wm. Harbeson. (Those marked (*) qualified.) Person:Robert Campbell (49) The Justice
1:437 1751 1751-1752.... Petition for road from John Davis's Mill to Woods's Gap, or to the road now clearing over the mountain near said Gap: Andrew Erwin, Robert Fowler, Edward Erwin, Francis Ervin, Charles Campbell, Michael Dickey, Hugh Diver, John Davies, John Francis, Andrew McCombe, John Magill, Hugh Campbell, Robert Carskadan, William Frame, Robert Campbell, Robert Brown, Charles Diver, Daniel Smith, William Alexander, James Patterson, William Magill, John Erwine, Edward Erwine, Benjamin Erwin, William Brown, Henry Smith, David McCammis, James Anderson, Robert Gamble, Francis Brown, Gabriel Pickens.
1:438 1751 [1751] Inhabitants near Capt. John Wilson's petition for a road from Capt. John Wilson's and John McClerey's fields, thence to James Wilson's fields, thence to Capt. John Christian's, and there to join with the road from Col. Patton's Mill to Tinkling Spring Meeting House: Robert Campbell, Mathew Wilson, John Wilson, Jr., James McCutchin, John McCutchin, Nathan Patterson, James Clark, John McClerey, Samuel McCutchan, William McCutchan, John Wilson, Thomas Kirkpatrick, James McClerey, John Clark, Samuel Downey.
3:301 1751 Page 201.--27th November, 1751. William and Robert Brown to Robert Campel, 220 acres. Corner Jno. Anderson; corner John Erwin; Thos Erwin's line. Elizabeth, wife of William. Teste: Andrew Erwin, Hugh Cample.
1:50 1752 MAY 20, 1752. (248) In calf-pasture--Wm. Smith to be overseer with the following persons, viz: Wm. Elliott, Ro. McCutcheon, William Smith, William Ramsey, John Marke, Robert Foyle, Wm. Guy, James Stevenson, Rob. Gay, John Guy, Samuel Looney, Saml. Guy, John Hanley, John Smith, John McGuiney. Road from Wm. Guy's to Ro. McCutcheon's mill, and thence to Robert Campbell's. Person:Robert Campbell (59) Calfpasture
3:24 1752 Page 418.--9th April, 1752. Nathan Patterson's will, freeholder--Wife, Isabell; sons, John, Mathew, Robert (John is oldest), Mathew 2d; daughter, Isabell; daughter, Sarah; daughter, Martha. Executors, wife, John Wilson, Robert Campbell. Teste: Robert Campbell, Mathew Wifson, Wm. Wilson. Proved, 21st May, 1752, by Robt. Campbell and Wm. Wilson, and to lie for further proof, and executors qualify, with surety Alexander page miksnumbered
3:303 1752 Page 268.--20th May, 1752. Alexander Campbell, farmer, to William Campbell, 200 acres. In Beverley Manor, at his father's and Wm. Ledgerwood's corner; his father's and his brother David's corner; his brother Robert's corner; James Moffet's line. Teste: Arthur Hamilton, Samuel Henderson.
1:4431753 May 16, 1753. To ye worshipful bench, if I be continued overseer of ye road from John Cambel's field to the town for this year, that you allow me William Ledgerwood. John Bigham, George Cambel, William McNabb, James Peevy, John Cambel, Thomas Peevy, Robert Young, taxable; John Black, taxable; David Stewart, Samuel Sprowl, James Miller, James Miles, Abram Miller; Mr. Wright, taxable; James Brown, Samuel Willson, John Cunningham--all for to keep the said road in repairs for the year 1753. (Signed) John Henderson.
1:443-444 1753 May, 1753. Road established from Brown's bridge to the Glebe land, and Robert Campbell and John Trimble be surveyors, and with James Lusk, they clear and keep the same in order. We do appoint Robert Campbell and John Trimble overseers from John Brown's bridge to the Glebe House and the undernamed persons to clear the same: James Lusk, Robert Roberson, Samuel McCuchen, William Hunter, James Hunter, Robert Campbell's man, Mathew Wilson, William Wilson, John Wilson, Jr., John McCleery, James McCleery, Thomas Kirkpatrick and son, John Peevy, James Clarck, John Clarck, James Clark, Jr., Jacob Lockhart, James Lockhart, John Birtly, Josias Richards, William Marten, George Berry, William McFeeters, John McFeeters, William McFeeters, Jr., John Jameson, Patrick Marten, Joseph Marten, William Ward, Moses O'Freel and his man, Robert Philips, Robert Davis, Thomas Reed, Robert Scott, John Vance, Andrew Foster, William Bell, Alexander McKiney, John Speer, Abraham Mathan (Mashaw), Robert Young, John Young, Samuel Young, Hugh Young and his man, John Campbell, George Peevy, Robert McClenan, William Eackry, James Bell, Andrew Steel and his man, John McKiney, Patrick McCloskey, John McSlenan, John McCuchan, Samuel McCuchan, William McClintock, Thomas Peevy, James McCuchen, Duncken McFarlen. Person:Robert Campbell (49) The Justice; Glebe area
2:439 1753 Page 128.--28th November, 1753: Vestry met. Robert Campbell acknowledges receipt of price of glebe land. Person:Robert Campbell (49) The Justice
3:30 1753 Page 522.--21st November, 1753. Michael Realy's estate and appraisement. Robert Campbell, North Mountain, owes. 15th September, 1753, vendue at house of John Black. Patrick and David Campbell owe. Person:Robert Campbell (49) The Justice. North Mountain is probably what is now known as "Little North Mountain". Robert the Justice owned land in this area.
3:34 1754 Page 48.--11th April, 1754. Robert Foil's appraisement and sale bill, by Chas. and Robt. Campbell, Wm. Magill. 19th April, 1754. Vendue of above. By Jno. Erwin. Robert Foil's estate in account with Jno. Erwin. Person:Robert Campbell (49) The Justice. North Mountain is probably what is now known as "Little North Mountain". Robert the Justice owned land in this area.
3:320 1754 Page 4.--20th March, 1754. William McPheetters to John McPheeters. 212 acres between North Mountain and Cathey's River. Teste: Jno. Trimble, Jno. Speer, Robert Campbell. Person:Robert Campbell (49) The Justice. North Mountain is probably what is now known as "Little North Mountain". Robert the Justice owned land in this area.
3:323 1754 Page 179.--23d March, 1754. John McPheeters to Wm. Martin, 198 acres, part of land Jno. now possesses. Cor. John McPheeters in James Young's line; cor. Robert Campbell's land, now James Berry's. Person:Robert Campbell (49) Oribabkt the Justice, as he had previous transactions with McPheters and Martin
2:418 1755 1755--List of Robert Breckinridge, ...Rob. Campbell, Person:Robert Campbell (49) Probably Robert the Justice, who owned land near Robert Brekinridge
2:441 1755 Page 154.--1755: John Risk and John Shields processioned as follows, viz: For Robert Campbell, for James Hunter, for James Trotter, for John Shields, for James McCutchion, for Widow Campbell, for Widow Campbell, for Wm. Hunter, for Saml. McCutchen, for Thos. Berry, for John McCutchion, for David Campbell, for Wm. Campbell, for Wm. Ledgerwood. for James Moffet, for Nathl. Davies, for Nichs. Leeper, for Danl. Downey, for George Peny, for Saml. Sprowl, for Thos. Kirkpatrick, for Jno. Kirkpatrick, for Jno. Risk, for Jno. Risk, for Jno. Risk, for James Clark, for John Shields, Jr., for David Cunningham, for Chas. Berry, for James Callison, for James Marten, for Josiah Richarts, for David Hays, for Alex. McFeeters, for James Gilmore, for James Lockhart, for Alex. Richey, for Jacob Lockhart, for John Peny, for Mathew Willson, for John Willson, for Widow Patterson, for John McCillery, for James McCillery, for Arter Hamilton, for Wm. Buntin, for Robert Gamel, for Jno. Buchanan, for Patrick Cooks (deceased), for David Richey; Wm. Brown (said he was going to leave his land and didn't care about it). Person:Robert Campbell (49) many of those being processioned owned land in the Beverley Manor portion of the Upper Cathey's River watershed
3:39 1755 Page 113.--9th May, 1755. William Gay's will of the Calf Pasture-- Wife, Margaret; eldest son, John, the plantation George Campbell lives on, formerly held by James Stevenson; to son, Robert, plantation testator lives on; to daughter, Mary; to daughter, Agness. Executors, wife and brother John Gay. Teste: Wm. Elliot, Jno. Fulton, James Stevenson. Proved, 20th August, 1755, by all witnesses. Executors qualify, with sureties Wm. Eliot, Ro. Campbell. Robert Gay. Person:Robert Campbell (59) Calfpasture
1:445 1757 Inquest, 22d January, 1757, on John McCutchan, before Patrick Martin, acting coroner. Was accidentally killed by a tree falling on him. James Clark, Jr., William Clark, William Fulton, James Risk, Mathew Willson, Patrick Martin, Samuel McCutchan, James McCutchan, John Peny (?), John Risk, William Berry, James Trotter, Robert Campbell, George Berry, John Clark, James Clark (Sen.?), James McCleery, Hugh Fulton.
3:47 1757 Page 219.--18th November, 1757. Michael Reiley's estate, vendue--To William Bishop, Ezekiah Inman, Wm. Kerr, Jacob Gray, Thos. Sheils, Robert Campbell, of No. Mountain. Amounts sworn off said Rieley's estate according to law by these persons. Charles Dalhouse and many others Paid Joseph Love for venduing the estate. Paid Secretary Nelson for recording Rieley's certificate. Paid James Lockhart by order of John Flood. Paid Robert Gibson for making the grave.
1:80 1758 APRIL 14, 1758....(144) Robert Campbell, for dieting Capt. Wood's soldiers and for a horse impressed.
3:49 1758 Page 250.--18th May, 1758. John McFeeters' bond (with James Philips, Robt. Campbell) as guardian (appointed) to Alex. Crockett, orphan of Robt. Crockett.
3:353 1758 Page 84.--24th April, 1758. Alexander Ritchey, late of Augusta County, in Virginia, blacksmith, but now of Augusta in the Province of Georgia, to Robt. Campbell, of Augusta County, planter, power attorney to deed 300 acres and joining Adam Thompson and George Perry and a Little Mount called the Sugar Loaf. Teste: Dugald Campbell, John Clark. Executed in Georgia and proved here by Jno. Clark. property included "Sugar Loaf" which lay in the Cathey's River watershed, west of Stuanton
2:462 1759 Page 260.--1759: Processioned by James Gilmore and Samuel McCutcheon, viz: For David Cunningham, for Mathew Wilson, for John Buchanan, for Charles Berry, for Robert Gaml, for Thos. Berry, for David Hays, for James Bower, for Alex. Campbell, for Wm. Campbell, for James Moffett, for Arthur Hamilton, for Samuel Downey, for James Callison, for Alex. McFeeters, for David Campbell, for James McCutcheon, for John McCutcheon, for Wm. McCutcheon, for Wm. Sprowl, for Wm. Martin, for James Trotter, for Samuel McCutcheon, for Wm. McCutcheon, Jr., for James Hunter, for Robert Campbell, for John Risk, for James Gilmore, for Francis Donalay, for Wm. Ledgerwood, for Capt. James Lockhart, for Wm. Hunter.
3:52 1759 Page 296.--1st February, 1759. James McCutchen's will, freeholder To wife Grisal and youngest son James, the tract testator lives on; to oldest son John and second son Patrick, 343 acres in Calf Pasture; to son William, if he lives to age, land; to elder daughter Sarah, second daughter Elizabeth. Executors, wife Grisal, Patrick Campbell, Samuel McCutchen. Teste: Robt. Campbell, W. Christian, Chas. Campbell, James Campbell. Proved, 16th May, 1759, by Wm. Christian and Ro. Campbell. Executors qualified. Could be Person:Robert Campbell (59) of Calfpasture, but with Patrick Campbell serving as executor, perhaps not.
1:535 1760 [1760]File No. 926.--Hays vs. Trout. William Hays, son of Moses Hays, infant, complains that on 2d May, 1760, John Risk made an entry for 200 acres between John Wilson and Robert Campbell and the Mountain, which entry he afterwards gave to his son, David Risk. David made improvements, but shortly enlisted and was called forth against the armies of Great Britain. During David's absence, Thomas Mines made an entry and obtained patent for the land. On David's return, David assigned his rights to orator, who had survey made and has received patent dated 1789. David Trout has purchased from Mines. Spa. dated 21st September, 1791.
2:463 1760 Page 272.--1760: Processioned by John Malkem and Alex. Blair, viz: For John Young, for Robert Young, for James Anderson, for Alex. Blair, for John Anderson, for John Francey, for Wm. Cunningham, fnr John McKemy. for Walter Trimble, for Hugh Dever, for John Davies, for _____ Doughlas, for Daniel Smith, for Bigham's land formerly known by the name of Gragg's, for Gabriel Pickens, for Robert Poage, for Abraham Smith, for Isaiah Shipman, for David Robiston, for Silas Hart, for John Cunningham, for Henry Smith, for Widow Ramsey, for Thomas Woodal, for Moses Hall, for Andrey McCown, for James Bell, for Edward Erwin, for Alex. Craig, for Wm. Frame, for Thos. Waterson, for Francis Brown, for John King, for John Searight, for John Kear, for Hugh Campbell, for Alex. Kile, for Robert Fowler, for James Gamble, for James Leeper, Sr. and Jr., for James Blair, for Edward Erwin's land formerly known as Brownlee's place, for Adam Stevenson, for Umphrey's place on North River, for Stevenson's place they live on, for Jacob and Christian Roleman, for John Malcom, for William Flimen, for Charles Campbell, for Robert Campbell, for William Brown, for Widow and John and James Alexander, for Michael Dickey, for James Young, for James Patterson, for Andrew Erwin, for John Erwin, for Edward Erwin, for Francis Erwin, for Hugh Campbell, Jr., for James McGill, for Robert Brown, for James Young.
3:60 1760 Page 435.--16th May, 1760. Thomas Cadden's appraisement, by Robt. Campbell, Jno. Risk, Jno. Cark (Clark?).
3:363 1760 Page 442.--19th August, 1760. Wm. Marten and Janet ( ) to John Davis, £110, 198 acres purchased by Wm. from John McPheeters, 23d March, 1754, and part of a tract he now possesses, line of James Young, deceased; cor. Robert Campbell, now James Berry's. Delivered: Felix Gilbert, February, 1762.
2:401 1761 1761--... page 92, Rob. Campbell, B. Smith;
3:97 1761 Page 492.--24th August, 1761 (Record says 1760) and in the first year of the Reign, &c., George III. Charles Campbell's will, of Manor Beverley--To son, William, tract called Asp Bottom on middle branch of Indian River, commonly called Holstein's River; to 3 eldest daughters, Elizabeth, Jean and Margaret, infants, tract called Campbell's Choice on north branch of Holstein's River; to daughter, Ann Campbell, tract called Papa Bottom on North Branch Holstein. Executrix, Margaret. Teste: David Robinson, Jno. Buchanan, Elizabeth Buchanan. Proved, 17th March, 1767, by Jno. Buchanan and David Robinson. Margaret (her mark) qualifies, with Wm. Christian, Robt. Campbell, Jno. Ramsey, Daniel McNaire. No legacy to a male child, but to 3 "eldest daughters" suggesting there were younger daughters as well. This could be Charles (31), but his DOD is usually given as 1767, and had one son, General William Campbell, b 1745, who would have been under age in 1760. So would the daughters. Charles 31 had 4 daughters, ELizabeth Jean, Margaret and Ann. Excutrix given as margaret who we'd normally expect to be CHarles wife. Charles wife was Margaret Buchanan.
1:97 1762 MAY 20, 1762..... (227) Thos. Cooper, servant of Robt. Campbell.
1:100 1762 AUGUST 25, 1762. (343) Robert Campbell and James Taylor, returned no inhabitants.
3:85 1764 Page 348.--18th February, 1764. James Rusk's estate appraised by Robt. Campbell, Mathew Wilson, James McClearey.
1:498 1764 [Undated; probably after end of French and Indian War] To the Worshipful Court of Augusta County the Petition of the Inhabitants of Reedy Creek Humbly Sheweth: That whereas we, your petitioners, for some time past have been debarred settling and improving and cultivating our patent lands on the Western Waters, the reason whereof is best known to our legislators, but by virtue of the late treaty held to the northward, we hope we may, without offense, petition your worships to give orders that there may be alterations and amendments made on the old road leading from Capt. Ingle's Ferry to James Davis's, on the head of the Holston River, and appoint such surveyors as you in your wisdom shall think fit, and your petitioners, as in duty bound, will pray. (Signed) Joseph Black, James Holice, John Montgomery, Robt. Montgomery, James Montgomery, George Breckenridge, Alexander Breckenridge, Robert Breckenridge, Robert Campbell, Robert Doack, William Doack, William Sayers, Arthur Campbell, William Davis, James Hays, Samuel Hopes, William Leftwich, Gasper Gender, George Gender, Jacob Kinder, William Phips, John Houncal, Barnet Small, John Smith, John Bets, Robert Buchanan, Robert Davis, Samuel McAdam, James Davis, Nicholas Buchanan, Alex. Buchanan. F&I ended with Treaty of Paris in 1763.
1:119 1765 MARCH 23, 1765.... (284) Robert Campbell returned no inhabitant.
1:126 1765 OCTOBER 22, 1765.... (143) County levy. To Robert Campbell, for a screed for the use of the County, £3, 10, 0. A "screed" is currently defined as a piece of writing, usuallly a lengthy discourse, or a "ranting" piece of writing, or sometimes as an informal writing in the form of a personal letter. It is also sometimes used in reference to "a leveling device" used to lay on plaster or concrete. What its use meant in the present context is not at all obvious.
2:402 1765 1765--....Robert Campbell, black smith;
3:427 1765 Page 90.--20th August, 1765. Robert Campbell and Margret ( ) to Charles Campbell, £30, 220 acres; corner Charles Campbell; corner John Erwin. Teste: James ( ) Trotter, John ( ) Craney, Jno. Trimble. Could be Person:Robert Campbell (53) or Person:Robert Campbell (59) both of whose wives were named Margaret.
1:331 1765 MARCH, 1765 (B).... Robert Campbell, Cutler, vs. Robert Campbell, son of John.--Writ, 28th November, 1765. Gone to Carolina. 1)?
2)Person:Robert Campbell (55)
2) John (205) had a son Robert, who died c1768.
1:340 1765 MARCH, 1765 (B). Campbell vs. Campbell.--Robert Campbell, son of John Campbell, gone to Carolina, 1764. Person:Robert Campbell (55) John (205) had a son Robert, who died c1768.
2:277 1766 [[Marriage Licenses]1766--...June 13, Robert Campbell;
1:461 1767 1767. Robert Hooks, Dr. Robert Campbell, 5th November, 1768.
2:403 1767 1767--...2, Robert Campbell, Stone Meeting House;
3:455 1767 Page 396.--18th August, 1767. John Campbell, Sr., and Elisabeth to Robert Campbell, his son, 200 acres on Sinking Spring, a branch of Middle River of Shanando, part of 400 acres patented to said John, 12th June, 1746, corner John Campbell, Jr.; corner John Campbell. Delivered: Thomas Frame by your order, 25th January, 1773.
3:484 1767 Page 371.--26th November, 1767. John Mitchel and Margaret ( ) to Francis Fulten, £29, 170 acres on Buffalo Creek in Forks of James; corner John McCollum. Teste: Richard Woods, John Thompson, Robert Campbell, James Davies. Delivered: Mr. J. Lyle, 18th November, 1791.
2:404 1768 137, James Campbell, Pastures; Robert Campbell, Forks;
3:105 1768 Page 145.--19th August, 1768. Margaret (her mark) and Hugh Campbell's bond (with Charles Campbell) as administrators of Robert Campbell.
3:105 1768 Page 154.--15th November, 1768. Robert Campbell's appraisement (by Wm. McPheeters, Morris O'Freil, John Mophet), recorded.
3:486 1768 Page 456.--18th October, 1768. John Buchanan and Margaret and William Thompson and Mary, to James Skidmore, £55.5, 88 acres, part of a tract patented to John and William, 8th April, 1767, on James River, John Jones's line. Teste: Robert Campbell, Hugh Logan, David Smith. Delivered: Randolph Guin per order filed 22d June, 1798.
3:486 1768 Page 459.--22d October, 1768. [John Buchanan and Margaret and William Thompson and Mary] to Hugh Logan, £70, 125 acres, part of above patented tract on James River, corner Thomas Stevenson, crossing Jennings Creek. Teste: Robert Campbell, David Smith, Thos Stevenson.
3:487 1768 Page 463.--22d October, 1768. [John Buchanan and Margaret and William Thompson and Mary] to Thomas Stevenson, £70, 118 acres, part of patent above, on James River, corner Logan's line. Teste: Hugh Logan, Robert Campbell, David Smith.
1:154 1769 MARCH 21, 1769.... (82) Following to be bound out by Church Wardens, viz: Mildred Viers to John Campbell; Elizabeth Viers to Robert Campbell; Gideon Viers and David Viers to David Laird.
2:405-406 1769 1769--... page 11, Robert Campbell, cutler; ... page 173, Robert Campbell, Forks;
3:114 1770 Page 318.--21st August, 1770. Martha and Alexander Walker's bond (with Thos. Connly, John and Robert Campbell) as administrators of Alexander Walker, Jr.
3:140 1771 Page 342.--19th March, 1771. Hugh Campbell's will--To wife, Esther; to 3 sons and 2 daughters, William, Hugh, Charles, Esther, Marthew; to son, Robert. Executors, John Magill, Wm. Campbell. Teste: Andrew Scott, Robert Fowler, John Davis. 18th January. 1775--Dedimus to Danl. and Abraham Smith to examine Robert Fowler. Executed 6th February, 1775. Proved, 17th January, 1775, by John Davis. Dedimus for Robert Fowler who is very sick. Administration granted to William Campbell, no bond. 22d March, 1775--Proved by Fowler's deposition and recorded. John Magill qualifies with Abraham Smith, Saml. Gibson. Person:Robert Campbell (63)
3:511 1771 Page 336.--25th May, 1771. John Campbell and Elizabeth to Thomas Frame, £130, 288 acres on Middle River of Shanandore on Walter's Run, Robert Campbell's line. Teste: Robert and John Campbell Andrew McClure. Delivered: Thomas Frame, 25th January, 1773.
1:171 1773 MARCH 18, 1773... (98) Road surveyors: James Magill; Frederick Keister and Michael Welfong, vice Mark Swadley; Robert Campbell, vice Arthur Connelly.
1:172 1773 MAY 19, 1773. (109) Sarah Campbell, aged 13, orphan of Robert Campbell--Elijah McClenachan appointed guardian.
2:421 1773 A list of levys returned bad by John Smith for 1773-1774:... Robert Campbell,
3:129 1773 Page 101.--19th May, 1773. Elijah McClenachan's bond (with Joseph Henderson and John Mitchell) as guardian to Sarah Campbell, orphan of Robert Campbell.
3:518 1773 Page 151.--Hugh Donachey and Elisabeth. Delivered: Robert Campbell, 31st [sic] June, 1773.
3:146 1775 Page 481.--4th June, 1775. Robert Campbell's will, farmer--To wife, Sarah, executrix, 390 acres home plantation; Hugh Fulton, son-in-law, executor; to daughter, Mary Richey, daughter Martha Kennedy; to daughter, Sarah Fulton; to Rebecca Crawford, daughter of James Crawford and Isabella Crawford, daughter of testator; to Isabella Crawford, daughter to George and Isabella above; to James Crawford's second wife, 5 shillings to be paid each by Isabella and Rebecca when they come of age; to daughter, Mary Richey, Wm. Kennady, and Hugh Fulton. (Date at end is 4th July, 1775.) Teste: Pat. Buchanan, James Ewing, James Burnsides, Mathew Wilson. Proved, 18th March, 1777, by Buchanan and Wilson. Executors qualified. Person:Robert Campbell (49)
3:152 1775 Page 49.--19th June, 1775. Charles (mark) Campbell's will--To wife, Mary; to son, William; to son, Robert, three children--Hugh, Robert, and Sarah; to other children, division to be made by son John, and Charles, executors. Teste: John Wilson, William Campbell. Proved, 17th November, by the witnesses, and Charles Campbell qualifies.
2:402 1776 1776--... Robert Campbell, Smith;
1:193 1777 AUGUST 19, 1777.... (213) Following recommendations: John Givens as Captain, vice Capt. Laird; Robert Campbell, as First Lieutenant; James Crawford, as Second Lieutenant; Felty Shirley, as Ensign.
3:148 1777 Page 511.--15th August, 1777. Robert Campbell's estate appraised by James and John McCleery, Mathew Wilson, Robt. Patterson. Person:Robert Campbell (49)
1:376 1778 MAY, 1780 (B).... Hugh Campbell, eldest son and heir of Robert Campbell, deceased, who was oldest brother and heir of James Campbell, deceased, vs. John Campbell.--Chancery. Writ, 19th November, 1778.
1:196 1778 MARCH 17, 1778.... (267) Robert Campbell qualified Lieutenant.
2:388 1779 20th May, 1779--Elijah McClenachan, guardian of Hugh, orphan of Robert Campbell.
1:206 1779 MAY 20, 1779.... (624) Hugh Campbell, orphan of Robert Campbell, chose Elijah McClenachan his guardian.
3:161-162 1781 Page 229.--26th June. 1781. Robert Campbell Cutler's will--To wife, Mary; to eldest son, George, the Round Hill plantation, 140 acres joining Geo. Bright and home plantation. Also 200 acres, likewise 50 acres more adjoining Robert Shaw and David Williamson; to 2d son, Robert, home plantation 200 acres; also the Maple Swamp plantation 150 acres; also 200 acres of an entry adjoining Geo. Bright and the Mill place bought of David Williamson; to daughter, Jannett, tract between home plantation and Beverley Manor; to wife. Executors, wife Mary and sons George and Robert and daughter Jannet. Teste: William and Mary Forgason. Proved, 16th April, 1782, by the witnesses. Widow Mary qualifies. 1) Person:Robert Campbell (64)
2)Person:Robert Campbell (74)
1) Last name may be Cutler, but this seems to be a by-name, referring to his occupation (maker of knives). There are several records in Old Augusta referring to "Robert Campbell, Cutler". other records refer to him as a "Blacksmith".
3:566 1781 Page 527.--15th November, 1781. John Hemphill, of Baltimore County, Maryland, to Edmond Burton. Patented to said John, 12th January, 1780. Teste: James Anderson, John and Robert Campbell. Robert Connely.
2:424 1782 Delinquents and Supernumeraries, 1782; List of James Davis, D. S.: ... Robert Campbell, under age;
2:430 1783 Tithables, 1783; in Capt. Givens's and Campbell's Companies: James Allen, Sr., and sons Francis and James, Anthony Ailor and son George; Samuel Bell and sons Samuel and David, Alex. Blair and son John, Francis Brown and son Hugh, Robert Craig and sons John, Robert, James, James Craig and son George, James and George Crawford and brothers Robert, William, John, George Campbell and sons John, Jacob, George, Hugh Campbell and son Robert, Robert Curry and sons James and Robert, Arthur Conoly and sons Robert and James, Thomas Conoly and sons Arthur and Thomas, Hugh Donaho and son John, James Givens and sons Robert, Samuel, James, John Givens and sons Samuel, James, William, John Gasper and apprentice John Martin, Thomas Graham and sons John, Thomas, James, Robert, John Garvin and sons David, Joseph, Thomas, George Glenn and son James, James Henderson and brothers William, David, John King and sons John, Samuel, James, Henry Lyner and sons Christopher, Adam, Samuel McKee and sons William, James, Robert McMahon and apprentices Robert Reburn, Jacob Lemon, Robert Campbell, John McMahon and son John, William Patterson and son William, Richard Rankin and sons Richard, Isaac, Joseph, John Rankin and brothers James, Robert, Robert Reid and son Robert, Jacob Sheits and son John, William Wilson, Parson; Nicholas Wilkinson and wife Milly, Robert Young and sons Robert, William, James Young and son Andrew McComb.
3:171 1784 Page 433.--16th November, 1784. Recorded. Robert Campbell's (cutler) appraisement by Samuel Steel, Hugh Fulton, Wm. Forgas, _____, John Boyd. Person:Robert Campbell (64)
1:238 1784 DECEMBER 25, 1784.... (345) Mary Campbell, alias Hackett, admx. of Robert Campbell, to be summoned to give counter security.
2:137 1785 Wilson vs. Holliday--O. S. 168; N. S. 59--Bill filed in Brooke County, 8th August, 1803. George Holliday, formerly of Glenco, now of Ballegate, Scotland, complains that before 1783 in Scotland, John Henderson, sometimes of Kingshouse in Scotland, at times following droving, became indebted to George, who is his near relative by account from 1781 to 1785. John privately left the Kingdom of Scotland in 1783 and settled in the U. S. Defendants are James Wilson and his wife, Elizabeth, who is administratrix of John Henderson, and who is nearly related to several of the persons mentioned in the account (viz: D. McIntire, A. Cameron, John Scott, Cap. Robert Campbell). Elizabeth was widow of Jno. Henderson. Elizabeth answers that her husband, John Henderson, to whom she was married in 1780, formerly resided in Argyleshire in the Highlands of Scotland, and left that country and took shipping for America, with this defendant, 9th March, 1784. In Scotland she knew George Holliday, who came from the borders of England, was married to a sister of John Henderson and settled about 18 miles from John's place of former residence in Argyleshire, but she is confident it was not in Glenco. George was a farmer and a shepherd. Call McDonald of Dollness, in Argyle, deposes in Edinborough, viz: He knew a John Henderson; his complexion fair, pitted with smallpox, about 5 feet, 7 or 8 inches; well made in person and appearance. He married 'Elizabeth Campbell, daughter of Peter Campbell, in Glasgow, by whom he had one boy, and was said he also had a daughter, but they are both now dead. He left Scotland in 1783, clandestinely. George Holliday married a sister of John. Donald Henderson, residing at Leith Walk, near Edinburgh, deposes, 1807: Donald and John were brothers. John married a daughter of Peter or Patrick Campbell; he had a son, Alexander, who lived with his grandfather at the Kingshouse, but went to the West Indies where he died. He had also a daughter named Elizabeth, who lived at the Kingshouse, where she died young. John was son of Angus Henderson. Daniel McKinsey deposes in Brooke County, 1808; became acquainted with John 30 years ago, in Scotland.
2:281 1785 1785--May 4, Frederick Hanger and Mary Hull, daughter of Francis Hull; surety, Anthony Mustoe; witnesses, Robert Campbell, Saml. Black.
3:183 1786 Page 108.--14th June, 1786. Hugh Green's will, of Augusta County and congregation--To wife, Agnus; to housekeeper, Mary Warner; to Nancy Wilson, daughter to Rev. Wm. Wilson; to Robert Ried, son to Robert Ried; to Cormick McCafferty, 13d, and Jinny his wife; to grandson, Hugh McCafferty; to daughter, Mary Gentry, and to each of her sons; to Alex. Reid; to Jinny Green, daughter of Wm. Green, testator's grandson; to children and wife. Executors, Rev. Wm. Wilson and Robt. Reid, Jr. Teste: William and Elizabeth Wilson. Codicil, 1st February, 1787, revokes legacy to Mary Warner. Teste: Francis Allen and Robt. Campbell Proved, 20th January, 1789, by William and Elizabeth Willson. Both executors qualify.
3:576 1786 Page 227.--20th February, 1786. John Wright and Margaret to William Yool, of Rockbridge. Teste: Robert Campbell, Thos. Hughart, Alex. Wright.
2:22 1787 Donaghe vs. Laird--Copy of deed, David Laird and Anne, his wife, of Augusta County, to Hugh Donaghe, assignee of Jeremiah Smith, 1787, recorded in Rockingham, 24th June, 1787. Depositions of Jeremiah Smith and John Donaghe to be taken at the house of David Ruable, in Greene County, North Carolina, 11th November, 1789. Also of James and John Donaghe, and Thomas Davis, on 15th May, 1789, at house of Russell, Greene County, North Carolina. Deposition of Thomas Davis, Samuel Lamb. Donaghe spelled Donaghoe. Commissions to David Russell and Robert Campbeel in Greene County, North Carolina, to take depositions.
1:248 1787 MARCH 21, 1787.... (245) Robert Campbell's death abates suit. Person:Robert Campbell (53) Robert (53) is believed to have died in 1786
3:202 1788 Page 81.--20th August, 1788. Robert Campbell's will, hatter--To brother. George, all estate, and executor; to sister, Jennitt Campbell. Teste: Thomas. Fulton, Thos. Boyd, Wm. Vernum. Proved, December Court, 1793, by Fulton and Boyd. Executor qualifies.
1:255 1788 SEPTEMBER 16, 1788. (608) Hugh Campbell to be summoned to qualify admr. of Robert Campbell if he sees fit. Person:Robert Campbell (53) Robert (53) is believed to have died in 1786
3:189 1789 [No date; c1788-1790] Page 244.--List of book debts due Thomas Stuart--By John Allison (Middle River); J... Jno. Campbell (son to Henry); Robt. Campbell (son to widow); Robt. Cowan (son to James); William Campbell (Sander's son); Robt. Campbell (Smith); 1)
3)Person:Robert Campbell (64)
3)identified as "Smith", Robert (64) is identified in other records as a blacksmith, or as a "cutler".
2:426 1790 Insolvents and Delinquents, 1790: Arthur Connelly, Jr., ... Ro. Campbell, to Kentucky;
1:262 1790 AUGUST 18, 1790. (297-301) Commission for depositions of William Hook and Robert Campbell, who are about to remove to Kentucky.
1:400 1793 AUGUST, 1793 (D to M). John Dixon vs. James Kerr and Robert Campbell.--Deposition of James Kerr taken in Lexington, Kentucky, second Tuesday in June, 1793. Son of James, defendant John Campbell's deposition at same place. John Dixon was drafted to go into service under McIntosh, but persuaded Kerr to sell him a servant as a substitute.
3:213 1797 Page 298.--30th June, 1797. John Reburn's will--To daughters, Isabella, Sarah, Margaret; to son, Robert, and his son, which has his leg cut off; to daughter Isabella's oldest son; to daughter Sarah's oldest son; to daughter Margaret's oldest son; to Robert Campbell, executor, 1/2 of movable property; to John Danaghe, executor, 1/2 of movable property. Teste: Robert Campbell, Jno. Danaghe, Margaret (mark) Donaghe. Proved, 20th February, 1798, by John Danaghe (who relinquished rights as legatee), and Margaret R. Campbell qualified.
2:267 1798 Page 452--1st November, 1798, Peter Blake, Jeremiah Smith, Ro. Campbell have moved to Green County, North Carolina, and John and James Donaghe are preparing to move thither.
2:38 1800 APRIL, 1800 (M to Z). Robert Shaw vs. Clements (Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Gersham & James)-- Trespass. Rockbridge 375 acres, cor. James McClung; cor. Robt. Campbell.
2:192 1800 John Fulton vs. Moore--O. S. 250; N. S. 88--Bill, 1808. Orator's father, Hugh Fulton, was guardian or executor or otherwise responsible to heirs of Robert Campbell, and loaned the trust property to William Moore in 1800. Hugh assigned William's bond to his son, Thomas Fulton. William gave deed of trust (to secure Thomas) to David Steele, his relation or near connexion. In 1803, Thomas went on a tour to the Western Country and has never been heard of since.
3:219 1800 Page 82.--3d May, 1800. George Campbell's will--To wife and family until youngest child is 21; to wife, Agness, and 5 children; title to be made to William Moore; live children, viz: Robert, Mary, Jenny, Betsy, Joseph Campbell. Executors, wife Agness, John Purris, Thomas Fulton. Teste: Geo. Reid, David Shoultz, Samuel Brown. Codicil, 9th June, 1800, provision for possible unborn child. Teste: Same as before. Proved, 27th October, 1800, by all witnesses. Wife Agness and John Purrer qualify.
3:223 1802 Page 257.--22d November, 1802. Thomas Poage's will--To daughter, Elizabeth; son, Elijah; son, Robert; to son, John; daughter, Ann; daughter, Polly; son, William; to daughter, Agness (single). Executors, son William and John Poage, Sr. Teste: Robert Campbell, John Kerr, Moses Gresham. Proved, 24th January, 1803. Executors qualify.
2:40 1803 [1803] CAUSES ENDED, NO. 1.... Campbell vs. Donaghe--Bill in chancery. Hugh Donaghe's daughter married Robert Campbell, who moved to Western Tennessee.
2:92 1803 [undated, probably about 1803] Robert Campbell and wife Elizabeth vs. Hugh Donaghe--O. S. 54; N. S. 18. Robert and Elizabeth married in 1770, Elizabeth being daughter of Hugh Donaghe. Robert owned 400 acres in Augusta, on which they lived 14 years after marriage, but then moved to Tennessee, where they lived 13 years, when they were induced to return to Augusta upon the promise of defendant to give them £500. They returned to Augusta in 1796. Hugh answers that the marriage was against his consent. Hugh Campbell, aged 33 years, son of Robert, deposes. Hugh had a brother James. Margaret, wife of John Donaghe, deposes. James Campbell, aged 30, son of Robert, deposes. John Campbell, aged 24 or 25, son of Robert. If this occurred in 1803, DOB of Robert's children do not correspond with his stated DOM.
2:139-140 1804 Irvin vs. Campbell--O. S. 170; N. S. 60--Spa. in Washington County, 8th May, 1804. Orator, John Irvin. Defendants are, viz: James Campbell and James Keys, executors of Jacob Campbell, deceased, Jane Campbell, his widow, and George, Jacob, James (Jr.), Robert Campbell, sons of James Campbell. Bill states orator married a daughter of Jacob Campbell and had by her several children. In 1792 Jacob gave orator a bond to give slaves to orator's children. Jacob died testate. Will dated 28th December, 1794, and devised one slave to George Campbell, son of James Campbell, after decease of Jacob's wife, Jane, who was grandmother to George; and to Jacob Campbell, son of said James, another slave; and to James Campbell, son of said James, another slave; and to Robert Campbell, son of said James, another slave. Jacob's daughter married orator between 1773 and 1777, and died in 1793 (January). James Campbell had moved Irvin from Augusta. Jacob had another son-in-law named Kennedy. James Campbell answers, says he is Jacob's son-in-law. Witnesses, Robert Ferril, Sr., and Mary, his wife; Robert Ferril, Jr., and James McKean of Kentucky, Robert Campbell of Tennessee, William Irvin of Tennessee. The bond was given the week before John Irvin moved to Kentucky. James McKee deposes in Washington County, John Irvin's son-in-law. Jane Campbell, aged 90, deposes in Washington County, 3d May, 1805, widow of Jacob Campbell. Jacob was very much dissatisfied with Irvin as a son-in-law, but some time after Jacob moved to this country, he returned to Augusta where Irvin lived, and brought them out with him. Irvin lived with Jacob about six months, when he went to Tennessee, where he lived some years, and his wife died. Jacob and Jane moved from Augusta in 1779, to Washington, and they have always lived on the same land. James Campbell, executor of Jacob, was Jacob's son-in-law. Jane and Jacob when they moved from Augusta were about 65 years old. Robert Ferril, Jr., deposes 1st January, 1806, at house of Robert Ferril, Sr., in Cumberland County, Kentucky.
1:422 1804 MAY, 1804 (D to H). John Dixon vs. George Anderson.--Affidavit, 17th October, 1801, that John Campbell is an inhabitant of Kentucky, and is about to return to that State. Deposition of John states that in 1785 or 1786 he assisted his brother, Robert Campbell, to build a house for defendant. John Patterson and his brother, Thomas Patterson.
3:235 1805 Page 325.--25th June, 1805. Hugh Donaghe's will--To wife, Anne; son William W. Donaghe, infant; daughter, Elisabeth Campbell, wife to Robert Campbell; to son, John; grandson, Hugh Donaghe, son to son James, deceased, and sisters of said grandson Hugh; to children, Sarah and James. Executors, Archibald Stuart and son, Jno. Donaghe. 26th February, 1807. Codicil--Wife Anne is dead, their children were three, viz: William W., Sarah, and James. Robert Campbell and family have conducted themselves improperly towards testator. Teste: Eleanor Stuart, Mary P. Hall. Proved, 25th December, 1809. Executors qualify.
2:186 1812 [undated, around 1812]Walker vs. Reyburn's executors--O. S. 241; N. S. 65--John Walker of Augusta County, in 1798, bought land from Robert Reyburn of Kentucky, son of John Reyburn of Augusta. Robert Campbell set up claim and is dead, leaving heirs, viz: Hugh Campbell, James, John, Robert, William, Wilson, Stephen, Sally Campbell, Jane, wife of William Stephenson; Elizabeth, wife of Samuel Rochester. Robert Reyburn is also dead, leaving, viz: John, William, Robert, James, Polly, Betsy, Susan, Rebecca and Sally Reyburn.
2:191 1814 Campbell vs. Reid--O. S. 247; N. S. 87--Bill, 1814. George Campbell of Augusta died, testate, leaving 5 children, viz: Robert, Mary, Jane, Betsey and Joseph, and widow Agness, enceint on a child named George. In 1801, Agness married Samuel Reed. John Purris has removed to Tennessee. Suit to settle George's estate.
2:261 1814 Campbell vs. Campbell heirs--O. S. 399; N. S. 145--Bill, 1814. Alexander died, intestate, leaving widow Jane Campbell and children, viz: Robert, James, Mary, wife of William Blair Donnell, and infants, viz: John, Samuel, William, Alexander, Jane, Addison Campbell. Joseph Campbell was son of Dugald Campbell.
2:471 1834 John Bell's Declaration, 22d December, 1834: Mentions Capt. Thomas Smith, Capt. Joseph Patterson, Lieut. Andrew Anderson, Ensign James Poage, Col. Sampson Mathews, Lieut. Col. William Bowyer, Capt. John Dickey, Lieut. Robert Campbell, Samuel Bell, Maj. John Crawford, Dr. James Allen, Francis Gardner.
3:81 Not found


  • Patent Campbell, Robert. Grantee. Land Grant 12 February 1743. Orange County. 337 acres adjoining Beverly Mannor line.
  • Patent Campbell, Robert. Grantee. Land Grant 12 February 1743. Orange County. 337 acres adjoining Beverly Mannor line.
  • Patent Campbell, Robert. Grantee. Land Grant 27 August 1770. Augusta County. 46 acres in the fork of James River.
  • Patent Campbell, Robert. Grantee. Land Grant 16 March 1771. Augusta County. 200 acres adjoining to the line of Beverley Manor.
  • Patent Campbell, Robert. Grantee. Land Grant 16 March 1771. Augusta County. 50 acres on both sides of Halfway Creek.
  • Patent Campbell, Robert. Grantee. Land Grant 5 July 1774. Augusta County. 140 acres on the head of the Mary Creek.
  • Patent Campbell, Robert. Grantee. Land Grant 5 July 1774. Augusta County. 150 acres adjoining his own land. URL (Click on link)
  • Grant Campbell, Robert. Grantee. Land Grant 19 August 1783. Rockingham County. 206 acres between the South River and South Mountain adjoining Joseph Hannah Boswell, Glaves &c. URL (Click on link)
  • Grant Campbell, Robert. Grantee. Land Grant 19 August 1783. Rockingham County. 206 acres between the South River and South Mountain adjoining Joseph Hannah Boswell, Glaves &c. URL (Click on link)
  • Grant Campbell, Robert. Grantee. Land Grant 16 May 1786. Monongalia County. 200 acres on Buffaloe Creek about two miles below the forks adjoining lands claimed by John Scott including his settlement made in 1771.
  • Grant Campbell, Robert. Grantee. Land Grant 6 May 1787. Washington County. Grantee(s): Cole, Joseph and Campbell, Robert. 150 acres .
  • Grant Campbell, Robert. Grantee. Land Grant 28 July 1788. Washington County. 320 acres on both sides of the Maiden Spring Fork of Clinch River adjoining his settlement right and Garrisons land.
  • Grant Campbell, Robert. Grantee. Land Grant 5 February 1789. Fayette County (Ky.). 1000 acres on the waters of Eagle Creek adjoining John May &co. survey of 22,283 acres.
  • Grant Campbell, Robert. Grantee. Land Grant 19 October 1789. Fayette County (Ky.). 1500 acres on the dividing ridge between Main Licking and the north fork.
  • Grant Campbell, Robert. Grantee. Land Grant 13 January 1795. Harrison County. 2000 acres on waters of the north fork of Hughs’s River adjoining on the west of his survey No. 1 and on the north of lands of Abraham Armstrong.
  • Grant Campbell, Robert. Grantee. Land Grant 22 March 1796. Augusta County. 270 acres on a small branch of the Middle River of Shenandoah.
  • Grant Campbell, Robert. Grantee. Land Grant 11 April 1796. Washington County. 100 acres in a gap of the Great Knob and on both sides of Wolf Creek a branch of Holstein River.
  • Grant Campbell, Robert. Grantee. Land Grant 9 October 1797. Greenbrier County. 104 acres on the waters of Second Creek and adjoining the land of Jas Fleming.
  • Grant Campbell, Robert. Grantee. Land Grant 10 October 1797. Greenbrier County. 100 acres on the south side of Swopes Knobs adjoining the land of Brice Miller, and William Richmond.
  • Grant Campbell, Robert. Grantee. Land Grant 17 November 1797. Greenbrier County. Grantee(s): Hix, John; Campbell, Robert; Currie, William; and Currie, James. 3000 acres .
  • Grant Campbell, Robert. Grantee. Land Grant 17 November 1797. Greenbrier County. Grantee(s): Hicks, John; Campbell, Robert; Currie, William; and Currie, James. 3000 acres .
  • Grant Campbell, Robert. Grantee. Land Grant 20 November 1797. Greenbrier County. Grantee(s): Hix, John; Campbell, Robert; Currie, William; and Currie, James. 3000 acres .
  • Grant Campbell, Robert. Grantee. Land Grant 20 November 1797. Greenbrier County. Grantee(s): Hix, John; Campbell, Robert; Currie, William; and Currie, James. 3000 acres.
  • Grant Campbell, Robert. Grantee. Land Grant 20 November 1797. Greenbrier County. Grantee(s): Hicks, John; Campbell, Robert; Currie, William; and Currie, James. 3000 acres .
  • Grant Campbell, Robert. Grantee. Land Grant 20 November 1797. Greenbrier County. Grantee(s): Hicks, John; Campbell, Robert; Currie, William; and Currie, James. 3000 acres .
  • Grant Campbell, Robert. Grantee. Land Grant 20 November 1797. Greenbrier County. Grantee(s): Hicks, John; Campbell, Robert; Currie, William; and Currie, James. 3000 acres .
  • Grant Campbell, Robert. Grantee. Land Grant 10 April 1797. Monongalia County. 5000 acres adjoining Henry Banks on the waters of Buffaloe Creek and extending to the waters of Bingaman Creek and down said creek for quantity.
  • Grant Campbell, Robert. Grantee. Land Grant 26 June 1800. Kanawha County. Grantee(s): Hicks, John and Campbell, Robert. 500 acres. . Source: Land Office Grant]s No. 44, 1799-1800, p. 618 (Reel 110).
  • Grant Campbell, Robert. Grantee. Land Grant 26 June 1800. Kanawha County. Grantee(s): Hicks, John and Campbell, Robert. 500 acres .
  • Grant Campbell, Robert. Grantee. Land Grant 26 June 1800. Kanawha County. Grantee(s): Hicks, John and Campbell, Robert. 500 acres .
  • Grant Campbell, Robert. Grantee. Land Grant 26 June 1800. Kanawha County. Grantee(s): Hicks, John and Campbell, Robert. 500 acres .
  • Grant Campbell, Robert. Grantee. Land Grant 27 June 1800. Kanawha County. Grantee(s): Hicks, John and Campbell, Robert. 500 acres .
  • Grant Campbell, Robert. Grantee. Land Grant 27 June 1800. Kanawha County. Grantee(s): Hicks, John and Campbell, Robert. 500 acres .
  • Grant Campbell, Robert. Grantee. Land Grant 27 June 1800. Kanawha County. Grantee(s): Hicks, John and Campbell, Robert. 5OO acres .
  • Grant Campbell, Robert. Grantee. Land Grant 4 June 1800. Monongalia County. 1400 acres beginning on the waters of Bingamon Creek end in a line of Henry Banks land.
  • Grant Campbell, Robert. Grantee. Land Grant 11 January 1800. Lee County. Grantee(s): Campbell, Robert; and Rodgers, Doswell. 680 acres on both sides of the North Fork, and Blue Spring Fork of Clinch River adjoining the land of John Belfore
  • Grant Campbell, Robert. Grantee. Land Grant 22 December 1803. Augusta County. 118 acres on the waters of Littles Run a branch of the Middle River.
  • Grant Campbell, Robert. Grantee. Land Grant 26 December 1803. Augusta County. 127 acres on Littles Run a branch of the Middle River.