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This page collects "Helpful Hints and reminders" about how to do certain not so routine things on a wiki. Some of these are fairly common-place---like "references"---I just can't remember the exact code to use.

Problem SolutionExampleSource

remove the "namespace" in a link to an article enter a "pipe" just before the closing brackets [Help:Entering a Family on WeRelate tutorial|Entering a Family on WeRelate tutorial] yields Entering a Family on WeRelate tutorial (note the | after the word tutorial). -Dallan 20:53, 5 July 2008 (EDT)
Create a link to a subsection Use the page URL and add "/#XYZ" where XYZ is the name of the subsection.
Inserting a footnote place <ref name="someword"> text </ref> and <references/> in the body of the text where you want the notes list to appear on the page. [1] See below
Link to a Category PageInsert colon before "Category"Category:SomeCategory
Insert the Name of a page [[{{SUBJECTPAGENAME}}]] Quolla6/Helpful Hints and Reminders Dallan
Kill HTML Formating Place a "<" followed by "!---" in Front of some text with HTML formating
                   Place This " ---> Following that text
Looks like this:
Redirect#redirect [[Namespace:Name of the original page]].

  1. This is a footnote