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There are numerous lines of Porters in Old Chester County]]. Many, but not all, came to the area from Northern Ireland, and may be related to each other, though the exact connection is not yet clear. Principal Lines include:
Descendants of Josias Porter and Margaret Ewing
Descendants of Family:Nathaniel Porter and Violet Oglesby (1)
There are several distinct lines of Porter genealogies in the Old Chester area. They may be summarized georgraphically (without much precision) as follows:

Old Chester Porter Family on the Octoraro This includes Porters who settled in Cecil, Chester, Adams, and Lancaster Counties. They are titled "of the Octoraro" primarily because some of the early members of this group settled in Octoraro Hundred in Cecil County. Some of these Porters lived in Drumore Township of Lancaster County, and Chester County Townships along the Octoraro (West Nottingham, East Nottingham, and Sadsbury.
See:Notebook:Porter Family on the Octoraro

Old Chester Porter Family of Red LionThese are the Porters who settled near Red Lion in Delaware.
See: Notebook:Porter Family of Red Lion

Old Chester Porter Family of Cumberland County, PA Some genealogies point to the Cumberland County Porters as coming to that area from Old Chester, so this is included here for completeness.
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