Place:Ulvestadbygda, Dalsfjord, Møre og Romsdal, Norway

Coordinates62.163915°N 5.942958°E
Located inDalsfjord, Møre og Romsdal, Norway     (1924 - 1964)
Also located inVolda, Møre og Romsdal, Norway     (1964 - present)

Ulvestadbygda is a colloquial name for 14 smaller settlements (originally farms and homesteads, today considered four small villages) on the north-western side of Dalsfjord, Volda municipality, Norway. The total number of people residing in Ulvestadbygda today is around 400.


Places and surnames

The fourteen farms and homesteads of Ulvestadbygda are now commonly referred to as four "villages": Torvika, Ulvestad, Lauvstad and Sæssbygda (informally and most commonly called Sætre). In older parish records, people were generally named after which farm they lived on, and this name changed if they moved. A legal, permanent surname did not become mandatory in Norway until the 1920s. People were usually not named after the village or their profession. Hence no one has "Ulvestadbygd" in their names. The following list of the original farms and their corresponding "surnames" could be helpful to place people correctly. The list is sorted by village from north to south, each farm followed by known originating surnames. Note that the names were not standardized until around or after 1900, so the same person can be listed with diferent variants of the same name in different sources.


  • Telset
    • Telset, Telseth, Tilseth
  • Gjøsdalen (abandoned, no buildings left on site)
    • Gjøsdal
  • Stigen
    • Stigen
  • Torvika
    • Torvik, Thorvik, Thorvig, Thorviig


  • Ulvestad
    • Ulvestad
  • Haugen
    • Haugen, Ulvestadhaug, Ulvestadhoug
  • Espenakken
    • Espenakk


  • Lauvstad' (Called Feta, Feten or Feden until a formal name change in 1906)
    • Lauvstad, Feden
  • Nakken
    • Nakken
  • Løndalen
    • Løndal


  • Sætre
    • Sætre
  • Sætreåsen
    • Sætreås, Sæterås
  • Grøtholen or Holøydegard (currently uninhabited)
    • Grothol, Holen
  • Kvanngardsneset
    • Kvangarsnes, Kvangardsnes

Source:Kjelland, Arnfinn. Busetnadssoga for Volda