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My name is Lars, I'm born in 1984 and I currently live with my wife on our family farm in Volda, Norway. I've always been interested in genealogy, but I have not pursued this interest actively before I got hooked a year or so ago. Some parts of the research is easy, our local municipality has recently published an extensive genealogical history of the entire area, and since both of my parents are from nearby, much of my family history is documented in those volumes. But the exciting part is researching relatives from out of town, I find it thrilling to search for new nodes on my tree in old clerical records and census entries. My ancestry is mostly from Volda but I also have branches in Vest-Agder and Aust-Agder in southern Norway, and a lot of distant relatives in and around Nordfjordeid.

My other interests are varied and multiple. I work as a small scale farmer, I'm a keen classical singer, I love to cook and bake and I take great pleasure in good penmanship (which makes looking through old handwritten records more interesting than you'd think). I am a university graduate with a degree in theoretical linguistics and phonology, and in addition I have vocational training as a tailor.

I hope to expand the worldwide family tree with my humble addition to this project, and hopefully learn some new tricks along the way.

Top of my todo-list is getting my sources straight and continue expanding my tree as far back as possible, before I start filling it out with additional people like cousins, grand uncles and aunts, additional spouses and things like that. Along the way I like to use my knowledge of the political geography and history of Norway to sort out and revise the categorization and hierarchy of places.