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Original Source: Beers, 1886. History of Cumberland and Adams Counties, Pennsylvania


Formation of Cumberland County Townships


Pexton Manor was originally established as a reservation for Indians in Cumberland County PA, in the area that eventually became East Pennsboro Township, in the area roughly between Camp Hill, Lemoyne, and New Cumberland. See:Google Maps. Originally it was known as the First Proprietary Manor, and later Louther Manor. See:Google Maps

Spelling of the name is moderately variable: "Pastang" "Paxton", and other variants seem to have been used.


THE Cumberland (then known as the North) Valley was first divided into the townships of Pennsborough and Hopewell. This was in 1735, years before the formation of the county, which was then a portion of Lancaster. At this time the Indian title to the lands had not yet been extinguished, for it was in October of the following year that the Penns finally purchased their title. White settlers, by permission of the Indians, had come into the valley about the year 1730, but they were few in number, and Cumberland County was not formed until fifteen years after the formation of these two townships.

The First Proprietary Manor. - A small portion in the lower part of the North Valley, and which was afterward a portion of Pennsborough Township, was surveyed at a still earlier period (1732) into a "Proprietary Manor on Conodoguinette," the more effectually to keep off white settlers as opposed to the rights of the Indians, which had not yet been satisfactorily purchased. This manor was also called "Pastang" or "Paxton Manor," and after the formation of Cumberland County "Louther Manor," in compliment to a nobleman of that name who had married a sister of William Penn.