Person:William Varney (1)

William Varney
m. 7 Apr 1629
  1. Rachel Varneyabt 1631 - 1707/8
  2. Varney1633 - Btw 1654-1672
  3. Humphrey Varneyabt 1636 - bef 1714
  4. Corp. Thomas Varney1641 - 1692
Facts and Events
Name William Varney
Gender Male
Birth[4] Abt 1599 Windsor, Berkshire, England
Alt Birth[1] Abt 1600 England
Marriage 7 Apr 1629 Windsor, Berkshire, Englandto Bridget Deverell
Immigration[4][8][14] 13 Nov 1649 Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, United States"given liberty to reside in jurisdiction", as was (son-in-law) Thomas Cooke
Other[4][8][14] 13 Nov 1649 Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, United Statesappeared in Court as bondsman for Thomas Cooke
Residence[2][6] Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Residence[3][6] Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Other[4][14] 1652 Salem, Essex, Massachusetts, United Statesgiven custody of grandson "until next Ipswich Court" (implies residence in Ipswich)
Death[4][6][7][12] Bef 1 Mar 1653/4 Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, United Statesinventory of estate taken
Alt Death[2] 1654 Salem, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Education[5][6][7][13] owned books
Religion[5] Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, United Statesdid not join church in Ipswich; refused to take Freeman’s Oath
Alt Death[1] 28 Mar 1654 Salem, Essex, Massachusetts, United States

Birth of William Varney

The frequently seen assertion that William Varney was born in Middle Claydon, Buckinghamshire, England, seems to have come from (or at least have been perpetuated by) Collacott,[5] who states that William "may have been" a relative to Thomas Verney, son of Sir Edmund Verney [emphasis added]. It is not mentioned in the earlier work by Tingley.[6] However, there is no evidence to support that assertion. In the Parish Registers for Middle Claydon[9][10] there is no William Varney, nor is there any William Varney in the adjacent parishes of East Claydon and Steeple Claydon.[9]

The alternative, that he was born in Windsor, Berkshire, is based on his probable marriage there in 1629. More documentation would be helpful. Unfortunately, the Bishop's Transcripts for New Windsor don't begin until 1612.[11]

Marriage and Barbados

Most accounts give Bridget Knight as the wife of William Varney, with a marriage date of 29 May 1629, based presumably on Tingley[6] or people who have followed Tingley. However, Tingley, like most early family historians, does not give any sources, and as Barber & Delory[4] discuss, Tingley's statement lacks credibility both in terms of Bridget's age, and in terms of the logistics of time and place.

Other accounts, such as Collacott[5] suggest that William and Bridget married in Barbados, where Bridget was a young widow of the father of Jeffery Parsons. However, as both Barber & Delory[4] and Willis Parsons[15] discuss, Bridget cannot be the mother of Jeffery Parsons nor the widow of his father. Without the connection to Jeffery Parsons, there is no other evidence to suggest that the Varney family was ever in Barbados. At this point, without further documentation, it is just as likely that the family came directly from England, perhaps even from (New) Windsor, where Windsor Castle became the headquarters for Oliver Cromwell's army shortly before William and family came to Massachusetts.

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