Person:Jeffrey Parsons (3)

Jeffrey Parsons
m. 3 Nov 1621
  1. James Parsons1622 - 1622/3
  2. Elizabeth Parsons1624 - 1624
  3. John Parsons1627 -
  4. Jeffrey Parsons1630 - 1689
  5. James ParsonsABT 1633 - ABT 1708
  6. Margaret Parsons1635 - 1636
  • HJeffrey Parsons1630 - 1689
  • WSarah Vinson1637 - 1707/08
m. 11 Nov 1657
  1. James Parsons1658 - 1733
  2. Jeffrey Parsons1661 - abt 1750
  3. Sarah Parsons1663 - 1708
  4. Elizabeth ParsonsAbt 1665 - 1711
  5. John Parsons1666 - 1714
  6. Jeremiah Parsons1672 -
  7. Nathaniel Parsons1675 - 1722
  8. Abigail Parsons1678 - Aft 1754
  9. Ebenezer Parsons1680 - 1680
  10. Ebenezer Parsons1681 - 1763
Facts and Events
Name Jeffrey Parsons
Gender Male
Christening[3] 1 Aug 1630 Loddiswell, Devon, England
Emigration[1] est 1645 Barbados
Emigration[1] abt 1654 Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Marriage 11 Nov 1657 Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts, United Statesto Sarah Vinson
Property[1] Apr 1665 Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Other[1] 25 Oct 1672 Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Other[1] 1688 Essex, Massachusetts, United Statesfined for refusal to pay taxes (part of a protest against Governor Sir Edmund Andros.) He was a Selectman of Gloucester, an office in which he served for several years
Death[1][5] 16/19 Aug 1689 Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts, United Statesleft an estate of £317


Birth and Parents

There has been considerable discussion about Jeffrey’s parentage and his place of birth. The confusion arises from two early documents: a letter written 14 May 1714 by Elizabeth (Parsons) Morgan of Ashsprington, Devonshire England to a cousin James Parsons in New England,[3][7] and the will of Bridget Varney.[1][6]

Elizabeth Morgan's Letter

In her letter, Elizabeth Morgan refers to her "Unkle Jeffery", and to her father, James Parsons, as the "Unkle" of her cousin James (son of Jeffrey), and provides other information that indicates her uncle is Jeffery Parsons of Gloucester, Massachusetts. Perhaps because Elizabeth was writing from Ashpington, Jeffrey's place of birth has often been reported as being in Ashprington.

In an attempt to clarify the confusion, Willis Parsons conducted extensive research in English records, including Parish Records for Ashprington and near-by parishes.[9] He found no evidence of James Parsons' birth, nor any evidence of Jeffery. Since James remained in England, he would have appeared in the Protestation Returns of 1641. As Willis Parsons notes, Parsons is and was a common family name in Devon. However, the Protestation Returns of 1641 showed only one James Parson,and he was living in Loddiswell. Parish Records for Loddiswell show baptisms for James, and for his brother Jeffrey, consistent with the information in the letter of Elizabeth Morgan. James and Jeffrey were the sons of James Parsons (son of Jeffrey) and his wife Alice (most likely Crossings). Jeffrey was baptized 1 Aug 1630.[3]

Bridget Varney's Will

In her will, Bridget Varney refers to Jeffry Parsons as "son", with instructions that he is to pay her son Humphrey 20 pounds. This has lead to considerable speculation that Bridget was a widow of Jeffrey's father (often reported as another Jeffrey Parsons) when she married William Varney.[8][10] Unfortunately, there are no records or sources, other than Bridget's will, to support a claim that Bridget was Jeffrey's mother. Furthermore, Bridget was not married to Jeffrey's father when Jeffrey was baptized nor when Jeffrey's younger brother James was baptized, and was married to William Varney long before Jeffrey's father died. The question, then is why Bridget named him "son". As Willis Parsons points out, Jeffrey was Bridget Varney's stepson-in-law, a cumbersome title today, and one that would not have used at the time. "Son" may have been used as a convenience.[3][11]


Jeffrey is said to have gone to Barbados at a young age with an uncle. The assumption has been that the uncle would have been related to his father and named Parsons. There are mene named Parsons in Barbados at the time, although what, if any, there relation to Jeffrey is unknown. The alternative, that his uncle was related to his mother, has not been considered. Again, there is at least one Crossings family in Barbados, relationship if any unknown.[2][4]

Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts

Jeffrey arrived in Gloucester probably in 1654 or 1655. He purchased land in April 1655, and it was there, on 11 November 1657, that he married Sarah Vinson. He took an active role in civil affairs, serving as Selectman for several years. He died in August 1689, leaving a reasonable estate.[1]

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    Tradition has preserved the romantic incident that determined his choice of a partner for life. While walking on a hot summer's day, he was overcome with fatigue and thirst, and stopped at Vinson's Spring for rest and refreshment. The house of Vinson was near by, and a benevolent impulse prompted his beautiful daughter Sarah to approach the weary stranger with the tender of a drinking-cup. The charms and kind attentions of the fair one made a deep impression on the heart of Jeffrey; and, as she reciprocated the sentiments she had inspired, she ere long became his wife. They were married Nov. 11, 1657.

    Bridget Varney died Oct. 25, 1672. Her will mentions sons Humphrey and Thomas, son Jeffrey Parsons, daughter Rachel Vincion, and son-in-law William Vincion.

    Jeffrey Parsons and six others from Gloucester fined in Superior Court in Salem for non-compliance in paying taxes in year 1688 (in protest again Govern Sir Edmund Andros). Parsons and four others were Selectmen, and complained that they had to pay the shot at the Tavern for the justices who came to bind them over for Court

    Jeffrey Parsons was selectman several years; and died Aug. 16, 1689, leaving an estate of £317.

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    Jephery, sr., Aug. 19, 1689

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