Person:William Phelps (66)

William Lacy “Willie” PHELPS
m. 26 SEP 1853
  1. William Lacy “Willie” PHELPS1854 - 1926
  2. Edward Manning PHELPS1856 - 1905
  3. Marie Josephine PHELPS1857 - 1861
  4. Francis PHELPS1859 - 1861
  5. Emma PHELPS1861 - 1881
  6. Mary PHELPS1863 - 1868
  7. Lucy Virginia PHELPS1864 - 1917
  8. Clara PHELPS1868 - 1932
  9. Mary Agnes PHELPS1871 - 1903
m. 10 JUN 1879
  1. Thomas Lacy PHELPS1894 - 1964
Facts and Events
Name William Lacy “Willie” PHELPS
Gender Male
Birth[1][2][3][8] 19 NOV 1854 Zanesville, Muskingum Co, Ohio
Baptism[8][12] 26 NOV 1854 , Zanesville, Muskingum Co., Ohio,
Marriage 10 JUN 1879 Paincourtville, Assumption Par, Louisianato Mary Lillian “Lillie” HAUGHTON
Census[10][13] JUN 1880 Ward 8, Paincourtville, Assumption, Louisiana,
Census[14] 1910 , Los Angeles, , California,
Residence? 1920 1626 Temple, Los Angeles, , California,
Alt Death? BET 1924 AND 1926
Alt Death[9] 1926 , Los Angeles, , California,
Death[3] 6 AUG 1926 Los Angeles, California
Cause of Death[3] Epithelioma Of The Back
Occupation[1][4][5][3] Wheelwright (1880), Photographer (1910); Owned Garage(1920); Automobile Painter
Baptism[6][11] Zanesville, Muskingum Co, Ohio

_MIG: Date: ABT 1907 Place: California Source:

William Lacy PHELPS owned a blacksmith and carriage maker shop in Napoleonville, LA from 1882. He also bought a hotel in Napoleonville, The Dupaty House, and a livery stable in 1891. See the newspaper transcript below:

NAPOLEONVILLE IN FLAMES Over $200,000 Destroyed With $50,000 Insurance New Orleans, November 9 – A special to the Picayune from Thibadeaux says: At 11 o'clock last night a fire broke out in Dupity's [sic: Dupaty’s] hotel, which resulted in the destruction of the entire business part of the village of Napoleonville, including the Masonic hall, Odd Fellows hall, and many stores and residences. The only important buildings saved are the court house, the parish jail, the Catholic church and the Episcopal church. Captain J.B. Whittington, a prominent lawyer, perished in the flames. He was sleeping in Dupity's hotel, and every effort was made to rescue him, but without avail. The losses are as follows: Guion & False, law office and library; Walter Guion, law office and library; Mr. Antore, store and barbershop; Dr. Damonie, dental office and residence; Chas. Dupity, hotel and coffee house; W.T. Guelfoux, store; R. Block, store; Mrs. Guentgen, store; R.H. Webster, coffee house and hotel (the latter just completed); Nathan Webster, residence, office and lumber yard; D. Theriot, store; Edward Thibdeaux, drug store; Leon Hebert, store; Deputay & Dreyfus, store; Piffera, store, Emile Loulon, residence and bakery; Eden Vives, residence; the town market; Joseph Trale, art gallery; Mrs. Boflaw, store; Adolph Weil, store; F. Gonaux, drug store and residence; M. Ley, store and residence; Jacob's tailor shops; Toby's barber shop and restaurant; Antoine Arehordequie's residence and shop; Delanne's residence; Mrs. David Bordeaux' residence; Mrs. D. Bergeref's residence; Edward Lawton's residence; O'Reil Delanne's residence and stable; Emile Herbert's residence. The total loss is estimated at $200,000, insurance $50,000,. There were no goods saved from any store or furniture from any residence. Source: The Atlanta Constitution, November 10, 1884, Page 4 Submitted by Bob Franks

According to family legend, William Lacy had a falling out with his family because they refused to lend him money after a fire damaged his business. He then took his only son and moved to Los Angeles, possibly via New Orleans, around 1907. The 1900 census shows his son, Thomas Lacy, living with another family in New Orleans, but William Lacy was not present. The New Orleans city directory, however, shows a William L. Phelps living in the city, but why wasn’t his son with him? Later, when his father died in 1905, William was living in Jackson, MS. Thus, it was between 1905 and 1910 that he relocated to Los Angeles.

While living in Los Angeles, he owned a garage at the corner of Temple & Glendale Blvd (?)

He was widowed at the time of the 1910 census. He lived with William H. and Evie M. ROCHESTER at that time (Hubbard St. in Los Angeles?) They came from Lousiana and are indicated in the census as being related to William Lacy PHELPS. I later found records indicating that a ROCHESTER man married a sister to Mary Lillian HAUGHTON, and that William H. ROCHESTER is his son.

According to his death certificate, he had been in California since 1907., ,

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