Person:William Pattison (1)

m. c1831
  1. David C. Pattison1832 - 1905
  2. Mary Belle Pattison1833 - 1921
  3. William S. Pattison1834 - 1925
  4. Robert Davis Pattison1838 - 1913
  5. Jeanette Pattison1840 - 1891
  6. Alexander S. Pattison1845 - 1895
m. 10 Jan 1870
  1. David Clarkson Stewart Pattison1871 - 1955
  2. James Renwick Alvin Pattison1873 - 1958
m. 8 Nov 1894
  1. Russell John Hancock Pattison1895 - 1960
  2. Ralph Alexander Stewart Pattison1895 - 1983
Facts and Events
Name William S. Pattison
Gender Male
Birth? 10 Dec 1834 Neshannock, Mercer County (now Lawrence), Pennsylvania
Marriage 10 Jan 1870 Union Twp, Lawrence Co, PAto Margaret Rebecca Stevenson
Marriage 8 Nov 1894 Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PAto Mary Jane Hawkins
Death? 15 Jan 1925 Union Twp, Lawrence Co, PA@90Y
Occupation? Carpenter
Military? Civil War Veteran
Religion? Presbyterian
Burial? Graceland Cemetery, New Castle, Lawrence Co, PA

Introducing William S. Pattison of New Castle, Lawrence Co, PA______

Carpenter Enlisted in Civil War

Roster of Military from Union Twp and West New Castle, History of Lawrence Co, PA, 1877

Pattison, William, private, Co. A, 55th Infantry. Enlisted June 27, 1863; discharged August 26, 1863.

Civil War Record of William S. Pattison

  • Volunteer Enlistment at New Brighton, PA
  • Born in Lawrence Co, PA
  • Age - 37 years old
  • Occupation - carpenter
  • Volunteer status - 24 Aug 1864 to serve one year in Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery
  • Description - grey eyes, dark hair, fair complexion, 5” 3” tall, chest 35
  • Assigned to Captain Hopes’ Company l enlisted from Pollock TF, Lawrence Co at 24th Congressional District, PA on 25 Aug 1864 as a private
  • 13 Sept 1864 Ft. Rendez, Pittsburgh, PA, private
  • 31 Oct 1864 Absent as sick at General Hospital, Pittsburgh, PA from Camp Reynolds, private
  • Nov 1864 present, private
  • Jan 1865 present, private
  • March/April 1865 present, private
  • Company muster out - 37 years old; 30 June 1865; last paid on 31 Dec 1864; clothing in kind, $ paid advanced $40.90; due US for arms and equipment $6; bounty paid $33 1/3; due $33 1/3
  • Musket retained in compliance with #136 Ordianance

NARA Pension Record William S. Pattison Co A 55th Reg PA Military Infantry Enlisted 11 July 1863 and discharged 26 Aug 1863 2 Mar 1907 Invalid Application #505842 and 11 Feb 1884 age 32; Certificate #334383 5 Feb 1925 Widow Application #1229150 Certificate #961912 Died 15 Jan 1925

Biographical Sketches of Leading Citizens Lawrence County Pennsylvania Biographical Publishing Company, Buffalo, N.Y., 1897

WILLIAM S. PATTISON [p. 318] one of the leading and most progressive citizens of Union township, and a carpenter who is much in demand throughout the surrounding country, was born in a house which was situated within a few rods of his present elegant residence, Dec. 10, 1834. He is a son of David and Jane (Stewart) Pattison.

David Pattison was born in Glasgow, Scotland, and there learned the trade of a cotton-spinner. While still a resident of bonny Scotland he became engaged to be married to Jane Stewart, who was born in Paisley, Scotland, but with a wise determination to be sure of the future, he immigrated to America to provide a home for his intended wife. He bought fifty acres of land, which was then new and uncultivated, and located where his son, William S., now resides; he was much taken with the country and pleased with the prospect of a successful career which seemed to stretch out before him, and went to work with a will to clear the land for the intended crops and to erect a log-cabin for temporary shelter till his own resources and the accommodations of the new country warranted him in building a more pretentious structure. All the arrangements completed, it only needed the arrival of his future bride to complete his home, and crown him with happiness; she came when he announced that all was in readiness for her reception, and they were married and settled down to become industrious citizens of their adopted country. He finished clearing the land and worked some in building the canal. Later in life, when New Castle began to grow, he engaged in gardening, and followed it the greater part of his after life. He and his wife won the highest esteem of the citizens of the township, for they were exemplars of the best type of Scotch honesty and Scotch ruggedness of character. He lived to be eighty-four years old, and his wife attained the age of eighty-six years. Their children were: David C.; Mary, who married Robert Boggs; William S., the subject of this biography; Jeanette, who married Smith Fulkerson; Robert D., whose sketch appears elsewhere in this volume; Alexander S.; and two, who died in infancy.

William S. was reared and educated in Union township, and at the age of twenty-one learned the carpenter's trade. In 1862 he enlisted in Co. A, 55th Reg. Pa. Vol. Inf., and after serving three months as corporal re-enlisted in the spring of 1864 in the 5th Pa. Art., and served then until the close of the war. On his return home, he resumed his carpenter work, and has followed contracting and building some thirty years. In 1870 he built on three acres of the old homestead a house, which is the best house, inside and out, on the Youngstown road, or, for that matter in the township; it stands as a monument of his successful life, and of the excellent work that he has done in all parts of Union township and beyond its borders.

His first wife, who was a Miss Margaret Stevens (should be Stevenson), died in 1892, aged fifty-eight years, leaving two children—David Clarkson, a carpenter of New Castle, who married Maggie Winters; and James R. A., a conductor on the street railway. He was a second time joined in the bonds of matrimony to Mary Hawkins, daughter of Martin L. Hawkins, and this union resulted in the birth of twin boys: Ralph A. Stewart, and Russell J. Hancock, both of whom are exactly like in features and in build. Mr. Pattison is a Republican in politics, the principles of which party he earnestly advocates and supports. He is a member of the Presbyterian Church, and active and liberal in its support. He is a member of the G. A. R.

1850 Neshannock, Lawrence, Pennsylvania; Roll: M432_790; Page: 218; Image: 432, h/h 539/539 Pattisson, David 47 Scot farmer Jane 47 Scot David 18 PA Mary 16 PA William 14 PA Jane 13 PA Robert 13 PA Alexander 10 PA

1860 Union Twp, Lawrence Co, PA PO New Castle, 5 June 1860 Series M653 Roll 1127 p489 h/h 52/50 Patteson, David 50 Scot farmer Jane 50 Scot William 22 PA carpenter Ginett 20 PA Robert 18 PA farm laborer Alex 16 Shoe maker

1870 Union Twp, Lawrence Co, PA PO Mt. Jackson, 29 June 1870, Series M593 Roll 1360 p314 h/h 274/274 Patterson, David 65 gardner SCOT Jane 66 SCOT William 36 PA carpenter Margaret S 36 PA Robert 28 farmer PA Maggie 25 PA Thomas 2 PA Della 5/12 PA Jan Boggs, Mary 34 PA James 10 PA Eliza 7 PA Maggie 5 PA William 8/12 PA Nov

1880 Union Twp, Lawrence Co, PA Federal Census, 24 June 1880, Roll: T9_1145; Family History Film: 1255145; Page: 315.1000; Enumeration District: 227; Image: 0060, h/h282/284 Pattison, William S 45 PA-Scot-Scot carpenter Margaret R 45 OH-OH-OH David C 8 PA-PA-OH James R 6 PA-PA-OH Stevenson, Jane 43 sis-in-law OH-OH-OH widow

1890 CW Veterans Schedule, Union Twp, Lawrence Co, PA, p670 William S. Pattison Corporal Co A 55th PA, Union Twp, Lawrence Co, PA

1900 Union Twp, Lawrence Co, PA Federal Census, Roll: T623 1427; Page: 17B; Enumeration District: 123. 18 June 1900, h/h242/257 Pattison, William 64 Dec 1835 (64) m6Y 2/2 ch PA-Scot-Scot carpenter Mary J 37 Nov 1862 (37) PA-PA-PA Ralph 4 Oct 1895 (4) PA-PA-PA Russell 4 Oct 1895 (4) PA-PA-PA

1910 Union Twp, Lawrence Co, PA Federal Census, Roll: T624_1362; Page: 1A; Enumeration District: 153; Image: 237. 15 Apr 1910, Youngstown Rd, h/h 9/10 Pattison, William 75 PA-Scot-Scot mar 2x mar 15Y 2/2 ch carpenter, housing building Mary J 47 PA-PA-IL Ralph AS 14 PA-PA-PA Russell JH 14 PA-PA-PA

New Castle News, New Castle, Lawrence Co, PA, 1 Feb 1915

A pleasant event of last evening was the surprise party held in honor of William Pattison at his home on the Youngstown Road. Mr. Pattison has reached his 80th year and as it is difficult for him to get to out Men’s Bible Class of the Reformed Presbyterian Church paid him a surprise visit last evening. Fifteen members made up the party and a very enjoyable time was had by all the guests. The committee in charge of the party was composed of the Messrs. EA Crooks, pastor of the church, Bert Pattison and Frank Stoner. An interesting feature of the evening was a talk given by Rev RA Blair of Rosepoint. A delicious luncheon was served at a late hour by Mrs. William Pattison, assisted by Mrs. Bert Pattison, Mrs. Thomas Pattison, Mrs. John Pattison, and Mrs. Sibbet Wilson. White carnations prettily intermingled with maiden hair ferns were used in decoration.

New Castle News, New Castle, Lawrence Co, PA, 2 Sept 1915

Pattison Reunion

The 8th annual reunion of the Pattison family was held Wednesday, 1 Sept at the home of Mrs. WW Pattison, Seven Oaks Farms on the Youngstown Line with 125 in attendance. A bountiful dinner was served at noon, after which officers were elected as follows: President - WS Pattison VP - JW Pattison of New Castle Sec - Miss Margaret Pattison Treas - TA Pattison Arrangements committee for next year - Mary Pattison, William Pattison, and Mrs. JW Scott The afternoon was spent in a delightful manner, various pastimes being enjoyed, and supper was served at 6 PM. The next reuinion will be held at the same place on the 4th Wednesday in Aug 1916. Out of town guests attending were M/M WH Pattison of Mars, M/M EL Bush and M/M Gilbert Pattison of Meadville, M/M JW Scott and M/M George J Lauers of Prospect, David Love of Wash DC, Mrs WJ Love of Texas, Miss Sarah Love of Pittsburgh, Miss Elizabeth Richards and Miss Eleanor Yarlett of Braddock and Mrs. Catherine Berger of Pittsburgh.

New Castle News, New Castle, Lawrence Co, PA, 21 July 1919, p3

Birthday Party in Pattison Home

On Saturday evening a number of relatives and friends of M/M RH Pattison of Brooklyn Avenue motored to their home from the country in celebration of the birthday of Mr. Pattison. They arrived at the Pattison home about 8 PM and a most enjoyable evening was spent in social pursuits, games, and music. In serving delicious refreshments Mrs. Pattison was assisted by Misses Mary Pattison and Helen White and Mrs. JD Pattison. Near the close of the evening the honor guest was presented with a handsome gift. The presentation speech was made by William Pattison aged 82Y an uncle of the guest of honor. Those in attendance were: William Pattison, Mrs. DC Pattison, M/M John Pattison and 3 children, M/M Clark Pattison, M/M WH Pattison, Miss Mary Pattison, M/M FL Pattison and son Harry, M/M J Hawkins and daughter Ellen, M/M Harry White and daughter Helen, M/M Edward Jones and son Charles of Pittsburgh.

1920 Union Twp Precinct 2, Lawrence Co, PA Federal Census, 8 Jan 1920, Roll: T625_1586; Page: 6A; Enumeration District: 122; Image: 1097, State St, h/h 111/112, Pattison, William S 85 PA-Scot-Scot, no occupation, owns home Mary J 57 PA-PA-IL Ralph A 24 PA-PA-PA apprentice machinist in steel mill

New Castle News, New Castle, Lawrence Co, PA, 13 Dec 1921

Informal Dinner Party Honors 87th Birthday

To celebrate the 87th birthday of WS Pattison an informal dinner party was given at his home on the Youngstown Road. An elaborate menu was served at 6 PM and covers were laid for 50 guests, friends, and neighbors of the honor guest. Flowers formed the centerpiece. The aides in serving were Mrs. JF Hawkins, Mrs. Clark Pattison, Miss Mary Pattison, Miss Ellen Hawkins, and Miss Eleanor Lowery. among the out of town guests were M/M Scott McClelland of Greeley, CO and Mrs. Rebecca Jones, Mrs. Fred Jones and Mrs. Alfred all of Pittsburgh. the evening hours were spent informally with music as the chief for of diversion.

New Castle News, New Castle, Lawrence Co, PA, 12 Dec 1924

Celebrate 90th Birthday in Home of Wm S. Pattison

William S. Pattison of the Youngstown Road, a life long resident of Union Township and a Civil War veteran celebrated his 90th birthday on Wednesday, Dec 10 at his home. Congratulations were extended by many friends throughout the day and at 6:30 the hostess, Mrs. William S. Pattison served a delicious chicken dinner. The four sons of Mr. Pattison, Clark, Renwick, Ralph, and Russell, his oldest grandson, William, and a brother-in-law JS Waukins were among those present. The evening was spent informally.

New Castle News, New Castle, Lawrence Co, PA, 15 Jan 1925 (Thursday)

William S. Pattison died today about 1 o’clock at his home on the Youngstown Road. Further notice of his death will be given later.

New Castle News, New Castle, Lawrence Co, PA, 16 Jan 1925. p1

William S. Pattison Passes Away After Long Life in this County

William S. Pattison, aged 91Y, one of the oldest and best known men of this city and veteran of the Civil War passed away at his home, West State St, Thursday, Jan 15 at 1:30. Mr. Pattison’s death was due to pneumonia which he contracted 5 days ago.

He was born in New Castle Dec 10, 1834, a son of David and Jean Stewart Pattison. He worked for many years at his trade as a carpenter before he retired from active work. Mr. Pattison enlisted with the Union Army during the Civil War in this city with Co A 5th PA Volunteer Heavy Artillery. He also served in the 55th Infantry. He was a member of the Reformed Presbyterian Church. His widow and the following children survive: Clark, JRA, Ralph A, and Russell J. Pattison. He also leaves 7 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. Funeral services will be conducted Saturday, Jan 17 at 3 PM from the residence. Burial will be made in Graceland Cemetery.

New Castle News, New Castle, Lawrence Co, PA, 19 Jan 1925. p2

WS Pattison’s Funeral

The funeral services of the late William S. Pattison were held Saturday afternoon at 3 PM at the family residence on the Youngstown Road. The services were in charge of Rev EA Crooks who was assisted by Rev James Martin of Beaver Falls and Rev SB Copeland. The pallbearers were relatives of the deceased. Interment was made at Graceland Cemetery.

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