Person:William Pabodie (1)

William Pabodie
b.est 1620
m. 1608
  1. Thomas Pabodieabt 1612 -
  2. Clement Pabodie1618 -
  3. Annis Peabodyest 1619 - Bef 1688
  4. William Pabodieest 1620 - 1707
  5. Edward Pabodie1626 -
m. 26 Dec 1644
  1. John Pabodie1645 - 1669
  2. Elizabeth Pabodie1647 - Between 1677
  3. Mary Pabodie1648 - 1728
  4. Mercy Pabodie1649/50 - Bef 1728
  5. Martha Pabodie1650 - 1712
  6. Priscilla Pabodie1652 - 1653
  7. Priscilla Pabodie1653/54 - 1724
  8. Sarah Pabodie1656 - 1740
  9. Ruth Pabodie1658 - bet 1724
  10. Rebecca Pabodie1660 - 1702
  11. Hannah Pabodie1662 - 1723
  12. William Pabodie1664 - 1744
  13. Lydia Pabodie1667 - 1748
Facts and Events
Name William Pabodie
Alt Name[1] William Paybody
Alt Name[1] William Peabody
Alt Name William Peaebodie
Alt Name[1] William Pebodie
Gender Male
Birth[6] est 1620
Marriage 26 Dec 1644 Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United Statesto Elizabeth Alden
Other? 05 Jun 1651 Admitted Freeman, Plymouth Colony Other-Begin
Reference Number? Q41973942?
Will[4] 13 May 1707 Little Compton, Newport, Rhode Island, United States
Death[6] 13 Dec 1707 Little Compton, Newport, Rhode Island, United States
Occupation? Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United Statesmany years the town clerk
Probate[4] 27 Feb 1708 Little Compton, Newport, Rhode Island, United States
Burial[2] Old Commons Burial Ground, Little Compton, Newport, Rhode Island, United States

William Pabodie was the town clerk of Duxbury after Alexander Standish. In Duxbury he lived near the Brewsters and Standishes, east of Eagle-nest Creek. William and Elizabeth removed to Little Compton but the exact date is not known. He was in Duxbury in June 1684 and a selectman in Little Compton in 1685-6. He may have built his house in Little Compton before actually leaving Duxbury.

His will was dated 13 May 1707 and proved 27 Feb. 1708. Executors were his wife Elizabeth and son William.

As town clerk, William entered on the town records his own marriage and the births of his children.

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    PEABODY, PAYBODY or PABODIE, WILLIAM, Duxbury, perhaps br[other]. of Francis, m[arried]. 26 Dec. 1644, Elizabeth eldest d. of John Alden, who d[ied]. at Little Compton, 31 May 1717, aged 93, and he d[ied]. 13 Dec. 1707 in his 88th y[ea]r. of their ch[ildren]. we have less exact report than is desir[ed]. Bradford says there were five in 1650. His s[on]. John, nam[ed]. in the will of his uncle John, was k[illed]. by casualty 1669, but he must have had other s[ons]. Elizabeth his d[aughter]. m[arried]. Nov. 1666, John Rogers of Duxbury. Of his d[aughter]s. Hannah m[arried]. Samuel Bartlett; Martha m[arried]. Samuel Seabury; and Priscilla m[arried]. The rev. patriot Ichabod Wiswall, who was indignant at Increase Mather's abolition of the independ[ence]. of Plymouth Col[ony]. He had been rep[resentative]. 1659, most of the y[ea]rs. to 1678.

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    "2. Elizabeth Alden (John) was born in 1624/1625 in Plymouth, Plymouth Co., MA. She died on 31 May 1717 in Little Compton, Newport Co., RI. She was buried in Old Commons Cemetery, Little Compton, Newport Co., RI.

    Elizabeth married William Pabodie on 26 Dec 1644 in Duxbury, Plymouth Co., MA. William was born about 1620 in probably England. He died on 13 Dec 1707 in Little Compton, Newport Co., RI. He was buried in Old Commons Cemetery, Little Compton, Newport Co., RI."

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    On 7 Jun 1648, member of Grand Jury.

    On 4 Jun 1650, receiver of the excise

    On 5 Jun 1651, freeman.

    From 1654 to 1663, then from 1670 to 1682, Deputy

    On 6 Mar 1655, he was on a jury that found John Walter guilty of manslaughter "by chance of medley".

    On 3 Jun 1657, he was on a committee to consider what way to take for the accommodation of our honored Governor and magistrates.

    On 1 May 1660, he and another were to lay out a highway, "so as it may be the least prejudicial to any," it having been recently stopped up by Henry Howland.

    On 10 June 1662, he and two others were appointed to lay out 230 acres for Captain Standish.

    On 3 October 1665, he and another were to attend to rebuilding bridge over Jones River.

    On 27 Jul7 1667, he was granted "the remainder of that land he paid for, being a parcel of poor silly barren land."

    In 1668, 1672 through 1675, 1680 and 1684 he was a Selectman.

    On 1 July 1672 he received lands for ten years to satisfy a debt of 7 pounds from William and Moses Numaker.

    On 3 June 1673 he was on a Coroner's jury.

    On 7 July 1667, he was appointed on a committee to hear complaints and demands of persons to whom the colony was indebted, relating to late war with the natives.

    On 7 Jan 1680, he and two others wer to bound out Tatamanuckes 100 acres at Saconnett.

    On 7 July 1681, he was on a committee to proportion rates for taxes.

    On 23 October 1681, he and two others were chosen to run the line betwixt the lands of Saconnett and Punckateeset, to Dartmouth bounds, &c.

    In 1685-86, selectman for Little Compton.

    On 3 March 1686, he and his partners bought lands at Saconnet Neck, for 75 pounds, of Awashunk, Squaw Sachem.

    On 13 May 1707, will - proved 27 Feb 1708. Exx. wife Elizabeth and son William. To wife, east end of house at Little Compton and part of the land given formerly to son William, all to be hers while widow; and also to her all household stuff, cattle, bills due and money; but if wife choose to claim her thirds of my land and house at Duxbury (which I sold Samuel Bartlett), and make use of them, then my son William to have the whole of housing and lands at Little Compton, and to pay Samuel Bartlett 50 shillings, per year during time his mother makes use of her thirds at Duxbury. To son William, after death of his mother, the part of house and land bequeathed her for life. To son William, other land and all my books, tools, &c. To three grandsons, viz: Stephen Southworth, son of daughter Rebecca, deceased, and John and William Pabodie, sons of son William, land at Westquadnaug (west of Providence), part purchased by son-in-law William Fobes of Shubael Painter, and assigned by William Fobes to my son-in-law Ichabod Wiswall. He mentions also son-in-law Edward Southward. To daughters Sarah, Hannah and Lydia, each 1 shilling and to heirs of daughters Elizabeth and Rebecca, 1 shilling. To daughter Lydia Grinnell, a set of green curtains, she having already received part.

    Inventory, 407 pounds, 14 shillings, viz: 70 acres 315 pounds; dwelling house and half a barn 30 pounds; mare and colt, a cow and calf, sundry books 6 pounds; 2 feather beds, warming pan, churn, cash 9 pounds, 10 shillings, &c.

    On 17 Jun 1717, the "Boston News Letter" of this date thus notes his widow's death. "Little Compton, 31 May. This morning died here Mrs. Elizabeth Paybody late wife of Mr. William Paybody in the 93rd year of her age. She was daughter of John Alden, Esq. and Priscilla his wife, daughter of Mr. William Mullins. This John Alden and Priscilla Mullins were married at Plymouth in New England, where their daughter Elizabeth was born. She was exemplary, virtuous and pious, and her memory is blessed. Her granddaughter Bradford is a brandmother." He and his wife were buried in the Little Compton Cemetery.

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    PEABODIE William, [born] 1619, died Dec. 13, 1707