Person:William Merriam (4)

William Merriam
d.Abt 23 Nov 1635 Hadlow, Kent, England
  1. William Merriam1581 -
  2. Joane Merriam1583 -
  3. Margaret Merriam1585 - Aft 1635
  4. Sarah MerriamAbt 1590 - 1682
  5. Susan MerriamAbt 1594 - Aft 1635
  6. Unknown MerriamAbt 1598 - Bef 1635
  7. Joseph MerriamAbt 1600 - 1640/41
  8. George MerriamEst 1603 - 1675
  9. Frances MerriamAbt 1603 - Bef 1681
  10. Susan MirriamAbt 1605 -
  11. Margaret MirriamAbt 1607 -
  12. Miss MerriamAbt 1612 -
  13. Deacon Robert MerriamCal 1613 - 1681/82
  14. _____ MirriamAbt 1616 - Bef 1635
Facts and Events
Name William Merriam
Gender Male
Birth? 11 May 1564 Of Tudeley, Kent, England
Christening? 11 May 1564 , , England
Marriage , , Englandto Sarah Burges
Will? 8 Sep 1635 Rochester, Kent, Englandproven 27 Nov 1635
Burial? 23 Sep 1635 Hadlowe, Kent, Eng
Death? Abt 23 Nov 1635 Hadlow, Kent, England

From Historic Homes and Institutions... by Ellery Bicknell Crane, Volume 4, p 19 (not citing sources):

MERRIAM FAMILY. William Merriam of Hadlow, county Kent, England, was the progenitor of Lyman Wheeler Merriam, of Fitchburg, Massachusetts. He never came to America, but at least three of his sons were pioneers in New England; he was buried in Hadlow, September 23, 1635. His sons were:
  1. Robert, settled in Concord, was town clerk, deputy to the general court, died 1681;
  2. George, settled in Concord, was admitted a freeman June 2, 1641; died December 29, 1675;
  3. Joseph, see [his page].

Last Will & Testament

from "Genealogical Gleanings in England," NEHGR 50:506-7 (1896)

William Mirriam of Hadlowe, Kent, clothier, 8 September 1635, proved 27 November 1635. To the poor of Hadlowe ten shillings. To my daughter Susan, already preferred, fifty shillings. The like sum to daughter Margaret, likewise preferred. To daughter Joane, already preferred, one shilling. To my daughter Sara forty pounds within three months next after my decease. To wife Sara all the household stuff of mine which is in my now dwelling house situate at Barnestreet in Hadlowe and the five pounds per annum which is to be paid out of my lands in Goodherst, Kent, during her natural life. I give her also three pounds per annum to be paid to her during her natural life out of my tenements and lands in Yalding, Kent. And she shall have her dwelling and abiding in my dwelling house aforesaid after my decease during the whole term of her natural life, with free access, ingress, egress and recourse to and from the same and into and from the gardens and orchards for herbs, water and for her brewing, baking, washing, drying and the like needful occasions.

To my son Joseph Myrriam all such household stuff as I shall have at the time of my decease remaining and being in the house wherein he now dwelleth situate in Tewdly, or elsewhere where he shall then dwell, being in his custody or possession.

To George Mirriam my son five pounds and to his daughter Mary, my god daughter, five shillings. To William Howe, my grandchild, ten shillings and to every child of his father Thomas Howe which had had by my daughter, his late deceased wife, I will five shillings.

To William Mirriam my grandchild, son of the said Joseph my son, five shillings.

As touching my lands and tenements I will to Joseph Mirriam my son &c. all my lands and tenements in Yalding charged with the before mentioned annuity of three pounds. To Robert my son the messuage wherein I now dwell, in Hadlowe with the barns, outhouses, yards, gardens, orchards and all my lands thereto belonging, and all other my lands, tenements &c in Hadlowe. And I give him all my goods and chattels not formerly bequeathed. And I make him sole executor.

Proved by Christopher Crisp, Notary Public, attorney for Robert Mirriam, son and exectuor.

Rochester Wills, Vol. xxii. (1631-1644), fol. 165.