Person:William Mayo (28)

  1. William Mayo1654 - Bef 1715
  • HWilliam Mayo1654 - Bef 1715
  • WIsabel Allen1656 - 1759
  1. William MayoAbt 1682 - 1759
  2. James MayoAbt 1684 - Aft 1713
  3. John MayoAbt 1687 -
  4. Peter MayoAbt 1690 -
  5. Margaret MayoAbt 1692 -
  6. Patience MayoAbt 1694 -
  7. Mary MayoAbt 1696 -
Facts and Events
Name William Mayo
Gender Male
Birth? 5 Jun 1654 Isle of Wight, Virginia, United Statessource = OLT, needs verification
Marriage to Isabel Allen
Other[1] 7 Oct 1675 Isle of Wight, Virginia, United Statesnamed in Will of John Hardy, stepfather of wife Isabella
Other[1][2] 11 May 1681 Isle of Wight, Virginia, United Statesreceived POA from Alice Hardy, mother in law
Will? 14 Jul 1713 Isle of Wight, Virginia, United States
Death? Bef 25 Apr 1715 Isle of Wight, Virginia, United StatesLower Parish
Probate? 25 Apr 1715 Isle of Wight, Virginia, United States

1713 Will of William Mayo

1713: Date: Jul 14, 1713
Location: Isle Of Wight., VA
Record ID: 21399
Prove Date: Apr 25, 1715
Book Page: 2-590 [what book is this?]

William Mayo Will, Lower Parish of Isle of Wight, Virginia: July 14, 1713

I Bequest my soul unto the hands of God, praying for redemption of all my sins, and my body to be buried in a Christian manner.
- I give and bequeath to my son, William Mayo, all my land lying on the east side of Nottoway Swamp. And for want of heirs of his body, to my son, James Mayo, to the next person in law.
- I give unto my son, James Mayo, one neck of land that is called the broad neck, near Cabbin Swamp, thence to Nottoway Swamp. For want of heirs to his body to John Mayo.
- I give and bequeath to my loving wife, Isabel, that Plantation I now dwell, to her during her life.
- I give to my youngest daughter, Mary Mayo, my manor Plantation after her mother deceases forever.
- I give to my son, Peter Mayo, all my land from Dumpling Island Branch to Brigman Joyner's line, to him and his heirs forever.
- I give and bequeath the 360 acres on Kingsail and Beaver Dam Swamp, to my son, John, and my daughter, Margaret, to be equally divided to them and their heirs forever.
- I give to my son, William Mayo, eight head of cattle and two steers of three years old and one Iron pot and five hundred pounds of tobacco.
- I give to my son, John, one young horse going on three years and the bed that I lie on and a gun.
- I give to my son, James, one horse going on three years and a silver tankard and a gun.
- I give to my son, Peter, one young horse going on two years old.
- As for the rest of my worldly estate, after my lawful debts and funeral charges paid, I bequeath, to be equally divided between my loving wife, Isabel, and my six Children as follows: James Mayo, John Mayo, Peter Mayo, Margaret Mayo, Patience Mayo, and Mary Mayo.
- I do ordain and constitute my loving wife, Isabel Mayo, and my Brother Brigman Joyner, as Sole Executors.
- I give to James, one iron pot holding about three or four gallons. And my razor and hone, I give to my son William.
Signed, William Mayo

Witnessed by: Joseph Joyner and Joshua Joyner and William Pgo, at a court held for Isle of Wight County, Virginia in April 1715. The last Will and Testament of William Mayo was presented by Isabel Mayo, his widow, who took oath as executor. Signed, G. C. Lightfoot, Clerk

William Mayo, inventory, presented by Isabel Mayo, July 5m 1715. [Record ID: 21405]

Prove Date: July 25, 1715 Book Page: 2-600 Remarks: William Mayo. Appraisal by Robert Lawrence, Richard Wooten, James Tullaugh. Signed Isabel Mayo and Bridgeman Joyner.

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    Know all men by these presents that I ALICE HARDY of the Isle of Wight County, Spinster / doe constitute Ordain in my place & stead & for my use my welbeloved Sonn in Law / Wm MAY(O) my lawfull Attorney to ask demand receive & recover or seize att / such debts of Tob or any other effects shall be made appear due unto me From / any person or persons w’soever & upon not payment made to sue arrest implead cast / into prison & upon payment made to release discharge & give discharges in as / Full & ample manner as if I my selfe were present, as alsoe impowering my sd / Attorney to arrest implead any Tennant that hath Leased any Land of mine / that shall make any breach of any article imposed upon ye to performe in / their sd Lease, rattifieing & alloweing my sd Attorney in what he shall / act or doe in ye p’mises aforesd to be lawfull & right as if I my selfe were / present As witness my hand & Seal this 11th of May 1681

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    Test JOHN PITT, Cl Cur