Person:John Mayo (38)

John Mayo
  1. William MayoAbt 1682 - 1759
  2. James MayoAbt 1684 - Aft 1713
  3. John MayoAbt 1687 -
  4. Peter MayoAbt 1690 -
  5. Margaret MayoAbt 1692 -
  6. Patience MayoAbt 1694 -
  7. Mary MayoAbt 1696 -
  • HJohn MayoAbt 1687 -
  • W.  Mary (add)
m. Abt 1720
  1. John Mayo, Jr.Abt 1720 - Abt 1786
  2. Benjamin MayoAbt 1724 -
  3. James MayoAbt 1728 -
  4. Thomas MayoAbt 1728 -
Facts and Events
Name John Mayo
Gender Male
Birth? Abt 1687 Isle of Wight, Virginia, United States
Marriage Abt 1720 Isle of Wight, Virginia, United Statesto Mary (add)

Land Records to Acquire & Sort Out

[per this website the Source of the record info below is The Mayos of Yesteryear and Today (1991) by Nella Dean Mayo Ogle and Elnora Brown Lawson.]

  • 1732 - John & Mary Mayo Sr. were living in North Carolina in 1732 when he witnessed the will of ANNE LEIGH. The Ann Leigh property seemed to be located at what is known, even now, as Lee Creek, the site of Texas Gulf Phosphate Operation.
  • 1741 - In 1741, John purchased land on Campbell Creek from JAMES CAMPEN et al.
  • 1742 - The 1742 records show ten people living in the house, some of which may have been slaves.
  • 1745 - In 1745, the North Carolina State records show that John Mayo was granted one hundred acres of land by head rights. Land was granted by the number of people having settled on the land, hence, the term head rights. When he applied for the land in 1741 he had six in the household, four whites and two blacks. But, at the time the land was granted, he only had two in the household. Hence, one hundred acres, fifty acres for each permanent settler in the household was granted.
  • 1747 - John Sr. and John Jr. witnessed a land transfer between John Tindall and Thomas Osteen on 4 May 1747. On 24 July 1847, John Mayo Sr. witnessed a deed in Bertie Co., NC in which George Walston of Beaufort Co., NC sold 400 acres to Phillip Walston Sr. for two hundred pounds, at the fork of Bear Swamp on Walston Creek. Witnesses other than John Mayo, were Sarah Walston and John Hardy. This deed was recorded during August court term, 1747.
  • 1750 - In 1750, on July 11, John Mayo, Sr., planter, sold to William Wilkinson, for one hundred pounds, a part of a tract of land situated in Beaufort County, North Carolina, containing one hundred acres, located on the Easternmost side of a branch of Goose Creek. The same land taken up and surveyed by John Mayo, (45). This particular entry contains three very significant findings. First, this is the only place where reference is made as to occupation. He was a planter. Secondly, he was a surveyor, because he had surveyed his own land. Thirdly, is that the paper was an actual deed not just a notation in North Carolina State records. Thus it contained his mark. The witnesses were John Mayo, Jr. and Charles Prangle. The deed was proven in court by John Mayo, Jr., with no date of proof. This deed was the last reference to John Mayo, Sr. He probably died between 1750 and 1755, when Mary was listed alone on the tax list.
  • 1754 - John received a headright grant for 100 acres in 1754 according North Carolina State Records. He had six people in the household in 1741 when he applied for the land.
  • 1755 - In 1755, in Beaufort County, North Carolina, there are three John Mayo’s listed. (62) William Mayo, Jr. had a son names John Mayo, Pitt County, which was formed in 1759. Until then, that area was Beaufort County. One of the John Mayo’s listed could have been a son of William. The other two were probably John Mayo, Sr. and John Mayo, Jr. of the Campbell Creek Area.
  • 1759 - On August 31, 1759, John Mayo of Beaufort County, North Carolina, sold land in the Isle of Wight County, Virginia. (46) It is not known if this was John Mayo, Sr. or Jr. but, usually, when the Sr. died, the Jr. no longer used Jr. behind his name. The land that was sold in 1759 was the same land that William Mayo, Sr. left to son, John Mayo ["I give and bequeath the 360 acres on Kingsail and Beaver Dam Swamp, to my son, John, and my daughter, Margaret, to be equally divided to them and their heirs forever."]. It was one hundred acres on the west side of Kingsail Swamp and Beaver Dam. James Fowler, of South Hampton County, Virginia purchased the land for ten pounds. Witnesses were: James Jordan Scott, John Brantley, Richard Beal and John Beal It was recorded April 3, 1760. It appears that this was John Mayo, Jr., who after the death of his father, went back to Virginia and sold the land in order to settle his father's estate. No will, Power of Attorney, or other legal papers were found for John Mayo, Jr., either in Isle of Wight or Beaufort County records.
  • 1760 - In 1760, John Mayo, Jr. witnessed a will of James Campen.
  • 1764 - The 1764 tax list, of Beaufort County, lists only one John Mayo, William Mayo's son, John would have been listed in Pitt County by then and John Mayo, Sr. probably deceases.
  • 1768 - In November, 1768, John Mayo applied for and was exempted from, paying tax. He was not well or over sixty years of age.
  • 1777 - In 1777, John Mayo sold land to Solomon Mayo.
  • 1782 - In 1782, John Mayo witnessed a will of John Leigh of Beaufort County, North Carolina

John Mayo, Jr., died after 1782 and before 1790. No will was found for John Mayo, Jr. John Mayo, Jr. had sons named Solomon Mayo and Henry Mayo.

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