Person:William King (14)

William King
b.ABT 1595 England
m. 1594
  1. William KingABT 1595 - abt 1649/50
  • HWilliam KingABT 1595 - abt 1649/50
  • WDorothy HayneAbt 1601 - Aft 1684
m. 17 Feb 1615/16
  1. Mary Kingabt 1623/24 -
  2. Catherine KingAbt 1625/26 - 1692
  3. William King1627 - Bef 1684
  4. Hannah King1629 - 1686/87
  5. Samuel King1633 - 1721
  6. Mehitable King1636 -
  7. John King1638 - 1662
  8. Deliverance King1641 - 1688/89
Facts and Events
Name William King
Alt Name William Kinge
Gender Male
Birth[1] ABT 1595 England
Marriage 17 Feb 1615/16 Sherborne, Dorset, EnglandAbbey Church of St. Mary
to Dorothy Hayne
Immigration[1][2] 1635 Marygould
Death[1] abt 1649/50 Salem, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Alt Death? 1650 Southold, Suffolk, New York

On 20 November 1637, "Goodman King" was one of five Salem men who were disarmed as a supporter of Rev. John Wheelwright and Mrs. Anne Hutchinson [MBCR 1:212].


On 3 February 1650/1, "William Kinge dying intestate, his widow Dorothie Kinge and his eldest son William (to whom is given £14 for two oxen to teach his brothers his father's trade) were ordered to dipose of the estate, which amounted to £112 10s., as follows: To William Kinge, eldest son, double portion, £20; Samuell, second son, aged eighteen years, £10; John, third son, aged thirteen, £10; Mary, his daughter, wife of John Scudd[e]r, £5; Katherine, wife of John Swaysy, his second daughter, £5; Hannah, his third daughter, £10; Mehitabell, his fourth daughter, aged fifteen, £10; and Deliverance, his fifth daughter, aged nine, £10. John is to serve his brother William seven years and to have £16 at the end of his time; Sam[uel] to serve him three years and to have £12; and William to allow his mother, Dorothie King, two shillings per week for her son John's service, beginning 1:1:1653. The two younger daughters, Mehitabell and Deliverance, are to remain with their mother. Mr. Battar and Sergeant Palfree to divide the estate" [EPR 1:117-18; EQC 1:206].

See also: Gen and Fam Hist of Central New York, Vol 3 pg 1157  ?

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    BIRTH: About 1595 (aged 40 on 20 March 1634/5 [Hotten 285]). Origins unknown.
    DEATH: Soon after 26 June 1649 [EQC 1:169; ELR 13:297]. Dorothy removed to Southould ater his death.

  2. 1635 on the Marygould (on 20 March 1634/5, "William Kinge," aged 40, "Dorothy his wife," aged 34, "Mary Kinge his daughter," aged 12, "Katheryn his daughter," aged 10, "Will[ia]m Kinge his son," aged 8, and "Hanna King, his daughter," aged 6, were enrolled at Weymouth as passengers for New England on the Marygould [Hotten 285; GMN 7:9]. (Samuel King, son of this couple, was born in England and should have been included in this passenger list. The next line in this list, as printed, following the entry for Hannah King, is incomplete, and is simply "Somm'." This has been taken to be an abbreviation for Somerset, the residence of most of the passengers on this vessel. But this may in fact be the beginning of the entry for Samuel King, for some reason not completed.)

Marygould (1635)
This ship carried the "Hull Company", a group of settlers traveling with Rev. Joseph Hull, who settled in Weymouth after reaching New England. Some references to this ship consider it unnamed, but more recent Great Migration profiles say those who enrolled at Weymouth on 20 Mar 1634/5 sailed on the Marygould.
Sailed: aft 20 Mar 1634/5 from Weymouth, England
Arrived: 3 May 1635 at Massachusetts Bay Colony

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