Person:Thomas Holbrook (3)

m. 1586
  1. Joane HolbrookAbt 1587 -
  2. Thomas HolbrookAbt 1589 - Bef 1676/77
  3. Elizabeth HolbrookAbt 1590 -
  4. Rebecca Holbrook1597 - 1688
  5. John Holbrook1598 -
  6. William Holbrook1600 - 1699
  7. Bazell Holbrook1603 - Aft 1625
  • HThomas HolbrookAbt 1589 - Bef 1676/77
  • WJane PowyesCal 1600 - Bef 1677
m. 12 Sep 1616
  1. John Holbrook1618 - 1699
  2. Captain William Holbrook1620 - 1699
  3. Thomas HolbrookAbt 1624 - 1697
  4. Anne HolbrookAbt 1629 - Bef 1690
  5. Elizabeth Holbrook1630 - 1674
  6. Jane HolbrookEst 1637 - 1679
Facts and Events
Name[1] Thomas Holbrook
Gender Male
Birth[3] Abt 1589 Glastonbury, Somerset, England
Marriage 12 Sep 1616 Glastonbury, Somerset, EnglandSt. John's
to Jane Powyes
Will[4] 31 Dec 1668 Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States
Death[2][4] Bef 10 Mar 1676/77 Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United StatesDate will proved

Lived at Broadway, Somerset, England. Left Weymouth, England Mar. 30, 1635 at age 34 in the 'Marygold' with wife and oldest five children, arriving at Dorchester on Jun. 7, 1635 and settling at Weymouth the same month.[6] The passenger list indicates "Thomas Holbrooke of Broudway," aged 34, "Jane Holbrooke his wife," aged 34, "John Holbrooke his son," aged 11, "Thomas Holbrooke his son," aged 10, "Anne Holbrooke his daughter," aged 5, and "Elizabeth his daughter," aged 1, were enrolled at Weymouth, Dorsetshire, as a passenger for New England on the Marygould.[7]

Served on the committee to lay out the highway between Weymouth and Dorchester in 1649. There is no parcel accorded to him in the land inventory in 1643, but he is listed as a previous owner or abutter in several parcels. He was granted Weymouth lands in 1652 and 1663.[8] A selectman at Weymouth six times (1641-1654), and a grantee of Rehoboth, MA, although he forfeited the grant and remained at Weymouth.[9] Ten acres were granted to him in the First Division and thirty acres in the Second Division 14 Dec 1663. A deposition made in Nov. 1666 gives Thomas' age as 77 years (11 years off of his age of “34” in the 1635 passenger list). [10]

In compiling records for the Great Migration project, the editors discovered there were in fact two Thomas Holbrooks settled in Dorchester. This one was in Weymouth consistantly, while another one purchased land in Dorchester in 1649, sold it in 1652 (transactions attributed to this Thomas by Pope), bought other land “about three miles from Naticke” in 1652, and is linked in deeds in 1656, 1668 and 1672 as being of Medfield and then Sherborn by 1682. [11]

He died at Weymouth, MA about March 1677, leaving a will dated December 31, 1668 in which he mentions wife Jane, sons John, William and Thomas and daughters Anne Reynolds, Elizabeth Hutch and Jane Drake, and grandchildren John, Peter and William Holbrook. The will was confirmed December 2 1, 1673 and proved April 4, 1677, and the inventory was dated March 10,1677.

Great Migration notes: In 1992 The Mary & John Clearing House published many English records on the Holbrook family, but the section on the immigrant has many errors and should not be relied on. See M&JCH 17:85-90.

Ancestor of Pres. Garfield, Taft and Bush.

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Marygould (1635)
This ship carried the "Hull Company", a group of settlers traveling with Rev. Joseph Hull, who settled in Weymouth after reaching New England. Some references to this ship consider it unnamed, but more recent Great Migration profiles say those who enrolled at Weymouth on 20 Mar 1634/5 sailed on the Marygould.
Sailed: aft 20 Mar 1634/5 from Weymouth, England
Arrived: 3 May 1635 at Massachusetts Bay Colony

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