Person:William Holton (2)

Deacon William Holton
m. 1598
  1. Constance Holton1598 -
  2. John Holton1601 - 1601
  3. Ellen Holton1604 -
  4. John Holton1605 -
  5. Ann Holton1608 -
  6. Deacon William Holton1610 - 1691
  • HDeacon William Holton1610 - 1691
  • WMary UnknownBef 1617 - 1691
m. Bef 1637
  1. Mary HoltonEst 1637 - 1713
  2. Sarah HoltonEst 1639 - 1683
  3. John HoltonEst 1642 - 1712
  4. Samuel Holton1646 - 1730
  5. Ruth HoltonEst 1647 -
  6. William HoltonEst 1649 - Bet 1711 & 1711/12
  7. Rachel HoltonEst 1651 -
  8. Thomas HoltonEst 1653 - 1675/76
Facts and Events
Name[1][2] Deacon William Holton
Alt Name[1] Sergeant William Holton
Gender Male
Christening[1] 20 Oct 1610 Nayland, Suffolk, EnglandSt. James
Marriage Bef 1637 Based on estimated date of birth of eldest known child.
to Mary Unknown
Residence[1] Bef 1646 Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, United States
Residence[1] Abt 1664 Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts, United States
Death[1][2] 12 Aug 1691 Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts, United States

There was a William Haulton on the Francis in 1634, but there is no record of this man until 1646, and thus Great Migration concludes that they are not the same man. Although he is listed on the Founders' Monument in Hartford, Anderson notes that "There is a record of his Hartford landholding which appears to be part of the Hartford land inventory of February 1639/40, but the actual entries were made by the 'second recorder,' who did not begin his work until 1652 [HaBOP xi, 260].)", so his inclusion on that list may not have been appropriate.[3]

One of first settlers of Hartford, CT. and at Northampton, MA. 1654, where he was justice and the first deacon; rep. Gen. Ct., 1664, 67, 69, 71; introduced the first motion known in American history for the suppression of intemperence. Of Hartford, CT and Northampton, MA.

William is posted as departing from Ipswich, England aboard the Francis with sister ship, Elizabeth, arriving in Watertown (Charlestown), MA in 1630. He departed Dedham, MA & west by 1650. He was among the founding fathers of Hartford, CT, Northampton, Hadley, and Northfield, MA. The Northfield, MA settlement (abt 1673) was thwarted twice by Indian raids before it finally gained permanent settlement in 1714 (grandson William).

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    "In the Register of Baptisms of the Nayland Church, near Ipswich in Suffolk, England, an entry has been found dated in the year 1610, 'October ye 20th daie', recording the baptism of 'Willm sonne of Edward Holton'. It is further learned that he was born at Wiston Manor Farm in the Parish of Holton St. Mary's. This homestead, which is not to be confused with Wiston Hall, the ancient manor house, has been the residence of Holtons even as late as the twentieth century. Proofs identifying this William with our ancestor have not been found, although the time and place indicate a strong probability that the two are the same."

    Emphasis added.

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