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Volume 4, Page 456

pro. 28 Mar. foll. gives to his d.-in-law Mary Howard, half of his dw.ho.
and shop, salt ho. wharf, *c. she paying his s. Joseph, on his com.
of age, L30. or if not so paid, he should have that moiety, and the other
half to s. Peter; all personal est. to d. Mary Townsend, exc. sea books
and instrum. with wear. apparel, that should all go to Joseph. WILLIAM,
Pemaquid, took o. of fidel. to Mass. 1674, as it seen in Col. Rec.
V. 18.

    WELD or WELDE, DANIEL, Braintree 1640, freem. 2 June 1641, by
w. Alice, wh. d. 18 Apr. 1647, had Dorcas, b. 6 Apr. 1643, d. in few
wks. By ano. w. Ann, wid. I think, of George Hyde of Boston, he had
at Roxbury, whither he rem. with recommend. of Braintree ch. 1651,
Benjamin and Mehitable, tw. b. 1655, bapt. 16 Mar. 1656, both of wh.
d. next yr.; Daniel, b. 14, bapt. 17 Oct. 1658; beside ano. Mehitable,
whose b. or bapt. we find not (yet she may be d. of ano. Daniel); but
the town rec. ment. d. 12 Jan. 1680. He was town clk. 1654, and much
interest. in sch. for wh. the Gen. Ct. in 1659 reward. him with 200
acres, a gr. equal to that of Corlet at the same time, Col. Rec. IV. pt.
I. 397; and d. 22 July 1666, aged 81, says the town rec. His will of 1
July preced. was pro. 3 Nov. foll. In it he gives all his prop. to his w.
Ann, dur. wid. ment. s. Daniel as hav. had his full portion of est. and
more than remain. yet liv. in Eng. and whether liv. or d. unkn. to the
testator, yet he leaves him 20s. and aft. provid. for w's. third, if she m.
gives all resid. to her s. Timothy Hyde, equally with his own ch. Joseph and
Bethia. He makes his cousins Edward Denison, Thomas Weld, and
John W. overseers of the will. Now great uncertainty arises hereon,
whether the yrs. of his age in the town rec. be not far too high, if he be
f. of those tw. in 1655, and also whether the Daniel b. Oct. 1658, were
s. of gr.s. DANIEL, Roxbury, s. of Joseph first of the same, was sch.master
aft. leav. coll. perhaps at Cambridge
[1], but soon rem. to Salem,
there was a physician, had early m. Bethia, sec. d. of Edward Mitchelson,
serv. in Philip's war, at least in the Narraganset campaign, 1675, as
chief surg. and d. May 1690. At Salem were b. to him, as Felt says,
Barbara, 3 Oct. 1673; and Elizabeth 28 Mar. 1675; besides at Cambridge
had Daniel, b. 20 Aug. 1663; Edward, 7 June 1666, wh. was also a
physician, but d. 3 Oct. 1702, at 36 yrs.; and Bethia, 24 Jan. 1668. At
Salem, also, were b. Joseph, 1670, wh. d. soon; Joseph, again, 1671, d.
in few mos.; Micherson, Apr. 1672, d. next yr. His wid. d. 24 Oct. 1719,
in her 70th yr. Perhaps the same man at Roxbury, of whose derivat. aft.
great search, I am unable to conject. otherwise, had Mary, b. 19 Feb.
1676, and may have been f. of that Mehitable, wh. d. 12 Jan. 1680.
EDMUND, Roxbury, youngest s. of Rev. Thomas, bapt. at his parish 3 or
8 July 1631, brot. by his f. in the William and Francis next yr. went to
Ireland soon aft. gr. at H. C. 1650, was min. at Inneskean, d. 2 Mar.
1668, says Alden; but he had unduly swell. the number of his yrs.