Person:William Bell (97)

Maj. William Bell
m. 8 MAY 1765
  1. Maj. William Bell1766 - 1833
  2. Susannah 'Suckey' Bell1768 - 1836
  3. David Bell1771 - 1787
  4. James Bell, Esq.1773 - 1856
  5. Elizabeth Bell1775 -
  6. Joseph 'David' Bell, Jr.1778 - 1855
m. 27 February 1790
  1. Margaret BellABT 1800 -
  2. Susan Bellabt 1801 - 1821
  3. Julia Henderson Bell1815 - 1887
Facts and Events
Name Maj. William Bell
Gender Male
Birth[1] 15 May 1766 Augusta County, Virginia
Marriage Bond 17 February 1790 Augusta County, Virginiato Margaret Allen
Marriage 27 February 1790 Augusta County, Virginiato Margaret Allen
Death? 22 AUG 1833 Augusta County, Virginia

Maj. William Bell was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia



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Records of William Bell in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 422.--28th April, 1788. James Allen's will (Sr.), farmer--To children of daughter, Rachel Thomson, 5 shillings each; to daughter, Margaret Bell, 5 shillings; to daughter, Agnes Shields, 6 shillings to son, William Bell, 5 shillings; to daughter, Rebecca McClure, 5 shillings; to daughter, Elizabeth McNair, 5 shillings; to daughter, Mary Allen, 5 shillings; to son, Francis Allen, 50; to son, James, home plantation. Executors, wife Mary, son-in-law David McNaire, son James. Teste: Wm. Wilson, James Allen, John Hartsook, Wm. Baker. Codicil, 24th March, 1789. Teste: Wm. Wilson, John Hartsook, Wm. Baker. Proved, 18th October, 1791, by Hartsook and Baker. (Note: James Allen was William Bell's father-in-law).