Person:White Wing (1)

Wabeleganequa (White Wing) "Big Nancy" Cornstalk
  1. Wabeleganequa (White Wing) "Big Nancy" Cornstalk1770 - 1843
  • HElijah Adkinsabt 1768 -
  • WWabeleganequa (White Wing) "Big Nancy" Cornstalk1770 - 1843
m. abt 1784
  1. Lewis Adkins1785 - 1865
  2. unknown Adkinsabt 1786 -
  3. Richard Adkinsabt 1786 -
  4. Nancy Adkins, aka "Little Nancy"abt 1786 -
m. 1802-1807
Facts and Events
Name[1] Wabeleganequa (White Wing) "Big Nancy" Cornstalk
Gender Female
Birth[3] 1770
Marriage abt 1784 to Elijah Adkins
Marriage 1802-1807 to Tecumseh "The Panther" Shawnee
Death[3] 1843
Reference Number? 9095
  1. McWhorter, Lucullus Virgil. The Border Settlers of Northwestern Virginia from 1768 to 1795: Embracing the Life of Jesse Hughes and Other Noted Scouts of the Great Woods of the Trans-Allegheny. (Hamilton, Ohio: Republican Publishing Co., 1915), 1915.

    Excerpt: Tecumseh had other wives than Mamate; the last of whom was
    Wa-be-le-ga-ne-qua: "white wing." He lived with her from 1802 to 1807, but it is not known
    that he had other children than the one son; but there may have been others.
    There is living among the fourteen Confederated Tribes, known as the Yakimas
    of Washington, a tali, spare, sinewy man just past the meridian of life, who differs
    in some respects from the tribesmen about him. This is Chief Tecumseh Yak-a-
    tow-it, who gave me this fragment of his family history.

    "Mine," said he, "is an inherited name on my father's side. I am descended
    from a long line of warriors. My father was Yakatowit, Chief of the Klickitats.
    My grandfather, whose name I cannot recall, was a noted warrior who came from
    far to the east, I know not the locality. His father was a great chief named Tecum-
    seh, who was a mighty warrior. I know but little of his history, nor am I certain
    of his tribe. I only know that my father told me that he fell in battle fighting
    with King George's soldiers against the Americans. This was a long time ago.
    I know not how many years. It has been long since that battle was fought."

    While Tecumseh enjoys but slight education, he is a man of strong mentality
    and high moral integrity. He has always been a leading spirit in tribal affairs,
    and on March 15, 1912, was chosen "Head Chief of all the Yakimas." This,
    however, was in a factional fight and being a man of sensitive honor, he has never
    pressed his claim. I have often met with him in tribal councils and visited at his
    home. When I first met him, he had never read of this most renowned Shawnee;
    nor does he know the meaning, or interpretation of his own name. He explained
    that "Tecumseh," in Klickitat, has no primal rendition, but is "only' a name." He
    is proud of his traditional lineage, and justly.

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