Person:Uri Hill (1)

m. 16 JUN 1778
  1. Twins Hill1779 - 1779
  2. Uri Keeler Hill1780 - 1844
  3. William Frederick Hill1782 -
  4. Sophia Hill1784 - 1786
  5. Horace Hill1789 - 1793
  6. Charles Hill1791 -
  7. Sophia Hill1793 -
  8. St. John Hill1796 -
  • HUri Keeler Hill1780 - 1844
  • WNancy HullABT 1780 -
m. ABT 1801
  1. Ureli Corelli Hill1802 - 1875
  2. George Handel Hill1809 - 1849
  3. Brother HillABT 1810 -
Facts and Events
Name[1][2][3] Uri Keeler Hill
Gender Male
Birth[3] 24 Apr 1780 Stockbridge, Berkshire, Massachusetts, United States
Marriage ABT 1801 to Nancy Hull
Reference Number 3694
Nancy Hull
Other Marriage Ending Status Separation
with Nancy Hull
Other 1811 (see notes)Marriage fact
with Nancy Hull
Death? 9 Nov 1844 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Vermont Harmony Vol. 4: The Music of Joel Harmon, Jr. and Uri K. Hill by James G. Chapman ISBN: 0-937243-04-3 / 0937243043 Title: Vermont Harmony Vol. 4: The Music of Joel Harmon, Jr. and Uri K. Hill Author: James G. Chapman Publisher: Chapman Associates Edition: Softcover,_Jr._and_Uri_K._Hill/0937243043/ (A cassette version may be available:

July 4, 1814: "Uri K. Hill sings an "Ode" written especially for the occasion in New York while Commodore Stephen Decatur, an honorary member of the State Society of the Cincinnati, dines with that association in Tontine Coffee House there; the Declaration of Independence is printed in the 4 July edition of the Philadelphia Aurora General Advertiser; in Ashburton, England, American prisoners there celebrate the Fourth of July and drink 18 toasts." (

Related: 1814- Uri K. Hill premieres an "Ode" in New York (New-York Evening Post, 2 July 1814, 2-3).

1624. Un of Vermont Choral Union, dir James G. Chapman “Vermont Harmony 1 (Revised Edition) – A Collection of Fuging Tunes, Anthems and Secular Pieces by Vermont Composers 1790-1810 Including Justin Morgan’s Complete works” (material filed; cassette; Philo UVCU 250) J Morgan, E Doolittle, UK Hill, E West, E Child, H Moors, J Harmon, J Ingalls

See also: This site is selling an RP (disc) called "Vermont Harmony" ($7.00)

There is a Uri K. Hill in the 1830 census, NYC, ward 5. There is a Uri Hill in the 1800 census, Hawrinton, Litchfield Co., Connecticut

From The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, ed. by Stanley Sadie: Hill, Uri K., (b. ?Rutland, VT, 1780; d. Philadelphia, 9 Nov 1844). American music teacher and composer, father of Urlie Corelli Hill. From about 1800 to 1805 he lived in Northampton, MA, where he compiled his first collections of sacred pieces, The Vermont Harmony (1801) and of secular songs, A number of Oiringal Airs, Duetto's and Trio's (1803). At Boston in 1805-10 he was organist at the Brattle Street Church and copiled another tune book, The Sacred Minstrel (1806). In 1810 he moved to New York, where he founded a Handelian Academy in 1814 (renamed the American Conservatoria, 1820) and compiled The Handelian Repostiory (1814) and Solfeggio Americano... with a Wide Variety of Psalmody (1820) for the pupils there. In the letter he called himself a convert to Italian seven-syllable solmization after studying with Filippo Traetta (who contributed some exercises to it). From about 1815 he engraved light music for the publisher Adam Geib, and from 1822 until his death, taught in Philadelphia. Hill was most significant as a composer and arranger of tune books. Throughout his career, however, he advertised himself as an expert in subjects he never mastered. In Boston (Gazette, 13 March 1806), he described himself as a vocal and instrumental teacher of a 'stile perfectly novel' and as a piano tuner 'in a new method'; he opened a studio there in Joy's Buildings (April 1806), offering to teach the violin, viola, cello, the German flute and other instruments. In New York he advertised himself (18 October 1810) as the 'first performer on violin in America'. His preface to The Vermont Harmony asks the user's indulgence fo 'deviations from the grammatical rules of composition' in his seven original peices of the 46 in the book. Bibliography: F.L. Ritter, Music in American (New York, 1890/R1970), 186 G.C.D. Odell: Annals of the New York Stage, ii (NY, 1927) 490, 602 H.E. Johnson: Musicial Interludes in Boston 1795-1830 (NY 1942/R1967), 258, 287, 293 R.J. Wolfe: Secular Music in America, 1801-1825: a Bibliography (NY 1964).

New York Genealogical Records, 1675-1920 Name: Uri K. Hill Event: Lived Year: 1815 Place: New York City County: New York Province: New York Comments: Music master Source: Longworth's American Almanac, New-York Register, and City Directory Page: 247

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