Person:Thomas Spencer (2)

Sergeant Thomas Spencer
m. 10 Nov 1600
  1. Lieutenant William Spencer1601 - bet 1640
  2. Elizabeth Spencer1602 - ABT 1645
  3. John Spencer1603/04 - bef 1645/46
  4. Henry Spencer1605 - 1607
  5. Sergeant Thomas Spencer1607 - 1687
  6. Richard Spencer1608 - 1614
  7. Unknown Spencerbef 1609/10 - 1609/10
  8. Michael Spencer1611 - bef 1653
  9. Ensign Gerard Spencer1614 - bef 1685
  • HSergeant Thomas Spencer1607 - 1687
  • WAnne Dorryfall1610 - bef 1645
m. aft 2 Nov 1634
  1. Obadiah Spencerest 1635 - bet 1712
  2. Thomas Spencerest 1637 - 1689
  3. Samuel Spencerabt 1639 - 1726/27
  • HSergeant Thomas Spencer1607 - 1687
  • WSarah Beardingest 1625 - bef 1673/74
m. 11 Sep 1645
  1. Sarah Spencerest 1646 - 1712
  2. Elizabeth Spencer1648 - aft 1711/12
  3. Jared Spencerest 1650 - bet 1711/12
  4. Hannah Spencer1653 -
  5. Mary Spencer1655 - 1690
  6. Martha Spencer1657/58 -
Facts and Events
Name[1][2] Sergeant Thomas Spencer
Gender Male
Christening[1][3] 29 Mar 1607 Stotfold, Bedfordshire, England
Emigration[1] 1633
Residence[1] 1633 Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
Other[1] 14 May 1634 Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United StatesAdmitted Freeman of Massachusetts Bay.
Marriage aft 2 Nov 1634 to Anne Dorryfall
Residence[1] 1636 Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, United States
Marriage 11 Sep 1645 Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, United Statesto Sarah Bearding
Will[1][4] 9 Sep 1686 Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, United States
Death[1][4] 11 Sep 1687 Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, United StatesFrom inventory.
Probate[1][4] 26 Oct 1687 Will proved.
Estate Inventory[1][4] aft 11 Sep 1687 £139-19; £132 in real estate

"In the Cambridge inventory of lands on 1 May 1635 'Thomas Spenser' held four parcels: 'in the town one house with a garden plot and backside about one rood'; two acres in Smalllot Hill; one acre in the Neck; and one acre more in the Neck [CaBOP 7]. The first two of these parcels were purchased by Emond Angier [CaBOP 50].

In the Hartford land inventory in February 1639/30 'Thom[as] Spenser, sergeant at arms,' held thirteen parcels (some of which he acquired after the date of the inventory): 'one parcel on which his dwelling house now standeth with yards & gardens therein being which was sequestered for Thom[as] Fisher & is now settled on Thom[as] Spenser part whereof he hath sold to Will[ia]m Spenser & now remaineth by estimation one acre'; one acre and two roods in the West Field; three roods in the Soldier's Field; four acres in the North Meadow; one acre and two roods on the east side of the Great River; one acre and one rood on the east side of the Great River 'which is a parcel of that which was sequestered for Mr. Woolcott'; four acres on the east side of the Great River 'which he bought of Will[ia]m Spenser for a parcel of land which lay in the Middle Oxpasture & contained seven acres two roods & was parcel of the said Thom[as] Spenser's land'; three acres and two roods in the cowpasture; five acres and twenty perches in the cowpasture; five acres in the Little Oxpasture 'which he bought of Nath[aniel] Yela for land belonging to the said Thom[as] Spenser'; four acres & two roods in the Little Oxpasture 'which he received of Richard Goodman for land belonging to the said Thomas Spencer'; two acres in the Little Oxpasture 'which he bought of Ric[hard] Goodman' on 24 February 1653; and four acres on the east side of the Great River 'which he bought of Joseph Eston' on 24 February 1653 [Ha BOP 152-54].

In his will, dated 9 September 1686 and proved 26 October 1687, 'Thomas Spencer Senior of Hartford, … finding the shadows of the evening are stretching over me,' bequeathed to 'my eldest son Obadiah … my housing and land in Hartford, all my lands both meadow and upland on the west side and east side of the Connecticut River' in Hartford (he paying certain legacies), along with some personal goods; to 'my son Thomas' £15, of which he hath £5; to 'my son Samuel (he having received a good portion of his uncle) all my wearing apparell'; to 'my son Jarrad my shop & tools & £12, all of which are in his hands' ; residue to 'my five daughters Sarah, Elizabeth, Hannah, Mary and Martha, to be equally divided to them by their brother my son Jarrad'; 'my son Obediah Spencer my executor'; Capt. Allyn, Lieut. Caleb Standly and my cousin Samuel Spencer' overseers [Hartford PD Case #5095; Manwaring 1: 365].

The 'inventory of the estate of Sergeant Thomas Spencer who deceased the 11th of September 1687' totalled £139 19s., including £132 in real estate: 'six acres of land on the east side Coneticutt River,' £60; 'four acres of land in the long meadow,' £20; 'four acres of woodland,' £2; and 'his homelot and housing,' £50; after listing the few items of personal estate, the appraisers noted that 'the other moveable estate wa s distributed by himself and delivered to his daughters most of it in his lifetime and the remainder before the inventory was taken as his executors gave the account of said estate' [Hartford PD Case #5095]."[1]

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    "ORIGIN: Stotfold, Bedfordshire"
    "CHURCH MEMBERSHIP: Admission to Cambridge church prior to 14 May 1634 implied by freemanship.
    FREEMAN: 14 May 1634 (sixth in a sequence of nine Cambridge men) [MBCR 1:369]."
    "BIRTH: Baptized Stotfold Bedfordshire, 29 March 1607, son of Gerard and Alice (Whitbread) Spencer [TAG 27:162]
    DEATH:Hartford 11 September 1687 (from inventory)."

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    Spencer, Sergt. Thomas, Hartford. Died 11 September, 1687. Invt. £139-19-00. Taken by Caleb Standly and Aaron Cooke. Will dated 9 September, 1686.

    I Sergt. Thomas Spencer of Hartford, being very aged, do declare this my last Will & Testament: I give to my Eldest son Obadiah Spencer my Houseing and Lands in Hartford, all my Lands east side and west side of the Connecticut River within the bounds of the Town of Hartford, to be to him and to his Heirs forever, immediately after my decease, he paying such legacies as I shall appoint by this Will. I give to my son Thomas £15, of which he hath £5, and Obadiah shall pay him £10 more. I give to my son Samuel (he having received a good portion from his Uncle) my wearing apparrell. I give to my son Jarred my shop and Tools & £12, all of which are in his hands. The rest of my moveable Estate I give to my five daughters, Sarah, Elizabeth, Hanna, Mary and Martha, to be equally divided to them by their brother Jarrad. I do make my son Obadiah Spencer my Executor. I desire Capt. Allyn, Lieut. Caleb Standly and my Cousin Samuel Spencer to be Overseers.


    Witness: John Allyn, Hanna Allyn.

    Court Record, Page 134—26 October, 1687: Will aproved."