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Bio and Links Greetings!
As a amatuer genealogist I love to delve into family history.
My circle of family names include.
Hawkins (All families living in New England or with Northern US roots.)
Parkinson, Allen, Batchelder & Leroy (NY & New England)
Babcock, Clark, Tyrer, Knight, Wilbur & Irish families ditto
Earl family of Western NY,PA & NJ
Ahles, Warner & Reuter (German immigrants to Western NY)
Waite & Buchanan (Related to the Earl family)
Occasionally I have time to research my own & others family histories.
For Hawkins researchers please visit my tree at the
[1] HAWKINS DNA Project
If you email asking for help please be patient as I often work overtime at my real job
& when I'm free I like to take family research trips to New England.
I do have quite a collection of cemetery records & photos of burials in Concord, Collins & parts of Sardinia/ Boston/ Colden cemeteries.
Many of these records have been added to
I'm slowly adding these records to WeRelate again as time permits.
My wife & I have submitted many of these records to the Town of Concord Genealogy Library aka
"The Lucy Bensley Genealogy Center"
Concord Township Erie County NY Historical Society located on North Buffalo Street in Springville, New York,14141-0425
(PO Box 425)
Happy Hunting!
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