Person:Thomas Davidson (5)

Thomas Davidson
m. 21 Jan 1792
  1. Thomas Davidson1792 - 1865
  2. Betty Davidson1794 -
  3. James Davidson1796 -
  4. Robert Davidson1798 -
  5. John Davidson1801 -
  6. Peter Davidson1804 -
  7. Walter Davidson1808 -
m. Bef 1819
  1. Mary Davidson1819 -
  2. Walter DavidsonAbt 1824 - Aft 1865
  3. John DavidsonAbt 1825 - Bet 1891 & 1896
  4. Helen DavidsonAbt 1827 -
  5. Jacobina DavidsonAbt 1829 - 1869
  6. Alison Ramsay DavidsonAbt 1834 - 1921
  7. James Davidson1836 - 1845
  8. Elizabeth Davidson1838 - 1877
  9. Isabella Davidson1841 -
  10. Thomas DavidsonAbt 1843 - 1845
  11. Thomas James Davidson1846 - Aft 1891
Facts and Events
Name[1] Thomas Davidson
Gender Male
Birth[2][3][22] 18 Aug 1792 Stow, Midlothian, ScotlandQuality: 2
Marriage Bef 1819 Quality: 3
to Mary Johnston
Occupation[9] Bet 1840 and 1865 According to sons' advertisement Feb 1865, he conducted his business for 25 years. Auctions advertised in The Scotsman: 10 Mar 1845, extensive sale of wood at Mortonhall, parish of Liberton, ~ 3 miles S of Edinburgh, Buckstone Lodge, 1 mile S of Morningside 10 Oct 1845, sale of ~20 acres of various kinds of turnips, at Gogar Green and Milburn, 2 miles west of Corstorphine; and at Craigpark. 24 Feb 1848, extensive sale of round and cut wood, Mr. Galbraith's Yard, South Clerk St. "The Exposers are retiring." Ad headed "To Coach-Builders, Cabinet-Makers, Cart-Wrights, and Others." 9 Aug 1848, 1:30 p.m., sale of "very superior horses, carts, harness, &c." of Mr. Machell, Hawick Carrier, at Charles Street Lane, N side of George Square. "In consequence of the4 opening of the Hawick Railway to Bowshank, all *must* be Sold." 9 Aug 1848, 5 p.m., sale of growing potatoes, 3 acres "quite ready for lifting," at Warriston south side of Edinburgh Cemetery, sold in small lots "to suit purchasers." 24 Aug 1848, extensive sale of growing crops, hay, &c., at Corstorphine Meadows 3 miles W of Edinburgh, "for Behoof of Creditors." 23 Oct 1848, sale of 15 acres of turnips, same place for same reason. 18 (19?) Mar 1849, "The Grass Parks of Inch," 1 mile S of Edinburgh, to be let [i.e. leased] for the season. 4 Jul 1849, "extensive sale at Lochrin Distillery," carts, harness, oak tuns, wood, old iron, etc. 28 Sep 1849, sale of horses and carts, harness, &c. at Glencorse Maines, 7 miles from Edinburgh on the Peebles road. 25-30 draft horses, 10-12 black cattle, ewes, a gig, carts. "The usual Credit will be given, or Discount for Cash." 12 Oct 1849, sale of "types, stationery, cooper-plates, paper-cutting machine, beam and scale, &c., part of the sequestrated stock of B. F. Lloyd & Co., 41 Hanover St." Catalogues on application. 15 Jan 1850, sale of "full-grown wood," at Southfield, by Greenend, near Liberton, ~2 miles S of Edinburgh. 28 Jan 1850, sale of farm stocking, stacks, on the farm of Whitehouse, a quarte-rmile from Wrighthouses Toll, by Brutsfield Links. "The Whole Live and Dead Stock, Crop, &c., on that Farm. For particulars, see hand-bills." 4 Mar 1850, "Ravelston Grass Parks," "fine old pasture, well sheltered, fenced, and watered," to be let. 8 Mar 1850, "The Grass Parks of Inch," ~1 mile S. of Edinburgh, to be let for the season. 4 Dec 1850, "extensive sale at Lochrin Distillery," this time lots of cast metal, old malleable iron, roofing, bricks, etc. 10 Mar 1851, "Ravelston Grass Parks," at Ravelston South Gate, at "the top of Murrayfield Road." 15 Aug 1851, "extensive sale of wood merchant's stock," at the woodyard, Spittal Street, belonging to Mr. Wm. Crail who is retiring due to bad health. "To wood merchants, coach-builders, cart-wrights, joiners, brushmakers, and others." 19 Aug 1851, "sale of growing crops, steam engine, thrashing mill, household furniture, &c. &c." On farm of Inverleith South Mains, Stockbridge. 30 Sep 1851, "Sale of growing crop of potatoes" at Ravelston ~2 miles W of Edinburgh, Kirksteps Park. About 7 acres. 6 Feb 1852, sale of wood at Melville Castle, near Lasswade. "A Train for Dalkeith leaves Edinburgh Terminus at 20 minutes past 10 o'clock," for 11 am sale. (First mention of railroad as a way of getting to the auction.) 3 Aug 1852, sale of contractor's effects belonging to Mr J. McIntosh, at Bonally Water-Works near Colinton. Horses, harnesses, quarry tools, wood. 10 Aug 1852, sale of growing crop and hay, "on the farm of South Guyle, near Corstorphine." 13 Aug 1852, sale of growing crops, of Mr. Belfrage, Dumbryden -- wheat, barley, oats, beans, potatoes, hay. 22 Oct 1852, sale of wood (timber) on estate of Craigcrook, !3 miles W of Edinburgh. 11 Nov 1852, sale of extra stock and implements of husbandry, "on the farm of South Guyle, near Corstorphine." "N.B. -- A Train to Corstorphine STation leaves Edinburgh at Eleven o'clock," sale is at 11:30. 21 Feb 1853, Ravelston Grass Parks, at the top of the Murrayfield Road. "They vary in extent from 4 to 17 acres; are all fine old pasture, well sheltered, fenced, and watered." 8 Nov 1853, sale of farm stocking and other effects, at Bangholm on the Ferry Road to Leith. 20 Sep 1854, public sale of horses, carriages, harness, at stables at the east end of Couper Street, North Leith. Belonged to the late Mr. Robert Glendinning, coach proprietor and mail contractor. 12 Feb 1855, sale of wood (already cut) at Ravelston. 11 Mar 1856, sale of wood at Ravelston, ~2 miles W of Edinburgh, timber. 6 Oct 1860, turnips, ~8 acres, at Trinity Park, Chain Pier Road. 29 May 1861, sale of clover and ryegrass, on the farm of Dean, Dean Bridge, 10 acres. 7 Mar 1862, sale of wood on the estate of Comiston, round wood. 30 May 1862, "displenishing sale of farm stocking" on the fam of Addiston Mains, 6 miles from Edinburgh by the Mid-Calder Road. Includes "two urine pumps." 19 Jul 1862, sale of "residue of household furniture," at 4 Hay Street (Nicolson Street). 16 Jun 1863, "displenishing sale of farm stocking, implements of husbandry, &c." on the "farm of Corstorphine Bank, 8 1/2 miles west from Edinburgh." 19 Sep 1863, sale of potatoes and turnips "on the farm of King's Knowes (near Slateford)," about 40 acres. 6 Oct 1863, "displenshing sale of farm stocking, grain in stack, implements of husbandry, &c.," "on the farm of Ringsknowes," "close on the Kingsknowes Station of the Caledonian Railway, about 3 miles West from Edinburgh." 29 Feb 1864, "sale of farm stocking, implements of husbandry, stacks, potatoes, growing turnips, &c." on the "Farm of Woodhall Mains (Near Colinton)," about 3 miles W of Edinburgh. 11 Aug 1864, "Sale of natural Hay," "within the Policy of Craiglockhart House, near Slateford" -- apparently Thomas's last advertised auction. Quality: 3
Residence[10][24] 1841 Quality: 1
Census 1841 2 Darlings Building, Edinburgh, Midlothian, ScotlandQuality: 1
with Mary Johnston
Residence[11][25] 1 Oct 1845 Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland8 Henry Street,
Occupation[1][12][13] 1846 Auctioneer
Residence[1][14][26] 1846 Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland8 Henry Street
Residence[15] 31 Jan 1852 Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland8 Henry Street
Residence[16] 17 Jul 1852 Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland7 West Lauriston Place
Residence[17] 10 Feb 1855 Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland7 West Lauriston Place
Residence[18] 27 May 1861 Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland2 West Lauriston Place
Occupation[6] 1865 "Auctioneer and Appraiser" Quality: 2
Death[4][5][6][7][8][23] 15 Jan 1865 Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland2 West Lauriston Place
Occupation[9] 24 Jan 1865 "J. & T. Davidson, Sons of the late Thomas Davidson, Auctioneer and Appraiser, beg to intimate that they are carrying on, unchaged in all its branches, the Business which for Twenty-five Years has been conducted by their Father, and hope by the same careful attention to merit a continuance of the support so long enjoyed by him. 2 West Lauriston Place, 24th January 1865. 3831" (But in the course of the next five years, they have only two or perhaps three auctions advertised in the Scotsman, August 1866 displenishing farm, and May 1867 clover grass. October 1865 is an auction involving J. & A. Davidson. An Alexander Davidson, who may well have been working before, takes over many auction jobs that look like ones Thomas might have done. Surveyed in the Scotsman through spring 1870. No clue who Alexander might be.) Quality: 3
Other[19][27] 25 Mar 1865 Edinburgh, Midlothian, ScotlandQuality: 3 Inventory
Reference Number? 257

Occupation given as auctioneer in marriage entry for Robert Henderson and Elizabeth Davidson.

Same occupation given at 1846 birth of son Thomas James. Address then is No. 8 Henry Street, presumably Edinburgh.

Identified as auctioneer (deceased) in daughter Elizabeth's death record.

Death date range because he's alive when Thomas James is born 11 February 1846 and not alive 26 July 1866 when Elizabeth is married.

Robin 18 Nov. 2001:

 From the IGI:

James Davidson, bapt. 21 Mar 1836, Dundee, Angus, son of Thomas Davidson and Mary Johnston. On the Internet, you have to put in the first name, and this is the only one that came up with a match- I also tried Thomas, John, Andrew, William, Robert, Alexander, Margaret, Mary, Isabella, and Janet. I think at the Family History Library, you can actually just search by parent's names, I will try that next time when I go back.


Auctioneer and Appraiser residing at No.2 West Lauriston Place of Edinburgh

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  23. "0h, 43m, PM"; "chronic bronchitis," 5 days' duration, certified by W. Menzier., M.D.
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    The Sheriff Court Inventory proceedings state that he died 13 January, but then later in recording Mary Johnston Davidson's sworn testimony state 15 January.
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    Inventory of the personal Estate wheresoever situated of Thomas Davidson Auctioneer and Appraiser residing at No.

    [p. 131]

    Two West Lauriston place Edinburgh and who died there on the thirteenth day of January Eighteen hundred and sixty five.


    1. Cash in the house £3

    2. Do in Bank of Scotland as per Pass Book herewith prioduced £148.14.2
    Interest to date of oath 1.1 [total] 149.15.2

    3. Household furniture & other Effects in the deceased's house No. 2 West Lauriston place Edinburgh conform to appraisement by John Rougvie Licensed Appraiser Edinburgh on 14th February 1865 91.6.10

    4. Book debts due to the deceased by the following parties viz
    John Inglis Redhall [Redhull?] £ - 12.
    Davidson & Syme W.S. Edinburgh £ - 14.

    [p. 132]

    George Belfrage North Lyle Ballantine, Farmer £2 9 6
    Lawhead 1 7 6
    James Brown Ponton St Edinburgh - 10 6
    James Stenhouse Hermiston 1 12 .
    George Belfrage North Lyle 1.5.6
    Paterson & Romanes WS. Edinburgh - 19 .
    Sir William Gibson Craig Bart. 3 13 .
    James Ogilvy Farmer, Wards of PitsKellty 6 . 9
    Rev. Alexander Anderson Markinch - 18 8
    John Kilpatrick & Belfrage Lano - 14 .
    Lindsay & Patterson W.S. Edinburgh 1.3 -
    The Representatives of the late James Stratton - 10 4
    James Young Farmer Amis Mill [?] Penicuick 2.2 6
    James Wilson Fair-a-far 3. 4 .
    James Thomason Peffermill 2 2 .
    Andrew Dow, wood merchant - 16 6 [subtotal] £30.13 -

    Total Amount of personal estate in the United Kingdom £274.15 -
    (signed) Mary Davidson.
    T. Inglis.

    [p. 133]

    At Edinburgh the twenty fifth day of March Eighteen hundred and sixty five In presence of Thomas Inglis Depute Comifsary Clerk of Edinburgh Appeared Mrs. Mary Johnston or Davidson residing at number Two west Lauriston place Edinburgh. Executrix of the deceased Thomas Davidson Auctioneer & appraiser and residing at number Two West Lauriston place Edinburgh aforesaid who being solemnly sworn and examined Deposes that the said Thomas Davidson died at number two west Lauriston place aforesaid upon the fifteenth day of January Eighteen hundred and sixty five and the deponent has entered upon the possession & management of the deceased's Estate as [word crossed out] sole Executrix nominated by him in a holograph Settlement executed by him upon the

    [p. 134]

    twenty eighth day of October Eighteen hundred and sixty one which is now exhibited and signed by the deponent and the said Thomas Inglis of this date as relative hereto That the deponent does not know of any Testamentary Settlement or Writing relative to the disposal of the deceaseds personal Estate or Effects or any part thereof other than the said holographic settlement now exhibited. That the foregoing Inventory signed by the Deponent and the said Thomas Inglis as relative hereto is a full and complete Inventory of the personal Estate and effects of the said deceased Thomas Davidson wheresoever situated & belonging or due to him beneficially at the time of his death in so far as the same has

    [p. 135]

    come to the Deponent's knowledge, and that the deponent does not know of any money or property belonging to the deceased liable to the duty imposed by the Acts 23 Victoria Chapter 15 and 23 & 24 Victoria Chapter 80. That the value at this date of the said personal Estate and Effects situated in the United Kingdom including the proceeds accrued thereon down to this date is Two hundred pounds Sterling and under Three Hundred pounds Sterling. That confirmation of the said personal estate is required in favor of the Deponent. All which is truth as the Deponent shall answer to God.
    (signed) Mary Davidson.
    T. Inglis.

    For Deed see Testamentary Record Vol C.S. page 456