Person:Thomas Black (17)

Thomas Black
b.est. 1750-1755
m. Abt 1748
  1. John BlackEst 1749 - Bef 1795
  2. Thomas BlackEst 1750 to 1755 - Bef 1794
  3. Henry Black1753 - 1789
  4. George BlackEst 1755 -
  5. Mary BlackEst 1758 to 1768 -
  6. Elizabeth BlackAbt 1761 -
Facts and Events
Name Thomas Black
Gender Male
Birth? est. 1750-1755
Death? Bef 15 Mar 1794 Person County, North Carolina

Will/Estate Records of Thomas Black

  • 25 Nov 1793 - Will of Thomas Black, Person County NC. He names his brother George Black; Elizabeth Black daughter of George and wife of Major Harrelson; Jane Black and John Black who are the children of his brother Henry Black; his mother Elizabeth Black; his brothers and sisters John, Robert, George, Mary Black Pearson, Elizabeth Black Fulkerson. Witness Thomas Price, Hasque Price and Herndon Harrelson (From "Person County North Carolina Compilations" by Katherine K. Kendall) See 1784 marriage of Abraham Rogers Turner and Sarah Black for Herndon Harrelson; see 5 Dec 1804 for Herndon Harrelson. See 9 Aug 1780 for Elizabeth Black wife of Abraham Fulkerson.
  • March 1794 - Sale of estate of Thomas Black. Buyers include John Black, George Black, Sarah Black, Robert Black (son of George), John Black Jr.. (From "Person County North Carolina Compilations" by Katherine K. Kendall)
  • 18 Dec 1795 - Additional sales from estate of Thomas Black, Person County NC. Buyers included George Black and Herndon Harrelson, John Person, Henry Michel. (From "Person County North Carolina Compilations" by Katherine K. Kendall)

Records of Thomas Black

  • 1777 - Tax List of Caswell County NC, St. Lawrence District: George Black of Caswell County 188 acres; George Black of Hico 793 acres; Henry Black 449 acres; Thomas Black 737 acres.
  • 12 Jan 1781 - Bill of Sale from John Black to Thomas Black, two Negroes Patt and Patience. Recorded Jan Court 1785. Caswell County Court, June 1779, [Book B, page 63].
  • 15 Sep 1794 - Mary [Black] Person of Baltimore County, Maryland, letter of attorney to John Black and George Black to receive from the estate of her brother Thomas Black.