Person:John Black (67)

John Black
b.Est 1749
m. Abt 1748
  1. John BlackEst 1749 - Bef 1795
  2. Thomas BlackEst 1750 to 1755 - Bef 1794
  3. Henry Black1753 - 1789
  4. George BlackEst 1755 -
  5. Mary BlackEst 1758 to 1768 -
  6. Elizabeth BlackAbt 1761 -
  • HJohn BlackEst 1749 - Bef 1795
  • W.  Mary (add)
m. Est 1770
  1. Samuel BlackEst 1770 -
  2. Robert BlackBef 1772 -
  3. John BlackEst 1774 to 1779 -
Facts and Events
Name John Black
Gender Male
Birth? Est 1749
Marriage Est 1770 to Mary (add)
Death? Bef 12 Oct 1795 prob. Person County, North Carolina

Land Records of John Black

  • 1 Jan 1780 - John Black granted 330 acres of land by State of North Carolina, on Hico River, Caswell County (later Person)
  • 4 June 1782 - John Black of Caswell County to Benjamin Johnston for 1,500 Pounds, 70 acres on Sargent's Creek adjoining Johnston's old line, Thomas Black, same land granted John Black by Earl Granville. Witness Joseph Turner. [Caswell County Deed Book A, page 612].
  • 11 Jan 1787 - John Black of Caswell County NC to Abraham Rogers Turner for 60 Pounds, 640 acres on Flat River adjoining Joseph Turner. Witness Ad Murphey, William Trotter. [Caswell County Deeds 1777-1814].
  • 11 Jan 1787 - John Black of Caswell County NC to Abraham Rogers Turner for 60 Pounds, 100 acres on waters of Sargent's Creek, to a hickory corner of Joseph Turner. Witness Ad Murphey, William Trotter. [Caswell County Deeds].
  • 9 Feb 1787 - John Black of Caswell County to Thomas Black of same, for 20 Pounds, 54 acres on Hyco adjoining George Black, John Pearson, Reuben Taylor, Sargent's Creek. Witnesses Ad Murphey, George Black, Abraham Turner. [Deed Book E, page 121].

Will/Estate Records of John Black

  • Oct 1795 - John Black wrote his Last Will and Testament. Named his wife Mary; sons Samuel, Robert, and John Black. Executors Larkins Johnston and Edmond Dixon. Witnessed by John Johnston, Robert Black, William Gill. (From "Person County North Carolina Compilations" by Katherine K. Kendall)
  • 13 Oct 1795 - John Black's property sale from the estate was filed in Person County Court, March Term 1796. (John Black died after 2 Oct and before 12 Oct 1795)
  • 17 Dec 1795 - Will of John Black (2 Oct 1895) is proved in Person County, NC, court.
  • 6 Dec 1796 - Additional returns of sale of estate of John Black, deceased, by Edmond Dixon the executor. Land sale to Henry Michel.
  • Nov 1797 - Person County estate of John Black paid to Edmund Dixon a sum of 14 Pounds per year for each child of John Black that was boarded by Dixon. Orphans Samuel, Robert, and John Black.

Records of John Black

  • 7 Dec 1777 - John Black licensed as a Tavern Keeper "at his now dwelling house. provided he doth constantly find & provide in his said Ordinary good wholesome & Clean Diet and Lodging for travelers and Stable fodder & corn pasturage and Corn as the Season shall require for their horses food. and shall not suffer unlawful gaming in his house nor sell liquors on the Lords Day to any person by which such person may be intoxicated." From "When the Past Refused to Die" by William S. Powell, pages 68-69.
  • 12 Jan 1781 - Bill of Sale from John Black to Thomas Black, two Negroes Patt and Patience. Recorded Jan Court 1785. Caswell County Court, June 1779, [Book B, page 63].
  • 1795 - Person County NC Record Books - Taxables for 1795 - St. Lawrence District: James Pulliam, Bird Pulliam, John Rogers, JOHN SLATE, JOSEPH TURNER, ABRAHAM TURNER, George Black, Robert Black, John Black.