Person:Samuel Porter (20)

Samuel Porter
b.ABT 1725 Ireland
Facts and Events
Name Samuel Porter
Gender Male
Birth? ABT 1725 Ireland
Marriage 1770 Castlewood, Russell, Virginia, USAto Elizabeth Duncan
Death? 1820 Castlewood, Russell, Virginia, USA


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Grant Land grant 5 July 1785. Washington County. 200 acres on the north side of Copper Creek Ridge on the waters of Mill Creek a south branch of Clinch River adjoining Russell, Ozborne, Robinson &c.


The following needs to be fleshed out, and sources provided. Hamilton's Atrocity series has some of the needed information.

Samuel Porter settled in Castles' Woods in 1769.[3] in 1779 he and his extended family went to settle in Kentucky. Shortly thereafter he and his family were taken prisoner by a British led force Native Americans. They were taken north to Detroit and were not released until close to the end of the war. Afterwards Porter did not return to Kentucky, but resettled in Castle's Woods, where he lived out his life, dying there in 1820.

Samuel's wife is commonly identified as Elizabeth Duncan, thought to be a relation of the Duncan's that settled at Osborne's Ford, opposite the mouth of Fall Creek where Patrick Porter lived. There is widespread speculation that Patrick and Samuel were closely related, but the connection has not been found.

Many identify Samuel as the son of Thomas Porter and Sarah Sanders of Lancaster County Virginia. Direct evidence for this is needed. Others give his POB as Clarion PA, Knox PA, Guilford County NC, and Ireland. Those who cite a POB in Guilford Co, usually also give a DOB of 1757, which may indicate a confusion with Samuel Porter son of Patrick, wh is bleieved to have been born in that area about that time. Interesting, Samuel's eldest son was named Hugh, and there is a Hugh Porter who settled in Guilford County, about 20 miles distant from where Patrick Porter is thought to have settled c 1756-1760.

Elizabeth is commonly identified as the daughter of Thomas Duncan of Lancaster County PENNSYLVANIA. It seems likely that Samuel was also from that general area. Some confusion may have crept into these lines because of the similarity of names of Counties---Lancaster County PA, and Lancaster Co VA.


  1.   Geni World Family Tree,

    Samuel Porter
    Gender: Male
    Birth: Circa 1725 - Ireland
    Marriage: Spouse: Elizabeth Porter (born Dunkin) - 1770 - VA, USA
    Death: Before Mar 8 1820 - Russell, VA, USA
    Father: John Porter
    Mother: Sarah Porter (born Sanders)
    Wife: Elizabeth Porter (born Dunkin)
    Children: Hugh Porter, James Porter, John Porter, Tabitha Smythe (born Porter), Martha Ann Dickenson (born Porter), Samuel G. Porter, Jr., Thomas Duncan Porter

    Quality: 4 RIN: MH:SC235 EVEN: Record
    ROLE: 40000:69330206:
  2.   WikiTree,

    Samuel Porter
    Gender: Male
    Birth: 1725
    Father: John Porter
    Mother: Sarah Porter (born Sanders)
    Siblings: Edward Sanders PorterJohn Porter

    Quality: 4 RIN: MH:SC236 EVEN: Record
    ROLE: 10109:45461815:
  3. This is based on Gen. William Russell's letter supporting him against the accustion of being a Tory as made by Gen. Andrew Campbell. Need to find a copy of same in a credible source.