Person:Richilde of Saxony (1)

Richilde , Princess of Saxony
Facts and Events
Name Richilde , Princess of Saxony
Alt Name Richlind
Alt Name Richlint
Gender Female
Birth? 945 Sachsen, Germany
Marriage to Konrad von Schwaben
Death? 999
Other? House of Liudolfings
Alt Death[2] aft abt 1 Nov 1007
  1.   Richilde von Sachsen, in Lundy, Darryl. The Peerage: A genealogical survey of the peerage of Britain as well as the royal families of Europe.

    Lundy's site shows mother as Ott's first wife, Edgyth, but Cawley assigns her as child of the second. Cawley seems on firmer ground.

  2. RICHLIND (-[after 1 Nov 1007]), in Cawley, Charles. Medieval Lands: A prosopography of medieval European noble and royal families.