Person:Philipp Conrad (2)

Philipp CONRAD
b.ABT 1707 Germany
d.BEF 1790
  1. Philipp CONRADABT 1707 - BEF 1790
  1. Heinrich CONRAD1737 -
  2. Philipp CONRAD, Jr.1739 - 1815
  3. Catherina CONRAD1741 -
  4. Adam CONRAD1743 - 1816
  5. Engel CONRAD1744 -
  6. Elizabeth COONRADTABT 1746 -
  7. Margaret COONRADT
  8. Veronica COONRADT1750 - ABT 1790
  9. Heinrich COONRADT1752 -
  10. Johannes COONRADT1754 -
  11. Wilhelm COONRADT1756 - 1832
  12. Eva CONRAD1759 - 1833
Facts and Events
Name Philipp CONRAD
Gender Male
Birth? ABT 1707 Germany
Death? BEF 1790

It has been said that Philipp was a Palatine immigrant. That he came as a child with his father, Heinrich. I have been unable to confirm this or that Heinrich was his father in any of the records from that time that are available on the Internet. Philipp sometimes appears with a Johan in front of his name, like his father. This was a christening name and was usually dropped. Philipp would be his calling name. Heinrich was listed as a widower when he married his 2d wife, Gertraud Segendorff in 1716. Reported year of birth for Philipp has varied from 1707 to 1712. 1707 seems more likely as it would have to be before Heinrich left Germany. It was not common for a widower to take small children with him when emigrating. Normally they would have been left behind with family.