Person:Nicholas Holt (1)

m. bef 1636
  1. Elizabeth Holt1636 - 1710
  2. Mary Holt1638 - 1700
  3. Samuel Holt1641 - 1703
  4. Henry Holt1643 - 1718/19
  5. Nicholas Holtest 1645 - 1715
  6. Hannah Holtest 1648 - 1728
  7. James Holtest 1650 - 1690
  8. Priscilla Holt1653 - 1653
  9. Sarah Holtest 1655 - 1690
m. 12 Jun 1658
  1. Rebecca Holt1662 -
  2. John Holt1663/64 - 1686/87
m. 21 May 1666
Facts and Events
Name Nicholas Holt
Gender Male
Birth? ABT 1602 of Ramsey, Essex, England
Alt Birth[2] 19 OCT 1602 Ramsey, Essex, England
Marriage bef 1636 Estimate based on date of birth of eldest known child.
to Elizabeth Unknown
Immigration? 3 Jun 1635 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United StatesAboard the James from London
Marriage 12 Jun 1658 Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, United StatesRecorded at Andover.
to Hannah Bradstreet
Alt Marriage 20 Jun 1658 Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, United StatesRecorded at Andover.
to Hannah Bradstreet
Marriage 21 May 1666 Andover, Essex, Massachusetts, United Statesto Martha Unknown
Death[1] 30 Jan 1685/6 Andover, Essex, Massachusetts, United States


The James passenger list shows Nicholas Holt, tanner of Romsey, Hampshire.[4]

The “tanner” on the ships roll is probably a mis-understood “turner” - he manufactured woodenware, and when distributing property to his children before his death, he called himself a “dish-turner.” [5]

There is no mention of him in the well-preserved records at Romsay, so it seems the entry on the passenger list was incorrect.

He was deposed 11 Apr 1671 and gave his age as 63. Death records say he was "aged 104", but he was likely exaggerating.

Life in New England

Savage infers that he was made a freeman in Boston in 1637 and that he was a resident of Boston before moving to Andover; but other sources demonstrate that he moved to Newbury before going to Andover. [6] He was one of the first settlers of Newbury, where he witnessed a legal paper on 1 September 1635; his daughter Elizabeth was born 30 March 1636; and he was chosen as town surveyor 19 April 1638. [7] In 1637 his also name appears as one of the ten persons who in order to prevent the relection of Sir Henry Vane to the office of governor, and to strengthen the friends of Governor Winthrop, went from Newbury to Cambridge on foot, forty miles, and qualified themselves to vote by taking the freeman's oath May 17, 1637. He was also part of the team that divided Newbury into lots, and served as a commander of militia forces in 1638.[8]

In 1644 Nicholas Holt was one of the ten original settlers who removed their families from Newbury and accompanied their pastor, the Rev. John Woodbridge, to "Chochichawicke," now Andover. On a leaf in the town records containing the list of householders in order as they came to the town his name is sixth. He was one of the ten male members, including the pastor elect, who composed the church at the ordination of Mr. John Woodbridge, October 24,1645. He was later on several committees charged with setting the boundaries of Andover and laying out a highway to Reading.

Nicholas married three times while his children were young - he first had 9 children with Elizabeth, then married widow Hannah, who had two young children and they had two children together. Then he married widow Martha, who also had two young children.[9]

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See also A Genealogical History of the Holt Family in the U.S.: more particularly the descendants of Nicholas Holt of Newbury Andover,Mass,1634-1644, and of William Holt of New Heaven, Conn by Daniel S Durrie (Published by J. Musell, Albany NY, 1864).

The James of London (1635)
At least two ships called the James sailed in 1635 from England to New England. The passenger list for this one refers to the "James of London." It lists only the men and boys, but indicates that wives and children accompanied them.
Sailed: 26 Apr 1635 from London, England under Master William Cooper
Arrived: 3 Jun 1635 at Boston, Massachusetts.

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(men without descendants listed on the category page).
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Founders of Newbury, Massachusetts
Newberry Plantation was settled and incorporated in 1635 by the Rev. Thomas Parker and cousin Rev. James Noyes along with his brother Nicholas Noyes. led a group of approximately 100 pioneers from Wiltshire, England sailed from the River Thames aboard the ship Mary and John, first landing in Agawam (now Ipswich) in 1634. They arrived the next spring at the Quascacunquen River, now the Parker River. On May 6, 1635, before the settlers had moved from Ipswich to Newbury, the House of Deputies passed a resolution that Quascacunquen was to be established as a plantation and its name was to be changed to Newbury. They were joined in the summer of 1635 by passengers on the James of London
Known 1635 Settlers: James Noyes - Nicholas Noyes - Rev. Thomas Parker - Edward Woodman - John Emery - Nicholas Holt
Current Location: Essex County, Massachusetts   Parent Town: Ipswich   Daughter Towns: Andover
Founders of Andover, Massachusetts
The first permanent settlement in Andover was established in 1641 by John Woodbridge and a group of settlers from Newbury and Ipswich. Ten men signed the 1644 covenant establishing the church (the 24th organized in Massachusetts), and eighteen men had settled there by 1646 when grants of land were confirmed by the General Court. See The Essex Genealogist Vol. 21:195 (2001).
Signers of the 1644 Covenant: John Woodbridge - Richard Barker - Robert Barker - Richard Blake - Edmond Faulkner - John Frye - Nicholas Holt - John Osgood - Joseph Parker - Nathan Parker
Additional Settlers by 1646: George Abbott - Andrew Allen - John Askett - William Ballard - Thomas Chandler - Andrew Foster - Henry Jacques - John Lovejoy - Daniel Poor(e) - John Russ - Benjamin Woodbridge
Current Location: Essex County, Massachusetts   Parent Towns: Newbury, Ipswich   Daughter Towns: